Saturday, March 4, 2017

Murli 5 March 2017

05/03/17 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 20/01/82

“The easy way to fulfil the responsibility of love is to sing and dance.”
Today, the Flame has come into the spiritual gathering of His moths. This spiritual gathering is so alokik and elevated. The Flame is eternal, the moths are eternal and the love between the Flame and the moths is eternal. No one except the Flame and the moths can know this spiritual love. Those who know this love have fulfilled the responsibility of love and have attained everything. To fulfil the responsibility of love means to attain everything. Someone who doesn’t know how to fulfil the responsibility of love doesn’t know how to attain anything. Those who have experienced this love know how easy it is to fulfil this responsibility of love. Do you know what the responsibility of love is? It is simply to do two things. They are so easy too and all of you know them and all of you can do them. Those two things are to sing songs and to dance. You are all experienced in this, are you not? All of you like to sing and dance, do you not? So, what else do you have to do here? You start singing songs from amrit vela onwards. In your daily timetable, you wake up to a song. Therefore, sing the songs of praise of the Father and your elevated life. Sing songs of knowledge. Sing songs of all attainments. Do you not know how to sing these songs? You do know them, do you not? So, sing these songs and dance in happiness. Perform every action whilst dancing in happiness. When you dance physically, the whole body dances: it becomes like drill. You dance in different poses. Similarly, in dancing in happiness you have poses of different actions. Sometimes, you perform actions with your hands, sometimes you perform actions with your feet. Therefore, you are not working, but you are in fact dancing in different poses. Sometimes you dance with your hands and sometimes you make your feet dance. Therefore, to become a karma yogi means to continue to dance in different types of happiness. BapDada, the Flame, likes the moths who know how to sing and dance. This is the responsibility of love. So, this is not difficult, is it? What do you think? Is it easy or difficult? Now, in Madhuban, you say that it is easy. Later, when you return home, will you say it is easy? You won’t change when you leave, will you? (It is easy here and we will get busy when we return home.) However, you will keep busy with this singing and dancing, will you not?

Constantly use your ears to keep listening to this sweet music, because, along with singing and dancing, you also need music. What music will you continue to listen to? (Murli). The essence that BapDada gives in every murli is in the form of love and remembrance when He says, “Sweet children, beloved children, long- lost, now-found children”. Constantly continue to listen with your ears to this music of the Father’s love. Then, even though you hear other things, you won’t understand them, that is, they won’t enter your intellect, since you will be busy listening to this music alone. So, then how would you hear any other music? In the same way, if you are constantly busy singing songs, your mouth won’t have time to say anything wasteful. If you constantly continue to dance with the Father in happiness, then no third person will be able to disturb you. No one can come between the two of you. You have already become conquerors of Maya, have you not? You don’t listen to anything else, you don’t say anything else, so Maya doesn’t come. Therefore, what is the responsibility of love? To sing and dance. When you get tired of these two things, then the third thing is to go to sleep. What does “sleeping” mean here? To sleep means to become detached from performing actions. Therefore, become detached from your physical senses. To become bodiless means to go to sleep: remembrance is BapDada’s lap. So, when you become tired, become bodiless and become lost in remembrance of the bodiless Father, that is, go to sleep! When you sing and dance a lot using your body and you get tired, you quickly fall asleep. In the same way, by singing these spiritual songs and dancing in happiness, you will go to sleep and become lost in love. So, do you understand what you have to do throughout the day? You double foreigners are very interested in these things. So, whatever you have a keen interest in, just do that. You even sleep with keen interest! Therefore, you know how to do all three things. So, do you all understand the easy way to fulfil the responsibility of love?

Achcha. Now you double foreigners have to leave behind one word. What is that? (Everyone suggested something: Unhappiness, tiredness.) Achcha. This proves that you still have whatever you are saying. Achcha! To speak of it means to renounce it. Therefore, never say the one word, “Depression, depression.” Let there be realisation, not depression. It is those who divorce the Father who get depressed. You are constant companions of the Father. So, the word, “depression” doesn’t suit you. When you have had self- realisation, how can there be depression? Do you understand? Yes, when the copper age ends and the iron age begins, you may get depressed. Reject it for this length of time. Achcha.

To those who bring about eternal transformation in the land of transformation, to those who constantly fulfil the responsibility of love, to the moths who are loved by the Flame, to those who constantly sing spiritual songs, who dance in happiness and go to sleep in the Father’s lap whenever they want, to such long-lost and now-found, beloved children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting double-foreign teachers:

All of you have given the proof of service, according to your power, and you will continue to give it. To be a server means to be someone who plays a part on the world stage at every second, in every breath and with every thought. So, constantly continue to move along considering yourselves to be elevated souls who are playing hero parts on the world stage. You have received this chance in the drama. When you become instrumental for others, you automatically have to pay attention to those things as well. Therefore, constantly consider yourselves to be BapDada’s companions who are present on service; continue to perform every action whilst maintaining this awareness. You will then constantly continue to make progress and also enable others to make progress. You have maintained your courage very well. You are also receiving the Father’s help and will continue to receive it. To become an instrument teacher and a spiritual server means to follow the father. This is why you are equal to the Father and the long-lost and now-found beloved children of the Father. BapDada is pleased to see the servers. All of you have to constantly move along with humility by considering yourselves to be instruments. The more humility you have, the more you consider yourself to be an instrument, the more easily service will grow. Never have the consciousness of “I”, such as, “I did this! I am a teacher!” Instead of serving, this is known as the basis of the stage of stopping service. Whilst you are moving along, sometimes service reduces or becomes slack. The main reason for this is that, instead of being an instrument, there is the consciousness of “I” and because of this service becomes slack. Then your happiness and intoxication are lost. So, never allow yourself to become distant from this awareness and do not deprive others of their change to receive their inheritance from the Father. Secondly, always remember the slogan: You have to transform a soul from any family through self- transformation and also transform the world. Let special attention be paid to self-transformation, then service will grow automatically. You have now understood the reason for service decreasing and the reason for service growing. So, you will constantly continue to progress in happiness and also bring others into this happiness. Do you understand?

You will then come into the line of the number one worthy teachers and number one servers. So, all of you double foreigners are number one teachers, are you not? You work very hard and you also have deep love. You have also brought the proof of that. Each one of you children is a server, that is, you are a teacher. Whether you are living at a centre or anywhere else, you are servers, because the occupation of Brahmins is to serve. Some of you have received one part in service, others have received another part in service. Some have to do the service of bringing souls here, some have to do the service of relating knowledge, some of preparing bhog and others of offering bhog. All of you are servers. BapDada considers all of you to be servers.

(BapDada was told about the new plans that had been made for the International Conference.) Congratulations for the hard work you have put in preparing those plans! You have used your intellects and have in doing so accumulated an income. So, you didn’t have a meeting but accumulated an income. Remain constantly free from obstacles, destroyers of obstacles and content - and make everyone content! Constantly continue to claim this certificate. To claim this certificate means to be seated on the heart- throne. Always have the aim of being content and making others content; keep a balance of the two. Achcha. Put into practice all the plans you have made. Come back with a gathering of VIPs.

Foreign teachers had a picnic with Avyakt BapDada:

You have had a picnic. You keep listening all the time. Sometimes you eat, sometimes you listen. This is the speciality of the divine family. Sometimes you are in front of the Teacher, sometimes in front of the Father and sometimes in front of your Friend. No one else can have or give the experience of so many forms throughout the cycle. Only the Father has this part at the confluence age. If you wanted to have a picnic with BapDada in the golden age, would you be able to have it? At the present time, you can celebrate a meeting with the Father however you want and in whichever form you want. This is why this is the fortune of you special servers. BapDada looks at the fortune of every child from amrit vela. He sees how many types of fortune are fixed for each soul. Amrit vela brings fortune. It is amrit vela that brings you the fortune of a spiritual meeting, is it not? You have fortune in every action. In your looking, you look at the Father. You have received your eyes in order to see the Father. You have received your ears in order to listen to the Father. Therefore, that is fortune, is it not? There is fortune in every physical sense you have. You have received feet in order to follow step by step. Each of your physical senses has its own fortune. So, make a list of how many types of fortune you have attained throughout the day. You saw the Father, you heard the Father, you went to sleep with the Father, you ate with the Father, you did everything with the Father. When you do service, you give the Father's introduction and enable souls to meet the Father. Therefore, that is such great fortune! So, BapDada constantly sees how clear and long the line of fortune of each one of you is. Does the line of your fortune break somewhere? Does it break so that it has to be mended again or has it remained constantly unbroken from the time it was connected? When it breaks, the line changes. Therefore, let it remain unbroken and constant! So, BapDada continues to see these scenes of the children. What else does the Father have to do? He has made all of you instruments for world service. So, what task of the Father remains? (Baba is doing everything anyway.) The Father's task is just to be the Backbone. However, otherwise, He just meets the children. He looks at the children. He has heart-to-heart conversations with the children and makes them move along. This is all that is left for Him to do, is it not? All of you are concerned for the world, and BapDada is only concerned for you. It is you children who will reveal the Father to the world. The Father will be revealed by the children. The Father is the Backbone. If if the Father were not the Backbone, you would get tired by yourself. There is also attachment. This is why He cannot bear to see the children’s tiredness. This is why you come here every year to finish your tiredness. When you come here, you take off the crown of responsibility of service. There, whatever is happening, you have to watch to see if anyone is looking at you or listening to you. If anything happens here, you feel that Didi and Dadi are here, that BapDada is here and they themselves will sort everything out. Here, you are free. So, you have good experiences doing service abroad, do you not? You have become doubly knowledge-full, have you not? Achcha.
May you be master merciful and give unhappy and peaceless souls the donation of happiness by becoming generous-hearted.
At present, souls can get everything, but they cannot find true happiness. So, at a time like this, give unhappy and peaceless souls the experience of happiness and they will give blessings from their heart. You are the children of the Bestower, and so distribute the treasures of happiness generously and let the virtue of mercy emerge. Never think that someone is never going to listen to you. Even if someone opposes you, never let go of your feelings of mercy. Feelings of mercy and good wishes will definitely bear fruit.
The sustenance of knowledge and yoga is spiritual sustenance; become powerful with this sustenance and make others powerful too.