Sunday, July 28, 2013

Murli [28-07-2013]-English

FEM - 28-07-2013 (AM Revised - 05-02-1977 & 14-02-1977)

The basis of greatness. 
The portrait of elevated fortune. 

Blessing: May you be a master Brahma and clearly reveal Father Brahma through your actions and stage. 
Father Brahma’s original sanskar was “You first”. In any place, it was the children first. In every situation, he placed the children ahead of himself. However, it was not just for the sake of saying it, but it was with true feelings of having pure and positive thoughts for everyone. Whenever someone did something, it was for the Father’s service and whenever he did anything, it was still the Father’s service. It was never with the feeling that he should move ahead. You move forward by making others move ahead. When everyone has this feeling in themselves they can then be called master Brahmas. Then, none of you would say that you didn’t see Father Brahma. Your actions and your stage clearly revealed Father Brahma. 
Slogan: Go to the bottom of the ocean with determined thoughts of concentration and you will attain diamonds and pearls of experience.