Sunday, December 11, 2016

Murli 11 December 2016

11/12/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 15/04/81

“The specialities of a number one fortunate soul.”
Today, Baba, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing the souls with the most elevated fortune. Each one of you has drawn your line of fortune according to the effort you have made. Some have created a number one fortune and others have created a second number fortune, numberwise, according to the effort you have made. A first number fortune is to become an embodiment of all attainments. You are constantly swinging in the swings of all attainments, whether it is in all virtues, in all the treasures of knowledge or in all powers. From now on, yours is a fortunate life, one in which you lack nothing. You receive infinite treasures at every second, in every breath and in every thought. Such a soul would experience the ascending stage in life at every step. In every direction you would see nothing but treasures. You feel that every soul belongs to you in an extremely loving, eternal relationship. Because every soul is a child of the one Father, each one is your brother. Your pure feelings and good wishes for every soul have emerged: let each one be constantly happy and peaceful. There is unlimited love for the unlimited family. In limitations there is sorrow. There is no sorrow in anything unlimited because, when you come into the unlimited - unlimited relationships, unlimited knowledge, an unlimited attitude and unlimited spiritual love - that finishes all sorrow and makes you an embodiment of happiness. Because you have spiritual knowledge, because you know that each one has a story of karma and because you have the light and might of each one’s sanskars, whatever you see and hear when you come into contact or relationship with anyone, you are very detached and loving. There will be equanimity in being loving and detached. Having the speciality of the part of knowing when to be loving and when to be detached will make the soul constantly happy and peaceful. Because you have a spiritual relationship and because of the stability of your intellect, you have the power to decide, the power to accommodate, the power to face; you have all the powers. Because you play your part whilst clearly knowing the part of every soul as well as your own part, you are able to remain unshakeable and a detached observer. Such a fortunate soul would create every thought and perform every deed whilst stable in the trikaldarshi (knower of three aspects of time) stage. This is why all questions finish. Why is this like this? What is this? All of those are question marks. Constantly put a full stop. All of you have applied the tilak of the three points, have you not? Then, there can be no question of amazement or any exclamation; it is nothing new. You would then not say, “What happened?” No; you would know what to do. This is the sign of a number one fortunate soul. All of you are in the list of those who have the number one fortune. All of you prefer to be first-class, do you not? All of you have come here to claim your full inheritance from the Father. Are you prepared to become part of the moon dynasty? To be part of the sun dynasty means to be first-class. Whilst constantly being aware of your elevated fortune, you keep your form powerful. You have this experience, do you not? Let the Father’s virtues be your virtues. Are you constantly aware of your real eternal form? You do not become like an artificial mask of Maya, do you? When people perform a drama, they put on an artificial face. They would make up their face (mask) according to the qualities they have to portray and the task they have to perform. So, you are amused when you see an artificial (made-up) face, are you not? In the same way, Maya also makes your form that of artificial virtues and tasks. She makes some angry and some greedy; she makes some unhappy and some peaceless. However, your real form is beyond all those things. So, stay constantly stable in that form. Achcha. Just as on the path of devotion, people take a last dip and they give importance to that, so, here too all of you have come to take a dip in the Ocean and to merge into Him. You begin all the systems and customs here. The confluence age is the age of meeting. Today is the day of being unlimited.

Each zone has its own praise. Gujarat means the place where the night has now ended. There is constant day. There is nothing but light there; all darkness has finished. The speciality of UP (Uttar Pradesh) is that a lot of sugar is made there. In UP, they are always sweet, physically and in a subtle way too.

Rajasthan is the place that lays the foundation for the new kingdom of the world. The great pilgrimages exist in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is special because it is the place where BapDada performed actions; it is the land of His divine activity. The praise of Rajasthan is always the most elevated.

Those from Punjab are always seated on the immortal throne. Those from Punjab never forget their immortal throne. They are constantly aware of their immortal form whilst being with the Immortal Father.

Those from Delhi are those who win the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. The name is Del hi (Dil li – you have won someone’s heart, when you fulfil his or her desires). What is the heart’s desire of BapDada? To fly the flag of constant peace and happiness in the world and for the flute of rest and comfort to be constantly playing. By keeping this aim, those from Delhi created the maha yagya (great sacrificial fire) and performed this task. With everyone’s finger of co-operation, you made the world hear the slogan loud and clear, “We are all united”. Everyone has a right to Delhi, because all of you are claiming a right to the kingdom. So, you win everyone’s heart by doing new things in service.

Just as the Government is making Bombay beautiful and expanding it, in the same way, there has been very good growth in the service carried out by the Pandavas. Both types of souls - those who are co-operative and also those who have all rights have been very good instruments for the expansion of service. You have received this blessing, have you not?

In Madhya Pradesh, they have a very good memorial of the incorporeal Father. In the same way, amongst Brahmin souls too, a very good race is taking place of souls who have love for the one Father and who constantly maintain the concern of claiming number one. You have the right method and you are also growing and expanding. You have now heard about the specialities of everyone. Everyone has taken a dip at the same time. The meeting between the Ocean of Knowledge and the rivers has taken place. To meet means to take. You have taken all the treasures, have you not? The line of elevated fortune have been drawn.

Constantly remember one slogan from BapDada: “I have to remain constantly happy and make everyone happy.” Now, beat the drums of happiness everywhere, because you are the souls who have the fortune of happiness.

To such souls who have the most elevated fortune, to those who are full of all the treasures of happiness, to those who show the path of happiness to everyone, to the master bestowers of happiness, to those who remove the sorrows of everyone and are destroyers of obstacles, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Didi:

What is the form of the elevated service carried out by the mahavirs? All the powers have been shown in the picture of the powers. Out of all these powers, what is the special power that is required for service? All of you are serving through words, through different facilities and by making plans for different programmes. What is the special service that all of you are doing? In the history of this old world, it has been shown how, in the old days messages used to be sent by birds. The bird would carry the message and come back. What is your service? Those people sent messages via birds and you can serve any soul with the power of your thoughts. As soon as you press the button of thoughts, your message reaches there. Just as you can help someone with your subtle body of light, in the same way, you can solve the problems of many souls with the power of your thoughts. On the basis of your elevated thoughts, you can transform the wasteful and weak thoughts of others. According to the time, this special service will continue to increase. There will be such problems when all physical facilities will have finished. What will you have to do then? You have to make your thoughts so powerful that their impact reaches far and wide. The greater the power, the further it reaches. You will have so much power in your thoughts that other souls will receive the fruit of you having created those thoughts here. Just as Baba gives you the fruit of devotion, in the same way, you elevated souls will give the family the fruit of co-operation and those souls will have different experiences of that fruit. This service will also begin.

You experience happiness when you see new souls, the growth of the family and the expansion of service. You are creating your kingdom in this way. All types of souls are needed in a kingdom. Souls in contact are needed and serviceable souls are also needed. Relatives are needed and souls who have all rights are also needed. Now, the sound is being heard loudly. People are still looking around everywhere to see where the sound is coming from. They are able to hear the sound, but it is not being heard clearly. They are not able to understand where the sound is coming from and where they have to go. This will be understood very clearly when, together with words, the power of your elevated thoughts also reaches them. Their attention is now beginning to be drawn towards this.

Each season has its own part of splendour. For BapDada, all of you are the long-lost and now-found children. All tasks are easy and you will continue to grow automatically. You belong to such a big family.

Will you see the start of the population of the golden age with your own eyes or not? Will you see it in your dreams or will you hear about it on the news? What will it be? At present, you are not able to accommodate even one thousand, so where would you put everyone? When the whole Brahmin family gathers together in Madhuban, the upheaval will begin. A picture of the gathering has been shown in the form of everyone giving a finger of co-operation. You give it in a subtle way anyway, but this is such a big family and so you should see your family. Have you made a plan for this? In the golden age, there will be just your subjects, whereas here, even your devotees will come to you. There will be a double dynasty. What will the devotees do when they find out that their special deities have gathered together here? They won’t stop to ask you, but will simply arrive here, just as some come here by themselves without advance notice. The devotees are thirsty, like the chatrak birds.

Seeing the name of the Shaktis glorified, BapDada is very pleased. The Almighty Authority is incognito and the Shaktis are in revealed forms. So, Shiva is very pleased to see the Shaktis. BapDada sees everything from the subtle region. He sees how long the queues are. He sees everything. A queue has already begun in front of the temples of the living idols. Seeing the children’s service, BapDada is very pleased. Children have come onto the field of service in revealed forms a hundred thousand times more than the Father and they will continue to do so.

BapDada meeting groups

UP Zone: Do you constantly consider yourself to be the spiritual guide to show the world the right path? What is the name of the guides? There are many guides in UP. What do those guides do and what do you do? What pilgrimage do they take people on and what pilgrimage do you take people on? You take people on such a pilgrimage that they are liberated from going on any more pilgrimages for many births, whereas they take people on pilgrimages again and again. So, you are the guides who take people to their destination of liberation and liberation-in-life. You are not those who leave people half-way or make them wander around, but you take them to their destination. Just as the Father’s task is to show you the path and He has done that, it is also the children’s task to do the same. Only those who know the path themselves can show it to others. What is the path? That of knowledge and yoga. It is only by following this path that you are able to reach your destination of liberation and liberation-in-life. You are not obstructed by side scenes that come along the path, are you? Maya, in the form of side scenes will try to stop you. One situation or another situation that arises will be such that it will try to stop you, but the strong pilgrims do not stop anywhere. You are those who will enable everyone to reach their destination, are you not? If so many guides become ready, then you can show the path to many souls. There are so many souls in the world and everyone has to be shown the path.

BapDada meeting different groups:

1) Do all of you play every scene whilst being detached observers? Are you able to maintain the stage of a detached observer constantly? Do you sometimes forget your stage of a detached observer, whilst playing your part? Those who are detached observers would never be affected by anyone’s part; they would be detached and also loving. They would not be good with the good and bad with the bad. To be a detached observer means to have a benevolent attitude whilst carrying out any task. Whatever happens, it has benefit merged in it. Even if any obstacle of Maya comes, take benefit from it, learn a lesson from it and keep moving forward. Do not come to a standstill. Are you like this? Do you watch the play whilst seated on your seat? Your seat is that of a detached observer. Watch the drama whilst seated on this seat and you will enjoy yourself a great deal. Keep yourself constantly set on the seat of a detached observer. Then see the wonder of the drama! You will then constantly sing the song, “Wah drama! Wah!”

2) All of you are intense effort-makers, are you not? You are the new ones and the old ones of every cycle. By considering yourself to be the old ones, you will be able to claim your rights. Do you consider yourselves to be those of the previous cycle who have all rights? You have to go fast even though you may have come last, and for this the easy method is that of constant remembrance. Let there be no difference in your remembrance. Constantly be a karma yogi. Also stay in remembrance as you perform actions. Those who constantly maintain a karma yogi stage are easily able to become karmateet. Perform actions when you want and become detached when you want.

3) While having constant zeal and enthusiasm for service, is your attitude for world benefit? Do you have the attitude: I am a world benefactor and I constantly have to benefit everyone? Constantly have this attitude. With this attitude you can benefit the world. Whether through words or your attitude, constantly maintain the awareness of being a benefactor. The more you have this attitude, the more you will continue to move forward. However much service someone does, he accordingly experiences the attainment of happiness as a return of the happiness given to others. It is not serving others. Now is not the time to stop for those who are constantly moving towards the ascending stage. If you keep stopping, how would you reach your destination? Let there be the ascending stage at every moment, at every second. Underline paying attention and there will constantly be the ascending stage. Achcha.
May you be an embodiment of remembrance and a conqueror of attachment and transform your limited responsibilities into unlimited ones.
In order to become a conqueror of attachment, simply transform your form of remembrance. There is attachment when you have the awareness that you are a householder, and that that is your home and they are your relations. Now, transform that limited responsibility into an unlimited one. When you fulfil your unlimited responsibilities, all limited responsibilities will automatically be fulfilled. However, if you forget your unlimited responsibilities and simply fulfil your limited responsibilities, you then spoil them even more because that duty (farz) becomes a form of illness (marz). Therefore, transform your form of remembrance and become a conqueror of attachment.
Let there be such a fast flight that you are able to cross situations, clouds, in a second.