Monday, November 23, 2015

Murli 23 November 2015

Sweet children, do such service with your body, mind and wealth, that is, with your thoughts, words and deeds, that you receive the return of it from the Father for 21 births. However, while you are doing service, there shouldn't be any disagreements with one another.  


What is the way to put intensity into the service that Baba inspires you to do according to the drama?


There should be unity and no conflict among yourselves. If there is any conflict, what service would you do? This is why you should all meet together and discuss everything among yourselves and help one another. Baba is your Helper anyway, but you have to understand the accurate meaning of "Children who maintain courage receive help from the Father", and become helpers in this big task.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Be very loving to one another, but don't have yoga with brothers or sisters. Don't perform any sinful actions through the physical senses.

2. Follow the directions of God and become satopradhan.Renounce the directions of Maya. Make the gathering among yourselves very strong and become one another's helpers.


May you become an image of an example by transforming your main sanskar and bring about world transformation.  

Each one of you has one main sanskar which you call your nature, which causes obstructions from time to time in your moving forward. Become an example by transforming this main sanskar and transformation of the whole world will then take place. Now bring about such transformation that no one says, “This one’s sanskars have been like this from the beginning.” When even no percentage or trace of old sanskars are visible, when it is not mentioned, it would then be said that you are an example of complete transformation.


The time for trying anything has now gone.Therefore, make a promise in your heart to transform your life.  

Om Shanti