Saturday, May 23, 2015

Murli 24 May 2015

“In order to fly the flag of victory, begin the realisation course” Blessing: May you be the lords of matter who finish any upheaval of matter with the stage of a full stop. The present time is the time for upheaval to increase. In the final paper, on one side be the fearsome form of matter and on the other side the fearsome form of the five vices. Tamoguni (impure) souls and old sanskars will all take the chance to attack in the last period. At such a time, through the power to pack up, you need the practice of being stable, now in the corporeal stage, now in the subtle stage and now in the incorporeal stage. Look but do not see, listen but do not hear. When you have such a stage of a full stop, you will then become the lords of matter and be able to stop any upheaval of matter. Slogan: In order to become one who has a right to a kingdom that is free from obstacles, become a server who is free from obstacles. Om Shanti