Thursday, May 21, 2015

Murli 22 May 2015

Essence: Sweet children, remove your love from all bodily beings and remember the one bodiless Father and all your limbs will then become cool. Question: What are the signs of souls who belong to the deity clan? Answer: 1) Souls who belong to the deity clan easily have disinterest in the old world. 2) Their intellects are always in the unlimited. They make effort to become pure flowers in order to go to Shivalaya. 3) They don’t have any devilish activity. 4) They keep their charts and check that they do not perform any devilish actions. 5) They tell the Father the truth and do not hide anything. Song: Neither will we be separated from Him nor will there be any sorrow..... Essence for Dharna: 1. Show the Father the wonder of His teachings. Remain occupied in the business of making Bharat into heaven. First think about your own progress. Live together like milk and sugar. 2. If you make any mistake, ask the Father for forgiveness and reform yourself. The Father does not have mercy in this. Cut away your sins by having remembrance of the Father. Do not act in any way that would cause defamation. Blessing: May you become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world by transforming the enemy of the five vices and making them co-operative. A victorious soul definitely transforms the form of an enemy. You transform the enemy in the form of vices and make them co-operative through which they will constantly continue to salute you. Transform the vice of lust into good wishes, anger into spiritual intoxication, greed into an attitude that is free from temptation, attachment into love and body consciousness into awareness of the self (pure pride of the self) and you will become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world. Slogan: The consciousness of “mine” is the alloy in the real gold of the soul and it reduces its value. Therefore finish the consciousness of “mine”. Om Shanti