Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Murli 15 March 2017

Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada

Sweet children, you have been following the dictates of human beings for half a cycle. Now follow My shrimat and become pure and you will become the masters of the pure world.
Which blessings does the unlimited Father give the children and which children receive those blessings?
The Father gives the blessings: Children, you will remain constantly happy for 21 births. You will remain immortal; death will never come to you. You will not experience untimely death. Kamdhenu (cow who fulfils all desires), the mother, will fulfil all your desires, but you will have to renounce that poison (vice). Only those who follow shrimat in this last birth to become pure, and make others pure receive these blessings. Baba says: Children, the world is changing. Therefore, you must definitely become pure.
Salutations to Shiva.  
Om Shanti
The children of God heard the song. In fact, all are the children of God. All human beings call God, the Father, Baba. The Father of all is One. A worldly father cannot be called the Father of all. The unlimited Father is the Father of all, He is the Bestower of Salvation for all. This praise cannot belong to anyone else. Everyone now remembers that incorporeal Father. You souls are incorporeal and the Father is also incorporeal. You heard His praise: Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, Shiv Baba, You are the highest of all. You are the Bestower of Salvation for all, You grant salvation to everyone. Therefore, they become deities, the masters of heaven. Human beings cannot grant salvation to human beings. There is no praise of human beings. You children are now receiving your inheritance from the unlimited Father. You enjoy the reward for half a cycle. That is called the kingdom of Rama. Then, in the copper age, the kingdom of Ravan begins; there is the influence of the five vices, just like evil spirits of impure souls. When such a soul incarnates in someone, that person goes crazy. In the same way, out of all the vices, the number one evil spirit of lust is the greatest enemy. That vice has caused you a lot of sorrow for half a cycle. Conquer it and become pure and you will become the masters of the pure world. The Father alone inspires everyone to make this promise. He says: If you tie a rakhi to become pure, you will become the masters of heaven, the pure world, for 21 births. I have come to make impure ones pure. Bharat used to be pure when it was the kingdom of deities. The very name was the land of happiness. It is now the land of sorrow. They use the sword of lust on one another and they continue to fight and quarrel. Look how much sorrow there is! The Father comes at the confluence age. This is the beneficial confluence age. You children have come to benefit yourselves in order to go to the land of happiness. The Father says: Now follow My shrimat. You have been following the dictates of human beings for half a cycle. The Bestower of Salvation is only the one Father and you become the masters of heaven by following His shrimat. Having studied those scriptures, you have now reached the end of the iron age and become tamopradhan. People call themselves God and have others worship them. In the scriptures, they have portrayed the story of Prahlad (young prince). They show that God Narsingh (half man and half lion) emerged from a pillar and killed Hirnakashapa. However, no one can emerge from a pillar. All evil has to be destroyed. The Father says: I come and uplift those sages, holy men and great souls as well as sinful souls like Ajamil. The Father comes and places the urn of the nectar of knowledge on the mothers. No one can receive salvation without the mother Guru. The World Mother is Kamdhenu (the cow who fulfils everyone's desires). She is the one who fulfils the desires of everyone. You are her daughters. The Father now says: You must not listen to any human being. Only the one Father makes impure ones pure. Therefore, there must surely be someone who makes you impure. Everyone is impure in the kingdom of Ravan. The Purifier Father has now come to give you your inheritance of heaven. He says: You will be constantly happy for 21 births. He gives you these blessings. A worldly mother and father also give blessings, but that happiness is for a temporary period. This is the unlimited Father and Mother. He says: Children, may you remain immortal! Death will not come to you there. There will be no untimely death there and you will remain constantly happy. Kamdhenu, your mother, fulfils all your desires. You simply have to renounce poison, because those who are impure cannot go there. The Father says: I have come to take you back home. Simply become pure! Do not say that you have to arrange for your son to get married. You must not become impure or allow others to become impure. You must definitely become pure in this last birth in this land of death, for only then will you go to the land of immortality. The Father sits here and explains to souls. It is souls that imbibe knowledge. The Father says: You are My children. You souls used to live in the supreme abode and I have now come to take you back home. I will take with Me those who become pure. Then, from there, I will send you to heaven. Meera renounced poison and so her name is glorified so much.The Father says:

Children, the old world is changing and the new world is being created. The deities used to rule in the new world. I teach you Raja Yoga through Brahma. I give you shrimat in order to make you into elevated deities. You have to go to the land of Krishna. Look how much praise there is of Shri Krishna! He is full of all virtues. If you follow My directions, you will become like Lakshmi and Narayan. Only those who claimed their inheritance a cycle ago will follow shrimat. Otherwise, they will continue to follow the devilish dictates of their own minds. This Baba also takes directions from that incorporeal One. Shiv Baba enters the body of Brahma and gives you directions. He says: All of you are brides, devotees; the Bridegroom, God, is only One. Human beings can never be called God. You have been receiving wrong directions. This is why you have reached such a stage of degradation. I alone take you across. Those gurus do not even know My abode, so how could they bring you to Me? People simply bow their heads wherever they go. That is why I, Myself, have come to take you back with Me and I will then send you to heaven. That is the land of Vishnu, the sun dynasty. The silver age is called the kingdom of Rama. After that, the kingdom of Ravan begins in the copper age. So, from being the temple of Shiva, Bharat becomes a brothel. This Bharat was completely viceless and the same Bharat has become completely vicious. You children are now studying Raja Yoga and conquering the whole world. There is the story of the two monkeys: they fought one another and you took the butter of the world from between them. You must simply remember Shiv Baba and heaven. Even while living at home, become pure and you will become the masters of the pure world. Only because of purity are innocent ones assaulted. This happened a cycle ago and it will also definitely happen again because you do not give them poison. It is sung: Why should we renounce nectar and drink poison? By drinking nectar, you change from human beings into deities. Those who are firm Brahmins will say: No matter what happens, we will not give you poison. They tolerate so much; this is why they claim a high status. While remembering Shiv Baba they even shed their bodies. Shiv Baba's order is for everyone; the order is: Remember Me and you will come to Me in the supreme abode. Shiv Baba is speaking to you souls through this mouth. This one is also a human being. Human beings can never purify human beings. You call out to the Father to come and purify the impure. So I definitely have to come into the impure world because no one here is pure. The Father now says: I make you into the masters of the pure world of heaven, just like Shri Krishna. What can Baba do if some people say that they are in bondage? You receive this knowledge. While living at home, follow shrimat and you will become elevated. All of you belong to God's family. Shiva is Baba, Brahma is Dada and you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are the grandchildren. All of you receive the inheritance of the sovereignty of heaven. The Father gives you the inheritance of heaven and so you are His heirs. So, you should definitely be in heaven. In that case, why are you now in hell? The Father explains that you are in hell because of the kingdom of Ravan. I have now come to take you to heaven. The Father is the Boatman and He takes everyone across. Shri Krishna is not the Father of everyone. You must only remember the One. The remembrance of many means the path of devotion. If you only remember the one Father, your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. The shrimat of the one Father alone has been remembered, not that of the many gurus and sages. They say that God is beyond name and form. However, there cannot be anything in existence that is without a name or form. The world is in space, but it still has a name. This Bharat is now so poverty-stricken; it has become bankrupt. The Father says: When your condition becomes like this, I come and make Bharat into the Golden Sparrow. The haystack has to be set on fire. The whole of the old world will be destroyed and it will become new again. You children are establishing the kingdom of heaven according to shrimat. This is a Godly study, whereas all the rest are devilish studies. Through this study, you become the residents of heaven, whereas through those studies you become the residents of hell. Now, day by day, the deity tree will continue to grow. There are also many storms of Maya. Therefore, the Father says: This is the land of sorrow. You must now remember Me and also remember the supreme abode and the land of happiness, and then your boat will go across. The Father comes to take you from the land of sorrow to the land of peace. Then He will send you to the land of happiness. Now, continue to forget the land of sorrow. Remember the Father and the inheritance. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Cut your bonds with knowledge and yoga. Forget this land of sorrow and remember the land of peace and the land of happiness.
2. No matter how much you have to tolerate, even if you have to shed your body, definitely obey the order that the Father has given you to become pure. Never become impure.
May you be a great soul who claims a right to receiving blessings by putting a full stop to any adverse situation.
Great souls are those who have the power to change themselves and who offer themselves first in putting a full stop to any adverse situation. Those who offer themselves and say, “I have to do this, I have to change”, receive three types of blessings. 1. They receive blessings from themselves, that is, they receive happiness. 2. From the Father. 3. From the Brahmin family. Therefore, do not be careless by thinking that this happens all the time or that it is fine to continue in that way. Put a full stop and transform your carelessness and become alert.
Only through the concentration of thought can you develop a fast speed in your elevated transformation.