Sunday, May 3, 2015

Murli 02 May 2015

Essence: Sweet children, you have now found the Boatman to take you from this side to the other side. Your feet are no longer 
in this old world. Your anchor has been raised.

Question: What wonderful magic that no one else can perform does the Father, the Magician, perform?
Answer: To change souls, who are as worthless as shells, into those who are as valuable as diamonds. He becomes the Master 
of the Garden and changes thorns into flowers. This is wonderful magic. Only the Father, the Magician, performs this wonderful 
magic. No one else can perform this magic. People call themselves magicians simply to earn money, but none of them can
perform magic like the Father.

Essence for dharna: 

1. We have now found that Baba for whom the whole world is still searching. Stay in this happiness! Only by having this 
remembrance can your sins be cut away. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances are, remember the Father and the inheritance.
Do not waste even one minute of your time. 

2. Remove the anchor of your intellect from this old world. Baba is now building a new home for us. Always stay in the awareness 
that this world is the extreme depths of hell, the land of Kans (the devil) and that we are now going to the land of Paradise.

Blessing: May you be a constant and great donor who uses all the treasures for yourself and for others. 

Just as the Father’s treasure-store continues endlessly and He gives treasures to us every day, similarly, let there be a constant 
“langar” (sikh tradition where food is continuously provided day and night) for anyone who comes because you have the over-
flowing treasure-store of knowledge, powers and happiness. There is no danger is keeping this with you and using it. Where 
this treasure-store is open, thieves will not come. If you keep it closed, thieves would come. Therefore, every day, look at the 
treasures you have received and use them for yourself and for others and you will become a constant and great donor.

Slogan: Churn everything that you have heard because it is only by churning that you will become powerful.