Saturday, April 25, 2015

Murli 26 April 2015

“Fulfilling the responsibility of love” Blessing: May you be seated on BapDada’s heart-throne and forget your old body and the world. The place for the elevated confluence-aged souls is BapDada’s heart throne. You cannot receive such a throne throughout the whole cycle. You will of course continue to receive a throne for the kingdom of the world or the kingdom of a state, but you will not find this throne. This is such an unlimited throne that you can do whatever you want – walk, tour around, eat, sleep – and still be on the throne. The children who are always seated on BapDada’s heart throne have forgotten their old bodies and the bodily world. They see it but do not see it. Slogan: To race after limited name, honour and pride means to chase after a shadow. Om Shanti