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Murli 31 January 2016

31/01/16 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 17/03/81

The cause (kaaran) of your experiencing difficulty on this easy path and the easy solution to it (nivaran)
Today, Baba has especially come to meet you double-foreign children. You double foreigners are doubly fortunate; why? Because, firstly, you have come to know BapDada and claimed your right to your inheritance. Secondly, you have come now, last, and you have great hope that you will go fast and come first. By coming at the end (last) you are fortunate in that you have come at a time when everything is ready-made and already prepared for you. The children who came to Baba at the start churned all the knowledge and made the effort to extract the butter, whereas all of you have come when it is the time to eat the butter. It has been made very easy for all of you, because the children who came at the beginning have already walked along this path and become experienced. All of you have easily reached your destination by taking the help of all of those experienced ones. So, you are doubly fortunate, are you not? According to the drama, you have received double fortune. Therefore, what do you now have to do? Just as the experienced maharathi instruments have served all of you with their experience, in the same way, all of you have to make others experienced on the basis of your own experience. To relate your experience to others is the easiest service of all. All the points of knowledge are not just points of knowledge but they are points of experience. It is very easy to relate one's experience of every point. Do you experience this to be that easy or do you find it difficult? Firstly, it is easy because it is your own experience. Secondly, BapDada relates the knowledge of the beginning to the end in the form of a story. It is very easy to listen to a story and then relate it. Thirdly, you souls are not hearing for the first time what the Father is telling you. You have heard it many times and it is now just being repeated for you. Anything that is repeated is very easy to listen to and to relate to others. New things are difficult to remember but it is very easy to remember and repeat the things that you have heard many times before. Look at your remembrance; it is the remembrance of such a lovely and close relationship! It is not difficult to remember someone with whom you have a close relationship. You would constantly remember that one even against your conscious wish, and look what you have attained from Him! It is also very easy to remember someone on the basis of what you have attained from that one. Knowledge is very easy and remembrance is also very easy. Nowadays, for all of you long-lost and now-found children, the course of knowledge finishes in seven days and the yoga camps are completed in just three days. So, you have fitted the ocean (sagar) into an earthenware pot (gagar). It would be difficult to lift the ocean, but it isn’t difficult to lift an earthenware pot. The ocean has been merged into the earthenware pot and you have been given that earthenware pot. Knowledge and yoga are merged in the two words: "You" (aap) and "Father" (Bap). So, knowledge and remembrance are included in these. Therefore, it is easy to imbibe knowledge and yoga in two words. This is why you have the title of easy Raja Yogis. Do you find this to be as easy as your title? Can anything be easier than this? In fact, the reason why you find something difficult is because of your own weakness. One or another old sanskar becomes an obstruction whilst you are moving on this easy path and stops you. Then, because you don't have power, you start to try and break that rock, and, whilst you are trying to break it, you become disheartened. However, what is the easy way to overcome an obstruction? You don’t have to break the rock, but jump over it. To have waste thoughts such as, “Why did this happen? This should not happen! For how long is this going to go on? This is very difficult! Why is it like this?” is like trying to break the rock. However, when you just remember the one word “drama”, you become able to take a high jump. It would take days and months to break the rock, whereas it takes just a second on the basis of this one word. So, the cause is your own weakness in knowledge. The second weakness is that you are unable to be touched by a point of knowledge at the time you need it. Generally, you have all the points in your intellect and in your diary. However that point of knowledge is not visible in the diary of your intellect at that time. To resolve this, revise daily the main points of knowledge. Continue to experience these points and check yourself within. Then, by checking yourself, you can change yourself. Your time won't ever be wasted then and you will be able to experience many things in a short time. Each of you will constantly experience yourself to be a master almighty authority. Do you understand? Now, stop trying to break the rock of your problems with the hammer of waste thoughts. Now stop being a labourer and become an emperor. You are emperors of the land that is free from sorrow. There will then neither be any mention of a problem, nor will your time be wasted in trying to solve that problem. Your old sanskars will no longer attack you but will become your servants. Therefore, become an emperor, remain seated on your throne and keep wearing your crown and tilak.

BapDada meeting a German group:

Are you embodiments of the experience of easy knowledge and yoga? BapDada is seeing the fortune of every elevated soul. Just as the Father sees the sparkling star on each one’s forehead, similarly, do you also constantly see the sparkling star at the centre of your forehead? Is your star sparkling? Does Maya sometimes cover up that sparkling star? Does Maya come to you? When will you gain victory over Maya and conquer the world? From today, right now, have the determination that you will now definitely become a master almighty authority, a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world. Do you have this much courage? When you have courage, BapDada definitely helps you. When you take one step, BapDada definitely helps you with a thousand steps. It is easy to take a step, is it not? So, before you leave here, take from Madhuban, the land of blessings, the blessing of the title of “Easy Yogi”. This is not a group of Germans, but a group of easy yogis. When any adverse situation comes in front of you, give it to the Father. Say “Baba” from your heart and that situation will end. To say the word “Baba” from your heart does magic. You have been given a word of such great magic. It is just that you forget it when Maya comes. The first thing that Maya does is to make you forget the Father. So, you have to pay attention to this. When you pay attention to this, you will constantly experience yourself to be like a lotus. No matter how much rubbish of Maya's problems there may be, you will be able to remain beyond all of them on the basis of remembrance. The picture of the lotus flower applies to you. This is why the German group has created their float like a lotus. Is it just Father Brahma who is sitting on the lotus? Or, are all of you also sitting on the lotus? Your seat is the stage of a lotus flower. Never forget your seat and you will always remain cheerful, and you will then never be shaken by any adverse situation. You will constantly have a cheerful mood. Everyone who sees you will praise you as being a constantly easy and cheerful yogi. Constantly keep the magic of the word “Bap” (Father) with you. Remember these three things. The speciality of this German group is that you have come running to Madhuban with a lot of love. To have love for Madhuban means to have love for the Father. BapDada has just as much love for you children. Is the Father’s love or the children’s love greater? (The Father’s.) Your love for the Father is just as multimillion times great. The Father would always put His children at the front. The children are the Father’s masters. Look! All of you are to become the masters of the world. The Father will not become a master, yet He makes all of you into masters. So, you are all ahead of Him, are you not? The Father has this much love for all of you children. This isn’t your fortune just for one birth, but your fortune for 21 births; it is an imperishable fortune. This is a guarantee.

The German group has to show wonders. You have worked hard to create a picture of the God of the Gita. Now, bring some famous person here so that the sound can emerge that Shiva is the God of the Gita. Seeing the effort of the children, BapDada gives you many, many congratulations. You selected a very good topic. If you prove this topic to be correct, there will be cries of victory throughout the whole world. Just as you have made this effort, now make effort so that the sound can be heard clearly everywhere. You have churned the ocean of knowledge very well and you have also created very good pictures.

Meeting a group from Nairobi (Kenya):

The moths who come last and constantly go fast in front of the Flame are clever at dying alive for all time. Are you the true moths? Seeing the moths, the Flame is very happy. The Flame is proud of such moths. You children are constant embodiments of the remembrance of the Father. Just as you remember the Father, He too remembers you. Whereas all of you tried to garland the living One indirectly through the non-living images, now the Father constantly turns the beads of the rosary of the children’s virtues, and so you are so lucky. Souls remember the Father and the Father remembers you great souls. So, you have become even higher than the Father. This is why the children’s place is in the Father’s crown. You are the valuable beads of the crown. The real jewels and diamonds sparkle so much. Nowadays, even real jewels look like the artificial ones. In the golden age, each jewel will shine like a bulb. It will be brightly sparkling. Just as you use lighting film on a plain bulb to create light of that colour – you use green film to create a green light or red film to create a red light – similarly, there, you will have as much naturally coloured light as you have diamonds of different colours. As soon as there is even a little light, the room will begin to sparkle. So, all of you are the real diamonds of BapDada’s crown. One kind of hero (diamond) is one that sparkles, and the other is one who plays the elevated main part, a hero or heroine. So, you are double heroes. Constantly maintain the intoxication of being double heroes.

The beautiful fragrance of Nairobi is reaching the subtle region. You children have courage. Such a big group is the proof of your courage. This proves that the children from Nairobi are servers like the Father. This is why you have served everyone and brought them here. This is the practical proof of service. You have received the fruit of determined faith. You developed faith in your intellect and then, with the Father’s help, the impossible became possible. Instead of a little hut, you have now received a palace. (Baba, have you seen the palace [centre]?) BapDada doesn’t stop doing His work. The Father constantly looks after His children. In the world too, a mother would definitely be around her children because she loves them. So, how could BapDada and the Mother and Father not circle around you children here? This is why He comes here every day. Both Bap and Dada are bodiless in terms of a physical body. One has a subtle body and the other One is incorporeal. Neither of them needs to sleep, and they are therefore able to go wherever they want.

How many centres are there in Africa now? The area of Africa is very large; therefore, you should go everywhere and continue to increase service so that no one can then complain to you. Open centres everywhere. Go and serve, give the message, open a Gita Pathshala and continue to move on.

Meeting a group of teachers:

Teachers means those who are equal to the Father; those who transform many others through their thoughts, words and deeds. You are servers not just through your words, but also through your thoughts and deeds. Those who are embodiments of success in all three types of service pass with honours. You should claim equal marks in all three. So, you are the teachers who will pass with honours, are you not? Many would simply pass, but only a few special ones would pass with honours. So what aim have you kept? Check your timetable every day: Did I keep a balance of all three types of service throughout the whole day? By maintaining this balance, you will experience all virtues. As you walk and move around, you will be able to experience and enable others to experience all virtues. Everyone would then say that you donate virtues because the decoration of divine virtues would be very clearly visible. This is why, at the end, everyone will bow down and salute you, saying: “Deviji, deviji” (goddess), and this sanskar of the final time will then continue in the form of the worship of the goddesses. So, are you like this? To co-operate with one another through the Father’s virtues and the inculcation of the virtues in you so that you make others into embodiments of virtues is the greatest service of all. Virtues are definitely donated. Just as knowledge is donated, so too are virtues.

Now, each one of you will have to look after eight to ten centres. Only then can you say that you have done service. At present, each one of you is looking after four to five centres and later, each one will have to look after many centres. Now, increase service further.

Question: On what basis does BapDada see the result of each centre?

Answer: BapDada sees the result of each centre on the basis of what the atmosphere and situation are like there. If even two flowers emerge from a hard land then that’s worth more than even a hundred. Baba doesn’t see the two as just two but sees that two as equal to a hundred. No matter how small a centre is, don’t think of it as small. At some places there is quality, and at other places there is quantity. Wherever you children go, success is your birthright.

Question: In what double form should you do serve for expansion?

Answer: Do service as an embodiment of yoga (rup) and embodiment of gyan (basant). Serve with your drishti as well as your mouth. When you serve through both forms at the same time there will be double the result.
May you be a multimillionaire who, as a number one businessman earns an income at every second and with every thought.  
A number one businessman is one who knows the way to keep himself busy. A businessman means one who doesn’t waste a single thought but earns with every thought. Just as those businessmen makes multimillions by using every penny (paisa), similarly, you also have to demonstrate this by using your every second and thought and you will then become multimillionaires. By doing this, your intellect will stop wandering and the complaint of waste thoughts will finish.
Those who are constantly asking for something can never be filled with the treasure of happiness.  

मुरली 31 जनवरी 2016

31-01-16 प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति “अव्यक्त-बापदादा” रिवाइज:17-03-81 मधुबन

"इस सहज मार्ग में मुश्किल का कारण और निवारण"
आज विशेष डबल विदेशी बच्चों से मिलने के लिए आये हैं। डबल विदेशी डबल भाग्यशाली हैं क्यों? एक तो बापदादा को जाना और वर्से के अधिकारी बने। दूसरा लास्ट में आते भी फास्ट जाकर फर्स्ट आने के बहुत ही उम्मीदवार हैं। लास्ट में आने वाले किसी हिसाब से भाग्यशाली हैं जो बने बनाये पर आये हैं। पहले वाले बच्चों ने मनन किया, मेहनत की, मक्खन निकाला और आप सब मक्खन खाने के समय पर आये हो। आप लोगों के लिए बहुत-बहुत सहज है क्योंकि पहले वाले बच्चे रास्ता तय करके अनुभवी बन गये हैं। और आप सभी उन अनुभवियों के सहयोग से सहज ही मंजिल पर पहुँच गये हो। तो डबल भाग्यशाली हुए ना? डबल भाग्य तो ड्रामा अनुसार मिला ही है, अभी और आगे क्या करना है?

जैसे अनुभवी महारथी निमित्त आत्माओं ने आप सबकी अनुभवों द्वारा सेवा की है। वैसे आप सबको भी अपने अनुभवों के आधार से अनेकों को अनुभवी बनाना है। अनुभव सुनाना सबसे सहज है। जो भी ज्ञान की प्वाइंट्स हैं, वह प्वाइंटस नहीं हैं लेकिन हर प्वाइंट का अनुभव है। तो हर प्वाइंट का अनुभव सुनाना कितना सहज है। इतना सहज अनुभव करते हो वा मुश्किल लगता है? एक तो अनुभव के आधार के कारण सहज है, दूसरी बात– आदि से अन्त तक का ज्ञान एक कहानी के रूप में बापदादा सुनाते हैं। तो कहानी सुनना और सुनाना बहुत सहज होता है। तीसरी बात– बाप अभी जो सुना रहे हैं वह आप सर्व आत्माओं ने पहली बार नहीं सुना है लेकिन अनेक बार सुना है और अब फिर से रिपीट कर रहे हो। तो कोई भी बात को रिपीट करने में, सुनने में या सुनाने में अति सहज होता है। नई बात मुश्किल लगती है लेकिन कई बार की सुनी हुई बातें रिपीट करना तो अति सहज होता है। याद को देखो– कितने प्यारे और समीप सम्बन्ध की याद है। नजदीक के सम्बन्ध को याद करना मुश्किल नहीं होता, न चाहते भी उनकी याद आती ही रहती है। और प्राप्ति को देखो, प्राप्ति के आधार पर भी याद करना अति सहज है। ज्ञान भी अति सहज और याद भी अति सहज। और अब तो ज्ञान और योग को आप अति सिकीलधों के लिए ज्ञान का कोर्स सात दिन में ही समाप्त हो जाता है और योग शिविर 3 दिन में ही पूरा हो जाता। तो सागर को गागर में समा दिया। सागर को उठाना मुश्किल है, गागर उठाना मुश्किल नहीं। आपको तो सागर को गागर में समा करके सिर्फ गागर दी है, बस। दो शब्दों में ज्ञान और योग आ जाता है– ‘आप और बाप’। तो याद भी आ गयी और ज्ञान भी आ गया, तो दो शब्दों को धारण करना कितना सहज है। इसीलिए टाइटिल ही है सहज राजयोगी। जैसा नाम है वैसे ही अनुभव करते हो? और कुछ इनसे सहज हो सकता है क्या? वैसे मुश्किल क्यों होता है, उसका कारण अपनी ही कमजोरी है। कोई न कोई पुराना संस्कार सहज रास्ते के बीच में बंधन बन रूकावट डालता है और शक्ति न होने के कारण पत्थर को तोड़ने लग जाते हैं और तोड़ते-तोड़ते दिलशिकस्त हो जाते हैं। लेकिन सहज तरीका क्या है? पत्थर को तोड़ना नहीं है लेकिन जम्प लगाके पार होना है। यह क्यों हुआ? यह होना नहीं चाहिए। आखिर यह कहाँ तक होगा! यह तो बड़ा मुश्किल है! ऐसा क्यों? यह व्यर्थ संकल्प पत्थर तोड़ना है। लेकिन एक ही शब्द ‘ड्रामा’ याद आ जाता तो एक ड्रामा शब्द के आधार से हाई जम्प दे देते। उसमें जो कुछ दिन वा मास लग जाते हैं, उसमें एक सेकेण्ड लगता। तो अपनी कमजोरी हुई ना नॉलेज की।

दूसरी कमजोरी यह होती जो समय पर वह प्वाइंट टच नहीं होती है, वैसे सब प्वाइंटस बुद्धि वा डायरियों में भी बहुत होती हैं लेकिन समय रूपी डायरी में उस समय वह प्वाइंट दिखाई नहीं देती। इसके लिए सदा ज्ञान की मुख्य प्वाइंटस को रोज़ रिवाइज़ करते रहो। अनुभव में लाते रहो, चेक करते रहो और अपने को चेक करते चेन्ज करते रहो। फिर कभी भी टाइम वेस्ट नहीं होगा। और थोड़े ही समय में अनुभव बहुत कर सकेंगे। सदा अपने को मास्टर सर्वशक्तिमान अनुभव करेंगे। समझा। अभी कभी भी व्यर्थ संकल्पों के हेमर से समस्या के पत्थर को तोड़ने में नहीं लगना। अब यह मजदूरी करना छोड़ो, बादशाह बनो। बेगमपुर के बादशाह हो। तो न समस्या का शब्द होगा, न बार-बार समाधान करने में समय जायेगा। यही संस्कार पुराने, आपके दास बन जायेंगे, वार नहीं करेंगे। तो बादशाह बनो, तख्तनशीन बनो, ताजधारी बनो, तिलकधारी बनो।

जर्मन पार्टी से– सहज ज्ञान और योग के अनुभवी मूर्त हो? बापदादा हरेक श्रेष्ठ आत्मा की तकदीर को देखते हैं। जैसे बाप हरेक के मस्तक पर चमकता हुआ सितारा देखते हैं, वैसे आप भी अपने मस्तक पर सदा चमकता हुआ सितारा देखते हो? सितारा चमकता है? माया चमकते हुए सितारे को कभी ढक तो नहीं देती? माया आती है? मायाजीत जगतजीत कब बनेंगे? आज और अब यह दृढ संकल्प करो कि मास्टर सर्वशक्तिवान बन, मायाजीत, जगतजीत बन करके ही रहेंगे। हिम्मत है ना? अगर हिम्मत रखेंगे तो बापदादा भी मदद अवश्य ही करेंगे। एक कदम आप उठाओ हजार कदम बाप मदद देंगे। एक कदम उठाना तो सहज है ना। तो आज से सब सहजयोगी का टाइटिल मधुबन वरदान भूमि से वरदान रूप में ले जाना। यह ग्रुप जर्मन ग्रुप नहीं लेकिन सहज योगी ग्रुप है। कोई भी बात सामने आये सिर्फ बाप के ऊपर छोड़ दो। जिगर से कहो– बाबा । तो बात खत्म हो जायेगी। यह बाबा शब्द दिल से कहना ही जादू है। इतना श्रेष्ठ जादू का शब्द मिला हुआ है। सिर्फ जिस समय माया आती है उस समय भुला देती है। माया पहला काम यही करती है कि बाप को भुला देती। तो यह अटेन्शन रखना पड़े। जब यह अटेन्शन रखेंगे तो सदा कमल के फूल के समान अपने को अनुभव करेंगे। चाहे माया के समस्याओं की कीचड़ कितनी भी हो लेकिन आप याद के आधार पर कीचड़ से सदा परे रहेंगे। आपका ही चित्र है ना कमल पुष्प। इसीलिए देखो जर्मन वालों ने झाँकी में कमल पुष्प बनाया ना। सिर्फ ब्रहमा बाप कमल पर बैठे हैं या आप भी बैठे हो? कमल पुष्प की स्टेज आपका आसन है। आसन को कभी नहीं भूलना तो सदा चियरफुल रहेंगे। कभी भी किसी भी बात में हलचल में नहीं आयेंगे। सदा एक ही मूड होगी चियरफुल। सब देख करके आपकी महिमा करेंगे कि यह सदा सहजयोगी, सदा चियरफुल है। सदा बाप शब्द के जादू को कायम रखो। यह तीन बातें याद करना। जर्मन वालों की विशेषता है– जो मधुबन में बहुत प्यार से भागते हुए आकर्षित होते हुए आये हैं। मधुबन से प्यार अर्थात् बाप से प्यार। बापदादा का भी इतना ही बच्चों से प्यार है। बाप का प्यार ज्यादा है या बच्चों का? (बाप का) आपका भी बाप से पदमगुणा ज्यादा है। बाप तो सदा बच्चों को आगे रखेंगे ना। बच्चे बाप के भी मालिक हैं। देखो आप विश्व के मालिक बनेंगे, बाप मालिक बनायेगा, बनेगा नहीं। तो आप आगे हुए ना। इतना प्यार बाप का है बच्चों से। एक जन्म की तकदीर नहीं है 21 जन्मों की तकदीर और अविनाशी तकदीर है। यह गैरन्टी है ना।

जर्मन ग्रुप को कमाल दिखानी है, जैसे अभी मेहनत करके गीता के भगवान के चित्र बनाये, ऐसे कोई नामीग्रामी व्यक्ति निकालो तो आवाज निकाले कि हाँ गीता का भगवान शिव है। बापदादा बच्चों की मेहनत को देख बहुत-बहुत मुबारक देते हैं। टापिक बहुत अच्छी चुनी है। इसी टापिक को सिद्ध किया तो सारे विश्व में जयजयकार हो जायेगी। जैसे अभी मेहनत की है वैसे और भी मेहनत करके आवाज बुलन्द करना। विचार सागर मंथन अच्छा किया है, चित्र बहुत अच्छे बनाये।

प्रश्नः बापदादा हर स्थान की रिजल्ट किस आधार पर देखते हैं?

उत्तरः उस स्थान का वायुमण्डल वा परिस्थिति कैसी है, उसी आधार पर बापदादा रिजल्ट देखते हैं। अगर सख्त धरनी से कलराठी जमीन से दो फूल भी निकल आये तो वह 100 से भी ज्यादा है। बाबा दो को नहीं देखते लेकिन दो भी 100 के बराबर देखते हैं। कितना भी छोटा सेन्टर हो, छोटा नहीं समझना। कहाँ क्वालिटी है तो कहाँ क्वान्टिटी है। जहाँ भी बच्चों का जाना होता है वहाँ सफलता आपका जन्म सिद्ध अधिकार है।

प्रश्नः किस डबल स्वरूप से सेवा करो तो वृद्धि होती रहेगी?

उत्तरः रूप और बसन्त दोनों स्वरूप से सेवा करो, दृष्टि से भी सेवा और मुख से भी सेवा। एक ही समय दोनों रूप की सेवा से डबल रिजल्ट निकलेगी।

नैरोबी पार्टी– सदा लास्ट सो फास्ट जाने वाले विशेष शमा के आगे परवाने, सदाकाल के लिए जलकर मरजीवा बनने में सदा होशियार हैं। पक्के परवाने हो ना? परवानों को देखकर शमा भी खुश होते हैं। शमा को भी नाज़ होता है, ऐसे परवानों के ऊपर। तो सदा बाप के स्मृति-स्वरूप बच्चे हो! जैसे आप बाप को याद करते हो, वैसे बाप भी आपको याद करते हैं। आप लोगों ने तो बाप को इनडायरेक्ट जड़ चित्रों द्वारा चैतन्य को मालायें पहनाने की कोशिश की और बाप सदा बच्चों के गुणों की माला सुमिरण करते रहते हैं। तो कितने लक्की हो! बाप को आत्मायें याद करती हैं और आप महान आत्माओं को बाप याद करते हैं। तो बाप से भी ऊंचे हो गये इसलिए बच्चों का स्थान बाप के ताज में है। ताज के भी वैल्युबुल मणके हो। जो रीयल मणियाँ होती हैं या जो रीयल हीरे होते हैं, वह कितने चमकते हैं। आजकल के तो सच्चे मोती भी झूठे के समान हैं। सतयुग में तो हरेक बल्ब के मुआफिक लाइट देगा। बहुत चमकीला होगा। जैसे यहाँ कोई भी रंग की लाइट करने के लिए बल्ब के ऊपर कागज़ लगाते हो। हरी लाइट के लिए हरा कागज़, लाल लाइट के लिए लाल कागज़, ऐसे वहाँ जितने रंग के हीरे होंगे उतनी नैचुरल लाइट भिन्न-भिन्न रंग की होगी। ज़रा-सी रोशनी आई और जगमगाते हुए कमरे का अनुभव होगा। तो आप सब बाप-दादा के सिर के ताज के सच्चे हीरे हो। एक हीरा चमकने वाला और एक हीरा सबसे श्रेष्ठ मेन पार्ट बजाने वाला, हीरो हीरोइन। तो डबल हीरा हो गये ना। सदा इसी नशे में रहो कि हम डबल हीरा हैं।

नैरोबी की खुशबू वतन तक अच्छी आ रही है। हिम्मत वाले बच्चे हैं। इतना बड़ा ग्रुप हिम्मत का ही सबूत है ना। इससे सिद्ध होता है कि नैराबी वाले बाप-समान सेवाधारी हैं– तब तो सबकी सेवा करके यहाँ तक लाये हैं ना। यह सेवा का प्रत्यक्ष प्रूफ है। दृढ निश्चय का फल मिला है ना। निश्चय बुद्धि बने और बाप की मदद से असम्भव सम्भव हो गया। छोटी-सी झोपड़ी से महल मिल गया। (बाप-दादा, आपने महल (सेन्टर) देखा है।) बाप-दादा तो अपना काम नहीं छोड़ते हैं। बाप सदा बच्चों की सम्भाल करते हैं। लौकिक में भी देखो माँ बच्चे के आसपास चक्र ज़रूर लगायेगी, क्योंकि स्नेह है। तो बाप-दादा व माता-पिता बच्चों के यहाँ चक्र कैसे नहीं लगायेंगे इसलिए रोज़ चक्र लगाते हैं। बाप-दादा दोनों साकार शरीर से अशरीरी हैं। वह अव्यक्त शरीरधारी, वह निराकार। दोनों को नींद की आवश्यकता नहीं है, इसलिए जहाँ भी चाहें वहाँ पहुँच सकते हैं।

अभी अफ्रीका में कितने सेन्टर हैं? अफ्रीका की एरिया तो बहुत बड़ी है, जगह-जगह पर जाओ और सेवा को आगे बढाते जाओ। जिससे आपको कोई भी उल्हना न दे सके। ऐसे भी नहीं, जहाँ तहाँ सेवाकेन्द्र खोलो, सेवा की, सन्देश दिया और गीता-पाठशाला खोलकर आगे बढते जाओ।

टीचर्स के साथ– टीचर्स का अर्थ ही है– बाप-समान अपने संकल्प, बोल और हर कर्म द्वारा अनेकों का परिवर्तन करने वाली। सिर्फ बोल से नहीं लेकिन संकल्प से सेवाधारी, कर्म से भी सेवाधारी। जो तीनों ही सेवा में सफलतामूर्त होते हैं, वही पास विद आनर बन जाते हैं। तीनों में मार्क्स समान हों। तो ऐसे ही पास विद आनर होने वाली टीचर्स हो ना? पास होने वाले तो बहुत होंगे लेकिन पास विद आनर विशेष ही होंगे। तो क्या लक्ष्य रखा है? रोज़ अपनी दिनचर्या को चेक करो कि आज सारे दिन में तीनों सेवाओं का बैलेन्स रहा। बैलेन्स रखने से सर्वगुणों की अनुभूति करते रहेंगे। चलते-फिरते स्वयं को और सर्व को सर्वगुणों का अनुभव करा सकेंगे। सब कहेंगे, ये गुणदान करती हैं क्योंकि दिव्यगुणों का श्रृंगार स्पष्ट दिखाई देगा। तभी तो अन्त में देवी जी, देवी जी कहकर नमस्कार करेंगे और यही अन्त के संस्कार द्वापर से देवी की पूजा के रूप में चलेंगे। तो ऐसे हो ना? एक-दूसरे को बाप के गुणों का वा स्वयं की धारणा के गुणों का सहयोग देते हुए गुणमूर्त बनाना, यह सबसे बड़े-ते-बड़ी सेवा है। गुणों का भी दान है। जैसे ज्ञान का दान है वैसे गुणों का भी दान है। अभी एक-एक को 8-8, 10-10 सेन्टर सम्भालने पड़ेंगे– तब कहेंगे सर्विस हुई।

अभी एक-एक सेन्टर 4-5 सम्भालते हैं फिर एक-एक को अनेकों की सम्भाल करनी पड़ेगी। अभी सर्विस को और आगे बढाओ।
नम्बरवन बिजनेसमैन बन एक एक सेकण्ड वा संकल्प में कमाई जमा करने वाले पदमपति भव!  
नम्बरवन बिजनेसमैन वह है जो स्वयं को बिजी रखने का तरीका जानता है। बिजनेसमैन अर्थात् जिसका एक संकल्प भी व्यर्थ न जाये, हर संकल्प में कमाई हो। जैसे वह बिजनेसमैन एक एक पैसे को कार्य में लगाकर पदमगुणा बना देते हैं, ऐसे आप भी एक एक सेकण्ड वा संकल्प कमाई करके दिखाओ तब पदमपति बनेंगे। इससे बुद्धि का भटकना बंद हो जायेगा और व्यर्थ संकल्पों की कम्पलेन भी समाप्त हो जायेगी।
जो मंगता है वो खुशी के खजाने से सम्पन्न नहीं हो सकता।  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Murli 30 January 2016

30/01/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, to remember the unlimited Father is something incognito. Remembrance begets remembrance. How can the Father remember those who don't stay in remembrance?  
What study that is never taught at any other time throughout the whole cycle do you children study at the confluence age?
The study to die alive from the body. To become a corpse is only taught at this time, because it is at this time that you have to become karmateet. While you are in a body, you have to perform actions. Your mind can only be peaceful when you are not in a body. This is why, "Those who conquer the mind conquer the world", shouldn’t be said. It should be, "Those who conquer Maya conquer the world.”
Om Shanti
The Father sits here and explains to you children because you understand that only those who are senseless are taught. Now, when the unlimited Father, God, the Highest on High, comes, whom would He teach? He would definitely teach those who are the most senseless. This is why it is said, “Those who have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction.” How did intellects become non-loving? They have written about 8.4 million species. They have also said that the Father takes 8.4 million births. They say that the Supreme Soul is in the cats and dogs and in all living things. You children have been told that this point should be explained second. The Father has explained that when new ones come, you should first of all, give them the introduction of the limited and the unlimited fathers. That One is the unlimited senior Baba and this one is a limited junior Baba. “The unlimited Father” means the Father of unlimited souls. A limited father is a father of living beings. That One is the Father of all souls. Not everyone can imbibe this knowledge to the same extent. Some imbibe only 1% and some imbibe 95%. This is something to understand. There will be the sun dynasty; there are the kings, queens and subjects. This enters your intellects. There are all types of human beings among the subjects. Subjects means subjects! The Father explains: This is a study. Each of you studies according to your own intellect. Each of you has received your own part. To whatever extent you imbibed this study in the previous cycle, you will do the same now. The study can never be hidden. You receive your status according to how much you study. The Father has explained: As you make progress, there will be examinations. You cannot be transferred without taking an examination. Everything will be revealed at the end. However, even now, you can understand what status you are worthy of. Although you all raise your hands, because you are embarrassed when you’re among everyone, you do understand in your heart that you know how you couldn’t possibly become that. Nevertheless, you raise your hands. To raise your hand even though... this means ignorance. There is so much ignorance! The Father straightaway understands that those (worldly) students have more sense. They understand that if they are not worthy of claiming a scholarship, they won't pass. Those worldly students are better than you because at least they understand how many marks they will claim in the subject their teacher is teaching them. They would not say that they will pass with honours. This shows that those here don't have even that much sense; they have a lot of body consciousness. Since you have come here to become Lakshmi and Narayan, your activity has to be very good. The Father says: Some have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction. What will their condition be if they don't have accurate love for the Father? They won't be able to claim a high status. The Father sits here and explains to you children the meaning of, "Those who have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction.” If you children can't understand it clearly yourselves, what would others understand? The children, who believe that they are Shiv Baba's children, don't understand the full meaning. To remember the Father is something incognito. The study is not incognito. Everyone is numberwise in the study: not everyone will study to the same extent. The Father realizes that they are still babies. They don't remember the unlimited Father for three to four months. How can it be understood whether someone is remembering Baba or not? It would only be when Baba receives a letter from them and they write service news of the spiritual service they are doing. One should give proof. Those who neither stay in remembrance nor give any proof of service are body conscious. Some write their news: Baba, so-and-so came and I explained this to him. So, the Father understands that the child is still alive and is giving good service news. Some don't even write a letter for three to four months. When Baba doesn't receive any news, he understands that the child has died or is ill. Those who are ill are unable to write. Some even write that they didn't write earlier because their health wasn't good. Some do not give any news at all; nor are they ill; they are body conscious. Then, whom would the Father remember? Remembrance begets remembrance! However, there is body consciousness. The Father comes and explains: You have said that I am omnipresent and have put Me into an even greater number of species than 8.4 million. Human beings are said to be those with stone intellects. Of God, they say: He is present in all the pebbles and stones. Therefore, that is an unlimited insult, is it not? So, the Father says: They defame Me so much! You now understand everything, numberwise. On the path of devotion, they sing: When You come, I will surrender myself to You. I will make you my Heir. You make Me your heir by saying that I am in the pebbles and stones! You defame Me so much! This is why the Father says: When there is extreme irreligiousness, I come. You children now know the Father and so you praise Him so much. Let alone praise Him, some don't even write two words of remembrance to Him. They become body conscious. You children understand that you have found the Father. Our Father is teaching us. These are the versions of God. I teach you Raja Yoga. I teach you Raja Yoga and show you how you can claim the kingdom of the world. If you had the intoxication that the unlimited Father is teaching you how to claim the sovereignty of the world, you would have infinite happiness. Though they study the Gita, they study it like an ordinary book. God Krishna speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga. That is all! They don't have this yoga of the intellect or this happiness. Those who study or recite the Gita don't have this much happiness. When they finish reading the Gita, they become busy in their business. You now have it in your intellects that the unlimited Father is teaching you. It does not enter anyone else's intellect that God is teaching them. So, when someone comes, first of all, explain to him the theory of the two fathers. Tell him: Bharat was heaven and it is now hell. No one can say that they are in the iron age as well as the golden age. When someone experiences sorrow, he is in hell and when someone experiences happiness, he is in heaven. Many say that they have a lot happiness and that unhappy people are in hell. They have their palaces and buildings etc. They see a lot of external happiness. You now understand that that golden-aged happiness cannot be experienced here. It isn't that they are both the same thing so that the golden age can be called the iron age and the iron age can be called the golden age. Those who believe that are called ignorant. Therefore, first of all, tell them the theory of the Father. The Father gives His own introduction. No one else knows Him. They say that God is omnipresent. You now show in the pictures that the form of a soul and that of the Supreme Soul is the same. He too is a soul, but He is called the Supreme Soul. The Father sits here and explains how He comes. All souls reside there in the supreme abode. People outside cannot understand these things. The language is also very easy. In the Gita, it mentions Krishna’s name, but Krishna doesn’t speak the Gita. He cannot tell everyone: Constantly remember Me alone! Sins cannot be cut away by remembering bodily beings. It says: God Krishna speaks: Renounce all bodily relations and constantly remember Me alone! However, Krishna himself has bodily relations and is just a small child. This is such a huge mistake! There is so much difference because of just one mistake! God cannot be omnipresent. Does the One of whom you say "Bestower of Salvation for All" attain degradation too? Can God ever become degraded? All of these things have to be churned. This is not a matter of wasting time! People say that they don't have time. When you tell them to come and take the course, they say that they don’t have time. They would come for two days or they would come for four days. If they don't study, how can they become Lakshmi and Narayan? There is so much force of Maya. The Father explains: Every second and every minute that pass repeat identically. They will continue to repeat countless times. You are now listening to the Father. Baba doesn't come into the cycle of birth and death. You can compare the ones who come into the full cycle of birth and rebirth with the One who doesn't. Only the one Father doesn't take birth or die. Everyone else is in this cycle. This is why you show the picture of Brahma and Vishnu both taking birth and rebirth. They continue to act out their parts: Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma: it cannot end. Everyone will come and see these pictures and understand. This is something to be understood easily. It should enter your intellects that you are Brahmins, that you will then become deities, warriors, merchants and shudras, and that, when the Father comes, you will then become Brahmins. Remember this and you will become spinners of the discus of self-realization. There are many who are unable to stay in remembrance. Only you Brahmins become spinners of the discus of self-realization. Deities don't become this. You become deities by receiving the knowledge now of how you go around the cycle. In fact, no human being is worthy of being called a spinner of the discus of self-realization. The human world, the land of death, is completely different, just as the customs and systems of the people of Bharat are different. Everyone's customs and systems are different. The customs and systems of the deities are different. The customs and systems of the people of the land of death are different. There is the difference of day and night, and this is why everyone says that they are impure. They call out: O God, purify all of us residents of the impure world! It is in your intellects that the pure world existed 5000 years ago and that it was called the golden age. The silver age is not called that. The Father has explained that first there is first class and then there is second class. Therefore, you have to explain each aspect so well that anyone who comes becomes amazed on hearing it. Some become amazed a great deal, but when they hear that they definitely have to remain pure, they don't have the time to make effort. It is the vice of lust that makes human beings impure. By conquering it you will become conquerors of the world. The Father has also told you: Conquer the vice of lust and become conquerors of the world. Human beings say: Conquer the mind and become conquerors of the world. Control your mind. Only when you don’t have a body can your mind be peaceful. Otherwise, the mind can never be peaceful. You receive a body in order for you to perform actions. So, how could you stay here in your karmateet stage? The karmateet stage is said to be that of a corpse: to die alive and be detached from the body. You are taught the study to become detached from the body. A soul is separate from a body. A soul is a resident of the supreme abode. When a soul enters a body, he is called a human being. You receive a body to perform actions. When a soul sheds his body, he has to take another body in order to perform actions. Only when you don't have to perform actions will you remain peaceful. There is no action in the incorporeal world. The world cycle turns here. You have to understand the Father and the world cycle. This is called knowledge. For as long as your eyes are impure and criminal, you are unable to see anything pure. This is why you need the third eye of knowledge. Only when you attain your karmateet stage, that is, when you become deities, will you see deities with your eyes. However, you cannot see Krishna with your eyes while in those bodies. You don't attain anything just by having a vision. You only experience temporary happiness and your desire (of seeing Krishna) is fulfilled through that. Visions are fixed in the drama. There is no attainment through them. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. I am a soul, separate from the body. By practising being a corpse who has died alive while living in your body, make your stage karmateet.
2. Give the proof of service. Renounce body consciousness and give your news honestly. Make effort to pass with honours.
May you experience easy yoga with the awareness of Karankaravanhar and become an embodiment of success.  
While carrying out any task, have the awareness of who the backbone is who has made you an instrument for that task. Without the backbone, no task can be successful. Therefore, while carrying out any task, simply think: I am an instrument and it is the Almighty Father, Himself, who is inspiring me. Perform actions in this awareness and there will be the experience of easy yoga. This easy yoga will then enable you to rule there easily. The sanskars from here will take you there.
Desires are like a shadow; turn your back on them and they will follow you.  

मुरली 30 जनवरी 2016

30-01-16 प्रातः मुरली ओम् शान्ति “बापदादा” मधुबन

"मीठे बच्चे– बेहद के बाप को याद करना– यह है गुप्त बात, याद से याद मिलती है, जो याद नहीं करते उन्हें बाप भी कैसे याद करें।"  
संगम पर तुम बच्चे कौन सी पढाई पढते हो जो सारा कल्प नहीं पढाई जाती?
जीते जी शरीर से न्यारा अर्थात् मुर्दा होने की पढाई अभी पढते हो क्योंकि तुम्हें कर्मातीत बनना है। बाकी जब तक शरीर में हैं तब तक कर्म तो करना ही है। मन भी अमन तब हो जब शरीर न हो इसलिए मन जीते जगतजीत नहीं, लेकिन माया जीते जगतजीत।
ओम् शान्ति।
बाप बैठ बच्चों को समझाते हैं क्योंकि यह तो बच्चे समझते हैं बेसमझ को ही पढाया जाता है। अब बेहद का बाप ऊंच ते ऊंच भगवान आते हैं तो किसको पढाते होंगे? जरूर जो ऊंच ते ऊंच बिल्कुल बेसमझ होंगे इसलिए कहा ही जाता है विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि। विपरीत बुद्धि कैसे हो गये हैं? 84 लाख योनियां लिखा हुआ है ना! तो बाप को भी 84 लाख जन्मों में ले आये हैं। कह देते हैं परमात्मा कुत्ते, बिल्ली, जीव-जन्तु सबमें है। बच्चों को समझाया जाता है, यह तो सेकेण्ड नम्बर प्वाइंट देनी होती है। बाप ने समझाया है जब कोई नया आता है तो पहले-पहले उनको हद के और बेहद के बाप का परिचय देना चाहिए। वह बेहद का बड़ा बाबा और वह हद का छोटा बाबा। बेहद का बाप माना ही बेहद आत्माओं का बाप। वह हद का बाप जीव आत्मा का बाप हो गया। वह है सब आत्माओं का बाप। यह नॉलेज भी सब एकरस नहीं धारण कर सकते हैं। कोई 1 परसेन्ट धारण करते हैं तो कोई 95 परसेन्ट धारण करते हैं। यह तो समझ की बात है। सूर्यवंशी घराना होगा ना! राजा-रानी तथा प्रजा। यह बुद्धि में आता है ना। प्रजा में सब प्रकार के मनुष्य होते हैं। प्रजा माना प्रजा। बाप समझाते हैं यह पढाई है। अपनी बुद्धि अनुसार हरेक पढते हैं। हरेक को अपना-अपना पार्ट मिला हुआ है। जिसने कल्प पहले जितनी पढाई धारण की है उतनी अब भी धारण करते हैं। पढाई कब छिपी नहीं रह सकती। पढाई अनुसार ही पद मिलता है। बाप ने समझाया है– आगे चल इम्तहान तो होता ही है। बिगर इम्तहान ट्रांसफर तो हो न सके। पिछाड़ी में सब मालूम पड़ेगा। बल्कि अभी भी समझ सकते हैं कि किस पद के हम लायक हैं। भल लज्जा के मारे सबके साथ-साथ हाथ उठा देते हैं। दिल में समझते भी हैं हम यह कैसे बन सकेंगे! तो भी हाथ उठा देते हैं। समझते हुए भी फिर हाथ उठा लेना यह भी अज्ञान कहेंगे। कितना अज्ञान है, बाप तो झट समझ जाते हैं। इससे तो उन स्टूडेन्ट्स में अक्ल होता है। वह समझते हैं हम स्कालरशिप लेने के लायक नहीं हैं, पास नहीं होऊंगा। इससे तो वह अज्ञानी अच्छे जो समझते हैं– टीचर जो पढाते हैं उसमें हम कितने मार्क्स लेंगे! ऐसे थोड़ेही कहेंगे हम पास विद् ऑनर होंगे। तो सिद्ध होता है यहाँ इतनी भी बुद्धि नहीं है। देह-अभिमान बहुत है। जब तुम आये हो यह (लक्ष्मी-नारायण) बनने तो चलन बड़ी अच्छी चाहिए। बाप कहते हैं कोई तो विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि हैं क्योंकि कायदेसिर बाप से प्रीत नहीं है, तो क्या हाल होगा। ऊंच पद पा नहीं सकेंगे।

बाप बैठ तुम बच्चों को समझाते हैं– विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि का अर्थ क्या है– बच्चे ही पूरा नहीं समझ सकते तो फिर और क्या समझेंगे! जो बच्चे समझते हैं हम शिवबाबा के बच्चे हैं वही पूरा अर्थ को नहीं समझते। बाप को याद करना– यह तो है गुप्त बात। पढाई तो गुप्त नहीं है ना। पढाई में नम्बरवार हैं। सब एक जैसा थोड़ेही पढ़ेंगे। बाप तो समझते हैं यह अभी बेबीज़ हैं। ऐसे बेहद के बाप को तीन-तीन, चार-चार मास याद भी नहीं करते हैं। मालूम कैसे पड़े कि याद करते हैं? जबकि उनकी चिट्ठी आये। फिर उस चिट्ठी में सर्विस समाचार भी हो कि यह-यह रूहानी सर्विस करता हूँ। सबूत चाहिए ना। ऐसे तो देह-अभिमानी होते हैं जो न तो कभी याद करते हैं, न सर्विस का सबूत दिखाते हैं। कोई तो समाचार लिखते हैं बाबा फलाने-फलाने आये उनको यह समझाया, तो बाप भी समझते हैं बच्चा जिन्दा है। सर्विस समाचार ठीक देते हैं। कोई तो 3-4 मास पत्र नहीं लिखते। कोई समाचार नहीं तो समझेंगे मर गया या बीमार है! बीमार मनुष्य लिख नहीं सकते हैं। यह भी कोई लिखते हैं हमारी तबियत ठीक नहीं थी इसलिए पत्र नहीं लिखा। कोई तो समाचार ही नहीं देते, न बीमार हैं। देह- अभिमान है। फिर बाप भी याद किसको करे। याद से याद मिलती है, परन्तु देह-अभिमान है। बाप आकर समझाते हैं मुझे सर्वव्यापी कह 84 लाख से भी जास्ती योनियों में ले जाते हैं। मनुष्यों को कहा जाता है पत्थरबुद्धि हैं। भगवान के लिए तो फिर कह देते पत्थर भित्तर के अन्दर विराजमान है। तो यह बेहद की गालियां हुई ना! इसलिए बाप कहते हैं मेरी कितनी ग्लानि करते हैं। अभी तुम तो नम्बरवार समझ गये हो। भक्तिमार्ग में गाते भी हैं– आप आयेंगे तो हम वारी जायेंगे। आपको वारिस बनायेंगे। यह वारिस बनाते हैं जो कहते हैं पत्थर-ठिक्कर में हो! कितनी ग्लानि करते हैं, तब बाप कहते हैं यदा यदाहि...... अभी तुम बच्चे बाप को जानते हो तो बाप की कितनी महिमा करते हो। कोई महिमा तो क्या, कभी याद कर दो अक्षर लिखते भी नहीं। देह-अभिमानी बन पड़ते हैं। तुम बच्चे समझते हो हमको बाप मिला है, हमारा बाप हमको पढाते हैं। भगवानुवाच है ना! मैं तुमको राजयोग सिखाता हूँ। विश्व की राजाई कैसे प्राप्त हो उसके लिए राजयोग सिखाता हूँ। हम विश्व की बादशाही लेने लिए बेहद के बाप से पढते हैं– यह नशा हो तो अपार खुशी आ जाए। भल गीता भी पढते हैं परन्तु जैसे आर्डिनरी किताब पढते हैं। कृष्ण भगवानुवाच– राजयोग सिखाता हूँ, बस। इतना बुद्धि का योग वा खुशी नहीं रहती। गीता पढने वा सुनाने वालों में इतनी खुशी नहीं रहती। गीता पढकर पूरी की और गया धन्धे में। तुमको तो अभी बुद्धि में है– बेहद का बाप हमको पढाते हैं। और कोई की बुद्धि में यह नहीं आयेगा कि हमको भगवान पढाते हैं। तो पहले-पहले कोई भी आवे तो उनको दो बाप की थ्योरी समझानी है। बोलो भारत स्वर्ग था ना, अभी नर्क है। ऐसे तो कोई कह न सके कि हम सतयुग में भी हैं, कलियुग में भी हैं। किसको दुःख मिला तो वह नर्क में है, किसको सुख मिला तो स्वर्ग में है। ऐसे बहुत कहते हैं– दुःखी मनुष्य नर्क में हैं, हम तो बहुत सुख में बैठे हैं, महल माड़ियां आदि सब कुछ हैं। बाहर का बहुत सुख देखते हैं ना। यह भी तुम अभी समझते हो सतयुगी सुख तो यहाँ हो नहीं सकता। ऐसे भी नहीं, गोल्डन एज को आइरन एज कहो अथवा आइरन एज को गोल्डन एज कहो एक ही बात है। ऐसे समझने वाले को भी अज्ञानी कहेंगे। तो पहले-पहले बाप की थ्योरी बतानी है। बाप ही अपनी पहचान देते हैं। और तो कोई जानते नहीं। कह देते परमात्मा सर्वव्यापी है। अभी तुम चित्र में दिखाते हो– आत्मा और परमात्मा का रूप तो एक ही है। वह भी आत्मा है परन्तु उनको परम आत्मा कहा जाता है। बाप बैठ समझाते हैं– मैं कैसे आता हूँ! सभी आत्माएं वहाँ परमधाम में रहती हैं। यह बातें बाहर वाला तो कोई समझ नहीं सकता। भाषा भी बहुत सहज है। गीता में श्रीकृष्ण का नाम डाल दिया है। अब कृष्ण तो गीता सुनाते नहीं हैं। वह तो सबको कह न सके कि मामेकम् याद करो। देहधारी की याद से तो पाप कटते नहीं हैं। कृष्ण भगवानुवाच– देह के सब संबंध त्याग मामेकम् याद करो परन्तु देह के संबंध तो कृष्ण को भी हैं और फिर वह तो छोटा-सा बच्चा है ना। यह भी कितनी बड़ी भूल है। कितना फ़र्क पड़ जाता है एक भूल के कारण। परमात्मा तो सर्वव्यापी हो नहीं सकता। जिसके लिए कहते हैं सर्व का सद्गति दाता है तो क्या वह भी दुर्गति को पाते हैं! परमात्मा कब दुर्गति को पाता है क्या? यह सब विचार सागर मंथन करने की बातें हैं। टाइम वेस्ट करने की बात नहीं है। मनुष्य तो कह देते कि हमको फुर्सत नहीं है। तुम समझाते हो कि आकर कोर्स लो तो कहते फुर्सत नहीं। दो दिन आयेंगे फिर चार दिन नहीं आयेंगे.....। पढ़ेंगे नहीं तो यह लक्ष्मी-नारायण कैसे बन सकेंगे? माया का कितना फोर्स है। बाप समझाते हैं जो सेकेण्ड, जो मिनट पास होता है वह हूबहू रिपीट होता है। अनगिनत बार रिपीट होते रहेंगे। अभी तो बाप द्वारा सुन रहे हो। बाबा तो जन्म-मरण में आते नहीं। भेंट की जाती है पूरा जन्म-मरण में कौन आता है और न आने वाला कौन? सिर्फ एक ही बाप है जो जन्म-मरण में नहीं आता है। बाकी तो सब आते हैं इसलिए चित्र भी दिखाया है। ब्रह्मा और विष्णु दोनों जन्म मरण में आते हैं। ब्रह्मा सो विष्णु, विष्णु सो ब्रह्मा पार्ट में आते-जाते हैं। एन्ड हो न सके। यह चित्र फिर भी आकर सब देखेंगे और समझेंगे। बहुत सहज समझ की बात है। बुद्धि में आना चाहिए हम सो ब्राह्मण हैं फिर हम सो क्षत्रिय, वैश्य, शूद्र बनेंगे। फिर बाप आयेंगे तो हम सो ब्राह्मण बन जायेंगे। यह याद करो तो भी स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी ठहरे। बहुत हैं जिनको याद ठहरती नहीं। तुम ब्राह्मण ही स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी बनते हो। देवतायें नहीं बनते हैं। यह नॉलेज, कि चक्र कैसे फिरता है, इस नॉलेज को पाने से वह यह देवता बने हैं। वास्तव में कोई भी मनुष्य स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी कहलाने के लायक नहीं है। मनुष्यों की सृष्टि मृत्युलोक ही अलग है। जैसे भारतवासियों की रस्म-रिवाज अलग है, सबका अलग-अलग होता है। देवताओं की रस्म-रिवाज अलग है। मृत्युलोक के मनुष्यों की रस्म-रिवाज अलग। रात-दिन का फर्क है इसलिए सब कहते हैं– हम पतित हैं। हे भगवान, हम सब पतित दुनिया के रहने वालों को पावन बनाओ। तुम्हारी बुद्धि में है पावन दुनिया आज से 5 हज़ार वर्ष पहले थी, जिसको सतयुग कहा जाता है। त्रेता को नहीं कहेंगे। बाप ने समझाया है– वह है फर्स्टक्लास, यह है सेकेण्ड क्लास। तो एक-एक बात अच्छी रीति धारण करनी चाहिए। जो कोई भी आये तो सुनकर वन्डर खावे। कोई तो वन्डर खाते हैं। परन्तु फिर उनको फुर्सत नहीं रहती, जो पुरुषार्थ करे। फिर सुनते हैं पवित्र जरूर रहना है। यह काम विकार ही है जो मनुष्य को पतित बनाता है। इनको जीतने से ही तुम जगतजीत बनेंगे। बाप ने कहा भी है– काम विकार जीत जगतजीत बनो। मनुष्य फिर कह देते मन जीते जगतजीत बनो। मन को वश में करो। अब मन अमन तो तब हो जब शरीर न हो। बाकी मन अमन तो कभी होता ही नहीं। देह मिलती ही है कर्म करने के लिए तो फिर कर्मातीत अवस्था में कैसे रहेंगे? कर्मातीत अवस्था कहा जाता है मुर्दे को। जीते जी मुर्दा, शरीर से न्यारा। तुमको भी शरीर से न्यारा बनने की पढाई पढाते हैं। शरीर से आत्मा अलग है। आत्मा परमधाम की रहने वाली है। आत्मा शरीर में आती है तो उनको मनुष्य कहा जाता है। शरीर मिलता ही है कर्म करने लिए। एक शरीर छूट जायेगा फिर दूसरा शरीर आत्मा को लेना है कर्म करने लिए। शान्त तो तब रहेंगे जब कर्म नहीं करना होगा। मूलवतन में कर्म होता नहीं। सृष्टि का चक्र यहाँ फिरता है। बाप को और सृष्टि चक्र को जानना है, इसको ही नॉलेज कहा जाता है। यह आंखें जब तक पतित क्रिमिनल हैं, तो इन आंखों से पवित्र चीज़ देखने में आ नहीं सकती इसलिए ज्ञान का तीसरा नेत्र चाहिए। जब तुम कर्मातीत अवस्था को पायेंगे अर्थात् देवता बनेंगे फिर तो इन आंखों से देवताओं को देखते रहेंगे। बाकी इस शरीर में इन आंखों से कृष्ण को देख नहीं सकते। बाकी साक्षात्कार किया तो उससे कुछ मिलता थोड़ेही है। अल्पकाल के लिए खुशी रहती है, कामना पूरी हो जाती है। ड्रामा में साक्षात्कार की भी नूँध है, इससे प्राप्ति कुछ नहीं होती। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।
धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:
1) शरीर से न्यारी आत्मा हूँ, जीते जी इस शरीर में रहते जैसे मुर्दा– इस स्थिति के अभ्यास से कर्मातीत अवस्था बनानी है।
2) सर्विस का सबूत देना है। देहभान को छोड़ अपना सच्चा-सच्चा समाचार देना है। पास विद् ऑनर होने का पुरुषार्थ करना है।
करन-करावनहार की स्मृति द्वारा सहजयोग का अनुभव करने वाले सफलतामूर्त भव!  
कोई भी कार्य करते यही स्मृति रहे कि इस कार्य के निमित्त बनाने वाला बैकबोन कौन है। बिना बैकबोन के कोई भी कर्म में सफलता नहीं मिल सकती, इसलिए कोई भी कार्य करते सिर्फ यह सोचो मैं निमित्त हूँ, कराने वाला स्वयं सर्व समर्थ बाप है। यह स्मृति में रख कर्म करो तो सहज योग की अनुभूति होती रहेगी। फिर यह सहजयोग वहाँ सहज राज्य करायेगा। यहाँ के संस्कार वहाँ ले जायेंगे।
इच्छायें परछाई के समान हैं आप पीठ कर दो तो पीछे-पीछे आयेंगी।  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Murli 29 January 2016

29/01/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you should have the intoxication of becoming deities from Brahmins. Only you Brahmins receive elevated directions from the Father.  
What interest and intoxication should those who have new blood have?
You should have the interest to make this world that has become old and iron aged into a new and golden-aged world, the interest to make everything old new. Kumaris have new blood and so they should uplift their equals. You should constantly have this intoxication. You should also have great intoxication giving lectures.
O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.  
Om Shanti
You children understand the meaning of this song. The extremely dark night of the path of devotion is now coming to an end. You children understand that you are now going to receive crowns. You are sitting here with the aim and objective of changing from humans into deities. A sannyasi told someone to consider himself to be a bull. That person then thought he had become that form. That is an example from the path of devotion, just as there is also the example of Rama taking an army of monkeys. You are sitting here in the knowledge that you will become double-crowned deities. When you study at school, you say that you are studying to become a doctor or an engineer. Through this study you understand that you are becoming deities. When you shed your body, your next body will have a crown on the head. This world is very dirty. The new world is first class, whereas the old world is totally third class. This world is going to end. The Creator of the world is definitely the One who makes you into the masters of the new world. No one else can teach you this. Only Shiv Baba educates and teaches you. The Father has explained: What else do you need when you become completely soul conscious? You are Brahmins anyway. You know that you are becoming deities. The deities were so pure! People here are so impure. Although their faces are like those of human beings, look at what their characters are like! The worshippers of the deities sing this praise of the deities in front of them: You are full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full and we are vicious sinners! Their faces too are those of human beings, yet they go and sing this praise in front of them. They say of themselves: We are dirty and vicious. We have no virtues. They too are human beings, which means human beings. You now understand that you will change and become deities. People worship Krishna so that they can go to the land of Krishna, but they don’t know when they would go there. They continue to perform devotion believing that God will come and give them the fruit of their devotion. First of all, you should have faith in the One who is teaching you. These are the directions of Shri Shri Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is giving you shrimat. How could those who don’t understand this become elevated? All of you Brahmins are following the directions of Shri Shri Shiv Baba. Only the directions of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, make you elevated. This will only sit in the intellects of those who have it in their fortune. Otherwise, they won’t understand anything. Only when they understand this will they become happy and begin to help you. There are some who don’t know anything. They don’t even know who that One is. This is why Baba doesn’t meet anyone. Those people would only give their own directions! Because of not understanding shrimat, they begin to give that One their own directions. The Father has now come to make you children elevated. You children understand that Baba has come and met you exactly as He did 5000 years ago. Those who don’t understand this will not be able to respond in this way. You children should have a lot of intoxication with this study. This is a very high status, but Maya is also very much against you. You understand that you are studying a study through which you will become double crowned; you will become double crowned for birth after birth in the future. For this you need to make full effort. This is called Raja Yoga. It is a wonder! Baba always explains: Go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple. You can also explain to the priests there. The priests can then explain to the others how Lakshmi and Narayan received their status and how they became the masters of the world. If they sit and explain in this way, respect for the priests would also increase. You can tell them: We will explain to you how Lakshmi and Narayan received their kingdom. In the Gita, it says: God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga and make you into the king of kings. You are the ones who become the masters of heaven, are you not? Therefore, children, you should have so much intoxication with what you are becoming. You can have your own photograph taken (as you are now) and also one of you in royal dress. At the bottom, keep your own ordinary picture and above it, keep the picture of yourself in your royal dress. There is no expense in this, is there? You can very quickly dress in a royal costume and you would thereby remember again and again that you are becoming deities. At the top, you can also keep Shiv Baba. You should take this picture too. You are changing from human beings into deities. When you shed your bodies you will then go and become deities because you are now studying Raja Yoga. Therefore, those photographs will help you. At the top, have the picture of Shiva, then the picture of yourself in your royal dress and beneath that, your ordinary picture. We are studying Raja Yoga with Shiv Baba and becoming double-crowned deities. If you have this picture, then, whenever people see it and ask you about it you can tell them that it is Shiv Baba who is teaching you. When you children see this picture you will experience intoxication. You can also place this picture in your shop. When Baba was on the path of devotion, he kept a picture of Narayan. He also had one in his pocket. You too should keep your own photograph and you will remember that you are becoming deities. You should find ways of remembering the Father. It is when you forget the Father that you fall. If you fall into vice, you would be ashamed of not being able to become a deity, and you would have heart failure. How can I now become a deity? Baba says: Remove the photographs of those who have fallen into vice! Tell them: You are not worthy of going to heaven. Your passports are cancelled. They themselves would feel that they have now fallen and would ask themselves: How can I now go to heaven? There is the example of Narad. He was told to look at his own face to see if he was worthy of marrying Lakshmi. He saw the face of a monkey. People would then be ashamed of having these vices. So, how could they marry Shri Narayan or Shri Lakshmi? Baba shows you many methods. However, you must also have some faith! When there is the intoxication of vice, they can understand that they cannot possibly become kings of kings and double crowned. One has to make some effort! Baba continues to explain to you. Create such methods and continue to explain to everyone. Establishment is now taking place through Raja Yoga. Destruction is just ahead. Day by day, storms will become more and more forceful. Bombs etc. are also being manufactured. You are studying this study to claim a high status in the future. Only once do you become pure from impure. Because they have stone intellects, people don’t understand that they are residents of hell. You are now becoming those with divine intellects from those who have stone intellects. If they have it in their fortune, they can understand this very quickly. Otherwise, no matter how much you beat your head, it will not sit in their intellects. If they don’t know the Father, they are atheists, that is, they are orphans. Therefore, since they are the children of Shiv Baba, you have to make them belong to the Lord and Master. Those who have this knowledge will continue to protect their children from vice. Ignorant people will continue to trap their children just as they themselves are trapped. You know that you are protected from vice here. Kumaris have to be saved first. Their parents push their children into vice. You know that this world is corrupt. They want an elevated world. God speaks: I come at the time when everyone is corrupt in order to make them all elevated; I uplift everyone. It also says in the Gita: God comes to uplift the sages and holy men etc. Only one God alone comes and uplifts everyone. You now wonder how human beings’ intellects turned to stone. If all those eminent people were to understand at this time that Shiva is the God of the Gita, you never know what would happen! There would be cries of distress! However, there is still time for that. Otherwise, their groups would shake suddenly. The thrones of many do shake! When a war takes place, you can tell that that one’s throne has begun to shake and that he will topple. If they were to shake now, there would be a lot of upheaval. It will happen like that in the future. The Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All, Himself, says: I am truly carrying out establishment through the body of Brahma. “Salvation for All” means that He is uplifting everyone. God speaks: This world is impure. I have to uplift everyone. Everyone is now impure. How could anyone impure make everyone pure? First of all, he himself would have to become pure before he could make his followers the same. You need to have a lot of intoxication when giving lectures. You kumaris have new blood. You are changing from old to new. You souls that have become old and iron aged are now becoming new and golden aged as the alloy is being removed. Therefore, you children should have a great deal of interest. You should constantly have intoxication. You have to uplift your equals. “Mother Guru” is remembered. You now know when a mother becomes a guru. Jagadamba then becomes a princess. There are no gurus there. The business of gurus exists at this time. The Father comes and places the urn of the nectar of knowledge on the mothers. It has been like that from the beginning. They say for their centre: We want a Brahma Kumari. Baba says: You should run it yourself! Do you not have courage? They say: No, Baba! We want a teacher. It is also good to give respect. Nowadays, people in the world give lame (artificial) respect to one another! Today they make someone a Prime Minister and tomorrow they throw him out. No one receives respect permanently. At this time, you children are receiving your permanent fortune of the kingdom. Baba explains to you children in so many different ways! Baba is showing you many different ways to keep yourself constantly cheerful. You should have good wishes: Oho! I am becoming like this Lakshmi and Narayan! However, if it is not in their fortune, what effort would they make? Baba shows you the effort you have to make. Effort never goes to waste; it is always worthwhile. The kingdom will be established anyway. Destruction has to take place through the Mahabharat War. As you make further progress and become strong, all of them will come. They won’t understand anything now. Otherwise, they would lose their kingdom. There are so many gurus! There is not a human being who is not a follower of one guru or another. Here, you have found the one Satguru who grants you salvation. The pictures that you have are very good. That is salvation, that is, the land of happiness and that is the land of liberation. Your intellects say: All of us souls live in the land of nirvana from where we come into this “talkie”. We are residents of that place. This play is based on Bharat. The birthday of Shiva is celebrated here. The Father says: I have now come and I will come again in the next cycle. Every 5000 years, it becomes Paradise after the Father comes. It is said that so many years before Christ, there used to be Paradise, heaven. That doesn’t exist now, but it has to come again. Therefore, there definitely has to be establishment for the residents of heaven and destruction of the residents of hell. You are now becoming residents of heaven. All the residents of hell will be destroyed. Those people think that hundreds of thousands of years still remain, and so they wait for their children to grow up and they can get them married. You do not say this. If your children don’t follow your advice, you have to take shrimat. Ask: What should we do when they are not becoming residents of heaven? The Father will reply: If they are disobedient, let them go. However, you need to have a very strong stage of a destroyer of attachment. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Follow the elevated directions of Shri Shri Shiv Baba and make yourself elevated. Don’t mix the dictates of your own mind with shrimat. Maintain the intoxication of this Godly study.
2. Create ways to benefit your equals. While having good wishes for one another, give true respect to one another, not lame respect.
May you be a constant server who transforms your lokik household into an alokik one with your love for service.  
The duty of a server is to be constantly engaged in service, whether it is service through the mind, service through words or through deeds. A server never considers service to be separate from the self. The household of those who constantly have love for service in their intellects transforms into a Godly household. A server does not consider his home to be his home but moves along considering it to be a service place. The main virtue of a server is renunciation. Those who have the attitude of renunciation are images of tapasya in their household through which service takes place automatically.
In order to make your sanskars divine, surrender your mind and intellect to the Father.  

मुरली 29 जनवरी 2016

29-01-16 प्रातः मुरली ओम् शान्ति “बापदादा” मधुबन

"मीठे बच्चे– तुम्हें नशा रहना चाहिए कि हम ब्राह्मण सो देवता बनते हैं, हम ब्राह्मणों को ही बाप की श्रेष्ठ मत मिलती है।"  
जिनका न्यु ब्लड है उन्हें कौन सा शौक और कौन सी मस्ती होनी चाहिए?
यह दुनिया जो पुरानी आइरन एजड बन गई है उसे नई गोल्डन एजेड बनाने का, पुराने से नया बनाने का शौक होना चाहिए। कन्याओं का न्यु ब्लड है तो अपने हमजिन्स को उठाना चाहिए। नशा कायम रखना चाहिए। भाषण करने में भी बड़ी मस्ती होनी चाहिए।
रात के राही.....  
ओम् शान्ति।
बच्चों ने इस गीत का अर्थ तो समझा। अभी भक्तिमार्ग की घोर अन्धियारी रात तो पूरी हो रही है। बच्चे समझते हैं हमारे ऊपर अब ताज आने का है। यहाँ बैठे हैं, एम ऑब्जेक्ट है– मनुष्य से देवता बनने की। जैसे सन्यासी समझाते हैं तुम अपने को भैंस समझो तो वह रूप हो जायेंगे। वह है भक्तिमार्ग के दृष्टान्त। जैसे यह भी दृष्टान्त है कि राम ने बन्दरों की सेना ली। तुम यहाँ बैठे हो। जानते हो हम सो देवी-देवता डबल सिरताज बनेंगे। जैसे स्कूल में पढते हैं तो कहते हैं मैं यह पढकर डॉक्टर बन जाऊंगा, इन्जीनियर बन जाऊंगा। तुम समझते हो इस पढाई से हम सो देवी-देवता बन रहे हैं। यह शरीर छोड़ेंगे और हमारे सिर पर ताज होगा। यह तो बहुत गन्दी छी-छी दुनिया है ना। नई दुनिया है फर्स्टक्लास दुनिया। पुरानी दुनिया है बिल्कुल थर्डक्लास दुनिया। यह तो खलास होने की है। नये विश्व का मालिक बनाने वाला जरूर विश्व का रचयिता ही होगा। दूसरा कोई पढा न सके। शिवबाबा ही तुमको पढाकर सिखलाते हैं। बाप ने समझाया है– आत्म-अभिमानी पूरा बन जाएं तो बाकी और क्या चाहिए। तुम ब्राह्मण तो हो ही। जानते हो हम देवता बन रहे हैं। देवतायें कितने पवित्र थे। यहाँ कितने पतित मनुष्य हैं। शक्ल भल मनुष्य की है परन्तु सीरत देखो कैसी है। जो देवताओं के पुजारी हैं वह खुद भी उन्हों के आगे महिमा गाते हैं– आप सर्वगुण सम्पन्न, 16 कला सम्पूर्ण हैं..... हम विकारी पापी हैं। सूरत तो उन्हों की भी मनुष्य की है परन्तु उनके पास जाकर महिमा गाते हैं, अपने को गन्दे विकारी कहते हैं। हमारे में कोई गुण नहीं। हैं तो मनुष्य माना मनुष्य। अभी तुम समझते हो हम तो अभी चेंज होकर जाए देवता बनेंगे। कृष्ण की पूजा करते ही इसलिए हैं कि कृष्णपुरी में जायें। परन्तु यह पता नहीं है कि कब जायेंगे। भक्ति करते रहते हैं कि भगवान आकर भक्ति का फल देंगे। पहले तो तुमको यह निश्चय चाहिए कि हमको पढाते कौन हैं। यह है श्री श्री शिवबाबा की मत। शिवबाबा तुम्हें श्रीमत दे रहे हैं। जिनको यह पता नहीं वह श्रेष्ठ बन कैसे सकते। इतने सब ब्राह्मण श्री श्री शिवबाबा की मत पर चलते हैं। परमात्मा की मत ही श्रेष्ठ बनाती है, जिसकी तकदीर में होगा, उनकी बुद्धि में बैठेगा। नहीं तो कुछ भी समझेंगे नहीं। जब समझेंगे तब खुश हो मदद करने लग पड़ेंगे। कई तो जानते नहीं हैं, उनको क्या पता, यह कौन हैं इसलिए बाबा कोई से मिलते भी नहीं हैं। वह तो और ही अपनी मत निकालेंगे। श्रीमत को न जानने कारण उनको भी अपनी मत देने लग पड़ते हैं। अब बाप आये ही हैं तुम बच्चों को श्रेष्ठ बनाने के लिए। बच्चे जानते हैं 5 हज़ार वर्ष पहले मुआफिक बाबा आपसे आकर मिले हैं। जिनको पता नहीं है, ऐसे रेसपान्ड दे नहीं सकते। बच्चों को पढाई का बहुत नशा रहना चाहिए। यह बड़ी ऊंच पढाई है परन्तु माया भी बड़ी अगेन्स्ट है। तुम जानते हो हम वह पढाई पढते हैं जिससे हमारे सिर पर डबल सिरताज आना है। भविष्य जन्म-जन्मान्तर डबल सिरताज बनेंगे। तो इसके लिए फिर ऐसा पूरा पुरुषार्थ करना चाहिए ना। इसको कहा जाता है राजयोग। कितना वन्डर है। बाबा हमेशा समझाते हैं– लक्ष्मी-नारायण के मन्दिर में जाओ। पुजारियों को भी तुम समझा सकते हो। पुजारी भी किसको बैठ समझाये कि इन लक्ष्मी-नारायण को भी यह पद कैसे मिला, यह विश्व का मालिक कैसे बनें? ऐसे-ऐसे बैठ सुनायें तो पुजारी का भी मान हो जाए। तुम कह सकते हो हम आपको समझाते हैं इन लक्ष्मी-नारायण को यह राज्य कैसे मिला? गीता में भी भगवानुवाच है ना। मैं तुमको राजयोग सिखाकर राजाओं का राजा बनाता हूँ। स्वर्गवासी तो तुम बनते हो ना। तो बच्चों को कितना नशा रहना चाहिए– हम यह बनते हैं! भल अपना चित्र और राजाई का चित्र भी यहाँ साथ में निकालो। नीचे तुम्हारा चित्र, ऊपर में राजाई का चित्र हो। इसमें खर्चा तो नहीं है ना। राजाई पोशाक तो झट बन सकती है। तो घड़ी-घड़ी याद रहेगा– हम सो देवता बन रहे हैं। ऊपर में भल शिवबाबा भी हो। यह भी चित्र निकालने होंगे। तुम मनुष्य से देवता बनते हो। यह शरीर छोड़ हम जाए देवता बनेंगे क्योंकि अभी हम यह राजयोग सीख रहे हैं। तो यह फोटो भी मदद करेंगे। ऊपर में शिव फिर राजाई चित्र। नीचे तुम्हारा साधारण चित्र। शिवबाबा से राजयोग सीख हम सो देवता डबल सिरताज बन रहे हैं। चित्र रखा होगा कोई भी पूछेंगे तो हम बतला सकेंगे– हमको सिखलाने वाला यह शिवबाबा है। चित्र देखने से बच्चों को नशा चढ़ेगा। भल दुकान में भी यह चित्र रख दो। भक्ति मार्ग में बाबा नारायण का चित्र रखता था। पॉकेट में भी रहता था। तुम भी अपना फोटो रख दो तो याद रहेगा– हम सो देवी-देवता बन रहे हैं। बाप को याद करने का उपाय ढूंढना चाहिए। बाप को भूल जाने से ही गिरते हैं। विकार में गिरेगा तो फिर शर्म आयेगी। अभी तो हम ये देवता बन नहीं सकेंगे। हार्ट फेल हो जायेगी। अभी हम देवता कैसे बनेंगे? बाबा कहते हैं विकार में गिरने वाले का फोटो निकाल दो। बोलो तुम स्वर्ग में चलने लायक नहीं हो, तुम्हारा पासपोर्ट खलास। खुद भी फील करेंगे हम तो गिर गये। अब हम स्वर्ग में कैसे जायेंगे। जैसे नारद का मिसाल देते हैं। उनको कहा तुम अपनी शक्ल तो देखो। लक्ष्मी को वरने लायक हो? तो शक्ल बन्दर की दिखाई पड़ी। तो मनुष्य को भी शर्म आयेगी– हमारे में तो यह विकार हैं, फिर हम श्री नारायण को वा श्री लक्ष्मी को कैसे वरेंगे। बाबा युक्तियाँ तो सब बतलाते हैं। परन्तु कोई विश्वास भी रखे ना। विकार का नशा आता है तो समझते हैं इस हिसाब से हम राजाओं का राजा डबल सिरताज कैसे बनेंगे। पुरुषार्थ तो करना चाहिए ना। बाबा समझाते रहते हैं– ऐसी-ऐसी युक्तियाँ रचो और सबको समझाते रहो। यह राजयोग की स्थापना हो रही है। अब विनाश सामने खड़ा है। दिन-प्रतिदिन तूफान जोर होता जाता है। बॉम्ब्स आदि भी तैयार हो रहे हैं। तुम यह पढाई पढते ही हो भविष्य ऊंच पद पाने के लिए। तुम एक ही बार पतित से पावन बनते हो। मनुष्य समझते थोड़ेही हैं कि हम नर्कवासी हैं क्योंकि पत्थरबुद्धि हैं। अभी तुम पत्थरबुद्धि से पारस बुद्धि बन रहे हो। तकदीर में होगा तो झट समझेगा। नहीं तो तुम कितना भी माथा मारो, बुद्धि में बैठेगा नहीं। बाप को ही नहीं जानते तो नास्तिक हैं अर्थात् न धनी के। तो धणका बनाना चाहिए ना। जबकि शिवबाबा के बच्चे हैं। यहाँ जिनको ज्ञान है वह अपने बच्चों को विकारों से बचाते रहेंगे। अज्ञानी लोग तो अपने मुआफिक बच्चों को भी फँसाते रहेंगे। तुम जानते हो यहाँ विकार से बचाया जाता है। कन्याओं को तो पहले बचाना चाहिए। माँ-बाप जैसेकि बच्चे को विकार में धक्का देते हैं। तुम जानते हो यह भ्रष्टाचारी दुनिया है। श्रेष्ठाचारी दुनिया चाहते हैं। भगवानुवाच– मैं जब आता हूँ श्रेष्ठाचारी बनाने के लिए तो सब भ्रष्टाचारी हैं। मैं सबका उद्धार करता हूँ। गीता में भी लिखा हुआ है भगवान को ही साधू-सन्तों आदि सबका उद्धार करने आना है। एक ही भगवान बाप आकर सबका उद्धार करते हैं। अभी तुम वन्डर खाते हो– मनुष्य कितने पत्थरबुद्धि हो जाते हैं। इस समय अगर मालूम हो बड़ों-बड़ों को कि गीता का भगवान शिव है तो पता नहीं क्या हो जाए। हाहाकार मच जाए। परन्तु अभी देरी है। नहीं तो सबके अड्डे एकदम हिलने लग जाएं। बहुतों के तख्त हिलते हैं ना। लड़ाई जब होती है तो पता पड़ता है, इनका तख्त हिलने लगा है, अभी गिर पड़ेंगे। अभी यह हिलें तो बहुत हलचल मच जाए। आगे चल होने का है। पतित-पावन सर्व का सद्गति दाता खुद कहते हैं– बरोबर ब्रह्मा तन से स्थापना कर रहे हैं। सर्व की सद्गति अर्थात् उद्धार कर रहे हैं। भगवानुवाच– यह पतित दुनिया है, इन सबका उद्धार मुझे करना है। अभी सब पतित हैं। पतित फिर किसको पावन कैसे बनायेंगे? पहले तो खुद पावन बनें फिर फालोअर्स को बनायें। भाषण करने में बड़ी मस्ती चाहिए। कन्याओं का न्यू ब्लड है। तुम पुराने से नया बना रहे हो। तुम्हारी आत्मा जो पुरानी आइरन एजेड बन गई है, अब नई गोल्डन एजेड बनती है। खाद निकलती जाती है। तो बच्चों को बड़ा शौक चाहिए। नशा कायम रखना चाहिए। अपने हमजिन्स को उठाना चाहिए। गाया भी जाता है, गुरू माता। माता गुरू कब होती है सो अभी तुम जानते हो। जगत अम्बा ही फिर राज-राजेश्वरी बनती है। फिर वहाँ कोई गुरू रहता ही नहीं। गुरू का सिलसिला अभी चलता है। माताओं पर बाप आकर ज्ञान अमृत का कलष रखते हैं। शुरू से ऐसे होता है। सेन्टर्स के लिए भी कहते हैं ब्रह्माकुमारी चाहिए। बाबा तो कहते हैं आपे ही चलाओ। हिम्मत नहीं है? कहते नहीं बाबा टीचर चाहिए। यह भी ठीक है, मान देते हैं।

आजकल दुनिया में एक-दो को मान भी लंगड़ा देते हैं। आज प्राइम मिनिस्टर है, कल उनको उड़ा देते हैं। स्थाई सुख किसको मिलता नहीं। इस समय तुम बच्चों को स्थाई राज्य-भाग्य मिल रहा है। तुमको बाबा कितने प्रकार से समझाते हैं। अपने को सदैव हर्षित रखने के लिए बहुत अच्छी-अच्छी युक्तियाँ बतलाते हैं। शुभ भावना रखनी है ना। ओहो! हम यह लक्ष्मी-नारायण बनते हैं फिर अगर किसकी तकदीर में नहीं है तो तदबीर क्या करें। बाबा तदबीर तो बतलाते हैं ना। तदबीर व्यर्थ नहीं जाती है। यह तो सदा सफल होती है। राजधानी स्थापन हो ही जायेगी। विनाश भी महाभारत लड़ाई द्वारा होना ही है। आगे चल तुम जोर भरो तो यह सब आयेंगे। अभी नहीं समझेंगे फिर तो उन्हों की राजाई ही उड़ जाए। कितने ढेर गुरू लोग हैं, ऐसा कोई मनुष्य नहीं जो किसी गुरू का फालोअर न हो। यहाँ तुम्हें एक सतगुरू मिला है सद्गति देने वाला। चित्र बड़े अच्छे हैं। यह है सद्गति अर्थात् सुखधाम, यह है मुक्तिधाम। बुद्धि भी कहती है हम सब आत्मायें निर्वाणधाम में रहती हैं। जहाँ से फिर टॉकी में आते हैं। वहाँ के रहवासी हैं। यह खेल ही भारत पर बना हुआ है। शिवजयन्ती भी यहाँ मनाते हैं। बाप कहते हैं मैं आया हूँ, कल्प के बाद फिर आऊंगा। हर 5 हज़ार वर्ष बाद बाप के आते ही पैराडाइज़ बन जाता है। कहते भी हैं क्राइस्ट से इतने वर्ष पहले पैराडाइज़ था, स्वर्ग था। अभी नहीं है फिर होना है। तो जरूर नर्कवासियों का विनाश, स्वर्गवासी की स्थापना चाहिए। सो तुम स्वर्गवासी बन रहे हो। नर्कवासी सब विनाश हो जायेंगे। वह तो समझते हैं अजुन इतने लाखों वर्ष पड़े हैं। बच्चे बड़े हो शादी करायें... तुम थोड़ेही ऐसा कहेंगे। अगर बच्चा राय पर नहीं चलता है तो फिर श्रीमत लेनी पड़े कि स्वर्गवासी नहीं बनते हैं तो क्या करें। बाप कहेंगे अगर आज्ञाकारी नहीं है तो जाने दो। इसमें पक्की नष्टोमोहा अवस्था चाहिए। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।
धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:
1) श्री श्री शिवबाबा की श्रेष्ठ मत पर चलकर स्वयं को श्रेष्ठ बनाना है। श्रीमत में मनमत मिक्स नहीं करनी है। ईश्वरीय पढाई के नशे में रहना है।
2) अपने हमजिन्स के कल्याण की युक्तियाँ रचनी हैं। सबके प्रति शुभभावना रखते हुए एक-दो को सच्चा मान देना है। लंगड़ा मान नहीं।
सेवा की लगन द्वारा लौकिक को अलौकिक प्रवृत्ति में परिवर्तन करने वाले निरन्तर सेवाधारी भव!  
सेवाधारी का कर्तव्य है निरन्तर सेवा में रहना– चाहे मंसा सेवा हो, चाहे वाचा वा कर्मणा सेवा हो। सेवाधारी कभी भी सेवा को अपने से अलग नहीं समझते। जिनकी बुद्धि में सदा सेवा की लगन रहती है उनकी लौकिक प्रवृत्ति बदलकर ईश्वरीय प्रवृत्ति हो जाती है। सेवाधारी घर को घर नहीं समझते लेकिन सेवास्थान समझकर चलते हैं। सेवाधारी का मुख्य गुण है त्याग। त्याग वृत्ति वाले प्रवृत्ति में तपस्वीमूर्त होकर रहते हैं जिससे सेवा स्वतः होती है।
अपने संस्कारों को दिव्य बनाना है तो मन-बुद्धि को बाप के आगे समर्पित कर दो।  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Murli 28 January 2016

28/01/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, when Bharat was heaven, you were in total light. There is now darkness; let us go into the light once again.  
Which story has the Father come to tell His children?
Baba says: Sweet children, I tell you the story of your 84 births. When you took your first birth, there was just the deity religion. Then, after two ages, you started to perform devotion and built huge temples. This is now the end of your many births. You called out: O Remover of Sorrow, Bestower of Happiness, come! Therefore, I have now come.
People of today are in darkness.  
Om Shanti
You children understand that this is now the iron-aged world in which everyone is in darkness. At first, when Bharat was heaven, you were in the light. The same people of Bharat who call themselves Hindus were originally deities. They were the residents of heaven in Bharat and there was no other religion at that time; there was just the one religion. Heaven, Vaikunth, Bahist and Paradise, etc. are names for that Bharat. Ancient Bharat was originally pure and wealthy. Bharat has now become poverty-stricken because it is now the iron age. You know that you are in darkness. When you were in heaven you were in the light. The Empress and Emperor of heaven were Shri Lakshmi and Narayan. That was called the land of happiness. You have to claim your inheritance of heaven from the Father and that is called liberation-in-life. Everyone is now in a life of bondage. Bharat in particular and the world in general are in Ravan’s jail, in the cottage of sorrow. It isn't that Ravan only existed in Lanka and that Rama existed in Bharat and that he (Ravan) came and abducted Sita. All of those are tall stories. The Gita is the main scripture; it is the jewel of all scriptures and spoken in Bharat by God. Human beings cannot grant salvation to anyone. In the golden age, there were the deities who were liberated-in-life, and they attained that inheritance of theirs at the end of the iron age. Neither do the people of Bharat know this nor is it mentioned in any of the scriptures. The scriptures have the knowledge of the path of devotion. No human beings have the knowledge of salvation at all. All of them teach devotion. They ask you to study the scriptures, to give donations and to perform charity. That devotion has continued from the copper age. There is the reward of knowledge in the golden and silver ages. It isn't that this knowledge continues there as well. The inheritance that Bharat had received came from the Father at the confluence age and you are now receiving it once again. When the people of Bharat experience unlimited sorrow and become residents of hell, they call out: O Purifier! Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness! For whom? For themselves, because everyone in Bharat in particular and the world in general have the five vices. The Father is the Purifier. He says: I come at the confluence of the cycles. I become the Bestower of Salvation for All. I have to uplift those who have stone intellects, those without virtues and the gurus etc. because this is the impure world. The golden age is called the pure world. It used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in Bharat. The people of Bharat do not know that they were the masters of heaven. “The impure land” means the land of falsehood, and “the pure land” means the land of truth. Bharat was the pure land. This Bharat is the imperishable land that is never destroyed. When it is their kingdom (Lakshmi and Narayan’s), there are no other lands. All of them come later. Human beings have written that the cycle is of hundreds of thousands of years. The Father says: The duration of the cycle is 5000 years. Those people say that human beings take 8.4 million births. They have made human beings into dogs, cats, donkeys etc. However, dogs and cats have a different birth; there are 8.4 million species of them, whereas there is only the one species of human beings. They are the ones who take 84 births. The Father says: According to the drama plan, the people of Bharat have forgotten their religion. They have become completely impure by the end of the iron age. The Father has come to purify you at the confluence age. This is called the land of sorrow. Then Bharat will become the land of happiness. The Father says: O children, you children of Bharat were residents of heaven. Then you came down the ladder for 84 births. You definitely have to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. No one is as ever happy, ever healthy or as wealthy as you deities were. Bharat was so wealthy! The diamonds and jewels there were as plentiful as stones. After two ages, they built huge temples on the path of devotion. They built very grand temples; the Somnath Temple was the biggest of all. There wouldn't have been just one temple. Many other kings also had temples. Those were looted so much. The Father reminds you children: You were made so wealthy. As were the emperor and empress, so you too were full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full. They could also be called gods and goddesses, but, the Father has explained that there is only one God and He is the Father. When you say "Ishwar" or "Prabhu" you don't remember Him as the Father of all souls. The Father sits here and tells you a story: it is now the end of your many births. This doesn't refer to just one. There isn’t a battlefield etc. The people of Bharat have forgotten that that used to be their kingdom. Because they have made the duration of the golden age very long, it has become very distant. The Father comes and explains that human beings cannot be called God. Human beings cannot grant salvation to anyone. It is said: The Bestower of Salvation for All, the Purifier of all the impure ones, is just the One. There is only the one true Baba who establishes the land of truth. People worship on the path of devotion but they don't know the biography of any of those whom they worship. This is why the Father explains: You celebrate the birth of Shiva, do you not? The Father is the Creator of the new world; Heavenly God, the Father. He gives unlimited happiness. There was a lot of happiness in the golden age. How was that established and who established it? Only the Father sits and explains this. It is only the task of the Father to change the residents of hell into residents of heaven, to change corrupt people into elevated deities. The Father says: I purify you children. You become the masters of heaven. Who makes you impure? Ravan! Human beings say that God also causes sorrow. The Father says: I give you all so much happiness that you don't remember God for half the cycle. Then, when the kingdom of Ravan begins, you begin to worship everyone. This is the last of your many births. Some ask: Baba, how many births have we taken? Baba says: Sweetest people of Bharat, o souls, I am now giving you an unlimited inheritance. Children, you have taken 84 births. You have now come to claim your inheritance of 21 births from the Father. Not everyone will come at the same time. Only you claim the sundynasty status of the golden age once again. That is, only you listen to the true Father telling the true knowledge of becoming Narayan from an ordinary human. This is knowledge and that is devotion. All the scriptures etc. are for the path of devotion. They are not for the path of knowledge. This is spiritual knowledge. The Supreme Spirit sits here and gives you this knowledge. You children have to become soul conscious. Consider yourselves to be souls and constantly remember Me alone. The Father explains: It is the soul that has good and bad sanskars and it is according to those that human beings receive a good or bad birth. The Father sits here and explains: This one was pure and has now become impure by the last birth and the same applies to you. I, the Father, have to come into Ravan’s old, impure world. I have to enter the body of the one who will then become number one. Only those of the sun dynasty take the full 84 births; this means Brahma and the Brahmins who are the creation of Brahma. The Father explains this every day. To change those who have stone intellects into those who have divine intellects is not like going to your aunty’s home! O souls, now become soul conscious! O souls, remember the one Father and remember the kingdom! Renounce bodily relations! Everyone has to die. It is the stage of retirement for everyone. No one, apart from the one Satguru, can be the Bestower of Salvation for All. The Father says: O children of Bharat, you are the ones who separated from Me first. It is remembered that souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. First of all, you people of Bharat who belonged to the deity religion came. Those of other religions take fewer births. The Father sits here and explains how the cycle turns. It is very easy to imbibe this, even for those who are not able to imbibe. Souls imbibe everything. Souls become charitable and sinful. This is your last birth of your 84 births. All of you are in the stage of retirement. Those in the stage of retirement adopt a guru in order to receive a mantra. You don't need to adopt a physical guru. I am the Father, Teacher and Guru of all of you. You call out to Me: O Purifier! Shiv Baba! You have now remembered. He is the Father of all souls. Souls are the truth and living beings because they are immortal. A part is recorded in all souls. The Father too is the Truth and the Living Being. Because He is the Seed of the human world tree, He says: I know the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole tree and this is why I am called the knowledge-full One. You too have all the knowledge of how the tree emerges from the Seed. It takes time for the tree to grow. The Father says: I am the Seed. The whole tree reaches a state of total decay by the end. The deity foundation doesn’t exist now; it has once again disappeared. The Father has to come when the deity religion has disappeared. He establishes the one religion and inspires the destruction of all the rest. The Father is carrying out establishment of the original, eternal, deity religion through Prajapita Brahma. This drama is predestined; it has no end. The Father comes at the end of the cycle when He has to speak the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Therefore, He surely has to come at the confluence age. You have one Father. All souls are brothers, residents of the incorporeal world. Everyone remembers that one Father. Everyone remembers Him at a time of sorrow. There is sorrow in the kingdom of Ravan. Here, everyone remembers Him. Therefore, the Father, the Bestower of Salvation for All, is One. There is only His praise. Who would make Bharat into heaven if the Father didn't come? At this time, everyone is tamopradhan. Everyone definitely has to take rebirth. Rebirth is now taken in hell. It isn't that anyone goes to heaven. Hindus say that so-andso has gone to heaven, which means that if that person has now gone to heaven, he was definitely in hell. Let there be a rose in your mouth (may it become true)! If that person has become a resident of heaven, why do you feed him the impure food of hell? In Bengal, they even feed them fish etc. What need is there for them to eat such food? They say: So-and-so has gone to the Land of Nirvana. The Father says: All of those are lies. Since even the one who is the first number has to take 84 births, no one else can return home yet. The Father says: There is no difficulty about this. There are so many difficulties on the path of devotion. While chanting the name of Rama, they have goose pimples. All of that is the path of devotion. You know that the sun and moon bring light; that they are not deities. In fact, there are the Sun of Knowledge, the moon of knowledge and the stars of knowledge. There is their praise. Those people then say: Salutations to the Sun Deity! They consider the sun to be a deity and offer water to it. Therefore, the Father explains: All of that is the path of devotion and it will all repeat. First, there is unadulterated devotion of Shiv Baba and then devotion of the deities. Then you come down. Now they even light earthenware lamps at road Tjunctions. They throw sesame seeds and grains in all directions and perform devotion there. They even worship the elements; they even make images of human beings and worship them. There is no attainment from any of that. Only you children understand these things. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. In order to remove the bad sanskars from the soul, practise becoming soul conscious. This is your last birth of your 84 births. It is now your stage of retirement. Therefore, make effort to become a charitable soul.
2. Renounce all bodily relations and remember the one Father and the kingdom. Churn the knowledge of the Seed and the tree and remain constantly cheerful.
May you have pure and positive thoughts for everyone and be victorious with the power of cooperation in your gathering.  
If everyone helps one another and has pure and positive thoughts for one another in your gathering, then by your being surrounded with the power of this co-operation, you can perform wonders. Be co-operative and have pure and positive thoughts for one another and Maya will not have the courage to enter your gathering. However, there will only be the power of cooperation in the gathering when you have such determination that, no matter how much you have to tolerate, you will demonstrate this to everyone by tolerating everything and emerging victorious.
Any desire (ichcha) will not allow you to become good (achcha). Therefore, be ignorant of the knowledge of desire.