Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Murli 14 May 2015

Essence: Sweet children, make yourselves worthy of claiming a tilak of sovereignty. The more you study, and the more you follow shrimat, the more you will be able to claim your tilak of sovereignty. Question: What awareness should you maintain so that you forget the awareness of Ravan? Answer: Always remain aware that you are neither male nor female, but souls, that you are claiming your inheritance from the senior Father (Shiv Baba) through the junior father (Brahma). This awareness removes your awareness of Ravan’s devilish things. When you have the awareness that you are all simply children of the one Father, your awareness of devilish things will end. This is a very good way to remain pure. However, a lot of effort is required for this. Song: Having found You, we have found everything; the earth, the sky and everything else belongs to us. Essence for Dharna: 1. In order to give yourself a tilak of sovereignty, make yourself worthy. Become a worthy child and give the proof of that. Your activity and behaviour have to be very royal. Become a complete helper of the Father. 2. We are students and God is teaching us. Study with this happiness. Never become disheartened with your efforts. Blessing: May you be a world transformer and be experienced in the ascending stage by paying full attention to your mind. Now, in the last period, you have to become an instrument for world transformation through your mind. Therefore, if even one thought of your mind goes to waste, you have lost a great deal. Do not consider even one thought to be an ordinary matter. At present, the upheaval of thought is also considered to be a great upheaval because the times now have changed and the speed of effort has also changed, and so a full stop is needed for your thoughts. When you pay this much attention to your thoughts, you will then be able to transform the world with your ascending stage. Slogan: To experience yoga in karma means to be a karma yogi. Om Shanti