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29-05-2019 Murli

29/05/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the most severe illness is to be trapped in someone's name and form. Become introverted, check this illness and become free from it.
What is the way to finish the illness of “name and form”? What loss is incurred by this illness?
In order to finish the illness of “name and form”, have true love for the one Father. If your intellect wanders towards bodily beings at the time of remembrance, tell the Father about it honestly. By your telling the Father about it, He will forgive you. Do not hide your illness from the Surgeon. When you tell Baba about it, you will be cautioned. If your intellect is dangling around anyone's name and form, it cannot be connected to the Father. Instead of doing service, such souls do disservice. They have the Father defamed, and those who have the Father defamed in that way become those who receive severe punishment.
Om Shanti
You children now know that each one of you is to receive the inheritance from the Father. A brother cannot receive an inheritance from a brother. Whether it is a brother or a sister, no one knows of anyone's stage. BapDada receives all the news. This is practical. Each one of you has to see to what extent you remember the Father and to what extent you are trapped in someone's name or form: Where is the attitude of myself, the soul, pulled to? Each soul knows that he has to consider himself to be a soul. Is my attitude directed towards Shiv Baba alone or towards anyone else's name and form? As much as possible, consider yourself to be a soul and remember the one Father and continue to forget everyone else. Ask your heart: Does my heart go anywhere other than to the Father? Does my intellect get diverted to business or household matters etc., or to friends and relatives etc.? You have to become introverted and check this in yourself. When you come and sit here, you have to check yourself. Here, someone or other sits in yoga in front of you; that one must also be remembering Shiv Baba. It isn't that that one would be remembering his or her children. You have to remember Shiv Baba alone. You are sitting here in remembrance of Shiv Baba. Then, whether someone is sitting with eyes open or with eyes closed, this is something to be understood with the intellect. You have to ask your heart: What is Baba explaining to me? We just have to remember the One. The one who is sitting here would also be in remembrance of Shiv Baba. That one would not be seeing you because he or she would not be aware of anyone's stage. Baba receives news of each one. He knows who the good children are, whose line is clear . Their intellects’ yoga does not go anywhere else. There are such ones too. The intellects of some people do get pulled and when they hear the murli, they even change themselves. They feel that that was their mistake and that their vision or attitude truly was wrong and that it now has to be made right. You have to let go of any wrong attitude. The Father explains this. A brother cannot tell this to another brother. Only the Father sees what each one's vision and attitude are like. Each of you relates the condition of your heart to the Father. When you share something with Shiv Baba, Dada also understands. He understands by listening to what each one says and by seeing them. Until he hears anything, how could he tell what that one is doing? From their activity and their service, he can understand: This one has a lot of body consciousness and this one has less. This one's activity is not right; he remains trapped in someone's name and form. Baba asks: Does your intellect get pulled to anyone? Some tell Baba honestly, whereas others are trapped in the name and form of others to such an extent that they don't even tell Baba about it. They are only incurring a loss for themselves. By telling the Father, they can be forgiven, and they can also remain cautious in the future. There are many who don't tell Baba honestly about their attitude because they are ashamed. For instance, when someone does something wrong, he doesn't tell the Surgeon about it but hides it and that illness then grows even more. It is the same here. By telling the Father about it, you become light. Otherwise, when that stays inside you, you remain heavy. By telling the Father about it, you will not do the same again. You will remain cautious with yourself in the future, but if you don't tell Baba about it, it would continue to grow. The Father knows how so-and-so is very serviceable and what his qualifications are and how he does service or if he is attached to anyone. Baba looks at the horoscope of each one, and then He has so much love for that one that He pulls that one. Some of you do very good service. Their intellects’ yoga is never pulled anywhere. Yes, previously, it used to be pulled, but you are now cautious. You tell Baba: Baba, I am now cautious. Previously, I used to make many mistakes. You understand that, by becoming body conscious, you only make mistakes. In that case, your status will be destroyed. Although no one would be aware of it, your status will be destroyed. There has to be a lot of honesty and cleanliness in the heart, for only then will you claim a high status. You have a lot of cleanliness in your intellects, just as there is cleanliness in the souls of Lakshmi and Narayan. That was how you claimed a high status. For some, it is understood that their attitude is pulled towards someone's name and form and that they do not remain soul conscious. Because of this, their status is also reduced. From kings to beggars, the status is numberwise. You should also understand why this happens. You definitely become numberwise and your degrees continue to decrease. Those who were 16 celestial degrees full become 14 degrees. Your degrees gradually decrease in this way. It is good even if you have 14 degrees. Then, when you go on to the path of sin, you become vicious. Your lifespan becomes short and you then continue to become rajo and tamoguni. As it decreases, you continue to become old. While taking bodies, souls continue to become old. You children have all of this knowledge in you: how you come down from being 16 celestial degrees and how you then become human beings. There are no directions from the deities. Once you have received the Father's directions, there is no need to receive directions for 21 births. These directions of God last you for 21 births, and then, when it is the kingdom of Ravan, you receive the directions of Ravan. They even show the deities going on to the path of sin. It is not like that for those of other religions. When the deities go on to the path of sin, those of other religions come down. The Father explains: Children, you now have to return home. This world is old. This is My part in the drama. You understand that I have to make the old world new again. People of the world don't know anything at all. You explain so much, but, nevertheless, some show very good interest, whereas others continue to give you their own opinions. When there were Lakshmi and Narayan, there were purity, peace and happiness; there was everything. Purity is the main thing. People don't know that the deities in the golden age were pure. They say that even the deities had children, but no one knows how creation takes place with the power of yoga there. They say: If you remain pure your whole life, how would you have children etc? You have to explain to them: By becoming pure at this time, you remain pure for 21 births. That means we are establishing the viceless world by following shrimat. Shrimat is from the Father. It is remembered that it didn’t take God long to change human beings into deities. Now, all of you are human beings who then become deities. You are now establishing the deity Government by following shrimat. Purity is the most important thing in this. It is souls that have to become pure. It is souls that have a stone intellects. Tell them this very clearly. The Father Himself established the golden-aged deity Government which was called Paradise. It was the Father who changed human beings into deities. Human beings were impure, so how were they made pure from impure? He said to you children: Constantly remember Me alone and you will become pure. Anyone you tell this to will be touched by it internally. Now, how will you become pure from impure? You definitely have to remember the Father. Break your intellects away from everyone else and connect them in yoga to the One alone, because only then will you be able to become deities from human beings. This is how you should explain to others. Whatever you explained was absolutely accurate according to the drama. You understand this, but nevertheless, you continue to receive points every day in order to explain to others. The main thing is how we can become pure from impure. The Father says: Renounce all bodily religions and constantly remember Me alone. Only you children know this most auspicious confluence age. You have now become Brahmins, the children of Prajapita Brahma. The Father is teaching us. How could we become deities without first becoming Brahmins? This Brahma too takes the full 84 births and he then also has to take the number one birth. The Father comes and enters him. The main thing is to consider yourself to be a soul and to remember the Father. By becoming body conscious, you become attached somewhere or other. Not everyone can become soul conscious. You have to check yourself fully. Do I become body conscious? Do I perform sinful acts? Is my behaviour unlawful? Many do make this mistake and so, at the end, they definitely incur a lot of punishment. Although you haven't reached your karmateet stage, all sorrow is removed from those who reach the karmateet stage; they become liberated from punishment. Just think about it: Kings are created numberwise. Surely, some make less effort due to which they have to experience punishment. It is souls that experiences punishment in the jail of a womb. When a soul is in a womb, he says: Let me out! I will not perform sinful acts again. It is the soul that experiences punishment. It is the soul that acts and perform sinful acts. This body is of no use. The main thing is: You have to consider yourself to be a soul so that you understand that it is truly the soul that does everything. All of you souls now have to go back home. It is only now that you receive this knowledge. You will not receive this knowledge again. Someone who is soul conscious will see everyone as a brother. There is no question of the body. Once you have become soul conscious, there won't be any attachment to bodies. This is why the Father says: This is a very elevated stage . When a brother and sister become trapped in one another, a lot of disservice takes place. May you be soul conscious! It is this that requires effort. There are subjects in a study. You can also understand: I will fail in this. Because of failing, you then also become slack in other subjects. You souls are now becoming like golden vessels with the power of your intellects’ yoga. If there isn't yoga, you won't have that much knowledge either. You won’t then have that strength; there will be no power of yoga. This is predestined in the drama. Baba explains to you children how much you should increase your stage. You have to see: Am I, the soul, doing anything unlawful throughout the day? If you have any such habit, you should instantly let go of it. However, Maya still makes you make mistakes on the second or third day after. Such subtle things continue all the time. All of this knowledge is incognito. What do human beings know? You tell them: We do everything for ourselves and cover our own expenses. How could we do anything with others paying the expenses? This is why Baba always says: It is better to die than to ask for anything. Whatever you receive easily is like milk and whatever you have to ask for is like water. If you receive something by asking for it, they give you that out of compulsion, as though they have to sacrifice something to give you, and so that becomes like water. If you pull something to you, that is like blood. Some cause a lot of distress. They incur debt and so that becomes like blood. There is no need to incur any debt. If you donate something and then take it back, there is the example of King Harishchandra who did that. (He kept remembering the things that he had donated.) Don't do that. Keep your share aside so that it can be useful to you. You children have to make so much effort that, at the end, you only have remembrance of the Father and you also remember to spin the discus of self -realisation. Only then should you leave your body. Only then will you be able to become a king who is a ruler of the globe. It isn't that you will be able to remember Baba at the end, and that your stage will become such at the end; no. You have to make effort now until the end and make that stage very strong. It should not be that, at the end, your attitude is pulled to something else. By remembering Baba, your sins will continue to be cut away. You children know that the aspect of purity requires effort. You don't have to make as much effort to study. You children have to pay attention very well to this. This is why Baba says: Ask yourself every day: Did I perform any unlawful acts? Am I trapped in “name and form”? Do I go crazy on seeing someone? Do I do anything unlawful through my physical organs? You should have no love at all for an old, impure body. That too is body consciousness. You have to remain free from any attraction. You have true love for only the One, and have love without any attraction to everyone else. Although you have children etc., there should not be any attraction to anyone. You know that whatever you see, it will all be destroyed. So, all your love has to be removed from that. Your love should only be for the One, and you have to remain free from any attraction to even anyone's name. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Make your attitude very clean and pure. Do not perform any wrong or unlawful acts. Remain very, very cautious. Do not allow your intellect to attach itself anywhere.
2. Have true love for the one Father. Have love for everyone just in name, and remain free from attraction. Create such a stage of soul consciousness that you have no attachment even to the body.
May you be detached from everyone and loving to God by transforming karmic bondages into the bond of service.
God’s love is the basis of Brahmin life, but you can only receive it when you remain detached. If you live at home with your family, it is for service. Never think that you are there because of karmic accounts or karmic bondages, for it is for service. By your being tied by the bond of service, your karmic bondages finish. When there is no consciousness of service, karmic bondages pull you. Where there are karmic bondages, there are waves of sorrow, whereas there is happiness in service. So transform karmic bondages into the bond of service, remain detached and loving and you will be loved by God.
An elevated soul is one who overcomes every adverse situation with his own original stage.

28-05-19 प्रात:मुरली

28-05-2019 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति "बापदादा" मधुबन

“मीठे बच्चे - विश्व की सभी आत्मायें अन्जान और दु:खी हैं, आप उन पर उपकार करो, बाप का परिचय देकर खुशी में लाओ, उनकी आंखे खोलो”
किसी भी सेन्टर की वृद्धि का आधार क्या है?
नि:स्वार्थ सच्चे दिल की सेवा। तुम्हें सर्विस का सदा शौक रहे तो हुण्डी भरती रहेगी। जहाँ पर सर्विस हो सकती है वहाँ प्रबन्ध करना चाहिए। मांगना किसी से भी नहीं है। मांगने से मरना भला। आपेही सब कुछ आयेगा। तुम बाहर वालों की तरह चन्दा इकट्ठा नहीं कर सकते। मांगने से सेन्टर ज़ोर नहीं भरेगा इसलिए बिगर मांगे सेन्टर को जमाओ।
ओम् शान्ति।
रूहानी बच्चे यहाँ बैठे हैं, बुद्धि में यह ज्ञान है, कैसे शुरू में हम ऊपर से आते हैं। जैसे विष्णु अवतरण का एक खेल दिखलाते हैं। विमान पर बैठकर फिर नीचे आते हैं। अभी तुम बच्चे समझते हो अवतार आदि जो कुछ दिखलाते हैं वह सब रांग हैं। अभी तुम समझते हो - हम आत्मायें असुल में कहाँ के रहने वाले हैं, कैसे ऊपर से फिर यहाँ आते हैं, कैसे 84 जन्मों का पार्ट बजाते पतित बनते हैं? अभी फिर बाप पवित्र बनाते हैं। यह तो जरूर तुम स्टूडेन्ट्स की बुद्धि में होना चाहिए, 84 का चक्र हम कैसे लगाते हैं? यह स्मृति में रहना चाहिए। बाप ही समझाते हैं - तुम कैसे 84 जन्म लेते हो। कल्प की आयु को लम्बा-चौड़ा टाइम देने कारण इतनी सहज बात भी मनुष्य समझते नहीं, इसलिए ब्लाइन्डफेथ कहा जाता है। जो भी और धर्म हैं वह कैसे स्थापन होते हैं, यह भी तुम्हारी बुद्धि में है। तुम जानते हो पुनर्जन्म लेते-लेते, पार्ट बजाते-बजाते अभी अन्त में आकर पहुँचे हैं। अब फिर वापिस जाते हैं। यह नॉलेज तुम बच्चों को ही है। दुनिया में और कोई भी यह नॉलेज नहीं जानते हैं। कहते भी हैं 5 हज़ार वर्ष पहले पैराडाइज़ था। परन्तु वह क्या था, यह नहीं जानते हैं। जरूर आदि सनातन देवी-देवताओं का राज्य था। परन्तु यह बिल्कुल नहीं जानते। तुम समझते हो हम भी पहले कुछ नहीं जानते थे। और धर्म वाले ऐसे थोड़ेही हैं कि अपने धर्म स्थापक को नहीं जानते। तुम अभी जानकार, नॉलेजफुल बने हो। बाकी सारी दुनिया अन्जान है। हम कितने समझदार बने थे, फिर अब बेसमझ अन्जान हो गये हैं। मनुष्य होकर अथवा एक्टर्स होकर हम नहीं जानते थे। नॉलेज का प्रभाव देखो कैसा है! यह तुम ही जानते हो। तो बच्चों को अन्दर में कितना गद्गद् होना चाहिए। जब धारणा हो तब ही अन्दर में वह खुशी आये। तुम जानते हो हम शुरू-शुरू में कैसे आये फिर कैसे शूद्र कुल से ब्राह्मण कुल में ट्रांसफर हुए। यह सृष्टि का चक्र कैसे फिरता है, सो तुम्हारे सिवाए दुनिया में कोई भी जानता नहीं है। अन्दर में यह ज्ञान डांस होना चाहिए। बाबा हमको कितनी वन्डरफुल नॉलेज देते हैं, जिस नॉलेज से हम अपना वर्सा पाते हैं। लिखा हुआ भी है इस राजयोग से मैं तुमको राजाओं का राजा बनाता हूँ। परन्तु कुछ समझ में नहीं आता था। अभी बुद्धि में सारा राज़ आ गया है। हम शूद्र से अब सो ब्राह्मण बनते हैं। यह मंत्र भी बुद्धि में है। हम सो ब्राह्मण फिर देवता बनेंगे फिर हम उतरते-उतरते नीचे आते हैं। कितना पुनर्जन्म लेते चक्र लगाते हैं। यह नॉलेज बुद्धि में रहने कारण खुशी भी रहनी चाहिए। औरों को भी यह नॉलेज कैसे मिले? कितने ख्यालात चलते रहते हैं। कैसे सबको बाप का परिचय दें? तुम ब्राह्मण कितना उपकार करते हो। बाप भी उपकार करते हैं ना। जो बिल्कुल ही अन्जान हैं, उन्हों को सदा सुखी बनायें। आंखे खोलें। खुशी होती है ना। जिनको सर्विस का शौक रहता है उन्हों को अन्दर में आना चाहिए, बहुत खुशी होनी चाहिए। हम आत्मायें कहाँ की रहने वाली हैं, फिर कैसे आती हैं पार्ट बजाने? कितने ऊंच बनते हैं फिर कैसे नीचे आते हैं फिर रावण राज्य कब शुरू होता है? यह अभी बुद्धि में आया है।

भक्ति और ज्ञान में रात-दिन का फ़र्क है। शुरू से भक्ति किसने की है? तुम कहेंगे पहले-पहले हम आये तो बहुत सुख देखा फिर हम भक्ति करने लगे। पूज्य और पुजारी में कितना रात-दिन का फ़र्क है। तुम्हारे पास अभी कितना ज्ञान है। खुशी होनी चाहिए ना। कैसे हमने 84 का चक्र लगाया है। कहाँ 84 जन्म, कहाँ 84 लाख! इतनी छोटी-सी बात भी किसके ध्यान में नहीं आती है। लाखों वर्ष की भेंट में तो यह एक-दो रोज़ के बराबर हो जाता है। अच्छे-अच्छे बच्चों की बुद्धि में यह चक्र फिरता रहता है, तब ही कहा जाता है स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी। सतयुग में यह नॉलेज होती नहीं। स्वर्ग का कितना गायन है। वहाँ सिर्फ भारत ही था। जो था वह फिर बनना ही है। बाहर से तो देखने में कुछ नहीं आता है। साक्षात्कार होता है। तुम जानते हो यह पुरानी दुनिया अब ख़त्म होनी है फिर नम्बरवार हम नई दुनिया में आयेंगे। आत्मायें कैसे आती हैं पार्ट बजाने, वह भी तुम समझ गये हो। आत्मायें ऐसे कोई ऊपर से उतरती नहीं हैं, जैसे नाटक में दिखाते हैं। आत्मा को तो इन आंखों से कोई देख भी न सके। आत्मा कैसे आती है, छोटे शरीर में कैसे प्रवेश करती है, बड़ा ही वन्डरफुल खेल है। यह पढ़ाई ईश्वरीय है। इसमें दिन-रात ख्यालात चलने चाहिए। हम एक बार समझ लेते हैं, जैसे कि देख लेते हैं फिर वर्णन करते हैं। आगे जादू वाले लोग बहुत चीज़ें निकाल दिखाते थे। बाप को भी जादूगर, सौदागर, रत्नागर कहते हैं ना। आत्मा में ही सारा ज्ञान ठहरता है। आत्मा ही ज्ञान सागर है। भल कहते हैं परमात्मा ज्ञान का सागर है, परन्तु वह कौन है, कैसे वह जादूगर है, यह किसको भी पता नहीं है। आगे तुम भी नहीं समझते थे। अभी बाप आकर देवता बनाते हैं। अन्दर में कितनी खुशी होनी चाहिए। एक बाप ही नॉलेजफुल है, हमको पढ़ाते भी हैं। यह सिर्फ तुम बच्चे ही जानते हो। यह दिन-रात अन्दर में सिमरण चलना चाहिए। यह बेहद के नाटक का नॉलेज सिर्फ एक बाप ही सुना सकते हैं, और कोई सुना न सके। बाबा ने देखा थोड़ेही है, परन्तु उनमें सारी नॉलेज है। बाप कहते हैं मैं सतयुग-त्रेता में तो नहीं आता हूँ परन्तु नॉलेज सारी सुनाता हूँ। वन्डर लगता है ना। जिसने कभी पार्ट ही नहीं लिया, वह कैसे बतलाते हैं! बाप कहते हैं मैं कुछ भी देखता नहीं हूँ। न मैं सतयुग-त्रेता में आता हूँ परन्तु मेरे में नॉलेज कितनी अच्छी है जो मैं एक ही बार आकर तुमको सुनाता हूँ। तुमने पार्ट बजाया, तुम जानते नहीं हो और जिसने पार्ट ही नहीं बजाया है वह सब सुनाते हैं - वन्डर है ना। हम जो पार्टधारी हैं, हम कुछ नहीं जानते और बाप में कितनी सारी नॉलेज है। बाप कहते हैं मैं थोड़ेही सतयुग-त्रेता में आता हूँ जो तुमको अनुभव सुनाऊं। ड्रामा अनुसार बिगर देखे, अनुभव किये सारी नॉलेज देते हैं। कितना वन्डर हैं - मैं पार्ट बजाने आता ही नहीं और तुमको सारा पार्ट समझाता हूँ, इसलिए ही मुझे नॉलेजफुल कहते हैं।

तो बाप कहते हैं अब मीठे-मीठे बच्चों अपनी उन्नति करनी है तो अपने को आत्मा समझो। यह है खेल। तुम फिर भी ऐसे ही खेल करेंगे। देवी-देवता बनेंगे। फिर अन्त में चक्र लगाए मनुष्य बनेंगे। वन्डर खाना चाहिए ना। बाबा में यह नॉलेज कहाँ से आई? उनका तो कोई गुरू भी नहीं। ड्रामानुसार पहले से ही उनमें पार्ट बजाने की नूँध है। इसको कुदरत कहेंगे ना। हर एक बात वन्डरफुल है। तो बाप बैठ नई-नई बातें समझाते हैं। ऐसे बाप को कितना याद करना चाहिए। 84 के चक्र को भी याद करना है। यह राज़ भी बाबा ने ही समझाया है। विराट रूप का चित्र कितना अच्छा है। जो लक्ष्मी-नारायण अथवा विष्णु का चित्र बनाते हैं, वही दिखाते हैं - हम कैसे 84 जन्मों में आते हैं। हम सो देवता फिर क्षत्रिय, वैश्य फिर शूद्र। यह सिमरण करने में क्या कोई तकल़ीफ है? बाप है नॉलेजफुल। कोई से पढ़ा थोड़ेही है, न शास्त्र आदि ही पढ़ा है। बिगर कुछ भी पढ़े, बिगर गुरू किये इतनी सारी नॉलेज बैठ सुनाये - ऐसा तो कभी देखा नहीं। बाप कितना मीठा है। भक्ति मार्ग में कोई किसको, कोई किसको मीठा समझेंगे। जिसको जो आता है उनकी पूजा करने लग पड़ते हैं। बाबा बैठ सब राज़ समझाते हैं। आत्मा ही आनन्द स्वरूप है, फिर आत्मा ही दु:ख रूप छी-छी बन जाती है। भक्ति मार्ग में तो कुछ भी तुम नहीं जानते थे। मेरी कितनी महिमा करते हैं परन्तु जानते कुछ भी नहीं। यह भी कितना वन्डरफुल खेल है। यह सारा खेल बाबा ने समझाया है। इतने चित्र सीढ़ी आदि के कभी देखे भी नहीं थे। अब देखते हैं, सुनते हैं तो कहते भी हैं यह ज्ञान तो यथार्थ रीति है। परन्तु काम महाशत्रु है, इस पर जीत पानी है, तो यह सुनकर ढीले पड़ जाते हैं। तुम कितना समझाते हो, समझते ही नहीं। कितनी मेहनत लगती है। यह भी जानते हैं कल्प पहले जिन्होंने समझा था वही समझेंगे। दैवी परिवार वाले जितने बनने वाले होंगे उन्हों को ही धारणा होगी। तुम जानते हो हम श्रीमत पर राजधानी स्थापन करते हैं। बाप का डायरेक्शन है औरों को भी आपसमान बनाओ। बाप सब ज्ञान सुना रहे हैं। तुम भी सुना रहे हो। तो जरूर यह शिवबाबा का रथ भी सुना सकता होगा। परन्तु अपने को गुप्त कर देते हैं। तुम शिवबाबा को ही याद करते रहो। इनकी तो उपमा (महिमा) भी नहीं करनी है। सर्व का सद्गति दाता, माया की जंजीरों से छुड़ाने वाला एक ही है।

बाप कैसे बैठ तुमको समझाते हैं - यह तुम बच्चों के सिवाए और कोई को पता ही नहीं है। मनुष्य यह भी नहीं जानते कि रावण क्या चीज़ है। हर वर्ष जलाते ही आते हैं। एफीजी तो दुश्मन का बनाया जाता है ना। तुमको अभी पता पड़ा है कि रावण भारत का दुश्मन है, जिसने भारत को कितना दु:खी, कंगाल बना दिया है। सभी 5 विकारों रूपी रावण के पंजे में फँसे हुए हैं। बच्चों को अन्दर में यह आना चाहिए - कैसे औरों को भी रावण से छुड़ायें। सर्विस हो सकती हैं तो प्रबन्ध करना है। सच्चे दिल से, नि:स्वार्थ भाव से सेवा करनी है। बाबा कहते हैं ऐसे बच्चों की हुण्डी मैं सकारता (भरता) हूँ। ड्रामा में नूँध है। सर्विस का अच्छा चान्स है तो इसमें पूछने का भी नहीं रहता। बाप ने कह दिया है सर्विस करते रहो। मांगो कोई से भी नहीं। मांगने से मरना भला। आपेही तुम्हारे पास आ जायेगा। मांगने से सेन्टर इतना जोर नहीं भरेगा। बिगर मांगे तुम सेन्टर जमाओ, आपेही सब आता रहेगा। उसमें ताकत रहेगी। जैसे बाहर वाले चन्दा इकट्ठा करते हैं, ऐसे तुमको नहीं करना है।

मनुष्य को तो कभी भगवान नहीं कहा जाता। ज्ञान तो है बीज। बीज रूप बाप बैठ तुमको ज्ञान देते हैं। बीज ही नॉलेजफुल है ना। वह जड़ बीज तो वर्णन कर नहीं सकेंगे। तुम वर्णन करते हो। सब बातों को समझ सकते हो। इस बेहद के झाड़ को कोई भी समझते नहीं हैं। तुम अनन्य बच्चे जानते हो नम्बरवार पुरूषार्थ अनुसार। बाप समझाते हैं - माया भी प्रबल है। कुछ सहन भी करना पड़ता है। कितने कड़े-कड़े विकार हैं। अच्छे-अच्छे सर्विस करने वालों को चलते-चलते ऐसी माया की चमाट लग जाती है, कहते हैं हम तो गिर गये। सीढ़ी ऊपर चढ़ते-चढ़ते नीचे गिर पड़ते हैं। तो की कमाई सारी चट हो पड़ती है। दण्ड तो जरूर मिलना चाहिए। बाप से प्रतिज्ञा करते हैं, ब्लड से भी लिखकर दिया फिर भी गुम हो गये। बाबा पक्का करने लिए देखते भी हैं, इतनी युक्तियां करते हुए भी फिर दुनिया की तरफ चले जाते हैं। कितना सहज समझाते हैं, पार्टधारी को अपने पार्ट का ही सिमरण करना चाहिए। अपना पार्ट कोई भूल थोड़ेही सकता है। बाप तो रोज़-रोज़ भिन्न-भिन्न प्रकार से समझाते रहते हैं। तुम भी बहुतों को समझाते हो फिर भी कहते हैं हम बाबा के सम्मुख जायें। बाप का तो वन्डर है। रोज़ मुरली चलाते हैं। वह है निराकार। नाम, रूप, देश, काल तो है नहीं। फिर मुरली कैसे सुनायेंगे। वन्डर खाते हैं, फिर पक्के होकर आते हैं। दिल होता है ऐसा बाप वर्सा देने आये हैं, उनसे मिलें। इस पहचान से आकर मिलें तो बाप से ज्ञान रत्न धारण कर सकें। श्रीमत को पालन कर सकें। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।
धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-
1) ज्ञान को जीवन में धारण कर खुशी में गद्गद् होना है। वन्डरफुल ज्ञान और ज्ञान दाता का सिमरण कर ज्ञान डांस करना है।
2) अपने पार्ट का ही सिमरण करना है, दूसरों के पार्ट को नहीं देखना है। माया बड़ी प्रबल है इसलिए खबरदार रहना है। अपनी उन्नति में लगे रहो। सर्विस का शौक रखो।
सदा याद की छत्रछाया के नीचे, मर्यादा की लकीर के अन्दर रहने वाले मायाजीत विजयी भव
बाप की याद ही छत्रछाया है, छत्रछाया में रहना अर्थात् मायाजीत विजयी बनना। सदा याद की छत्रछाया के नीचे और मर्यादा की लकीर के अन्दर रहो तो कोई की हिम्मत नहीं अन्दर आने की। मर्यादा की लकीर से बाहर निकलते हो तो माया भी अपना बनाने में होशियार है। लेकिन हम अनेक बार विजयी बने हैं, विजय माला हमारा ही यादगार है इस स्मृति से सदा समर्थ रहो तो माया से हार हो नहीं सकती।
सर्व खजानों को स्वयं में समा लो तो सम्पन्नता का अनुभव होता रहेगा।

Monday, May 27, 2019

27-05-2019 Murli

27/05/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to receive a current from the Father, remain busy doing in service. Children who renounce everything and remain busy in the Father’s service are loved; they climb into the Father’s heart.
Why are some children unable to experience permanent happiness? What is the main reason for this?
Their intellects wander at the time of remembrance. Because of not having stable intellects they don’t have happiness. Storms of Maya trouble the lamps. Unless your actions become neutral, you cannot have permanent happiness. This is why you children have to make this effort.
Om Shanti
When you say “Om shanti” you say with great enthusiasm, “I, the soul, am an embodiment of peace.” The meaning is so easy! The Father says, “Om shanti” and Dada too says, “Om shanti”. That One says, “I am the Supreme Soul”, and this one says, “I am a soul.” All of you are stars. There also has to be the Father of all the stars. It is remembered: The Sun, the moon and the lucky stars. You children are the most lucky stars. It is also numberwise in this, just as when the moon comes out at night, some stars are dim and others are bright. Some are close to the moon. They are stars. You are stars of knowledge. It is also said: A wonderful star shines in the middle of the forehead. The Father says: These stars (souls) are very wonderful. Firstly, they are such tiny points and no one knows anything about them. It is souls that play their parts through bodies. This is a great wonder. So, you children are also numberwise; all are different. The Father sits here and remembers the stars who sparkle very well and who do a lot of service. They are the ones who continue to receive a current. Your batteries continue to be charged. You receive a searchlight, numberwise, according to your efforts, in order to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. The Father says: Those who renounce everything for Me and remain busy in service are loved a great deal. They are the ones who climb into Baba’s heart. Baba is the One who wins your heart. There is also the Dilwala Temple. Is it the Dilwala Temple or the temple of the One who wins your heart? Whose heart does He win? You can see that Prajapita Brahma is sitting here. Shiv Baba has definitely entered him. You can also see the establishment of heaven up above and children sitting in tapasya down below. That is just a small model they have created. Those who do very good service are great helpers. There are the elephant riders (maharathis), the horse riders (cavalry) and the foot soldiers (infantry). This temple has been created very well and accurately as a memorial. You say that it is your memorial. You have now been enlightened. No one else has the third eye of knowledge. On the path of devotion, people continue to say, “True, true,” to whatever they are told. In fact, it is lies, but they consider it to be the truth. The Father, who is the Truth, now sits here and tells you the truth through which you become the masters of the world. The Father doesn’t have you make any effort. The secret of the whole tree is now in your intellects. Baba explains to you very easily, but why does it take time? It doesn’t really take time to receive knowledge or your inheritance. It takes time to become pure. The main thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance. You pay greater attention to the pilgrimage of remembrance when you come here. You don’t pay as much attention when you go back home. Here, all are numberwise. Some of you sitting here would have in your intellects the intoxication: We are the children and that One is the Father. The unlimited Father and we children are sitting here. You children know that the Father has entered this body. He is giving you divine drishti. He is doing service. So, you should remember that One alone. Your intellects should not go anywhere else. A trance messenger can give a full report of those whose intellects wander outside, of who are doing what and who are nodding off. She can tell everything. I continue to look at the stars who are very good and serviceable. The Father loves them. They help in establishment. The kingdom is being established exactly as it was in the previous cycle. It has been established many times before too. This is the cycle of the drama that continues. There is no question of worrying about this. You are with the Father, are you not? So, the Company colours you. You continue to worry less. This is the predestined drama. The Father brings the kingdom of heaven for you children. He simply says: Sweetest children, in order to become pure from impure, remember the Father. You now have to go back to your sweet home. You beat your heads for that on the path of devotion. However, not a single person could go back home. Now continue to remember the Father and continue to spin the discus of self-realisation; Alpha and beta. Remember the Father and spin the discus of self-realisation of 84 births. You souls have received the knowledge of the cycle of 84 births. No one else knows the Creator or the beginning, middle and end of creation. You know this, numberwise, according to your efforts. You wake up in the morning and keep in your intellects: We have now completed the cycle of 84 births and we now have to return home. Therefore, you have to remember the Father and you will become rulers of the globe. This is easy, but Maya makes you forget. There are storms of Maya that trouble the lamps. Maya is very powerful. She has so much power that she makes you children forget. That happiness doesn’t then remain permanently. You sit to remember the Father but, while sitting, your intellects wander somewhere else. All of these things are incognito. No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to remember Baba. Then, some people’s intellects become stable after wandering and some are able to become stable instantly. No matter how much you beat your head with some, this will not sit in their intellects. This is called war with Maya. You have to make so much effort in order to make your actions neutral. There is no kingdom of Ravan there that your actions would be sinful. Maya doesn’t exist there that she would make you perform wrong deeds. There is the play of Ravan and Rama. For half the cycle there is the kingdom of Rama and for half the cycle, there is the kingdom of Ravan: day and night. At the confluence age, there are only you Brahmins. You Brahmins now understand that the night is to end and that the day is to begin. Those who belong to the shudra clan do not understand this. They sing devotional songs very loudly. You have to go beyond sound. You remain engrossed in remembrance of your Father. Each of you soul has received the third eye of knowledge. You souls understand that you now have to remember the Father. On the path of devotion, you continued to say, “Shiv Baba, Shiv Baba”. In the Shiva Temple, people definitely call Shiva “Baba”. They don’t have knowledge. You have now received knowledge. That One is Shiv Baba; that is His image. Those people consider Him to be the lingam image. You have now received knowledge. Those people go and pour an urn of milk over it. The Father is incorporeal. If you pour milk over the incorporeal One, what would He do? If He were corporeal, He would accept it, but if you were to offer milk etc. to the incorporeal One, what would He do? The Father says: The milk etc. that you offer there is drunk by you and you yourselves eat the bhog etc. Here, I am personally in front of you. Previously, you used to do everything indirectly, whereas it is now direct. He has come down here and is playing His part. He is giving you a searchlight. You children understand that you should definitely come to Madhuban to Baba. Here, your batteries will be charged very well. At home, there is nothing but peacelessness in your mundane business. At this time, there is peacelessness throughout the whole world. You know that you are now establishing peace with the power of yoga. However, you receive a kingdom by studying. You heard this in the previous cycle and you are also hearing it now. Whatever act takes place will be performed again. The Father says: So many children were amazed by this knowledge, but they then ran away. They used to remember Me, the Beloved, so much. I have now come and yet they leave Me and go away! Maya slaps them so hard. Baba is experienced. Baba remembers his whole history. He used to run around barefoot wearing a cap. Those of Islam used to love him a lot and offer him a lot of hospitality – “The child of the schoolmaster has come” – as though he was the child of a guru. They would feed him millet chapattis. Here, too, Baba made a programme of eating just thick millet chapattis and buttermilk for 15 days. Nothing else was made at that time. The same food was cooked even for those who were ill. Nothing happened to anyone through that. Instead, those who were ill even became healthy. It was seen that they didn’t have any temptation of: “I must not have this, or I must have that.” To have desires is like being a road sweeper. Here, the Father says: It is better to die than to ask for anything. The Father Himself knows what He has to give you children. He Himself would give you whatever He wants to give. The drama is predestined. Baba asked those who consider Baba to be their Father and also their Child to raise their hands. Then, everyone raised their hands. They quickly raised their hands, just as everyone will instantly raise their hands if Baba asks who will become Lakshmi and Narayan. They also definitely add this parlokik Child. He serves His parents a great deal. He gives them the inheritance for 21 births. When a father goes into the stage of retirement, it is his children’s duty to look after him. It is as though the father becomes a sannyasi. Similarly, when this one’s physical father reached his stage of retirement he told him that he would like him (Baba) to take him to Benares as he would like to have spiritual gatherings there. (Relate Baba’s history.) You are Brahmins, Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Prajapita Brahma is the great-great-grandfather. He is the first leaf of the human world tree. Neither is he called the Ocean of Knowledge, nor are Brahma, Vishnu or Shankar the Ocean of Knowledge. Shiv Baba is the unlimited Father and so you have to receive your inheritance from Him. No one knows when or how that incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, came, and yet people celebrate His birthday. He does not enter a womb. He explains: I enter this one in his stage of retirement, in the last of his many births. When people take up renunciation, they are said to be in their stage of retirement. So, the Father now says to you: Children, you have taken the full 84 births. This is the last of many births. You know the account. So, I enter this one. Where do I come and sit? I sit next to where his soul is sitting, just as gurus make their disciples sit next to them on their gaddi. This one’s place and My place are both in the same spot. I say: O souls, constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. You have to change from human beings into deities. This is Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga is definitely needed for the new world. The Father says: I have come to lay the foundation of the original eternal deity religion. There are many gurus, but only the one Satguru. He alone is the Truth whereas all others are false. You know that one rosary is of Rudra and that the other is the rosary of victory of Vishnu. You are making effort for that. Remember the Father and you will become a bead of the rosary, of which you used to turn the beads on the path of devotion. However, you didn’t know whose rosary that was or who was represented by the tassel at the top or who the dual-bead or the beads are. You didn’t understand whose rosary you were rotating. People simply continue to chant “Rama, Rama” and turn the beads of a rosary. While saying, “Rama, Rama”, they think that all are Rama. It is through this that there has been the darkness of omnipresence. They don’t even know the meaning of the rosary. Some say: Rotate the rosary one hundred times. Some say: Rotate it this many times. The father is experienced. He had 12 gurus and he had experiences from the 12 of them. There are many who, even though they have their own guru, go to others thinking that they may get another experience. They turn the beads of a rosary. That is total, blind faith. After they have finished turning the beads of a rosary, they then salute the tassel. Shiv Baba is the tassel. You specially beloved children are becoming the beads of the rosary. You are then remembered. Those people don’t know anything at all. Some of them remember Rama and some of them remember Krishna. There is no meaning to it. They say: I seek asylum with you, Shri Krishna”. However, he was a prince of the golden age. How could they seek asylum with him? It is with the Father that you seek asylum. Only you become worthy of worship and then worshippers. You have become impure by taking 84 births and you then say to Shiv Baba: O tassel, make us the same as You are! Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Do not have any type of desire. Finish all temptations; only eat what Baba feeds you. You have received the direction: It is better to die than to ask for anything.
2. In order to receive the Father’s searchlight, have true love for the one Father. Let there be this intoxication in your intellect: We are the children and He is the Father. We have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan through His searchlight.
May you become ever healthy and remain constantly in a happy state with the instant fruit of elevated attainments.
At the confluence age, as soon as you do something, you instantly experience elevated attainment; this is the instant fruit. The most elevated fruit is to experience closeness. Currently, it is said in the physical world, “Eat fruit and you will stay healthy.” Fruit is considered a means of remaining healthy and you children eat visible fruit at every second and this is why you are ever-healthy. If people ask you how you are, tell them: We move along like angels and are happy.
Become full with the treasure of everyone’s blessings and you will not need to labour in making effort.

27-05-19 प्रात:मुरली

27-05-2019 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति "बापदादा" मधुबन

“मीठे बच्चे - बाप से करेन्ट लेनी है तो सर्विस में लगे रहो, जो बच्चे सब कुछ त्याग बाप की सर्विस में रहते हैं वही प्यारे लगते हैं, दिल पर चढ़ते हैं”
बच्चों को स्थाई खुशी क्यों नहीं रहती, मुख्य कारण क्या है?
याद के समय बुद्धि भटकती है, स्थिर बुद्धि न होने कारण खुशी नहीं रह सकती। माया के त़ूफान दीपकों को हैरान कर देते हैं। जब तक कर्म, अकर्म नहीं बनते हैं तब तक खुशी स्थाई नहीं रह सकती है इसलिए बच्चों को यही मेहनत करनी है।
ओम् शान्ति।
बाप भी कहेंगे ओम् शान्ति। दादा भी कहेंगे ओम् शान्ति। वह कहते हैं मैं परमात्मा हूँ, यह कहते मैं आत्मा हूँ। तुम सब सितारे हो। सब सितारों का बाप भी चाहिए ना। गाया जाता है सूर्य, चांद और लकी सितारे। तुम बच्चे हो मोस्ट लकी सितारे। उनमें भी नम्बरवार हैं। जैसे रात को चन्द्रमा निकलता है फिर सितारों में कोई डिम होते हैं, कोई बड़े तीखे होते हैं। कोई चन्द्रमा के आगे होते हैं। सितारे हैं ना। तुम भी ज्ञान सितारे हो। चमकता है भ्रकुटी के बीच में वन्डरफुल सितारा। बाप कहते हैं यह सितारे (आत्मायें) बड़े वन्डरफुल हैं। एक तो इतनी छोटी बिन्दी है, जिसका कोई को पता नहीं है। आत्मा ही शरीर से पार्ट बजाती है। यह बड़ा वन्डर है। तो तुम बच्चों में भी नम्बरवार हैं। कोई कैसे, कोई कैसे। बाप उनको बैठ याद करते हैं जो सितारे अच्छे चमकते हैं, जो बहुत सर्विस करते हैं, उनको करेन्ट मिलती जाती है। तुम्हारी बैटरी भरती जाती है। तमोप्रधान से सतोप्रधान बनने के लिए सर्च लाइट मिलती है नम्बरवार पुरूषार्थ अनुसार। बाप कहते हैं जो मेरे अर्थ सब कुछ त्याग सर्विस में लगे रहते हैं, वह बहुत प्यारे लगते हैं। दिल पर भी चढ़ते हैं। बाप दिल लेने वाला है ना। दिलवाला मन्दिर भी है ना। अब दिलवाला या दिल लेने वाला मन्दिर। किसकी दिल लेने वाला? तुमने देखा है ना। प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा बैठा है ना। जरूर उनमें शिवबाबा की प्रवेशता है और फिर तुम देखते भी हो - ऊपर में स्वर्ग की स्थापना भी है, नीचे बच्चे तपस्या में बैठे हैं। यह तो छोटा मॉडल रूप में बनाया हुआ है। तो जो बहुत अच्छी सर्विस करते हैं, बहुत मददगार हैं। महारथी, घोड़ेसवार, प्यादे हैं ना। यह मन्दिर यादगार बहुत अच्छा एक्यूरेट बना हुआ है। तुम कहेंगे यह हमारा ही यादगार है। अभी तुमको रोशनी मिली है और कोई को भी ज्ञान का तीसरा नेत्र नहीं है। भक्ति मार्ग में तो जो मनुष्यों को सुनाते हैं, सत सत करते जाते हैं। वास्तव में है झूठ, उसको सत समझते हैं। अब बाप जो ट्रूथ हैं, वह बैठकर तुमको ट्रूथ सुनाते हैं, जिससे तुम विश्व के मालिक बनते हो। बाप तो कुछ भी मेहनत नहीं कराते हैं। सारे झाड़ का राज़ तुम्हारी बुद्धि में बैठ गया है। तुमको समझाते तो बहुत सहज हैं, परन्तु टाइम क्यों लगता है? नॉलेज वा वर्सा लेने में टाइम नहीं लगता। टाइम लगता है पवित्र बनने में। मुख्य है याद की यात्रा। यहाँ तुम आते हो तो यहाँ अटेन्शन जास्ती होता है याद की यात्रा में। घर में जाने से इतना नहीं रहता। यहाँ सब नम्बरवार हैं। कोई तो यहाँ बैठे होंगे, बुद्धि में यही नशा होगा - हम बच्चे, वह बाप है। बेहद का बाप और हम बच्चे बैठे हैं। तुम बच्चे जानते हो बाप इस शरीर में आया हुआ है। दिव्य दृष्टि दे रहे हैं, सर्विस कर रहे हैं। तो उस एक को ही याद करना चाहिए। और कोई तरफ बुद्धि जानी नहीं चाहिए। सन्देशी पूरी रिपोर्ट दे सकती है - किसकी बुद्धि बाहर भटकती है, कौन क्या करते हैं, किसको झुटका आता है, सब बता सकती है।

जो सितारे अच्छे सर्विसएबुल हैं, उन्हों को ही देखता रहता हूँ। बाप का लव है ना। स्थापना में मदद करते हैं। हूबहू कल्प पहले मिसल यह राजधानी स्थापन हो रही है, अनेक बार हुई है। यह तो ड्रामा का चक्र चलता रहता है। इसमें फिक्र की भी कोई बात नहीं रहती। बाबा के साथ हैं ना। तो संग का रंग लगता है। फिक्र कम होती जाती है। यह तो ड्रामा बना हुआ है। बाप बच्चों के लिए स्वर्ग की राजधानी ले आये हैं। सिर्फ कहते हैं मीठे-मीठे बच्चों, पतित से पावन बनने के लिए बाप को याद करो। अब जाना है स्वीट होम, जिसके लिए ही तुम भक्ति मार्ग में माथा मारते हो। परन्तु एक भी जा नहीं सकते। अब बाप को याद करते रहो और स्वदर्शन चक्र फिराते रहो। अल्फ और बे। बाप को याद करो और 84 का चक्र फिराओ। आत्मा को 84 के चक्र का ज्ञान हुआ है। रचयिता और रचना के आदि-मध्य-अन्त को कोई भी नहीं जानते हैं। तुम जानते हो सो भी नम्बरवार पुरूषार्थ अनुसार। सुबह को उठकर तुम बुद्धि में यही रखो - अब हमने 84 का चक्र पूरा किया है, अब वापिस जाना है इसलिए अब बाप को याद करना है तो तुम चक्रवर्ती बनेंगे। यह तो सहज है ना। परन्तु माया तुमको भुला देती है। माया के त़ूफान हैं ना, वह दीपकों को हैरान कर देते हैं। माया बड़ी दुस्तर है, इतनी शक्ति है जो बच्चों को भुला देती है। वह खुशी स्थाई नहीं रहती है। तुम बाप को याद करने बैठते हो, बैठे-बैठे बुद्धि और तरफ चली जाती है। यह सब हैं गुप्त बातें। कितनी भी कोशिश करेंगे परन्तु याद कर नहीं सकेंगे। फिर कोई की बुद्धि भटक-भटक कर स्थिर हो जाती है, कोई फट से स्थिर हो जाते हैं, कोई से तो कितना भी माथा मारो तो भी बुद्धि में ठहरता नहीं। इसको माया की युद्ध कहा जाता है। कर्म, अकर्म बनाने के लिए कितनी मेहनत करनी पड़ती है। वहाँ तो रावण राज्य ही नहीं तो कर्म-विकर्म भी नहीं होते। माया होती ही नहीं जो उल्टा कर्म कराये। रावण और राम का खेल है। आधाकल्प है राम राज्य, आधाकल्प है रावण राज्य। दिन और रात। संगमयुग पर सिर्फ ब्राह्मण ही होते हैं। अब तुम ब्राह्मण समझते हो रात पूरी हो दिन शुरू होना है। वह शूद्र वर्ण वाले थोड़ेही समझते हैं।

मनुष्य तो बहुत आवाज़ से भक्ति आदि के गीत गाते हैं। तुमको तो जाना है आवाज़ से परे। तुम तो अपने बाप की ही याद में मस्त रहते हो। आत्मा को ज्ञान का तीसरा नेत्र मिला है। आत्मा समझती है अब बाप को याद करना है। भक्ति मार्ग में शिवबाबा-शिवबाबा तो करते आये हैं। शिव के मन्दिर में शिव को बाबा जरूर कहते हैं। ज्ञान कुछ भी नहीं। अब तुमको ज्ञान मिला है। वह शिवबाबा है, उनका यह चित्र है, वह तो लिंग ही समझते हैं। अब तुमको तो ज्ञान मिला है। वह लिंग के ऊपर जाकर लोटी चढ़ाते हैं। अब बाप तो है निराकार। निराकार के ऊपर लोटी चढ़ायेंगे, वह क्या करेंगे! साकार हो तो स्वीकार भी करे। निराकार पर दूध आदि चढ़ायेंगे, वह क्या करेंगे! बाप कहते हैं दूध आदि जो चढ़ाते हो वह तुम ही पीते हो, भोग आदि भी तुम ही खाते हो। यहाँ तो मैं सम्मुख हूँ ना। आगे इनडायरेक्ट करते थे, अभी तो डायरेक्ट है, नीचे आकर पार्ट बजा रहे हैं। सर्चलाइट दे रहे हैं। बच्चे समझते हैं मधुबन में बाबा के पास जरूर आना चाहिए। वहाँ हमारी बैटरी अच्छी चार्ज होती है। घर में तो गोरखधन्धे आदि में अशान्ति ही अशान्ति लगी हुई है। इस समय सारे विश्व में अशान्ति है। तुम जानते हो अभी हम शान्ति स्थापन कर रहे हैं योगबल से। बाकी राजाई मिलती है पढ़ाई से। कल्प पहले भी तुमने यह सुना था, अब भी सुनते हो। जो कुछ एक्ट होती है फिर भी होगी। बाप कहते हैं कितने बच्चे आश्चर्यवत् भागन्ती हो गये। मुझ माशूक को इतना याद करते थे। अब मैं आया हूँ तो फिर छोड़कर चले जाते हैं। माया कैसा थप्पड़ लगा देती है। बाबा अनुभवी तो है ना! बाबा को अपनी सारी हिस्ट्री याद है। सिर पर टोपी, नंगे पांव दौड़ता था... मुसलमान लोग भी बहुत प्यार करते थे। बहुत ख़ातिरी करते थे। मास्टर का बच्चा आया जैसे गुरू का बच्चा आया। बाजरी का ढोढा खिलाते थे। यहाँ भी बाबा ने 15 दिन प्रोग्राम दिया था ढोढा और छांछ खाने का। और कुछ भी नहीं बनता था। बीमार आदि सबके लिए यही बनता था। किसको कुछ भी हुआ नहीं। और ही बीमार बच्चे भी तन्दुरूस्त हो गये। देखते थे आसक्ति टूटी हुई है! यह नहीं होना चाहिए या यह चाहिए। चाहना को चुहरा (जमादार) कहा जाता है। यहाँ तो बाप कहते हैं मांगने से मरना भला। बाप ही जानते हैं - बच्चों को क्या देना है। जो कुछ देना होगा वह खुद ही देंगे। यह सब ड्रामा बना हुआ है।

बाबा ने तो पूछा था ना बाप को जो बाप भी समझते हैं और बच्चा भी समझते हैं, वह हाथ उठायें। तो सबने हाथ उठाया। हाथ तो झट उठा देते हैं। जैसे बाबा पूछते हैं लक्ष्मी-नारायण कौन बनेंगे? तो झट हाथ उठायेंगे। यह पारलौकिक बच्चा भी जरूर एड करते हैं, यह तो माँ-बाप की बहुत सेवा करते हैं। 21 जन्म का वर्सा देते हैं। बाप जब वानप्रस्थ में जाते हैं तो फिर बच्चों का फ़र्ज है बाप की सम्भाल करना। वह जैसे सन्यासी बन जाते हैं। जैसे इनका लौकिक बाप था, वानप्रस्थ अवस्था हुई तो बोला हम जाकर बनारस में सतसंग करेंगे, हमको वहाँ ले चलो। (हिस्ट्री सुनाना) तुम हो ब्राह्मण प्रजापिता ब्रह्माकुमार-कुमारियां। प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा है ग्रेट-ग्रेट ग्रैन्ड फादर। सबसे पहला पत्ता है मनुष्य सृष्टि का। इनको ज्ञान सागर नहीं कहा जाता। न ब्रह्मा-विष्णु-शंकर ही ज्ञान के सागर हैं। शिवबाबा वह है बेहद का बाप, तो उनसे वर्सा मिलना चाहिए ना। वह निराकार परमपिता परमात्मा कब, कैसे आया, उनकी जयन्ती मनाते हैं। यह कोई को पता नहीं। यह तो गर्भ में नहीं आते हैं। समझाते हैं मैं इनमें प्रवेश करता हूँ, बहुत जन्मों के अन्त में वानप्रस्थ अवस्था में। मनुष्य जब सन्यास करते हैं तो उनकी वानप्रस्थ अवस्था कही जाती है। तो अब बाप तुमको कहते हैं - बच्चे, तुमने पूरे 84 जन्म लिए, यह है बहुत जन्मों के अन्त का जन्म। हिसाब तो जानते हो ना। तो मैं इनमें प्रवेश करता हूँ। कहाँ आकर बैठता हूँ, इनकी आत्मा जहाँ बैठी है, उनके बाजू में आकर बैठता हूँ। जैसे गुरू लोग अपने शिष्य को बाजू में गद्दी पर बिठाते हैं। इनका भी स्थान यहाँ है, मेरा भी यहाँ है। कहता हूँ हे आत्माओं, मामेकम् याद करो तो पाप विनाश हो जायेंगे। मनुष्य से देवता बनना है ना। यह है राजयोग। नई दुनिया के लिए जरूर राजयोग चाहिए। बाप कहते हैं मैं आया हूँ आदि सनातन देवी-देवता धर्म का फाउन्डेशन लगाने। गुरू लोग अनेक हैं, सतगुरू एक है, वही सत्य है। बाकी तो सब झूठ हैं।

तुम जानते हो एक है रूद्र माला, दूसरी है वैजयन्ती माला विष्णु की। उसके लिए तुम पुरूषार्थ करते हो, बाप को याद करो तो माला का दाना बनेंगे। जिस माला का तुम भक्ति मार्ग में सिमरण करते हो परन्तु जानते नहीं हो कि यह माला किसकी है, ऊपर में फूल कौन है, फिर मेरू क्या है, दाने कौन हैं? जिसकी माला फेरते हैं, समझते कुछ नहीं। ऐसे ही राम-राम कहते माला फेरते रहते हैं। राम-राम कहने से समझते हैं सब राम ही राम हैं। सर्वव्यापी की बात का अन्धियारा इससे निकला है। माला का अर्थ ही नहीं जानते। कोई कहते 100 माला फेरो.. इतनी माला फेरो। बाप तो अनुभवी है ना। 12 गुरू किये, 12 का अनुभव लिया। ऐसे भी बहुत होते हैं, अपना गुरू होते भी फिर औरों के पास जाते हैं कि कुछ अनुभव मिल जाए। माला आदि फेरते हैं। है बिल्कुल अन्धश्रद्धा। माला पूरी कर फूल को नमस्कार करते हैं। शिवबाबा फूल है ना। माला के दाने तुम अनन्य बच्चे बनते हो। तुम्हारा फिर सिमरण चलता है। उनको कुछ भी पता नहीं। वह तो कोई राम कहते, कोई कृष्ण को याद करते, अर्थ कुछ भी नहीं। श्रीकृष्ण शरणम् कह देते। अब वह तो सतयुग का प्रिन्स था। उनकी शरण कैसे लेंगे। शरण तो बाप की ली जाती है। तुम ही पूज्य फिर पुजारी बनते हो। 84 जन्म ले पतित बने हो तो शिवबाबा को कहते हैं हे फूल, हमको भी आपसमान बनाओ। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।
धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-
1) किसी भी प्रकार की चाहना नहीं रखनी है। आसक्ति ख़त्म कर देनी है। बाबा जो खिलाये... तुम्हें डायरेक्शन है, मांगने से मरना भला।
2) बाप की सर्चलाइट लेने के लिए एक बाप से सच्चा लव रखना है। बुद्धि में नशा रहे कि हम बच्चे हैं, वह बाप है। उनकी सर्चलाइट से हमें तमोप्रधान से सतोप्रधान बनना है।
श्रेष्ठ प्राप्तियों के प्रत्यक्षफल द्वारा सदा खुशहाल रहने वाले एवरहेल्दी भव
संगमयुग पर अभी-अभी किया और अभी-अभी श्रेष्ठ प्राप्ति की अनुभति हुई - यही है प्रत्यक्षफल। सबसे श्रेष्ठ फल है समीपता का अनुभव होना। आजकल साकार दुनिया में कहते हैं कि फल खाओ तो तन्दरूस्त रहेंगे। हेल्दी रहने का साधन फल बताते हैं और आप बच्चे हर सेकण्ड प्रत्यक्षफल खाते ही रहते हो इसलिए एवरहेल्दी हो ही। यदि आपसे कोई पूछे कि आपका क्या हालचाल है, तो बोलो कि फरिश्तों की चाल है और खुशहाल है।
सर्व की दुआओं के खजाने से सम्पन्न बनो तो पुरुषार्थ में मेहनत नहीं करनी पड़ेगी।

Saturday, May 25, 2019

26-05-2019 Murli

26/05/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 03/12/84

Become those who imbibe the elevated teachings of the most powerful Teacher.
Today, the Almighty Authority Father is looking at His Shakti Army everywhere. He is looking to see which ones are mahavirs and are constantly holding the weapons of all powers, the special victorious souls. He sees which ones do not constantly hold the weapons, but do so at the time of need, according to the time and which ones are trying to become those who have the weapons at the time of need. This is why they are sometimes able to attack and are sometimes defeated. They continue to move along in the spinning of sometimes attacking and sometimes being defeated. Baba saw three types of children in the army who claim a right. However, the elevated victorious souls are constantly ever ready ahead of time; for those who hold onto a weapon at the time of need, time becomes their teacher. Those who move along on the basis of time being their teacher and not of becoming ever ready through the teachings of the Almighty Authority Teacher, are sometimes deceived at a crucial time. After being deceived, they return into their right consciousness. Therefore, you must become those who imbibe the elevated teachings of the Almighty Authority Teacher. Do not become those who imbibe the teachings of time, a teacher.

Some children have a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada or they have heart-to-heart conversation amongst themselves. In an ordinary way, they continue to say: When the time comes, everything will work out fine. We will show it when the time comes or we will do it when the time comes. However, you world-transformer children have been given the task of invoking the perfect, elevated time. You are instruments to bring the time of the golden morning. You are the master creators of time, the creation. You are the transformers of time, that is, the age. You are victorious over double-kaal (kaal – time, death). One "kaal" is time and the second “kaal” is that you are not influenced by death. You are victorious. You are those who have received the blessing: May you be immortal. This is why you are not those who do everything according to the time, but those who follow the Father’s orders. Time becomes the teacher of even those souls who don't have knowledge. Your Teacher is the Almighty Father. Preparations are made ahead of time, not at the time of need. You belong to the ever-ready army that has the weapons of all powers. Therefore, constantly check: Have I imbibed the weapons of all the powers? If any power, that is, any weapon, is missing, Maya will attack you using that weakness. Therefore, do not be careless in this. Everything else is fine, there is just a little weakness in this one thing. However, this one weakness becomes the way for Maya to attack. Just as the Father has promised that when the children remember the Father He is always with them, in the same way, Maya has also challenged: I am present where there is weakness. This is why even the slightest trace of weakness will invoke the progeny of Maya. You are the children of the Almighty Authority and so you have to become full in all respects. How do you describe the right of the inheritance that the Father gives you, or the reward of the Godly study or the degree that you receive from the Teacher? Do you say "Full of all virtues" or do you say "Full of virtues"? You say: Fully viceless, 16 celestial degrees full. You don't say: 14 degrees. You speak of the inheritance of 100% complete happiness and peace. So you will have to become like that, will you not? Or, do you think that one or half a weakness will be allowed? The account is deep. He is the Innocent Lord, but He is also the Knower of the philosophy of karma. He gives multifold for one grain and He accounts for every grain. If one or half a weakness remains, then, in terms of attainment too, you will have to come half a birth or one birth later. You will then not be able to come together with Shri Krishna, or be in the royal family or a close relationship with the first World Emperor and Empress, Lakshmi and Narayan. Just as the era will begin with 1-1-1, in the same way, only the number one souls will be able to attain the happiness of new relationships, new matter, number one new souls – new means new souls who have come down from up above – the new kingdom, the happiness of the time of newness, and the happiness of the number one satopradhan elements of nature. Number one means those who win over Maya. Then the account will be accurate. The promise you have made to the Father in order to attain the blessing and inheritance is that you will live with Him, go back with Him and come back into the kingdom with Father Brahma. You haven't promised that you will follow later. You have to become equal, you have to live with Him. Perfection and equality enable you to claim a right to the reward of constant company. Therefore, what would you attain if you waste your time for becoming full and equal by being careless and then becoming aware at the final moment?

So, today, Baba was checking everyone's weapons of all powers. Baba gave the result: Baba saw three types of children. You might think that, as you progress further, a little of this mischief of carelessness will be allowed because the Father will help you at least that much. However, make sure that this mischief doesn't deceive you during those delicate times. Children should not complain of mischievously and say: Well, we didn't really think about it! Therefore, realise that delicate times are coming in front of you. Many different types of upheaval will continue to increase. These are the signs of the times to come. This is a signal in the drama for you to become full quickly. Do you understand?

Nowadays, in Madhuban, there is the meeting of rivers from three places. There is the mela of Triveni River, is there not? BapDada is especially pleased to see the love of the children who have come with deep love from three places. You don't know the language of words, but you know the language of love. Those from Karnataka are those who know the language of love. What do those from Punjab know? Those from Punjab are clever at challenging. So the challenge of the divine land of kings (Rajasthan) is one that will bring cries of victory instead of cries of distress. What do those from Gujarat do? Those from Gujarat constantly swing in swings. You also swing in the swing of the fortune of being physically close at the confluence age. You swing in happiness that you are the closest of all. So Gujarat means those who swing in the different types of swing. This is a variety group. Everyone loves variety. In a bouquet, you love to see a variety of flowers of different colours, beauty and fragrance. Achcha.

To all the powerful souls who have come from all directions and who remain constantly alert, to those who always have the weapons of all powers, to those who become perfect and full and give all souls the co-operation of powers, to those who bring the elevated time and the elevated age, to the most elevated children who become number one age transformers and claim a right to the number one fortune of the perfect kingdom, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups from Punjab:

You are constantly moving forward at every step with the power of remembrance and earning an income of multimillions, are you not? Do you continue to check whether there are multi-millions being accumulated at every step? Steps in remembrance bring abundance. Steps without remembrance do not bring abundance; there is no income in them. So you are the children who earn an income by accumulating at every step, are you not? Children who earn an income are said to be those who bring an income. One are those who simply eat, drink and waste everything and others are those who accumulate an income. Which children are you? There, the children earn for themselves and also for their father. Here, the Father doesn't want anything. You earn for yourselves. Check that you are the children who constantly earn at every step and then accumulate, because times are becoming delicate. To the extent that you have accumulated your income, you will continue to experience the elevated reward very easily. In the future, you have the attainment anyway. So there will be attainment of this income now, at the confluence age, and also in the future. So, are all of you those who earn or those who earn and use it up?

As is the Father so the children. Just as the Father is full and perfect, in the same way, children are also those who remain constantly full. All of you are courageous, are you not? You are not those who are afraid, are you? You weren't afraid, were you? Was there the slightest fear even in your thoughts, or not? This is nothing new. This has happened so many times. It has been repeated so many times. It is happening again now and so there is nothing to be afraid of. Shaktis too are fearless, are you not? You shaktis are always victorious, always fearless. As you stay under the Father’s canopy of protection, you remain fearless. There is fear when you consider yourself to be alone. There cannot be fear under the canopy of protection. Always fearless. “Victory of the Shaktis” is constantly remembered. All of you are the victorious lionesses, are you not? If there isn't victory for the Shiv Shaktis and the Pandavas, then whose victory would there be? Pandavas and Shaktis are victorious every cycle. The Father has love for you children. Nothing can happen to the children who are loved by the Father and to the children who remain in remembrance of the Father. If there is weakness in remembrance, you can be affected slightly. When you have the canopy of protection of remembrance, nothing can happen to you. BapDada saves you in one way or another. Since He is the Support of the devotee souls, He is constantly the Support for the children.

You are those who constantly fly with wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm, are you not? Wings of zeal and enthusiasm constantly make you fly and also enable you to show others the way to fly. Let these two wings always be with you. If even one wing is weak, you won't be able to fly high. This is why both of them are essential: courage and also zeal and enthusiasm. Courage is such that it makes the impossible possible and courage also makes something difficult easy. It enables you to fly high up from down below. So you are such experienced souls who constantly fly in this way, are you not? You have seen what you attained by coming down. You continued to come down, but it is now the time for the flying stage. It is not even the time for a high jump. You have a thought in a second and you fly. You will constantly continue to receive such power from the Father.

Do you constantly consider yourselves to be master suns of knowledge? The task of the Sun of Knowledge is constantly to destroy the darkness of ignorance. With its light, the sun is able to change night into day, and so, in the same way, you master suns of knowledge are those who remove darkness from the world, those who show the path to wandering souls and who change night into day, are you not? Do you constantly remember this task of yours? You are not able to forget your worldly occupation even by trying to forget it, and that too is a perishable task of just one birth. That is a perishable occupation, whereas this occupation, of being master suns of knowledge, is yours for all time. Therefore, always consider it to be your imperishable occupation and duty to end darkness and bring light. By doing so, darkness will end in yourself and there will be light because those who give light become full of light themselves anyway. So always remember this task and check yourself daily: Am I, a being of light, a master sun of knowledge? Just as firemen are not affected by a fire, in the same way, those who always remove darkness cannot go into darkness themselves. Therefore, let there always be the intoxication and happiness: I am a master sun of knowledge.

Avyakt BapDada meeting kumars:

Kumar life is an elevated life. Constantly remain happy seeing your elevated fortune of belonging to the Father in your kumar life and also continue to tell others this method for staying happy. Those most free from bondage are kumars and kumaris. Kumars can make whatever fortune they want for themselves. You are kumars who have courage, are you not? You are not weak kumars. No matter how much others attract you towards themselves, mahavir souls are those who cannot be attracted towards anyone except the Father. You are so brave and courageous. Maya will try to make you belong to her through many different forms, but you are the ones whose intellects have faith and become victorious. You are not those who become afraid. It is good. Wah my elevated fortune! Always maintain this awareness. No one can be like me. Always have this intoxication. Where there is Godly intoxication, you will stay away from Maya. You always remain busy in service, do you not? This too is essential. The busier you stay in service, the more you will remain an easy yogi. However, there is safety when service is filled with remembrance. If there isn't remembrance, there isn't that safety.

You are kumars who are constantly free from obstacles, are you not? Maya does not attract you, does she? Maya tries very hard to make kumars belong to her. Maya likes kumars. She feels they should belong to her. However, all of you are brave and courageous, are you not? You are not slaves of Maya, you are those who challenge Maya. You were Maya's slaves for half the cycle, and what did you receive? You lost everything! This is why you now belong to God. To belong to God means to claim a right to heaven. So, all kumars are victorious kumars. Just be careful that you don’t become weak. Maya has extra love for kumars and this is why she tries in every way to make you belong to her, but all of you have make a decision. Now that you belong to the Father, you have become free from worries. May you be constantly free from obstacles and may you be in the flying stage.

Kumars are always powerful. Where there is power, there is attainment. You are always embodiments of all attainments. Because of being knowledge-full, you know the various forms of Maya. Therefore, continue to increase your fortune. Always make one thing firm: a kumar life is a life of freedom. Those who are liberated-in-life will have the attainments of the confluence age. Constantly continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. Kumars should always dance in happiness: Wah kumar life! Wah fortune! Wah, drama! Wah Baba! Just continue to sing this song. Stay happy and weakness cannot come. Continue to fill yourself with power by doing service and having remembrance. A kumar life is a life of lightness. To make your fortune in this life is the greatest fortune of all. You have become free from being tied with so many bondages. Constantly consider yourselves to be double light and continue to fly in the flying stage and you will claim a number ahead. Achcha.
May you be a blessed soul who gives the donation of virtues with the cool water of mercy to souls who have anger in them.
When someone, burning in the fire of anger, comes in front of you and insults and defames you, then, with your good wishes and pure feelings, with your attitude and stage, give that soul the donation of virtue and the blessing of the power of tolerance. Angry souls are under an external influence and so, with the cool water of mercy, make such souls peaceful. This is the duty of you blessed souls. It is because you are filled with such sanskars in the living form that devotees receive such blessings through your non-living images.
Those who experience the treasure of all powers by having remembrance become filled with all powers.

26-05-19 प्रात:मुरली

26-05-19 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति ''अव्यक्त-बापदादा'' रिवाइज: 03-12-84 मधुबन

सर्व समर्थ शिक्षक के श्रेष्ठ शिक्षाधारी बनो
आज सर्व शक्तिवान बाप अपने चारों ओर की शक्ति सेना को देख रहे हैं। कौन-कौन सदा सर्व शक्तियों के शस्त्रधारी महावीर विजयी विशेष आत्मायें हैं। कौन-कौन सदा नहीं लेकिन समय पर, समय प्रमाण शस्त्रधारी बनते हैं। कौन-कौन समय पर शस्त्रधारी बनने का प्रयत्न करते हैं इसलिए कभी वार कर सकते, कभी हार खा लेते। कब वार कब हार के चक्र में चलते रहते हैं। ऐसे तीनों प्रकार की सेना के अधिकारी बच्चे देखे। लेकिन विजयी श्रेष्ठ आत्मायें सदा पहले से ही एवररेडी रहती हैं। समय प्रमाण शस्त्रधारी बनने में समय शिक्षक बन जाता है। समय रूपी शिक्षक के आधार पर चलने वाले सर्व शक्तिवान शिक्षक की शिक्षा से एवररेडी न बनने के कारण कभी समय पर धोखा भी खा लेते हैं। धोखा खाने से स्मृति के होश में आते हैं इसलिए सर्वशक्तिवान शिक्षक के श्रेष्ठ शिक्षाधारी बनो। समय रूपी शिक्षक के शिक्षाधारी नहीं।

कई बच्चे बापदादा से रूह-रूहान करते वा आपस में भी रूह-रूहान करते, साधरण रूप से यह बोलते रहते कि समय आने पर सब ठीक हो जायेगा। समय पर दिखा देंगे वा समय पर कर लेंगे। लेकिन आप विश्व परिवर्तक बच्चों को सम्पन्न श्रेष्ठ समय का आह्वान करने का कार्य मिला हुआ है। आप निमित्त हो सुनहरे सवेरे का समय लाने लिए। आप समय रूपी रचना के मास्टर रचता, समय अर्थात् युग परिवर्तक हो। डबल काल पर विजयी हो। एक काल अर्थात् ‘समय'। दूसरा काल ‘मृत्यु' के वशीभूत नहीं हो। विजयी हो। अमर भव के वरदानी स्वरूप हो इसलिए समय प्रमाण करने वाले नहीं लेकिन बाप के फरमान प्रमाण चलने वाले। समय तो अज्ञानी आत्माओं का भी शिक्षक बनता है। आपका शिक्षक समर्थ बाप है। कोई भी तैयारी समय के पहले की जाती है न कि उस समय। एवररेडी सर्व शस्त्र शक्ति धारी सेना के हो। तो सदा अपने को चेक करो कि सर्व शक्तियों के शस्त्र धारण किये हुए हैं? कोई भी शक्ति अर्थात् शस्त्र की कमी होगी तो माया उसी कमजोरी के विधि द्वारा ही वार करेगी इसलिए इसमें भी अलबेले नहीं बनना और सब तो ठीक है, थोड़ी सी सिर्फ एक बात में कमजोरी है, लेकिन एक कमजोरी माया के वार का रास्ता बन जायेगी। जैसे बाप का बच्चों से वायदा है कि जहाँ बाप की याद है वहाँ सदा मैं साथ हूँ ऐसे माया की भी चैलेन्ज है जहाँ कमजोरी है वहाँ मैं व्यापक हूँ इसलिए कमजोरी अंश मात्र भी माया के वंश का आह्वान कर देगी। सर्व शक्तिवान के बच्चे तो सबमें सम्पन्न होना है। बाप बच्चों को जो वर्से का अधिकार देते हैं, वा शिक्षक रूप में ईश्वरीय पढ़ाई की प्रालब्ध वा डिग्री देते हैं, वह क्या वर्णन करते हो? सर्वगुण सम्पन्न कहते हो वा गुण सम्पन्न कहते हो? सम्पूर्ण निर्विकारी, 16 कला सम्पन्न कहते हो, 14 कला नहीं कहते हो। 100 प्रतिशत सम्पूर्ण सुख शान्ति का वर्सा कहते हो। तो बनना भी ऐसा पड़ेगा या एक आधी कमजोरी चल जायेगी, ऐसे समझते हो? हिसाब किताब भी गहन है। भोलानाथ भी है लेकिन कर्मों की गति का ज्ञाता भी है। देता भी कणे का घणा (बहुत ज्यादा) करके है और हिसाब भी कणे कणे का करता है। अगर एक आधी कमजोरी रह जाती है तो प्राप्ति में भी आधा जन्म, एक जन्म पीछे आना पड़ता है। श्रीकृष्ण के साथ-साथ वा विश्व महाराजन पहले लक्ष्मी-नारायण की रॉयल फैमली वा समीप के सम्बन्ध में आ नहीं सकेंगे। जैसे संवत एक एक एक से शुरू होगा। ऐसे नया सम्बन्ध, नई प्रकृति, नम्बरवन नई आत्मायें, नई अर्थात् ऊपर से उतरी हुई नई आत्मायें, नया राज्य, यह नवीनता के समय का सुख, सतोप्रधान नम्बरवन प्रकृति का सुख नम्बरवन आत्मायें ही पा सकेंगी। नम्बरवन अर्थात् माया पर विन करने वाले। तो हिसाब पूरा होगा। बाप से वरदान वा वर्सा प्राप्त करने का वायदा यही किया है कि साथ रहेंगे, साथ जायेंगे और फिर वापिस ब्रह्मा बाप के साथ राज्य में आयेंगे। यह वायदा नहीं किया है कि पीछे-पीछे आयेंगे? समान बनना ही है, साथ रहना है। सम्पन्नता, समानता सदा-साथ के प्रालब्ध के अधिकारी बनाती है इसलिए सम्पन्न और समान बनने का समय अलबेलेपन में गँवाकर अन्त समय होश में आये तो क्या पायेंगे!

तो आज सभी के सर्व शक्तियों के शस्त्रों की चेकिंग कर रहे थे। रिजल्ट सुनाई - तीन प्रकार के बच्चे देखे। आप सोचते हैं कि आगे चल यह अलबेले-पन के नाज़, इतना थोड़ा सा तो चल ही जायेगा, इतनी मदद तो बाप कर ही देगा, लेकिन यह नाज़ नाजुक समय पर धोखा न देवे। और बच्चे नाज़ से उल्हना न दें कि इतना तो सोचा नहीं था इसलिए नाज़ुक समय सामने आता जा रहा है। भिन्न-भिन्न प्रकार की हलचल बढ़ती ही जायेगी। यह निशानियाँ हैं समय आने की। यह ड्रामा में इशारे हैं तीव्रगति से सम्पन्न बनने के। समझा!

आजकल मधुबन में तीन तरफ की नदियों का मेला है। त्रिवेणी नदी का मेला है ना! तीनों तरफ के आये हुए, लगन से पहुँचने वाले बच्चों को विशेष देख, बच्चों के स्नेह पर बाप दादा हर्षित होते हैं। मुख की भाषा नहीं जानते लेकिन स्नेह की भाषा जानते हैं। कर्नाटक वाले स्नेह की भाषा को जानने वाले हैं। और पंजाब वाले क्या जानते हैं? पंजाब वाले ललकार करने में होशियार हैं। तो दैवी राजस्थान की ललकार हाहाकार की जगह जयजयकार करने वाली है। गुजरात वाले क्या करते हैं? गुजरात वाले सदा झूले में झूलते हैं। अपने संगमयुगी समीप स्थान के भाग्य के भी झूले में झूलते। खुशी में झूलते हैं कि हम तो सबसे नजदीक हैं। तो गुजरात भिन्न-भिन्न झूलों में झूलने वाले हैं। वैराइटी ग्रुप भी है। वैराइटी सभी को पसन्द आती है। गुलदस्ते में भी वैराइटी रंग, रूप, खुशबू वाले फूल प्रिय लगते हैं। अच्छा!

सब तरफ से आये हुए सभी शक्तिशाली, सदा अलर्ट रहने वाले, सदा सर्व शक्तियों के शस्त्रधारी, सर्व आत्माओं को सम्पूर्ण सम्पन्न बन शक्तियों का सहयोग देने वाले, श्रेष्ठ काल, श्रेष्ठ युग लाने वाले, युग परिवर्तक नम्बरवन बन नम्बरवन सम्पन्न राज्य-भाग्य के अधिकारी - ऐसे सर्व श्रेष्ठ बच्चों को बापदादा का याद प्यार और नमस्ते।

पंजाब पार्टी से- सदा हर कदम में याद की शक्ति द्वारा पदमों की कमाई जमा करते हुए आगे बढ़ रहे हो ना! हर कदम में पदम भरे हुए हैं - यह चेक करते रहते हो? याद का कदम भरपूर है, बिना याद के कदम भरपूर नहीं, कमाई नहीं। तो हर कदम में कमाई जमा करने वाले कमाऊ बच्चे हो ना! कमाने वाले कमाऊ बच्चे होते। एक हैं सिर्फ खाया पिया और उड़ाया और एक हैं कमाई जमा करने वाले। आप कौन से बच्चे हैं? वहाँ बच्चा कमाता है अपने लिए भी और बाप के लिए भी। यहाँ बाप को तो चाहिए नहीं। अपने लिए ही कमाते। सदा हर कदम में जमा करने वाले, कमाई करने वाले बच्चे हैं, यह चेक करो क्योंकि समय नाजुक होता जा रहा है। तो जितनी कमाई जमा होगी उतना आराम से श्रेष्ठ प्रालब्ध का अनुभव करते रहेंगे। भविष्य में तो प्राप्ति है ही। तो इस कमाई की प्राप्ति अभी संगम पर भी होगी और भविष्य में भी होगी। तो सभी कमाने वाले हो या कमाया और खाया!

जैसे बाप वैसे बच्चे। जैसे बाप सम्पन्न है, सम्पूर्ण है वैसे बच्चे भी सदा सम्पन्न रहने वाले। सभी बहादुर हो ना? डरने वाले तो नहीं हो? डरे तो नहीं? थोड़ा-सा डर की मात्रा संकल्प मात्र भी आई या नहीं? यह नथिंग न्यु है ना। कितने बार यह हुआ है, अनेक बार रिपीट हो चुका है। अभी हो रहा है इसलिए घबराने की बात नहीं। शक्तियाँ भी निर्भय हैं ना। शक्तियाँ सदा विजयी, सदा निर्भय। जब बाप की छत्रछाया के नीचे रहने वाले हैं तो निर्भय ही होंगे। जब अपने को अकेला समझते हो तो भय होता। छत्रछाया के अन्दर भय नहीं होता। सदा निर्भय। शक्तियों की विजय सदा गाई हुई है। सभी विजयी शेर हो ना! शिव शक्तियों की, पाण्डवों की विजय नहीं होगी तो किसकी होगी! पाण्डव और शक्तियाँ कल्प-कल्प के विजयी हैं। बच्चों से बाप का स्नेह है ना। बाप के स्नेही बच्चों को याद में रहने वाले बच्चों को कुछ भी हो नहीं सकता। याद की कमजोरी होगी तो थोड़ा सा सेक आ भी सकता है। याद की छत्रछाया है तो कुछ भी हो नहीं सकता। बापदादा किसी न किसी साधन से बचा देते हैं। जब भक्त आत्माओं का भी सहारा है तो बच्चों का सहारा सदा ही है।

(2) सदा हिम्मत और हुल्लास के पंखों से उड़ने वाले हो ना! उमंग-उत्साह के पंख सदा स्वयं को भी उड़ाते और दूसरों को भी उड़ाने का मार्ग बताते हैं। यह दोनों ही पंख सदा ही साथ रहें। एक पंख भी ढीला होगा तो ऊंचा उड़ नहीं सकेंगे इसलिए यह दोनों ही आवश्यक हैं। हिम्मत भी, उमंग हुल्लास भी। हिम्मत ऐसी चीज़ है जो असम्भव को सम्भव कर सकती है, हिम्मत मुश्किल को सहज बनाने वाली है। नीचे से ऊंचा उड़ाने वाली है। तो सदा ऐसे उड़ने वाले अनुभवी आत्मायें हो ना! नीचे आने से तो देख लिया क्या प्राप्ति हुई! नीचे ही गिरते रहे लेकिन अब उड़ती कला का समय है। हाई जम्प का भी समय नहीं। सेकण्ड में संकल्प किया और उड़ा। ऐसी शक्ति बाप द्वारा सदा मिलती रहेगी।

(3) स्वयं को सदा मास्टर ज्ञान सूर्य समझते हो? ज्ञान सूर्य का कार्य है सर्व से अज्ञान अंधेरे का नाश करना। सूर्य अपने प्रकाश से रात को दिन बना देता है, तो ऐसे मास्टर ज्ञान सूर्य विश्व से अंधकार मिटाने वाले, भटकती आत्माओं को रास्ता दिखाने वाले, रात को दिन बनाने वाले हो ना! अपना यह कार्य सदा याद रहता है? जैसे लौकिक आक्यूपेशन भुलाने से भी नहीं भूलता। वह तो है एक जन्म का विनाशी कार्य, विनाशी आक्यूपेशन, यह है सदा का आक्यूपेशन कि हम मास्टर ज्ञान सूर्य हैं। तो सदा अपना यह अविनाशी आक्यूपेशन या ड्यूटी समझ अंधकार मिटाकर रोशनी लानी है। इससे स्वयं से भी अंधकार समाप्त हो प्रकाश होगा क्योंकि रोशनी देने वाला स्वयं तो प्रकाशमय हो ही जाता है। तो यह कार्य सदा याद रखो और अपने आपको रोज़ चेक करो कि मैं मास्टर ज्ञान सूर्य प्रकाशमय हूँ! जैसे आग बुझाने वाले स्वयं आग के सेक में नहीं आते, ऐसे सदा अंधकार दूर करने वाले अंधकार में स्वयं नहीं आ सकते। तो मैं मास्टर ज्ञान सूर्य हूँ, यह नशा व खुशी सदा रहे।

कुमारों से अव्यक्त बापदादा की मुलाकात

(1) कुमार जीवन श्रेष्ठ जीवन है, कुमार जीवन में बाप के बन गये ऐसी अपनी श्रेष्ठ तकदीर देख सदा हर्षित रहो और औरों को भी हर्षित रहने की विधि सुनाते रहो। सबसे निर्बन्धन कुमार और कुमारियाँ हैं। कुमार जो चाहें वह अपना भाग्य बना सकते हैं। हिम्मत वाले कुमार हो ना! कमजोर कुमार तो नहीं। कितना भी कोई अपने तरफ आकर्षित करे लेकिन महावीर आत्मायें एक बाप के सिवाए कहाँ भी आकर्षित नहीं हो सकती। ऐसे बहादुर हो। कई रूप से माया अपना बनाने का प्रयत्न तो करेगी लेकिन निश्चय बुद्धि विजयी। घबराने वाले नहीं। अच्छा है। वाह मेरी श्रेष्ठ तकदीर! बस यही सदा स्मृति रखना। हमारे जैसा कोई हो नहीं सकता - यह नशा रखो। जहाँ ईश्वरीय नशा होगा वहाँ माया से परे रहेंगे। सेवा में तो सदा बिजी रहते हो ना! यह भी जरूरी है। जितना सेवा में बिजी रहेंगे उतना सहजयोगी रहेंगे लेकिन याद सहित सेवा हो तो सेफ्टी है। याद नहीं तो सेफ्टी नहीं।

(2) कुमार सदा निर्विघ्न हो ना? माया आकर्षित तो नहीं करती? कुमारों को माया अपना बनाने की कोशिश बहुत करती है। माया को कुमार बहुत पसन्द आते हैं। वह समझती है मेरे बन जायें। लेकिन आप सब तो बहादुर हो ना! माया के मुरीद नहीं, माया को चैलेन्ज करने वाले। आधा कल्प माया के मुरीद रहे, मिला क्या? सब कुछ गँवा दिया इसलिए अभी प्रभू के बन गये। प्रभू का बनना अर्थात् स्वर्ग के अधिकार को पाना। तो सभी कुमार विजयी कुमार हैं। देखना, कच्चे नहीं होना। माया को कुमारों से एकस्ट्रा प्यार है इसलिए चारों ओर से कोशिश करती है मेरे बन जायें। लेकिन आप सबने संकल्प कर लिया। जब बाप के हो गये तो निस्फुरने (निश्चिन्त) हो गये। सदा निर्विघ्न भव, उड़ती कला भव।

(3) कुमार-सदा समर्थ। जहाँ समर्थी है वहाँ प्राप्ति है। सदा सर्व प्राप्ति स्वरूप। नॉलेजफुल होने के कारण माया के भिन्न-भिन्न रूपों को जानने वाले इसलिए अपने भाग्य को आगे बढ़ाते रहो। सदा एक ही बात पक्की करो कि कुमार जीवन अर्थात् मुक्त जीवन। जो जीवनमुक्त है वह संगमयुग की प्राप्ति युक्त होगा। सदा आगे बढ़ते रहो और बढ़ाते रहो। कुमारों को तो सदा खुशी में नाचना चाहिए - वाह कुमार जीवन! वाह भाग्य! वाह ड्रामा! वाह बाबा!.... यही गीत गाते रहो। खुशी में रहो तो कमजोरी आ नहीं सकती। सेवा और याद दोनों से शक्ति भरते रहो। कुमार जीवन हल्की जीवन है। इस जीवन में अपनी तकदीर बनाना यह सबसे बड़ा भाग्य है। कितने बन्धनों में बंधने से बच गये। सदा अपने को ऐसे डबल लाइट समझते हुए उड़ती कला में चलते रहो तो आगे नम्बर ले लेंगे। अच्छा -ओम् शान्ति।
क्रोधी आत्मा को रहम के शीतल जल द्वारा गुण दान देने वाले वरदानी आत्मा भव
आपके सामने कोई क्रोध अग्नि में जलता हुआ आये, आपको गाली दे, निंदा करे..तो ऐसी आत्मा को भी अपनी शुभ भावना, शुभ कामना द्वारा, वृत्ति द्वारा, स्थिति द्वारा गुण दान या सहनशीलता की शक्ति का वरदान दो। क्रोधी आत्मा परवश है, ऐसी परवश आत्मा को रहम के शीतल जल द्वारा शान्त कर दो, यह आप वरदानी आत्मा का कर्तव्य है। चैतन्य में जब आप में ऐसे संस्कार भरे हैं तब तो जड़ चित्रों द्वारा भक्तों को वरदान मिलते हैं।
याद द्वारा सर्व शक्तियों का खजाना अनुभव करने वाले ही शक्ति सम्पन्न बनते हैं।

25-05-2019 Murli

25/05/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to lighten the sins of this birth, tell the Father the truth and finish off your sins of the previous births with the fire of yoga.
What one concern should you have in order to become God’s helpers?
You have to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and definitely become pure. You need to have the concern to become pure. This is the main subject. The children who become pure are the ones who can become the Father's helpers. What would the Father do alone? This is why you children have to make the world pure and create the pure kingdom with your own power of yoga by following shrimat. First make yourself pure.
Om Shanti
You children definitely understand that you come to Baba to become refreshed. When you go to the centres at your own places, you cannot think in this way. It is in the intellects of you children that Baba is in Madhuban. The Father's murli is spoken for you children. You children understand that you come to Madhuban to listen to the murli. They have associated the word ‘murli’ with Krishna. “Murli” doesn’t have the other meaning. You children have now understood very well. The Father has explained to you and you also feel that you truly had become very senseless. No one else understands himself to be like this. When you come here, your intellect have this faith: Truly, we had become very senseless. In the golden age, you were such sensible masters of the world. Fools can’t become the masters of the world. This Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the world. They were so sensible, which is why they are worshipped on the path of devotion. Non-living images cannot say anything. People worship Shiv Baba, but does He say anything? Shiv Baba only comes once and speaks. Those who worship Him don't know that that One is the Father who speaks knowledge. They understand that Krishna played the flute (murli). They don't know at all the occupation of the One they worship. So, that worship etc. would be fruitless until the Father comes. Many of you children have not studied any of the Vedas or scriptures etc. The one true Father is now teaching you. You truly understand that the One who teaches you the truth is only the one Father. The Father is called the Truth. He tells you the true story to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. The meaning is fine. The true Father comes, but if you want to become Narayan from an ordinary man, then He would definitely have to establish the golden age. It would not be the old iron-aged world that is created. At the time of listening to the story, it would not be in any of their intellects that they will become Narayan from an ordinary man. You are now being taught Raja Yoga to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. This is not anything new. The Father says: I come and explain to you every cycle. How could I come in every age? You can show them the picture of Brahma and say: This is the chariot. This is his last impure birth of many births and he is now becoming pure. We are also becoming pure. No one can become pure and sins cannot be absolved without the power of yoga. No one can become pure by bathing in water. This is the fire of yoga. Water extinguishes fire, whereas fire burns. So, water is not a fire through which your sins can be burnt. This one has had the most gurus and he has also studied a lot of scriptures. He was like a pandit in this birth, but there was no benefit through that. He didn't become a pure or charitable soul; he just continued to commit sin. The Father has explained: Those of you who consider yourselves to be children should tell Baba about the sins etc. you have committed, as Baba is personally in front of you, and then that burden of sin will become light. You will become light in this birth. Then, you also have to make effort to remove the burdens of sin of many births that are on your heads. The Father is explaining to you about yoga. It is only with yoga that your sins will be absolved. Only at this time do you hear these things. No one can relate these things in the golden age. The whole drama is predestined. The whole drama continues to turn second by second; one second cannot be the same as the next. Your lifespan also continues to decrease second by second. You are now applying a brake to your lifespan being reduced and are increasing your lifespan with yoga. You children now have to increase your lifespan with the power of yoga. Baba emphasizes yoga a lot, but some don't understand at all. They say: Baba, I forget You. This is why Baba says: Yoga is not anything else; it is just the pilgrimage of remembrance. By remembering the Father, your sins will continue to be cut away. Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. There is also an example about this. One person said to another: You are a buffalo. So, he began to consider himself to be a buffalo and when he was told to come out of a door, he said: How can I come out of this door, since I am a buffalo? It was as though he truly had become a buffalo. That is just an example that they have made up. Otherwise, there is no one like that. That is not an accurate example. An example is always given of a thing that is based on something real. On the path of devotion people now celebrate festivals about the things that the Father explains to you at this time. They have so many melas etc., but whatever happens at this time is then made into a festival. You are becoming so clean here. People become so dirty at the melas. They rub mud on their bodies because they think that their sins will be erased through that . Baba himself has done all of that. The water in Nasik is very dirty. People go there and rub mud on themselves. They believe that their sins will be absolved. Then, they use water to clean off that mud. When some maharajas etc. went abroad, they used to carry an urn of Ganges water and drink that in the steamer. Previously, there were no aeroplanes or motors etc. Look at all the things they have invented in the last 100 to 150 years. All of this science will be useful at the beginning of the golden age. There, it doesn't take them long to build palaces etc. Your intellects are now becoming divine and so they will be able to do all the work easily. Just as you have mud bricks here, so you have gold bricks there. There is a story of Maya that portrays this. (Bringing a gold brick from the subtle region). They just sat and made up a play to show that there truly are gold bricks in the golden age. That is called the golden age. This is called the iron age. Everyone remembers heaven. Their images exist all the time, and this is why they speak of the original, eternal, ancient religion. Then they speak of the Hindu religion. Because they become vicious, they call themselves Hindus instead of deities. How could they be called deities? Wherever you go, you have to explain this because you are messengers. You have to give the Father's introduction to each and every one. Some will quickly understand that what you are saying is right and that you truly do have two fathers. Some would say that God is omnipresent. You understand that you receive a limited inheritance from one father and that you receive the unlimited inheritance from the parlokik Father for 21 births. You have this knowledge at this time. You don't have this knowledge there. Only at the confluence age do you receive this inheritance so that you are then able to rule the kingdom for birth after birth for 21 generations. You become the masters of the whole world. You have come to know this now. There is no question of those whose intellects have firm faith having any doubts. You receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. When Shiv Baba comes, He must surely give you the inheritance. This is why Baba says: This badge is very good. You must definitely wear it. You have to give this message to every home. Some will believe you and others will not. When destruction takes place, they will understand that God has come. Then, those to whom you gave the message will remember: Who were those angels dressed in white? You also see angels in the subtle region. You know that Mama and Baba become such angels with the power of yoga and so you can also become that. The Father enters this one and explains all of these things to you. He gives you knowledge directly. You children also have the knowledge in you that Baba has in Him. When you go up above, your parts of knowledge end, and you then play your parts of happiness that you have received and you also forget this knowledge. So, wherever you children go, you should always wear this badge as a sign of being a messenger. Even if others laugh at you, it doesn't matter. Why would they laugh at you since you are telling them right things? That One is the unlimited Father. His name is Shiv Baba. He is the Benefactor. He comes and establishes heaven. This is the most auspicious confluence age. You children have received all of this knowledge, and so why should you forget it? It is absolutely accurate. While you move along, you have to remember the Father and the inheritance: the land of peace and the land of happiness. You children come here and go back having heard the murli, and you then also have to relate it to others. It is not that only one Brahmin teacher reads the murli. Brahmin teachers have to make others the same as themselves and get them ready, because only then will they be able to benefit many. If one teacher goes away, can’t another teacher run that centre? Is it that no knowledge has been imbibed? Students should have the interest to study and teach others. The murli is very easy. Anyone can imbibe knowledge and conduct class. The Father is sitting here. The Father says to the children: You must not have any doubts about anything. It is only the one Father who knows everything. You have just the one aim and objective. There is no need to ask questions about this. I sit in the early morning and help you children on the pilgrimage of remembrance. I remember all the unlimited children. The whole world has to be made pure by you children with the help of your remembrance. It is in this that you each give your finger. The whole world has to be made pure. So, the Father keeps an eye on all the children. All will go to the land of peace. He draws everyone's attention. The Father would also be sitting in the unlimited. I have come to purify the whole world. I am giving a current to the whole world so that it becomes pure. Those who have the full power of yoga would understand that Baba is now sitting here and teaching the pilgrimage of remembrance through which there will be peace in the world. When children stay in remembrance, they receive help. Children who can help are also needed. Only God’s helpers whose intellects have faith will remember the Father. Your first subject is to become pure. That is, you children become instruments along with the Father. You call out to the Father: O Purifier, come! What would He do by Himself? He needs helpers. You know that you will purify the world and then rule the whole world. When your intellects have such faith, you will have that intoxication. You children know that you are establishing your own kingdom for yourselves with the power of your yoga by following the Father's shrimat. This intoxication should rise within you. This is something spiritual. You children know that every cycle Baba makes us into the masters of the world with this spiritual power. You also understand that Shiv Baba comes and establishes heaven. You now just have the concern of this pilgrimage of remembrance on your heads. You have to make effort. While doing your business etc., stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. The Father inspires you to earn a huge income in order for you to become ever healthy. You now have to forget everything. We souls are now going back. You are made to practise being soul conscious. While eating, drinking, walking and moving around, can you not remember the Father? While sewing clothes, your intellects should be connected in yoga with the Father. This is very easy. You understand that the cycle of 84 births has now ended. The Father has now come to teach us souls Raja Yoga. This world history and geography continue to repeat. The same thing happened in the previous cycle too. It is being repeated now. Only the Father explains the secrets of this repetition to you. Each one has received a part in the drama which each one continues to play. Children are given advice: Remember the Father and you will become satopradhan and then your bodies will be shed. You souls now have it in your intellects that you have to become satopradhan because you now have to return home. You would not say this in the golden age. There, you would say: You have to shed one old body and take another. There, there is no question of sorrow. Here, this is the land of sorrow. They are an old bodies, and so you understand that you have to shed them and return home. You have to remember the Father constantly. That incorporeal Father alone is the Ocean of Knowledge. Only He comes and grants everyone salvation. The Father says: I also uplift the sages. You now have to have yoga with the one Father. All of you souls have a right to claim the inheritance from the Father. Consider yourselves to be souls and become soul conscious and constantly remember the Father and your sins will continue to be cut away. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Listen to the murli and then relate it to others. As well as studying, also teach others. Become benefactors. Your badge is a sign of you being a messenger. So, always wear your badge.
2. In order to establish peace in the world, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Just as the Father's vision is unlimited and He gives a current to make the whole world pure, so, follow the Father and become His helpers too.
May you donate as a great donor and a blessed soul to every soul who comes into connection or relationship with you.
Give whoever comes into a connection or relationship with you throughout the day a donation of one or another power, point of knowledge or virtue. You have treasures of knowledge, and also treasures of powers and virtues. So, let no day pass without your giving a donation and you would then be said to be a great donor. 2) The spiritual meaning of the word “donation” is co-operation. With the environment of your elevated stage and the vibrations of your attitude, give co-operation to every soul and you will then be said to be a blessed soul.
The faces of those who are close to BapDada and the family smile with contentment, spirituality and happiness.