Thursday, March 9, 2017

Murli 10 March 2017

10/03/17 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuba

Sweet children, be very careful that none of your actions are sinful. Before performing any action take shrimat from the Father at every step.
Who can be saved from performing sinful actions? Which children receive help from the Father?
Those who are constantly honest with the Father, and have no thought of taking back the donation of vice that they gave in their promise to the Father are saved from performing sinful action. The Father’s help is received by those who take advice before any action becomes a sinful action. They relate their news accurately to the corporeal father. Baba says: Children, you must never hide your illness from the Surgeon. If you hide your sins, they increase; your status will be destroyed and you will also have to experience punishment.
Do not forget the days of your childhood.
Om Shanti
You children heard the song in which the Father cautions the children: O children, you have now come to belong to God. You know that you are the children of God. The whole world believes that that One is God, the Father. Father means that we are His children. Only the children would call Him the Supreme Father. You are children of worldly parents and you have now become children of the Father from beyond. Why? To claim your inheritance of unlimited happiness from the unlimited Father. The Father is the Creator of heaven. There is definitely the kingdom of deities in heaven. You became Baba's children after coming to know this. If a king does not have children, he adopts one. They would only be adopted by wealthy people; no one would ever be adopted by poor parents. Only when there is some benefit would a child be adopted. You now know that you belong to God. You will receive the kingdom of heaven from Him. You should never forget such a Father and you should follow His directions. You continue to perform sinful actions by following the dictates of Ravan. You must not be influenced by those five vices. If you find that you are being deceived, you must instantly take directions from Baba. Before your actions become sinful actions, you must ask: Baba, can we do this? It would then be explained to you that you must never become body conscious. You must consider yourself to be a soul and continue to follow the directions of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, at every step. If ever something is not understood, then tell Baba: “I have fallen in love with so-and-so. I am influenced by lust." Many storms will come, but you must guard yourself. If you fall into the gutter, you forget the unlimited Father and dirty your face. Baba has come to make you beautiful. This is why you must never get trapped by the five vices. You become trapped when you become body conscious. If you remain soul conscious, you would have fear of Baba (i.e. be fearful of performing sinful actions). Since you have already donated the vices, if you indulge in vice you accumulate a lot of sin. If you take back what you have donated, your state will become the same as is remembered of King Harishchandra. Here, it is no question of donating money. Here, you have to donate the five vices. Donate the thorns that you have and don’t ever use them again. If you want to take them back, you must tell Baba about it. If you don’t tell Baba, your sin continues to increase. If you continue to indulge in vice again and again, by telling Baba about it, you receive help. We are Shiv Baba's children. We have promised Baba that we will never be defeated. This is boxing to conquer the enemy, the five vices. "We will never be defeated by those." If you fall, Shiv Baba would know about it instantly. You have received orders to write to the corporeal father. By not writing to him, your sinful actions continue to increase and you will have to experience one hundred-fold punishment. By telling Baba, it will be reduced by half. There are many children who do not give Baba their news because they are too ashamed to do so. When a patient has a bad illness, his conscience bites in telling the surgeon. What would the surgeon say? What would the outcome be? The illness will increase. The Father explains: Children, if you perform any sinful action, you must not hide it. Otherwise, your status will be completely destroyed and you will receive a low status for cycle after cycle. You will not be able to take knowledge again. Some children ask Baba what their state will be. Firstly, they will experience a lot of punishment. All karmic accounts are settled at the time of settlement, just as people sacrifice themselves at Kashi. You are now truly sacrificing yourselves to Shiva. You belong to Shiva in order to claim your inheritance, but people who sacrifice themselves are actually committing suicide. They sacrifice themselves by doing intense devotion. They experience punishment for the sinful actions they have performed; they have their sins absolved in that way. However, they cannot be liberated from committing further sinful action. Only through the fire of yoga can your sins be absolved. In the kingdom of Maya their actions are sinful, whereas in the golden age there are no sinful actions because there is no kingdom of Maya there. The whole world is now corrupt. The number one corruption is to indulge in vice. Those who are born through corruption only perform sinful actions. This is the kingdom of Ravan. People burn an effigy of Ravan but they do not know what Ravan is. The five vices are called Ravan. Those vices do not exist in heaven. This is why that is called the viceless world. There is no other kingdom or land there. Those of Islam and the Buddhism all come later. They too are satopradhan at first. Then they go through the stages of rajo and tamo. In the golden and silver ages, you were completely viceless. Then, gradually, you became completely vicious. It takes time to become vicious. In the golden age you were 16 celestial degrees full, then 14 celestial degrees and then your degrees continued to decrease, because it was the stage of descending. It is now your ascending stage. Rama brings the ascending stage and Ravan brings the descending stage. Just as the degrees of the moon gradually decrease, so the world too is like that. Now no degrees remain. The Father comes at such a time and makes you 16 celestial degrees full. This whole play is based on Bharat. The clans are also based on Bharat. How else would there be the calculation of 84 births? The Father explains: This is the iron-aged world. It is now the end of the iron age and it will then be the beginning of the golden age. Those who belonged to the deity religion and have become corrupt in their religion and actions will come once again. You came, did you not? Look, Brahma is standing at the top of the tree at the end. They are tamopradhan and are doing tapasya beneath the tree in order to become satopradhan. Just as Brahma is doing tapasya, so the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris too are doing it. The Supreme Soul enters the tamopradhan Brahma and gives His own introduction. He tells Brahma and He also tells the children: Baba and you children are doing tapasya beneath the kalpa tree in order to become deities. That temple is your accurate non-living memorial. If a child is clever, he can give the accurate history and geography of that temple, that it is the highest-on-high temple. There are Mama, Baba and also the children who are doing tapasya. When foreigners hear the history and geography of those who made Bharat into heaven, they will say that this is the temple of our Father who makes Bharat into heaven. He is here in a practical form at this time. No one knows this. All of those pictures have been created out of blind faith. That is called worship of the elements, the worship of dolls. The Guru Nanak soul, who established the Sikh religion, was a new soul; he was viceless. Where did that soul come? He must definitely have entered someone’s body. A pure soul cannot experience sorrow. First of all, he has to experience happiness and later he experiences sorrow. When a soul has not yet performed a sinful action, why should he experience sorrow? We are perfect at first and then our degrees gradually decrease. It is the same with each human being. People call out: O Purifier, come! Therefore, He would surely come and establish the pure world and destroy the impure world. It is said that establishment takes place through Brahma and that destruction takes place through Shankar. Baba explains everything so clearly. This will only fit in the intellects of those who belong to the deity religion. This is why Baba says: Give this knowledge to the devotees. None of them knows that they first belonged to the deity religion and that they then became devilish. Lakshmi and Narayan have taken the full 84 births. You have now become Brahmins from shudras. Those who come later will not become Brahmins. These things will only sit in the intellects of those in whose intellects they sat a cycle ago. Otherwise, as soon as they go out, everything ends. Effort is required in this. In other places, they simply listen to religious stories from the scriptures and then, as soon as they go back home, they indulge in vice. They do not follow their gurus fully, and so how can they be called followers? The gurus do not say anything to them either. If they were to say something, not a single one would remain a follower, so how would they (the gurus) earn their living? They only eat that which is given to them by householders, so they then have to take birth to vicious people. Deities do not become renunciates. This renunciation belongs to the family path whereas that renunciation belongs to the path of isolation. The Father comes and explains to both husband and wife: Children, if you become completely pure, you will claim a very high status in the kingdom. If you become less pure, you will claim a lower status. You have to follow the mother and father. The Father says: Make effort like the mother and father and you will be able to claim the throne. The main thing is purity. You must now renounce body consciousness. The soul says, "I am a soul and Baba has come to take me back home." Only by becoming pure will you become the masters of the pure world. People speak of the kumbha mela. That is the meeting of the three rivers; they call that a confluence. In fact, this confluence is the meeting of the many rivers with the Ocean. All of you are rivers of knowledge and the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father says: Have yoga with Me and you will become pure from impure. You have to die anyway! You must claim your inheritance from the Father. It is only at this time that you can receive the fruit of your devotion from God. Otherwise, it would be understood that you have not performed any devotion. Only those who have performed devotion will come and claim their fortune of the kingdom. The Father explains everything so clearly! All others only have the scriptures in their intellects. Here, the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, is explaining. So you are becoming the most elevated human beings. So much effort is required to establish a kingdom. There are many obstacles in the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Never get trapped in vice by becoming body conscious. In order for your actions not to be sinful, first take advice from the Father.
2. Follow the mother and father. In order to claim a very high status, you must become completely pure.
May you have the fortune of happiness and be carefree by constantly eating and sharing the nourishment of happiness.
The nourishment of Brahmin life is happiness. Those who constantly eat and share the nourishment of happiness have the fortune of happiness. It emerges from their heart: No one is as fortunate as I am. Even if ocean waves drown them, they would not worry because those who are yogyukt are constantly safe and this is why it is only at this time in the whole cycle that you can experience a carefree life. You will be carefree in the golden age too, but you will not have knowledge there.
In order to become an easy effort-maker, fill yourself with everyone’s blessings.