Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Murli 22 April 2015

Essence: Sweet children, check your stage: Is your heart attached to the one Father alone, or is it attached to karmic relationships? Question: In order to benefit yourself, in which two aspects should you keep a daily chart? Answer: Keep a daily chart of your yoga and your activity. Check to see whether you did any disservice. Always ask your heart: How much do I remember the Father? Am I using my time successfully? Am I looking at others? Is my heart attached to anyone's name or form? Song: See your face in the mirror of your heart. Essence for Dharna: 1. Do not perform any such action through which the Father of this yagya would be defamed. Perform good actions with the righteous intellect you have been given by the Father. Never cause sorrow for anyone. 2. Do not ask one another about useless news. Only speak things of knowledge amongst yourselves. Renounce speaking lies, being devilish and breaking up homes. Let only jewels of knowledge emerge from your mouth. Neither listen to nor speak of evil things. Blessing: May you be, loving and detached and go beyond by constantly having the awareness of your original land and your original form. The awareness of the incorporeal world and the incorporeal form makes you constantly detached and loving. We are residents of the incorporeal world and have incarnated down here for the sake of service. We do not belong to this land of death, but are just incarnations. If you remember this little thing, you will be able to stay beyond. Those who do not consider themselves to be incarnations but householders would find that their vehicle remains stuck in the mud. A householder means the stage of a burden whereas an incarnation means one who is completely light. By considering yourself to be an incarnation you will remember your original land and your original form and go beyond. Slogan: A Brahmin is one who carries out every task with purity and in the right way. Om Shanti