Monday, April 20, 2015

Murli 21 April 2015

Essence: Sweet children, the Father has a heart-to-heart conversation with you spirits. You have come to the Father to insure your lives for 21 births. You insure your lives in such a way that you become immortal. Question: Human beings have life insurance and you Brahmins also insure your lives. What is the difference? Answer: Human beings have life insurance so that, if they die, their family receives money. You children now have life insurance against dying for 21 births; you become immortal. In the golden age, there are no insurance companies. You should now have the happiness that you are insuring your lives and that you will never die. Song: Who came to my door in the early morning hours? Essence for Dharna: 1. Become introverted and make your stage strong. Practise: I am a soul and I am giving my brother soul the Father's message. Make incognito effort to become soul conscious in this way. 2. Become interested in doing spiritual service. Make effort to make others similar to yourself. The influence of company is very dirty. Therefore, protect yourself from it. Do not form the habit of taking wrong food and drink. Blessing: May you be constant, stable and unshakeable and constantly maintain your courage and enthusiasm with the awareness of the Father and the attainments. Constantly keep in front of you a list of the attainments you have received from the Father from birth. Since your attainments are unshakeable and immovable, your courage and enthusiasm should also be unshakeable. Instead of being unshakeable, your mind causes mischief, or your stage is mischievous, the reason for this is that you do not constantly keep the Father and the attainments in front of you. Let the experience of all attainments remain constantly in front of you or in your awareness and all obstacles will finish. There will then always be new enthusiasm and new courage; your stage will be constant, stable and unshakeable. Slogan: To remain constantly content in any type of service is to claim good marks. Om Shanti