Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Murli 07 May 2015

Essence: Sweet children, this drama cycle is now ending. Therefore, in order to go to the new world, you have to become like milk and sugar. Everyone there is like milk and sugar, whereas everyone here is like salt water. Question: By knowing which knowledge have you children, who have the third eyes of knowledge, become knowers of the three aspects of time? Answer: You have now received the knowledge of the history and geography of the whole world. You know the history and geography from the beginning of the golden age to the end of the iron age. You have each received the third eye of knowledge. A soul leaves one body and takes another. Sanskars are in each soul. The Father says: Children, now become detached from name and form. Consider yourself to be a bodiless soul. Song: Have patience o man! Your days of happiness are about to come. Essence for Dharna: 1. The wonderful act of transforming the world is now taking place. Therefore, transform yourself. Live together like milk and sugar. 2. Wake up early in the morning and sit in remembrance of the one Father. Do not remember anyone else at that time. Have unlimited disinterest in the old world and renounce the five vices. Blessing: May you Shaktis be combined with Shiva and spread the fragrance of elevated vibrations through the thoughts and attitude of your mind. Just as the fragrance of roses, sandalwood and other types of fragrances are spread with physical means, similarly, you Shiva Shaktis have to remain combined and with the thoughts and attitude of your minds spread the fragrance of happiness, peace, love and bliss. Every day at amrit vela, sprinkle the rose water of different elevated vibrations on souls like a fountain. Simply put on the automatic switch of your thoughts and any bad odour of impure attitudes in the world will finish. Slogan: To attain the treasure-store of happiness from the Bestower of Happiness is a sign of His love. Om Shanti