Saturday, May 16, 2015

Murli 17 May 2015

“Only world benefactors can become the masters of the world” Blessing: May you be a master creator and make your trimurti creation co-operative with the power of your right. The trimurti powers (mind, intellect and sanskars) are the creation of you master creators. Use the power of your right to make them co-operative. A king doesn’t do anything himself but gets everything done by others – by royal workers. In the same way, the soul is the one who gets everything done and those who do everything are the special trimurti powers. So, keep the blessing of being a master creator in your awareness and make the trimurti powers and the physical sense organs walk on the right path. Slogan: In order to experience a right to the blessing of avyakt sustenance, be very clear. Om Shanti