Saturday, November 28, 2015

Murli 29 November 2015

29/11/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 01/03/99

“To celebrate Holi means to become completely pure and for everyone’s sanskars to be in harmony.”
Today, BapDada was seeing His holiest and highest children everywhere. Is there any soul in this world who is higher and more elevated than you children? You are the children of the highest-on-high Father. Go around the whole cycle and see whether you can find anyone with a higher status. When you are rulers, is there anyone who has a greater kingdom than yours? In regard to how much you are worshipped and praised, is there anyone who is worshipped in the correct manner to a greater extent than you are? The wonderful secret of the drama is so elevated - that on the basis of knowledge you souls in your living forms know and are also at this time aware of your worthy of worship forms. On the one hand, there are you living souls and, on the other hand, there are the non-living images of your worthy of worship forms. You can see your worthy of worship forms, can you not? You exist in both your non-living, worthy of worship forms and your living forms. This is such a wonderful play! As regards your kingdom, the kingdom you have is free from obstacles. Throughout the whole cycle only you souls have such an unshakeable and immovable kingdom. Many become kings, but you emperors of the world and the royal family of the emperors of the world are the most elevated of all. So, you are the highest in the kingdom and you are also the highest in your worthy of worship forms. Now, at the confluence age, you have a right to be given your inheritance by God; you have a right to celebrate a meeting with God and you have a right to receive God's love. Does anyone else become a soul of God's family? Only you become this, do you not? Have you become this or are you yet to become this? You have now become this. You are now claiming your inheritance and becoming complete and are about to return home with the Father. The happiness of the confluence age, the attainments of the confluence age and the time of the confluence age are very beautiful, are they not? They are very lovely! Your time of this confluence age is lovelier than your time of ruling, is it not? Is this lovelier, or do you want to go there quickly? In that case, why do you ask Baba when destruction will take place? You are still wondering when destruction is going to take place and what will happen and where you will be at that time. BapDada says: Wherever you are, if you are in remembrance of the Father, you will be with the Father. Whether you are with the Father in your corporeal form or your subtle form, nothing will happen to you. You were told a story in the days of sakar Baba, were you not? What happened to the kittens whilst they were in the furnace? They remained safe, did they not? Or, were they burnt? They all remained safe. So, when you children of God are with Him, you remain safe. If your intellects are engaged elsewhere, you will be affected by that; you will be influenced in one way or another. However, when you are combined with Him, you can’t be alone for even a second; you remain safe. Sometimes, whilst doing karma yoga or doing service, you consider yourselves to be alone. You exclaim, “What can I do? I’m all alone! I have so much work to do!” You get tired. So, why don’t you make the Father your Companion? You want to make someone with two arms your companion. Why don’t you make the one with a thousand arms your Companion? Who could give you greater co-operation: The One with a thousand arms or someone with two arms? Brahma Kumars and Kumaris of the confluence age cannot be alone. It is just that you become so busy serving and doing karma yoga that you forget to take Baba's company and so get tired. Then, when you are tired, you ask: “What can I do now?” Don't get tired! BapDada has come to give you His constant company - as you wake up, get up, perform actions, do service and when you go to sleep. Why does Baba leave the Supreme abode and come here? He comes to give you His company. To give you co-operation was also the reason why Father Brahma became avyakt. The subtle form’s speed of co-operation is a lot faster than that of the corporeal form. This is why Father Brahma changed his abode. Both Father Shiva and Father Brahma are always ready to give you their co-operation. As soon as you think of Baba, you will experience His co-operation. However, when you constantly only remember service, just service and more service, you put the Father aside to sit and observe everything from there. So, the Father just watches everything as the detached Observer and sees to what extent you are able to do everything on your own. However, you still have to come back here, so don’t leave Baba’s company. Keep Baba tied to you with your right and with the subtle thread of your love. Because this thread becomes a little loose, your love becomes slack and you put your rights out your awareness. Don't do this anymore! The Almighty Authority is offering you His company. So, do you ever receive such an offer throughout the rest of the whole cycle? You do not, do you? So, BapDada continues to watch everything as the detached Observer to see to what extent you are able to do everything by yourself. Therefore, keep your happiness and fortune of the confluence age emerged. Because you are busy, your intellect is busy elsewhere and your awareness of that also becomes merged. Consider this: If you were asked whether throughout the day you remember the Father or whether you forget Him, what would you reply? No! It is right to say that you do remember Him. However, is your remembrance of Him emerged or does it remain merged? What is your stage like? Is your stage that of an emerged awareness or merged awareness? What is the difference between the two? So, why is your remembrance not of an emerged form? The intoxication, power, co-operation and success you receive when your remembrance is emerged is very great. It shouldn’t be possible for you to forget to remember Baba, because your relationship with Him is not just for this one birth. Even though Father Shiva is not with you in the golden age, you would still have the same relationship, would you not? So, it is right that you cannot forget the Father. Yes, it’s true that you may sometimes become influenced by some obstacles and may forget Baba. However, when you are in your natural form, you don’t forget Baba but your remembrance becomes merged. This is why BapDada tells you to check yourself again and again to see whether you experience Baba's company in a merged form or an emerged form. You do have love for Baba. Can your love be broken? It cannot break, can it? So, since your love cannot break, take the benefit of that love. Learn how to take this benefit. BapDada sees that it is this love that has made you belong to the Father. It is this love that makes you into residents of Madhuban. No matter what your situation is like at your own places, no matter how much effort you make there, you still come to Madhuban. BapDada knows and can see that, because of the iron-aged circumstances, many children find it very difficult to buy a ticket. However, their love makes them reach here. It is like this, is it not? You reach here because of your love for Baba, but these circumstances continue to increase day by day. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart, but you do also receive physical co-operation from somewhere or other in some form or another. Whether you are double foreigners or whether you reside in Bharat, your love for the Father enables you to go across any barrier of circumstances. It is like this, is it not? Look at your own centres and you can see such children. They leave here wondering whether they’ll be able to come here next year or not. However, they do reach here. This is the proof of their love. Achcha.

Today, you celebrated Holi? Did you celebrate Holi? BapDada is seeing the holy swans who are celebrating Holi. All of you children have the same title, "The holiest.” From the copper age onwards, no righteous or great soul has made everyone else the holiest. They become holy themselves, but they do not make their followers or their companions the holiest or pure. Whereas here, purity is the foundation of your Brahmin life. What is the foundation of your study? Your slogan is: Be holy, be yogi! You have this slogan, do you not? Purity is your greatness. Purity is the basis of your yogi life. Children, whilst moving along, if you sometimes experience some impurity in your mind, if you have wasteful or negative thoughts about others, then, no matter how much you want to have powerful yoga, you are unable to do so. If there is even the slightest trace of impurity in your thoughts, then, just as it cannot be day and night at the same time, so too, because of that trace of impurity, you cannot remember the pure Father as He is and what He is. This is why BapDada repeatedly draws your attention to purity at the present time. Until a short time ago, Baba would only signal you about purity in action. However, now that the time of completion is coming closer, even the slightest trace of impurity in your thoughts will deceive you. Therefore, purity is absolutely essential in everything: in your thoughts, words, deeds, connections and relationships. Just because you cannot see what is in your mind, your mind must not become slack about this. Your mind can deceive you a lot. The internal inheritance of Brahmin life is constantly to be an embodiment of happiness and peace and for your mind to experience contentment. In order to experience that, you need purity of mind. To make yourself happy with external facilities or through service is to deceive yourself.

BapDada sees that some children sometimes deceive themselves because of this. By considering themselves to be very good and happy, they continue to deceive themselves. This too is a deep secret. Baba is the Bestower and you are the children of the Bestower. Sometimes, your service is not yuktiyukt, but mixed; some of it is accomplished by having remembrance and some of it is accomplished on the basis of your external facilities and your happiness; it is not from your heart but from your head. Then, since the Father is the Bestower, you also receive the practical fruit of your service. You become happy and think that because your service was very good, you have received the fruit of that. However, your mind is unable to experience contentment nor can you souls experience powerfully yogyukt remembrance. You deprive yourself of this experience. It isn't that you don't receive anything. You definitely do receive something or other, but you are unable to accumulate anything. You eat and finish whatever you earn! This is why you need to pay attention to this. You serve very well and so you receive very good fruit for that. However, if you simply eat and finish it all, what do you accumulate? You do good service very well and have a good result, but you don’t accumulate any fruit of the service you do. The way to accumulate fruit is to have purity in your thoughts, words and deeds. Your foundation is purity. In service too, the foundation is purity: Be clean and clear and let there be no other motives. There has to be purity in your motives and your feelings. “Holi” means purity and to burn all impurity. This is why during Holi people first burn and then celebrate. You become pure and celebrate the harmonizing of your sanskars. Holi means to burn and to celebrate. When people of the world outside meet, they embrace one another, whereas here, you have an auspicious meeting of harmonising your sanskars. So, did you celebrate Holi in this way? Or, did you just dance and sprinkle rose water? That is good! You may celebrate as much as you want. BapDada is pleased to see you sprinkling as much rose water as you want. You may also dance, but dance constantly. Don't just dance for five to ten minutes. To spread the vibrations of virtues over one another is to sprinkle rose water. As for burning, you know what you have to burn and you are even now continuing to burn it. Every year, you raise your hands to say that you have determination. BapDada is pleased to see that at least you stay courageous. So, BapDada congratulates you for your courage. To stay courageous is the first step, but what is BapDada's pure desire? Do not look at the date. Don't wonder whether it’s going to happen in 2000, 2001 or 2005. OK, you may not become ever-ready. BapDada allows you this, but remember that you need those sanskars for a long period of time, do you not? When you speak of this, you say that the effort you make for a long period of time enables you to have the right to the kingdom for a long period of time. If you have determination only at the time of need will it last for a long period of time, or will it just be temporary? In which column would you put that? It would be of a temporary period. The Father is imperishable but what inheritance do you claim from Him? That of a temporary period! So, would you like this? You would not, would you? Therefore, you need the practice over a long period of time; don't worry about how long the period is. The more you practise this over a long period of time, the less deceived you will be at the end. If you don't practise this over a long period of time, you deprive yourself of present happiness and an elevated stage for a long period of time. So, what must you do? Practise over a long period of time! If you are waiting for the date, stop waiting and start preparing! Prepare yourself for a long period of time! You have to bring about the date. Time is ever-ready even now. Even tomorrow it could do what it wants. However, time is waiting for you. As soon as you become complete, the curtains of time will open. Time is waiting just for you. Those of you who have a right to the kingdom are ready, are you not? The throne should not remain unoccupied, should it? What could a world emperor sitting on the throne alone do by himself? Would that seem right? He would need all of his royal family and subjects. The world emperor cannot just sit by himself on the throne. He would be wondering where his royal family is. This is why BapDada has one pure desire for all you children. Whether old or new, those who call yourselves Brahma Kumars or Kumaris, whether you are residents of Madhuban, residents of Bharat or foreigners, each of you children needs to practise this for a long period of time, so that you claim your right to your kingdom for a long period of time, not just for some time. Do you like this? You may clap with one hand. Those sitting at the back are very clever; they are listening with attention. BapDada can see those sitting at the back as clearly as if they were sitting in front of Him. Those sitting at the front are at the front anyway. (Some are listening to the murli in the Meditation Hall). The ones sitting below are the crown on BapDada's head. They are also clapping. Those sitting below will receive the fortune of their renunciation. You have received the fortune of sitting personally in front of Baba, whilst they are accumulating their fortune of renunciation. Achcha. Did all of you hear the one desire that BapDada has? Do you like it? So, what will Baba see next year? Will be raising your hand in the same way next year too? You may raise your hand, you may even raise two hands, but you must also raise the hand of your mind. Raise your hand of determination for all time. BapDada wants to see the jewel of complete purity sparkling on each one's forehead. He wants to see purity sparkling in your eyes. He wants to see the stars of both eyes sparkling with the sparkle of spirituality. He wants to hear sweetness and speciality in your invaluable words. He wants to see constant contentment and humility in your deeds. Let there be constant good wishes in your feelings and a constant attitude of brotherhood in your motives. The halo of an angel’s light should constantly be visible around your head. To be able to see this means to experience it. BapDada wants to see you as such adorned images. Only such images will be the most elevated souls, worthy of worship. Those people will create non-living images of you, but the Father wants to see you become this in your living forms. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere, to the close and constant companions who stay constantly with the Father, to those who make effort over a long period of time and claim their rights of the confluence age and the future right to the kingdom for a long period of time, to such extremely sensible souls who keep themselves constantly adorned with virtues and powers, to the souls who are the lamps of the Father's hopes, to those who are constantly stable in the holiest and highest stage, to the extremely lovely souls who are equal to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance
May you be a complete conqueror of attachment and also finish any attraction of adverse situations that come in the form of karmic accounts.   
Until now adverse situations created by matter have been affecting your stage to a certain extent. The remaining karmic accounts of the body and the situations that come in the form of the remaining suffering of karma attract you the most. When this attraction also finishes, you will then be said to be a complete conqueror of attachment. The body and the situations of the bodily world will not be able to shake your stage even slightly. This is the complete stage. When you reach such a stage, you will then easily be able to stabilise yourself in the stage of a master almighty authority in a second.
The vow of purity is the most elevated vow of the true Narayan; supersensuous joy is merged in this.