Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Murli 06 May 2015

Essence: Sweet children, your faces are now towards heaven. You are stepping away from the shores of hell and going to heaven. Therefore, remove your intellects’ yoga from hell. Question: What is the highest and most subtle destination? Who can reach it? Answer: You children turn your faces to heaven and Maya turns your faces towards hell; she brings many storms. You have to overcome all of those storms; this is your subtle destination. In order to reach your destination, you have to become destroyers of attachment. On the basis of your faith and courage you can overcome this. While living amongst people who indulge in vice, your effort is to become a swan free from vices. Song: This is the battle of the weak with the powerful. This is the story of the flame and the storms. Essence for Dharna: 1. This old world is now to end. The Father has come here directly. Therefore, completely surrender yourself and say: Baba, all of this belongs to You. By using this method, you will become a pure, charitable soul. 2. Never miss a murli. Do not become careless about hearing a murli. Do not think “What does it matter if I don’t study a murli. I have already achieved everything”. No; that is body consciousness. Definitely study the murli. Blessing: May you be a true server who finishes diversity and brings about unity. The speciality of the Brahmin family is to be united while there is variety. It is through your unity that one religion and one kingdom is established. Therefore, pay special attention and finish all diversity and bring about unity and you will then be called a true server. A server does not exist just for the self but who exists for service; he sacrifices everything of his for service. Just as sakar Baba sacrificed his bones in service, so, let service also continue to happen through your every physical organ. Slogan: Become lost in God’s love and the world of sorrow will be forgotten. Om Shanti