Friday, January 2, 2015


Synopsis: Sakar Murli January 03, 2015 1. It is said that good company takes you across and bad company drowns you (sang taare kusang bore). Ravan’s company drowns you and Rama’s company takes you across. 2. It is the Father who takes you countless souls far away. All of you are guides who belong to the one Guide. Your name is the Pandava Army. You children show everyone the way to go far away: “Manmanabhav!” and “Remember the Father!” 3. Baba is called the Stockbroker (Sharaarf). He says: I am incognito. No one can see Me with physical eyes. I take your old things and exchange them for new. Maintain the honour of My beard; do not defame the name of your clan. 4. Just as the Father makes you into diamonds, so you also have to make others into diamonds. You clouds come here in order to be refreshed. Then you go and shower this knowledge on to others and refresh them. 5. It is now the time of settlement for all. Everyone’s accounts are being settled. The rosary of eight is made of those who pass with honours. Only eight beads go into the first rosary. They attain their karmateet stage without experiencing punishment. Then there is the rosary of 108; they would be numberwise. This drama is eternally predestined. 6. It is not that you attain liberation by having a vision. Meera had a vision, but she didn’t go to the land of Krishna. Devotees receive a vision after doing intense devotion whereas here there is intense remembrance. Become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. 7. You children are earning a true income. If you take a loan from anyone, you would have to pay him back for 21 births. You have no right to take a loan from anyone. The Father explains: You may continue to do your business for the livelihood of your body but you must now consider yourself to be a trustee and you will claim a high status. All your attachments will be broken. 8. It is said knowledge, devotion and disinterest. You children have disinterest in this old world. When you die, the whole world is dead for you. When a soul leaves his body, the world is dead for him. Essence of Murli (H&E): January 03, 2015: Essence: Sweet children, in order to pass with honours, always follow shrimat. Save yourself from bad company and from the storms of Maya. Question: What service does the Father do for you children that you also have to do? Answer: Just as the Father calls you His beloved (laadle) children and serves you by making you into diamonds, in the same way, you children also have to make your sweet brothers into diamonds. There is no difficulty in this. Simply tell them: Remember the Father and you will become like diamonds. Question: Which order has the Father given to His children? Answer: Children, earn this true income and inspire others to do the same. You are not allowed to take loans from anyone. Song: is paap ki duniya se: इस पाप की दुनिया से .....Take us away from this world of sin to a world of rest and comfort... Essence for dharna: 1. Never become careless about studying. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Do the service of making others become like diamonds. 2. Earn this true income and inspire others to do the same. Exchange all of your old things. You have to remain cautious about bad company. Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker and overcome all obstacles that come through your double-light form. Slogan: To remain constantly happy and to distribute happiness is the greatest honour.