Sunday, December 4, 2016

Murli 5 December 2016

05/12/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, remain honest with the true Father. When the truth is not told, sins continue to increase.
What are the qualifications and inculcations of true Brahmins who are protectors of the sacrificial fire of Rudra?
Brahmins who are protectors of the yagya can never perform any wrong actions. They become soul conscious and first of all take care of themselves. They have no trace of any evil spirit of Ravan in them. They are very sweet and always remain honest with the Father. If a devilish person makes a mistake, they never get angry with him. They reveal the Father through their every deed.
The rain (of knowledge) is for those who are with the Beloved!  
Om Shanti
The brothers and sisters who are with the Beloved help one another. At no other centre is it like this. The rule here is that, while waiting for BapDada to come, they sit in yoga to connect their intellects in yoga with the Father and help one another to do this. They sit in remembrance themselves and also help others to sit in remembrance by signalling to them: I am sitting in remembrance, and so you too should sit in remembrance of Shiv Baba. You children know that by remembering Shiv Baba your sins will be burnt away. This is how you help one another. Those who sit facing you also have to remain in remembrance. It shouldn't be that students are told to remember the Father, but that the intellect of the teacher continues to wander around to other relationships, etc. That doesn't seem right. The teacher would then be blamed. This is why you yourself first of all have to sit in this stage: I am remembering Baba in order to have my sins absolved. There is no need to say anything for this. The intellect understands that those who live outside have the complications of their mundane business, friends and relatives and gurus etc. Their intellects are pulled there. Here, you don't have any mundane business. You can remember Baba a lot more. You should remember Shiv Baba as much as possible. If you remember your friends and relatives and your intellect is pulled somewhere, there will be punishment. By not staying in remembrance, you spoil the atmosphere. Not everyone stays in remembrance of the Father. Sometimes, some don't tell the truth about how their intellects were not connected in yoga with Baba but how they remembered so-and-so instead. Honest children quickly come and tell Baba: I committed this sin. I got angry with so-and-so and hit him. Many children never tell the truth. Their habit then becomes even stronger and they continue to commit more sins. In the early days, Mama would hold court and ask: Did anyone commit any sins? Baba explains that by not telling the truth, there is greater punishment. Instead of a profit, there is a loss. Very few are truthful and remain honest in the service of the true Baba. It is very easy to give anyone the Father's introduction. However, so many people come to the exhibitions etc. and yet very few of them understand anything. The wrong impression that many people have is at least removed. The knowledge you explain will sit in the intellects of those who belong to the Brahmin clan, but those who are part of the devilish community will not understand anything. At the confluence age, on the one side, there is the devilish community and, on the other side, there is the deity community. You are now imbibing divine virtues and becoming part of the deity community. At present you are the Brahmin community whereas others are the shudra community. Only you know all the significance of this. You have been around the cycle of 84 births. The cycle has now come to an end. The cycle is now to turn again. You then have to go up above from here. No one understands the pictures etc. that you have here. This is why the Father has said: That is the devilish community of those with stone intellects. All of these names are fixed. The Father explains: I am the Lord of the Poor. Donations are given to the poor. It is only poor ones who come here. Try to uplift them. The child Lakshman in Kurukshetra has a lot of interest in doing service. Whenever he has time, he goes from village to village serving with the projector. He lets them know in advance: I will explain to you the history and geography of the world through the projector. Baba has explained to you: Explain each picture and make it firm for them that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the unlimited Father and that His birth only takes place in Bharat. Only in Bharat do people celebrate the birthday of Shiva. Baba comes in Bharat and establishes the land of Vishnu through Brahma. The picture of the Trimurti is first class. None of them has any knowledge about it. There is a building called Trimurti Bhavan. You should also ask them: Why have you called it Trimurti Bhavan? Who is the Trimurti? You can also print in a newspaper whose memorial the Trimurti is. There's a committee which names the streets etc. However, the people of Bharat don't know the occupation of those whom they worship. Otherwise, they would call themselves those of the deity religion. However, since the kingdom of Ravan began, they have begun to call themselves Hindus and, instead of the land of Bharat, they call it the land of Hindustan. The name, ‘Hindustan’ began when the kingdom of Ravan began. Only when someone has time would he sit and understand all of these things. Only those who want to become deities would have time and they are the ones who will continue to come here. Their bones are now being softened. Those with stone intellects are being softened with the fire of knowledge and yoga. Seeing the wonderful explanations at the exhibitions, they become soft. Some are completely like stone; they won't reform themselves without explosives. You have to make effort. At the end, some will have to remain here. Those who are fearless and whose intellects are connected in yoga with the one Father will remain here. Many have the sickness of fear. Last night, Baba told the child Shiv Kumar: You are even more fearless than Baba. You are not afraid of cows. The cow wouldn’t allow anyone except the master to enter. Nowadays, human beings don't even have as much sense as animals. This is why they are called the monkey community. Narad too was a human being. However, he was told: Look at your face! You have devilish traits. Body consciousness is number one. God Himself has told you: This is the monkey army. It is written in the scriptures that Sita was abducted. Then Rama took the monkey army. Ravan doesn't really exist. How could Ravan with ten heads abduct Sita? It is a great wonder that human beings have such stone intellects that they continue to say that everything is true. Where would a monkey army come from? It is now proved that iron-aged human beings are like monkeys. The Father comes and makes you into deities. You explain to everyone what Bharat was. Baba came and purified the impure. Therefore, Baba says: All of them are Kans, Jarasandha, Shishupal, etc. These activities continue. Those aspects are of the confluence age. There is the difference of day and night between the explanations that Baba gives and what is written in the scriptures. People began to call themselves Hindus from the time the kingdom of Ravan began. There is also the temple to Jagadnath. When deities went on to the path of sin, they began to use the name Hindustan. They continue to speak of Hindus. Ask them who established the Hindu religion and they won't be able to tell you. No one would call Lakshmi and Narayan Hindus. They were deities. Sweet, long-lost and now-found children, you are here with the Beloved. There is the direct rain on you. So, you should become so good. This is Shiv Baba's sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. You Brahmins are the protectors of this sacrificial fire. It is always brahmin priests who guard a sacrificial fire. During the time that brahmins are carrying out a sacrificial fire, they don't become impure. This is a very important sacrificial fire. Brahmins can never become impure. Some write to Baba: I dirtied my face! Oh! but this is Shiv Baba's sacrificial fire. Brahmins who are protectors of the sacrificial fire must not do anything wrong. They have to remain completely soul conscious. Let there be no vices. Guard yourselves! Otherwise, it would be understood that you are like monkeys. They accumulate a lot of sin. If you perform sinful actions after becoming Brahmins, the punishment for that is very severe. It is said: This is the suffering for actions of the past. Baba is now making you go beyond any effect of action (karmateet). Don't perform any sinful actions. Brahmins should not have any evil spirits. Otherwise, that is like having a trace of Ravan, and you neither belong here nor there. This is Shiv Baba's sacrificial fire. If sinful actions are performed, there will be a lot of beating through Dharamraj. If you do something impure in the yagya, a lot of punishment will have to be experienced. Become very sweet. Although devilish human beings continue to make mistakes, you children must never become angry. True Brahmins have to be very truthful. When any people come, show them the path. Baba used to say: I can explain knowledge to anyone who comes in front of me even when I am flying a kite. Remember Baba and your sins will be absolved. You can explain this to anyone. However, you also need those divine virtues in you. Don't do anything devilish, otherwise, a lot of punishment will have to be experienced. Death is just ahead of you. This is the great Mahabharat War. Baba is teaching you Raja Yoga for the new world. The old world is definitely to be destroyed. You can explain all of this to everyone. However, first of all, remove your defects, for only then will you become full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full. The Brahmins of the sacrificial fire have to guard the sacrificial fire very well. You should become very sweet. Anyone who sees you should say: This one doesn’t have any body consciousness at all! Guests are always offered hospitality. Worthy children would offer great hospitality in order to glorify the Father. Baba has many children. He continues to explain to everyone. Baba has created this unlimited sacrificial fire in Bharat. You Brahmins are then going to become the masters of the world. You have to make effort. There is so much fighting because of purity. If the wife is in knowledge but the husband isn't, there would definitely be quarrelling. You children have to continue to dance in happiness. However, everything here is incognito. The soul feels happiness that you are going to become the masters of the world in the future. This is very easy for those who are living here. There is no mundane business here. Become very sweet. How would you become a master of the world if you become the lord of an evil spirit? You would then be ruining your income. The evil spirits have to be completely chased away. It is the duty of worthy children to remain cautious. We will never defame the Father's name. When someone is entered by evil spirit, he doesn't realise that that evil spirit has entered him. The five vices are called evil spirits. Those human beings are viceless, whereas here, people are vicious. Even then, they don't believe anything. There are so many ideas and opinions. According to the drama, only Baba comes and brings about one direction. No one knows this. They simply continue to say that there should be one direction. Oh! but since there are innumerable religions and innumerable opinions, how could there be one direction? Only in heaven was there one religion and one direction. No human being can establish heaven. These are such wonderful matters! If you continue to churn the ocean of knowledge, no evil spirits will enter you. When an evil spirit enters someone, his face completely changes. You can show anyone how to change from a human being into a deity. This is your mission. If a gardener plants seedlings of very good flowers and makes a big garden, the master of the garden would also come and look at it. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Don't incur a loss in your earnings by becoming influenced by any evil spirit. Remove the evil spirits completely and become a worthy child.
2. The Father has come to make you into a conqueror of sinful actions. Therefore, don't commit any sin. Become very, very sweet. Give everyone the Father's introduction. Become fearless.
May you be a light-and-might house, like the Father, and condense any expansion into its essence and make your stage elevated.
In order to become a light-and-might-house, when seeing or hearing anything, understand its essence and practise condensing and transforming it in a second. Do not go into the expansion of “Why?” or “What?” because by going into the expansion of anything, you waste time and energy. Practise condensing the expansion and become stable in the essence. By doing this, you will be able to make many souls experience the essence of knowledge in a second.
Make your attitude powerful and there will automatically be growth in service.