Monday, January 12, 2015


Essence of Murli January 13, 2015: Essence: Sweet children, you have to have your sins absolved (vikarm vinaash) with the power of yoga (yogbal). You have to become pure and make the world pure; this is your service. Question: What speciality (visheshta) of the deity religion is praised? Answer: The deity religion is one that gives a great deal of happiness. There is no name or trace of sorrow (naam-nishaan) there. You children experience happiness for three quarters of the cycle. There would not be as much pleasure (mazaa) if it were half happiness and half sorrow. Essence for Dharna: 1. Become oceans of love like the Father. Never cause sorrow for anyone. Don’t speak bitter (kaduve) words. Finish all your dirty habits. 2. Whilst conversing sweetly with Baba, maintain this feeling: O Baba, You have transformed us so much! You have given us so much happiness! Baba, You take us to the ocean of milk (kshir ka saagar). Have remembrance of Baba throughout the day. Blessing: May you be a perfect yogi (sampoorn yogi) who experiences entertainment (manoranjan) even in calamities through your stage of a master creator. Slogan: To leave the heart-throne (dil-takht) and have ordinary thoughts means to put your feet on the ground.