Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Murli 08 April 2015

Essence: Sweet children, this new tree of yours is very sweet. Insects only come to this sweet tree. The insecticide to finish all insects is “Manmanabhav.” Question: What are the signs of the students who pass with honours? Answer: They pay full attention, not just to one subject, but to all the subjects. The subject of physical service too is good. Many receive happiness through that and marks are also accumulated. However, together with that, there also has to be knowledge and good behaviour. Pay full attention to imbibing divine virtues. When you have full knowledge and yoga, you will be able to pass with honours. Song: Neither will He be separated from us, nor will there be sorrow in our hearts. Essence for Dharna: 1. In order to make your fortune elevated for yourselves, live with one another like milk and sugar; become very sweet. Never become like salt water. Pay full attention to all the subjects. 2. In order to attain salvation, follow the elevated directions you have received from the Father, and tell these elevated directions to others. Show them the path to go to heaven. Blessing: May you be a master creator who makes the arms of every power work according to your orders. Before you begin any task, invoke the power according to the task. Be a master and order it because all of these powers are like your arms. Your arms cannot do anything without your orders. When you order the power of tolerance to make a task successful, then, when you look at it, success is guaranteed, but, instead of ordering it, you become afraid about whether you will be able to do it or not. When you have this type of fear, your orders do not work and you must therefore be a master creator and become fearless in order to use all the powers according to your orders. Slogan: Reveal the Father, the Bestower of Support, and give everyone the experience of happiness and peace. Om Shanti