Saturday, March 18, 2017

Murli 19 March 2017

Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada

Accumulate in your account of blessings by keeping a balance of being constructive and having humility.
Today, BapDada has come into the gathering of His holy, happy swans. Holy swans are visible everywhere. All of you know very well the speciality of holy swans. To be a constantly holy and happy swan means to have a clean and clear heart. Because holy swans have clean and clear hearts, all their pure desires are easily fulfilled and they always remain fully satisfied. As soon as you have an elevated thought, it is fulfilled.

There is no need to make effort. Why? Souls who are the most loved and the closest to BapDada are those with clean hearts. Those who have clean hearts are constantly seated on BapDada’s heart-throne. Because all their elevated thoughts are fulfilled, they are seen to be easy, clear and the same in their attitude, vision, words, relationships and connections. The sign of their easiness is that their hearts, heads and speech are all the same. To have one thing in your heart and something else in your speech is not a sign of easiness.

Those with an easy nature constantly have a nature of humility; they are egoless and selfless. A holy swan has the specialities of an easy nature, easy words, easy attitude and easy vision.

This year, BapDada would like to see two specialities in both the activity and on the faces of all the children. All of you ask: What are we going to do next? What are we going to do after the last meeting of this season? All of you are thinking about what is going to happen next, what you are going to do next. The majority of you have progressed very well in the field of service, according to your power, and have moved forward. BapDada also congratulates you for this progress. Very good! Very good! Very good! Along with this, BapDada also saw one thing in your results. Should He tell you what that was? Teachers, should Baba tell you? Double foreigners, should Baba tell you? Pandavas, should Baba tell you? Only when you raise your hands will Baba tell you. Otherwise, Baba will not tell you. (Everyone raised their hands.) Very good! What is the one thing that Baba saw? Today Bap and Dada had a heart-to-heart conversation in the subtle region. How would they have a heart-to-heart conversation? How do the two of them converse with each other? Just as in this world, you people perform mono acting. You do this very well. In your corporeal world, one soul plays two parts, but BapDada is two souls in one body. There is a difference, is there not? And so, it is very enjoyable.

So, today, Bap and Dada had a heart-to-heart conversation in the subtle region. About what? Do you all know what Father Brahma had a lot of enthusiasm for? You know this very well, do you not? Father Brahma was enthusiastic for everything to happen very quickly. Therefore, Father Shiva said to Father Brahma: For destruction and transformation to take place is not even a matter of one clap. It is just a matter of snapping your fingers. However, first of all, create a rosary, not of 108, but of at least half of that! So, what reply would Father Brahma have given? What reply would he have given? Tell Baba! (It is being prepared.) Achcha, is not even half the rosary ready yet? Let alone the whole rosary, is even half the rosary ready? (Everyone was laughing.) Because you are laughing, it means there must be something in that. Those who say that half the rosary is ready, raise one hand! Is it ready? There are very few. Those who think that the rosary is still being prepared, raise your hand! The majority say that it is being prepared. The minority say that it is ready. BapDada is asking all of those who raised their hands to say that the rosary is ready, to write down the names and give them to BapDada. This is good, is it not? Only BapDada will see this. No one else will see it because it will be sealed. BapDada will see who such hopeful jewels are. BapDada too thinks that there should be some. So take the names from them, take their photograph!

So what reply did Father Brahma give? All of you gave very good replies.Father Brahma said: The delay is just a matter of You snapping your fingers and they will be ready. So, this is good, is it not? Then, Father Shiva asked: Achcha, is the whole rosary ready? The answer for half the rosary has come and He asked about the full rosary. For that, he said that a little time is needed. This was the heart-to-heart conversation that took place. Why is a little time needed? There would definitely be questions and answers in their heart- to-heart conversations, would there not? Why is a little time still needed? What is the particular weakness that prevents even half the rosary from being ready yet? Father Brahma said: All the children of each area began to emerge. Just as you have your zone, so, not from each zone, because the zones are very big, but He made each and every special city emerge and looked at each one’s face. Looking at their faces, Father Brahma said: If all the children were quickly to imbibe one particular speciality, the rosary would be ready. What speciality? So, he said: You have made much progress in service and you have moved ahead whilst doing that service. You have moved forward very well. However, there is a lack of balance in one particular aspect. The aspect that you have progress well in, is in the task of construction (nirmaan). However, along with construction, there also has to be humility (nirman). One thing is to be constructive and the other is to be humble. There is the difference of just one letter. However, there is a difference in the balance of being constructive and having humility. Whilst progressing in service, instead of having humility, at some places your own ego sometimes gets mixed in. The more progress you make in service, the more humility should be seen in your attitude, vision, words and behaviour. Therefore, there should be this balance. This is why you don’t receive the blessings that you should receive from all your relationships and connections. No matter how much other effort you make, although that is good, nevertheless, together with making effort, if you are not accumulating in your account of blessings, you will then not be able to experience the stage of being a bestower or the stage of being merciful. It is necessary to make effort on yourself, and, at the same time, also receive blessings from BapDada and the junior and senior members of the family. To receive these blessings means to accumulate in your account of charity. This becomes an addition to your marks. Do as much service as you like. Keep on progressing by staying engrossed in the service you do. However, BapDada wants to see the speciality in everyone that, together with doing service, you have humility and you are harmonious. It is very necessary to accumulate this in your account of charity. You mustn’t then say that you did so much service, that you did this and you did that and yet ask why your number is behind. This is why BapDada is signalling you in advance. At the present time, you have to accumulate a great deal in your account of charity. Do not think, “This one is like this anyway. This one is not going to change.” You are able to change nature. You adjust nature, do you not? So, are you not able to adjust to Brahmin souls? Adjust to those who are against you. This is what it means to keep a balance between being constructive and being humble. Did you listen to this?

Baba would give you homework in the last meeting, would He not? (It was the last meeting of the Season for Bharatwasis.) You would receive some homework, would you not? So, BapDada will come in the next season, but... He is setting a condition, “But…” Look! The part that sakar Baba played continued and the part that avyakt Baba is playing is also continuing. No one ever dreamt that this avyakt part would continue for so long. So, both of these parts have continued to be played according to the drama. Now, should there be a condition or not? What is your suggestion? Should it continue just like this? Why? Today, in the subtle region, Baba was asked about the programme. Therefore, in their heart-to-heart conversation Bap and Dada also discussed how long this part in the drama will continue to be played. Is there a date for this? (Baba asked Sister Prem from Dehradun.) Tell Baba the horoscope! How long will this continue? This question has now come up. How long is this going to continue? So…you have six months, haven’t you? The next season will begin after six months. Therefore, BapDada wants to see the result. A clean heart! Let there be no stain of any old sanskars, any arrogance (abhiman) or any feeling of being insulted (apman) in your hearts.

BapDada also has the machinery with which to take a picture of your heart. Here you are able to look at the physical heart with an x-ray. The picture of the heart is very clearly visible in the subtle region. There are many types of small and large stains. Some stains are faint and others are very clearly visible.

You have come here today to celebrate Holi, have you not? Because this is the last meeting, you were first given your homework. However, you also tell others about the meaning of the festival of Holi. To celebrate Holi means to let the past be the past. To celebrate Holi means to have no type of large or small stain on your heart. It means to have a totally clean heart and to be full of all attainments. BapDada also told you children earlier that, because BapDada has love for you, there is one thing He doesn’t like. This is that you labour a lot. If your hearts were to become clean, you wouldn’t have to labour. The Comforter of Hearts would remain merged in your hearts and you would remain merged in the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. When the Father is merged in your heart, then no form of Maya, whether in a subtle form, or a royal form, or gross form, can enter your heart. Maya cannot come even in your thoughts or your dreams. Therefore, you will become free from having to labour, will you not? BapDada also wants to see you free from having to labour even in your mind. Only those who are free from labouring are able to experience the stage of being liberated in life. To celebrate Holi means to stay in the experience of being free from labouring (mehnatmukt) and having liberation in life (jeevanmukt). BapDada now wants you to make service powerful with the power of your mind. Service through words has continued and it will continue, but that takes time! Time is short and there is still a lot of service to be done. All of you gave the result. Up until now, you haven’t even been able to create the rosary of 108. Therefore, the preparation of the rosary of 16,000 and 900,000 is still very far away. For this, you need a fast method. First, make your mind elevated and clean. Let not a single second be wasted. Even now, there is some percentage of waste thoughts in the majority of you. They aren’t impure thoughts, but they are waste thoughts. This is why your service through the mind is not being done at a fast speed. To celebrate Holi now means to make your mind free from even waste thoughts and holy.

Did you celebrate Holi? To celebrate means to become. People of the world celebrate Holi with many different colours. However, BapDada is sprinkling over all the children the colours of divine virtues, divine powers and roses of knowledge.

In the subtle region today, there was also some other news. You were told the first news, which was the heart-to-heart conversation. The second item of news was that it was the day of celebrating Holi in the subtle region for all your good service companions, who have gone into the advance party. Whenever there is any such opportunity, you remember them all, do you not? You remember your Dadis, friends and Pandavas, do you not? The group of the advance party has become very large. If you were to take their names, there would be many. So, all types of souls came to celebrate Holi in the subtle region. All are playing their various parts, according to the result of their efforts. The parts of the advance party are still incognito. You do wonder about what they must be doing, do you not? They are invoking all of you. They want you all to become complete and take a divine birth, and thus become instruments for the new world. All of them are happy playing their own parts. They are not aware that they went there from the confluence age. Although they do have divinity, purity and love for God, this knowledge has not clearly emerged. They are unique, but if this knowledge were to emerge in them, they would all come running to Madhuban, would they not? However, their parts are unique. They do have the power of knowledge; their power hasn’t decreased. The atmosphere in their homes is constantly according to the codes of conduct, their parents are content with them. They also have all the physical facilities. They are very firm in observing the codes of conduct. All of them are numberwise, but the special souls are very firm. They do feel that their previous birth was great and that their next birth too will be great. The features visible in the majority of them are those of contented souls of the royal family. Those souls are seen to be complete, cheerful and full of all divine virtues. That is their history. However, what happened in the subtle region? How did they celebrate Holi? All of you must have seen how people outside have trays of dry powder of various coloured. Therefore, just as there is dry powder here, in the same way, in the subtle region, there were many subtle sparkling diamonds. However, those diamonds were not heavy. When you hold coloured dry powder in your hands, it is very light, is it not? Similarly, there were many trays filled with diamonds of many different colours. Do you know what form everyone takes in the subtle region when they come? It would be a form of light, would it not? You have you seen it, have you not? The body of light is already sparkling anyway. Therefore, BapDada made everyone emerge in their confluence-aged body. When they emerged in their confluence-aged bodies, they all began to celebrate a meeting with one another. They forgot everything about their advance party birth and all the things of the confluence age emerged. So, you can all understand how happy they became, when they started to share the things of the confluence age with one another. They shared these with each other with great happiness. BapDada saw that they were enjoying themselves very much, and so He thought, “Let them meet one another.” They began to share the stories of their lives with each other: “Baba said this. Baba loved me in this way. Baba gave these teachings. Baba used to say this.” They constantly spoke of Baba; Baba and nothing but Baba. After some time…, you know everyone’s sanskars anyway. Who was the most entertaining in this group? (Didi and Dadi Chandermani.) Didi got up first. She took hold of Dadi Chandermani’s hand and began to do a raas (circle dancing). Just as Didi used to be intoxicated in trance here, in the same way, she danced a lot. They made Mama stand in the centre and formed a circle around her. They played “hide and seek” with one another. They played a lot and BapDada just continued to smile and watch everything. They went there to celebrate Holi and so they played a lot. After some time, all of them were enfolded in Baba’s arms and became absorbed in love. After that, BapDada threw the diamonds, which were very subtle and of various colours, over everyone. Just as you have very fine powder here, so too, those diamonds were like that and they were sparkling a lot. BapDada threw these over everyone. Their bodies were already sparkling, and when the various coloured diamonds fell over them, they became very decorated. Red, green, yellow – seven colours are spoken of, are they not? All of those seven colours were present. All of them began to sparkle so much. Even in the golden age, there won’t be such dresses. Everyone was enjoying themselves anyway. They then began to sprinkle one another. There were many playful, entertaining sisters. They really enjoyed themselves a great deal. What do you do after you have enjoyed yourselves? You will offer bhog tomorrow, but BapDada gave everyone in advance the various kinds of confluence-aged bhog of Madhuban. Within that, what is the special bhog for Holi? (Sweet puri and jalebi). All of you also fry rose petals, do you not? They were given the various kinds of bhog of the confluence age. All of them took bhog before all of you will. You will receive it tomorrow! Achcha. In essence, they all celebrated and danced and sang a great deal. They all sang the songs of Wah Baba! My Baba! My sweet Baba! They danced, sang, ate. Then, what happens at the end? Greetings and congratulations are given and you say goodbye. Therefore, did all of you celebrate this or did you just listen to it? However, you first have to become angels, those with bodies of light. Are you able to become this or not? Is your body too gross? No! Become a sparkling form of double-light within a second. Are you able to become this? Become complete angels. (Baba conducted drill.)

Now, sprinkle the diamonds of various colours over your subtle sparkling bodies and remain constantly coloured with the divine colours of virtues, powers and knowledge. The greatest colour of all is to be coloured by BapDada’s company. Therefore, remain constantly coloured with this colour. May you remain like this eternally! Achcha.

To the angelic children of this land and abroad, to the children who always have clean hearts and are constantly full of all attainments, to those who celebrate a true Holi which means to put this image into a practical form to the children who keep a balance between being constructive and being humble, to the children who always accumulate blessings in their account, multi-multi-million fold love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada.
May you be loved by God and experience a carefree stage by giving all your worries to the Father.
The children who are loved by God remain constantly seated on the heart-throne. No one has the courage to separate them from the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. This is why you say to the world with spiritual intoxication that you now belong to God. Because of staying in this intoxication you are free from all worries. You can never say, even by mistake, that your mind is a little sad today, or that your mind cannot concentrate. Those words are wasteful words. To say, “mine” means to fall into difficulty.
The means to finish any type of upheaval is to have unshakeable faith in the drama.