Saturday, May 30, 2015

Murli 31 May 2015

“The qualifications of a pure and charitable soul” Blessing: May you be double light and experience the subtle region by freeing your mind and intellect from the dictates of your own mind. Simply keep the power of your thoughts, that is, your mind and intellect constantly empty of the dictates of your mind. Then, whilst staying down here, you will clearly be able to experience the scene and scenery of the subtle region, just as you are very clearly able to see any scene of this world. In order to experience this, do not keep any burden on yourself; hand over all your burdens to the Father and become double light. Let your mind and intellect constantly have a diet of pure thoughts. Never take the impure food of any waste or vicious thoughts and you will remain light of any burden and be able to experience an elevated stage. Slogan: Put a full stop to all waste and replenish your stock of good wishes. Om Shanti