Saturday, March 11, 2017

Murli 12 March 2017

12/03/17 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 09/03/8

“The spiritual way of celebrating Holi and making everyone holy.”
Today, the highest Father has come to meet His holy swans. The intellect of each of the holy swans is constantly filled with pearls, gems and jewels of knowledge. Even BapDada finds such holy swans only once in the whole cycle. All through the confluence age, BapDada celebrates Holi with such special holy swans. Worldly people celebrate Holi for one or two days in the year and, as well as celebrating, they also lose a lot, whereas you holy swans celebrate and also earn; you do not lose anything. All the children are celebrating Holi with BapDada even while sitting far away. The elevated thoughts of love of all the children in this land and abroad are reaching BapDada. The sprinkle of water emerging from the eyes and foreheads of all the children is of love (prem) and of fragrant, deep love (sneh). In return, BapDada is playing with the sprinkle of water of the eight powers, that is, the eight colours that emerge from the eyes of all the children. BapDada sees how, with a physical colour, you make everyone the same colour as that colour; with a red colour you make everyone red. With different colours, you create different forms. In the same way, with the spiritual colour of every power, you become embodiments of every power, you become the form of every virtue. With drishti, the form is transformed. You have come here to celebrate such a spiritual Holi, have you not?

Instead of celebrating Holi by showering everyone with flowers, BapDada makes each of you children into a spiritual rose with spiritual intoxication for all time. You yourselves become the flowers. Apart from the Father and the children, no one else can celebrate such a Holi. As soon as you took birth, the Father celebrated Holi and made you holy. Those people celebrate it, whereas you become constantly holy. You are constantly coloured with the colour of every virtue, every power and with the colour of love. You are such holy swans, are you not? There is no need even to apply a tilak; you are always wearing a tilak. The imperishable tilak is always applied, is it not? You cannot erase it, even if you try to. Instead of celebrating for a short time, you celebrate it for all time and you also make others the same. Those people embrace one another when celebrating an auspicious meeting, whereas you holy swans have become the garland around BapDada’s neck. Having become the garland of sparkling jewels around the neck, you constantly spread light into the world. Each of you jewels is the form of a sparkling light giving more light than even a thousand bulbs could give. You sparkling jewels, you know your form of light and might, do you not? You are the sparkling jewels who bring the whole world from darkness into light. BapDada is celebrating Holi in keeping with this special day with such holy swans.

You lit the fire of Holi and you also celebrated it. You know how to light the Holi (burn) and also to celebrate, do you not? It is only after you have lit the Holi that you celebrate it. With the matchstick of thoughts, whatever waste thoughts you have - that is, thoughts or sanskars of weakness for yourself or for service - put them all together and put a matchstick to them. Those are called kindling (dry sticks of wood). Gather them all together and put the matchstick of determined thoughts to them. So, you have also burnt them. To burn is to celebrate and to become. You know how to put a matchstick to something, do you not? So, burn and celebrate, that is, make yourself constantly holy. Let it not be that, when you put a matchstick to it, it does not light. A matchstick cannot be lit without coming into connection with the matchbox. So, when you have a connection and relationship with the Father, when there is enough phosphate of practice on the matchstick, then, as soon as you have the thought, you become that in a second. So, all the materials have to be right. There also has to be the relationship and the practice. If there is a relationship, but not enough practice, you will receive success only after making effort. You will not be able to become an embodiment of the thought in a second. After repeatedly having the thought, you will achieve success after making effort. The time of effort, that is, the time of devotion has finished for all of you, has it not? The meaning of devotion is effort (hard work). “The time of devotion is over” means that effort is over. It is now the time to receive the fruit of devotion. The fruit of devotion is knowledge, that is, love (mohabbat), not effort (mehnat). You made a little or more effort for 63 births, but you still made effort, did you not? Now, in this final birth, too, will you still make effort? Now, at least constantly eat the fruit of love for the Father, that is, constantly be fruitful. To eat the fruit means to be constantly successful. To eat the fruit means to celebrate Holi constantly and to become holy. Now, finish the sanskars of making effort and of battling. You have now attained the fortune of the kingdom, so why do you still battle? You have now attained fortune that is even more elevated than the fortune of the status of a deity. You will not have the pleasure of being a master of the self when you have the kingdom of the world. So, why are you souls who have received the fortune of the kingdom still battling even now? Therefore, set fire to the sanskars of making effort (working hard), the sanskars of battling and the old sticks of thoughts. Light the fire of this Holi. Even BapDada feels mercy when He sees the children’s sanskars of working hard. If you are working hard even now, then when will you eat the fruit? This doesn’t mean that you can become careless by thinking that you do not have to work hard. You do not have to become careless but you do have to remain constantly absorbed in love. You have to be merged in love. As soon as you think something, it happens – practise this. You are master almighty authorities, ones with all powers and so, as soon as you have the thought, you experience it. Have this easy practice now. Put the treasure of elevated thoughts into practice. Whenever you carry out an elevated task, you decorate everything, do you not? You decorated everything yesterday, did you not? (The day before, there was a surrender ceremony of five kumaris and they were decorated very beautifully.) A decorated image is a good sign. All of you are constantly engaged in an auspicious task. Therefore, remain constantly decorated with the jewellery of virtues. Do not keep them locked in the safe of your intellect. Always be an image that is decorated with the jewellery of all virtues - these are the sixteen decorations - that is, become full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full. In any case, how would the constantly married, constantly fortunate children of the highest-on-high Father, look without any decorations? The sign of being married (suhaag) is a decoration and the sign of being part of the royal clan is also a decoration. So, who are you? You belong to the clan who creates the kings of kings and you are constantly married. So, constantly be the spiritual images that are constantly decorated with the jewellery of virtues. Have you celebrated such a Holi?

You celebrated Holi in Madhuban, did you not? To sing and dance is to celebrate. So, you are constantly singing and constantly dancing and you also danced and sang physically - too. You celebrated, did you not? You sang and you also ate. You had yoga and also offered bhog. Your minds are always sweet and your mouths are also always sweet. So, you have had Holi, have you not? It is the Holi of every cycle. What else will you do? Will you sprinkle rose water? Will you shower everyone with rose petals? You yourselves are roses. If you have any desires remaining, then sprinkle everyone with rose water tomorrow. You are already coloured with the colours. That colour has to be wiped off whereas the more you are coloured with this colour, the better it is.

So, to such constantly spiritual roses, to those who are constantly coloured with the colour of knowledge, to those who constantly celebrate a meeting with God, to the images who are constantly decorated with the jewellery of all virtues, to the jewels who are close and equal to BapDada, whether you are far away or personally sitting here, to all the holy swans, BapDada is congratulating you for becoming holy in an imperishable way. Along with this, to all the souls who are merged in love, in response to their love, to the most elevated souls, love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting group from Gujarat:

All of you are the biggest businessmen of all, are you not? No one in the whole world can do such big business. Those who are clever businessmen continue to increase their income. In a worldly sense, as a sum increases, they keep adding a zero. You also have to add a point (zero). I am a point and the Father is also a point. You are the biggest businessmen of all, but you just have to add a zero. It can be difficult to write a ‘6’ or an ‘8’, but anyone can write a zero. It is easy and also elevated. How many zeros do you add in the whole day? When a question arises, the point is erased. There cannot be a question without a point. So, all of you are clever at putting a point, are you not? It doesn’t even take time to put a point. I am a point and Baba is also a point. For this, none of you can even say that you don’t have time. It is a matter of a second. So, however many seconds you have, add a zero and then, at night, count how many zeroes you added. Do not think about anything. The more you think about something, the more it increases. Stop thinking about anything and just remember the one Father. This will be blessings. There are many benefits in having remembrance. The more remembrance you have, the more you will be filled with power and you will also receive co-operation. Service will also be done. Achcha.

BapDada’s inspirations for the Annual Meeting.

You will bring about some newness in the meeting. However, you have to pay attention to one thing in particular. BapDada already gave a signal about this earlier: each zone has to prepare and bring to Madhuban a bouquet of co-operative contacts who can become instruments for service. They may be from any wing, but let them be special souls who can be instruments from time to time and become co-operative. Bring souls here who can be instruments for service. Not in front of Baba, but first bring the group to Madhuban. Then, to the extent that they move forward, they will come closer. Pay special attention to this. Let special groups from everywhere – in this land and abroad - come here. All of you must be doing this, but they have to come in front of the gathering here, and your service will increase the most through that group because they will receive strength by coming into the gathering; they will experience themselves to be family members. Along with that, you have to create groups among yourselves and go deeper into serving with the mind and, from time to time, make plans for creating an attitude of serving through the mind. Announce the results because now, according to the time and the circumstances, there will be a great need for serving through the mind. All of you have created the different wings, but let there be a co-operative group that is ready for every wing, that shows the Government what service you have done so far, how many you have helped transform and what have been the practical results in each wing. Then, the Government would also understand that you are all-round servers; that you are not just religious, but all- round servers. Whatever service there is, let the Government know about it, so that, on seeing the results of the Government group, they will make an offer to all of you to invite you to co-operate in their task. The practical plans have not yet been put in front of the Government. You are doing a lot of service, but now, let everyone’s eyes open and let it appear on the TV and in newspapers that the Brahma Kumaris have come to the Government with these results of the service they have done. Bring out the practical results and show these to them. All these little obstacles will then finish. Until now, they have been thinking that you are a religious organisation. You are social, educational and also instrumental for all wings. You bring about transformation in all the different wings of the whole world. You help so many give up drinking. You have health melas. What is the result in front of the Government? If you just send one report giving the news, they will not know so much. Make a plan to bring them onto the stage practically. Have functions and exhibitions. Do a lot of these things, but let the results of all of them be visible in everyone’s eyes. The service that all of you do and the results that you have brought about - no other organisation does as much. In all the different wings, in all the different villages, without any expense but with your heart, you do serve with love, but it is incognito. Do you understand? You are sensible anyway and this is why you come to the meetings. Achcha.
May you become free from any bondage of karma and be victorious over anger and arrogance by finishing any rights to the consciousness of “mine”.
When you have a right to the consciousness of “mine” and think, “Why did you do this?”, “This is mine”, there is anger, arrogance or attachment. However, all are service companions, and so you have no right over them. Since they are not “mine”, there can be no karmic bondage of anger or attachment. In order to be free from karmic bondages, make the one Father your world. “One Father and none other”. When the one Father becomes your world, there is then no attraction or bondage of weak sanskars. All the “mines” merge into “My Father”.
A master almighty authority is one who uses every virtue and power according to the time.