Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Murli 22 March 2017

Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada

Sweet children, Baba has come to make you into true Vaishnavs. You are now being transferred and being changed from ugly to beautiful.
What is the title of those who fulfil everyone's desires? Which desires do you have to fulfil?
You are Kamdhenu, children of the World Mother, the ones who fulfil everyone's desires. Everyone desires to receive liberation and liberation-in-life. Therefore, the children of the World Mother and the World Father have to continue to show everyone the path to liberation and liberation-in-life. This is your business.
Mother, you are the World Mother!
Om Shanti
This praise, sung by devotees, is of Mama. They say, “You are the one who protects the devotees.” That is the path of devotion. The praise of Mama comes after the praise of Shiv Baba. When the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes, He creates the World Mother. ‘To create’ means that He transfers: He makes ugly ones beautiful. At present, there is only one who is the World Mother, just as there is only one image of Shiva, but people have given Him many different names and forms and built many temples to Him. They sing His praise in many different ways. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is only One. In the same way, the World Mother is also only one and she has two arms. There cannot be any deities with eight arms. The World Father and the World Mother also have two arms each. There is a lot of praise of the World Mother in Calcutta: Kali of Calcutta is very famous. People have created a very fearsome image of her. They even have her wearing a garland of skulls. All of that is the path of devotion. Jagadamba cannot accept a sacrifice. She is the one who creates the world. How could she accept a sacrifice? That is, how could she be non-vegetarian? There are temples to her, not just in Calcutta, but in many other places too. A mother would not accept a sacrifice of her children. Devotion is so harsh! Someone has to sit and explain to people that the World Mother cannot have such a fearsome form and that she doesn’t accept such a sacrifice. Among them too, one is a Vaishnav goddess (pure and vegetarian goddess) and the other is a non-vegetarian goddess. So the one who is non-vegetarian now becomes a Vaishnav. Mama is a kumari and she would not have eaten any non-vegetarian food. The World Mother is a kumari, the daughter of Brahma. How a kumari can be called the Mother is something that needs to be understood. In Calcutta, she is worshipped a great deal. The fearsome images that they have created cannot be of the World Mother. She is the one who fulfils everyone's desires. She is a true Vaishnav goddess. She may have been non-vegetarian in her previous birth and she is now becoming a Vaishnav, that is, she is becoming pure with divine virtues. All of this refers to the confluence age. You should go to the temple of the World Mother and sing her praise. Firstly, you have to tell them that the Father of souls is the incorporeal One. Then, there is also only the one corporeal Father of People, Brahma and also only one Saraswati, the daughter of Brahma. She doesn’t accept any sacrifice etc. At first, she was beautiful but she has now become ugly and is once again becoming beautiful. Therefore, the whole family will also become beautiful. At many places, they have shown Amba (goddess) with just two arms. If you explain to people, it is possible that some would understand. However, others would start arguing. They don’t take long to create an upheaval. Therefore, those who are clever are needed to explain to others. You children are benefactors. Although Mama was in Calcutta, there has never been a murli spoken such as this. The World Mother is only one. There are many of you daughters, but the name of only one is mentioned. Many temples have been built to only one. Now, how can we liberate the devotees in Calcutta from this worshipping? They also have to be made worthy of being worshipped. Therefore, someone should go there and explain to them. At present, the World Mother, the one who fulfils everyone's desires, is sitting here. She is Kamdhenu (the cow that fulfils everyone's desires). No one knows how she fulfils everyone's desires. You are Kamdhenu, daughters of the World Mother. Not only are the mothers the cows, but the brothers are too; they also fulfil the desires of many. Therefore, your business is to fulfil everyone's desires. At some places, brothers run the centres. It enters their intellects that they too have to fulfil everyone's desires, that is, they have to show others the path to liberation and liberation-in-life and enable them to claim the inheritance of Heaven. Those who claimed the inheritance of heaven a cycle ago will do so again. Yes, you receive all types of happiness there. Shiv Baba is the Creator of the World Father and the World Mother. So many desires are fulfilled through them. A lot of worship takes place in Calcutta. Some believe in one and others believe in someone else. Some even believe in the Vaishnav goddess. They would instantly become pleased with whatever you tell them. Tell them: You received your fortune of the kingdom through the World Mother. So, through whom did the World Mother receive it? The World Father. From whom did he receive it? From Shiv Baba, the Creator of the whole world. You children can explain very well.

Everyone believes in the World Mother. The World Mother and the World Father definitely receive their inheritance from Shiv Baba and the children receive it through them. There is only one World Mother, and she has two arms; she doesn’t have many arms. Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma and is the goddess of knowledge. However, people have portrayed her with a fearsome form. Therefore, you should explain that the World Mother doesn’t have such a fearsome form. Satopradhan human beings become tamopradhan, and tamopradhan human beings then worship the images of those satopradhan beings. The World Mother is a human being because the human world exists here. Neither the incorporeal world nor the subtle region can be called the human world. The subtle deities reside in the subtle region and souls reside in the incorporeal world. Therefore, you have to explain all of these aspects. However, you must remember the Father and the inheritance. You have to tell the story of 84 births to the people of Bharat. Those who were deities are no longer that. Only those who are worshippers of the deities will understand all of these things. They will also make effort to claim a high status. Many children think that, because they have become Baba's children, they will definitely claim a high status. However, just think about it: only those who study well will claim a good status. If you do not study but still continue to perform sinful actions, you will first have to experience punishment and you will then become maids and servants because there is a huge burden of sin. If you become a maid or servant for many births and claim a high status later on, that is not a big thing. It is better to become a subject who receives a lot of wealth. They do not become anyone's maid or servant. All of these aspects have to be understood. The main thing the Father was explaining was that only a Vaishnav goddess becomes Lakshmi. Is the temple to Lakshmi greater than the temple to the Vaishnav goddess? Whose praise is greater? This one is the goddess of knowledge. Lakshmi cannot be called the goddess of knowledge. This is why the praise is of the World Mother. A huge gathering takes place in her name. People invoke Lakshmi at the Festival of Lights. This is the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul. No human being understands these things. Those of you who explain to others have to be very clever and be able to carry out this task with a lot of love and tact so that anyone can understand that your explanation is correct. Shri Lakshmi was so beautiful! All the worshipping that takes place of Lakshmi and Narayan must be by those who are true Vaishnavs. The World Mother too is a Vaishnav. The Father taught them Raja Yoga and changed them from human beings into deities. You cannot be worshipped at this time because your bodies are not pure. When you become complete, your bodies will change. Only then do you become worthy of being worshipped. In fact, sannyasis should not be worshipped. Nowadays, they say, “Shivohum” (I am Shiva) and accept worship of themselves. Among them, there is also a sect who do not allow themselves to be worshipped. Shiva is incorporeal, so how could He have Himself worshipped? When Shiv Baba enters this one, He doesn’t allow Himself to be worshipped. The Father comes and changes you from worshippers into being worthy of worship. How could He teach you how to worship? Shiv Baba doesn’t allow you to do anything like that. He says: Your lips must not even say “Rama, Rama”. You simply have to remember the Father. To remember Him is not a chant. Children claim an inheritance from their father, but they wouldn’t chant his name. You do not have to chant any mantras either. There is the difference of day and night between chanting a mantra and remembering Baba. You continue to receive many new points to explain to others. It is also essential to understand that that one is the Father, and that you receive the unlimited inheritance from Him. From a worldly father, you only receive a limited inheritance. That parlokik Father also gave you your inheritance a cycle ago and has now come to give it to you once more. All the knowledge, through which human beings can become deities, should spin in your intellects. A lot of effort is needed to explain to others about the path of knowledge through which human lives can become as valuable as diamonds. Many people are unhappy and they continue to fight among themselves. The Father comes and creates the Godly community and He then makes it into the deity community. This is why there is no question of fighting or battling. No devilish person can stay in the Godly court. No dirty, impure clothes have a right to sit here. The Father continues to explain: Children, you must never fight or quarrel among yourselves. Those who defame the Satguru cannot reach their destination, that is, they cannot claim a high status in the golden age. If you defame the Satguru who makes you, the masters of heaven, cannot claim a high status. All of that applies here, but those people have made it refer to themselves and they have put fear into people. Here, you have to become completely pure. Those people adopt gurus, but they don’t become pure. There is no benefit in making a householder a guru. This is government by the people (the kingdom of the people) and you need someone powerful to create the deity kingdom. Baba has come to change the devilish world into the divine world. The deity religion will be established and those of all the other religions will then be destroyed. It is said that God will come and give you the fruit; so this indicates that no one can go to the land of liberation. Only the Father comes and teaches you Raja Yoga. He says: I am your Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. I alone have the whole knowledge. I alone am called the Purifier. Only I teach you Raja Yoga. You then have to teach others. Those who explain to others cannot all be the same. You should note everything down. Even those who give very good lectures do not remember all the points at that time. Later, they think: I should have explained this. You must definitely note everything down, but this doesn't mean that you note it down and then put it aside and do not study it. Only when you follow shrimat can you imbibe knowledge. You should wake up early in the morning at amrit vela and definitely remember Baba. Only when you repeat the points and relate them to others can you claim a high status. To become a king is not like going to your aunty's home! Do you understand? You have to make effort! Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Make full effort to become worthy of being worshipped. Do not allow yourself to be worshipped. Only when the soul and the body are both pure will you be worthy of worship.
2. Become sensible and clever and do service while having benevolent feelings. Become a true Vaishnav with divine virtues.
May you be a powerful soul with all powers who finishes all complaints and becomes complete.
If you have any weaknesses within you, understand their cause and find a solution because it is Maya’s discipline that when you have a weakness, she will use that weakness to stop you from becoming a conqueror of Maya. Maya will take advantage of that weakness so that in the end, that weakness will deceive you. Therefore, accumulate a stock of powers, become a powerful soul and by experimenting with yoga finish the complaints and become complete. Remember the slogan: If not now, then never.
Those who finish obstacles with the powers of peace and patience are destroyers of obstacles.