Monday, March 30, 2015

Murli 30 March 2015

Essence: Sweet children, the happiness of this old world is only momentary and will not go with you. It is the imperishable jewels of knowledge that go with you. Therefore, accumulate your imperishable income. Question: What are you not taught in the study that the Father teaches you? Answer: You are not taught occult power. Reading someone's thoughts is occult power. You are not taught that knowledge. The Father is not a thought reader. He is called Janijananhar (Knower of all secrets), that is, He is knowledge-full. The Father comes to teach you this spiritual study through which you claim the kingdom of the world for 21 births. Essence for Dharna: 1. In order to experience limitless happiness through having loving remembrance of the Father, you must keep the line of your intellect clear. Souls become satopradhan when remembrance takes the form of fire. 2. In return for your shells, the Father gives you jewels. Fill your aprons from such an Innocent Lord. Attain salvation by studying the study of remaining in silence. Blessing: May you be an avyakt angel who creates a powerful atmosphere by making spiritual endeavour for the avyakt form. The way to make the atmosphere powerful is to make spiritual endeavour for the avyakt form. Repeatedly pay attention to this because whatever you are making spiritual endeavour for, your attention stays on that. Spiritual endeavour for the avyakt form means to have tapasya of repeatedly paying attention. Therefore, keeping the blessing of “May you be an avyakt angel” in your awareness, do tapasya to make the atmosphere powerful. Then, whoever comes in front of you will go beyond any gross or wasteful matters. Slogan: Increase the power of concentration to reveal the Almighty Authority Father. Om Shanti

मुरली 30 मार्च 2015

“मीठे बच्चे - इस पुरानी दुनिया में अल्पकाल क्षण भंगुर सुख है, यह साथ नहीं चल सकता, साथ में अविनाशी ज्ञान रत्न चलते हैं, इसलिए अविनाशी कमाई जमा करो” प्रश्न:- बाप की पढ़ाई में तुम्हें कौन-सी विद्या नहीं सिखाई जाती है? उत्तर:- भूत विद्या। किसी के संकल्पों को रीड करना, यह भूत विद्या है, तुम्हें यह विद्या नहीं सिखाई जाती। बाप कोई थॉट रीडर नहीं है। वह जानी जाननहार अर्थात् नॉलेजफुल है। बाप आते हैं तुम्हें रूहानी पढ़ाई पढ़ाने, जिस पढ़ाई से तुम्हें 21 जन्मों के लिए विश्व की राजाई मिलती है। धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार :- 1) बाप की याद से अपार सुखों का अनुभव करने के लिए बुद्धि की लाइन क्लीयर चाहिए। याद जब अग्नि का रूप ले तब आत्मा सतोप्रधान बनें। 2) बाप कौड़ियों के बदले रत्न देते हैं। ऐसे भोलानाथ बाप से अपनी झोली भरनी है। शान्त में रहने की पढ़ाई पढ़ सद्गति को प्राप्त करना है। वरदान:- अव्यक्त स्वरूप की साधना द्वारा पावरफुल वायुमण्डल बनाने वाले अव्यक्त फरिश्ता भव! वायुमण्डल को पावरफुल बनाने का साधन है अपने अव्यक्त स्वरूप की साधना। इसका बार-बार अटेन्शन रहे क्योंकि जिस बात की साधना की जाती है उसी बात का ध्यान रहता है। तो अव्यक्त स्वरूप की साधना अर्थात् बार-बार अटेन्शन की तपस्या चाहिए इसलिए अव्यक्त फरिश्ता भव के वरदान को स्मृति में रख शक्तिशाली वायुमण्डल बनाने की तपस्या करो तो आपके सामने जो भी आयेगा वह व्यक्त और व्यर्थ बातों से परे हो जायेगा। स्लोगन:- सर्व शक्तिमान् बाप को प्रत्यक्ष करने के लिए एकाग्रता की शक्ति को बढ़ाओ। ओम् शांति ।

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Murli 29 March 2015

“To be in the unlimited stage of retirement means to be constantly in solitude and a constant embodiment of remembrance.” Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who serves with your mind through a powerful attitude. In order to show the path to the desperate souls in the world, become a lighthouse and might house, just like the Father. Have the definite aim to give something or other to each soul, whether you give them liberation or liberation-in-life. Be a great donor and a bestower of blessings for all. You are now serving your own places, but, while living in one place, serve the world with the power of your mind through your vibrations and the atmosphere. Create such a powerful attitude that it creates that atmosphere. You would then be said to be world benefactor souls. Slogan: Make yourself healthy by doing the exercise of becoming bodiless and being cautious about waste thoughts and your diet. Om Shanti

मुरली 29 मार्च 2015

बेहद के वानप्रस्थी अर्थात् निरन्तर एकान्त में सदा स्मृति स्वरूप वरदान:- पावरफुल वृत्ति द्वारा मन्सा सेवा करने वाले विश्व कल्याणकारी भव ! विश्व की तड़पती हुई आत्माओं को रास्ता बताने के लिए साक्षात बाप समान लाइट हाउस, माइट हाउस बनो। लक्ष्य रखो कि हर आत्मा को कुछ न कुछ देना है। चाहे मुक्ति दो चाहे जीवनमुक्ति। सर्व के प्रति महादानी और वरदानी बनो। अभी अपने-अपने स्थान की सेवा तो करते हो लेकिन एक स्थान पर रहते मन्सा शक्ति द्वारा वायुमण्डल, वायब्रेशन द्वारा विश्व सेवा करो। ऐसी पावरफुल वृत्ति बनाओ जिससे वायुमण्डल बने - तब कहेंगे विश्व कल्याणकारी आत्मा। स्लोगन:- अशरीरी पन की एक्सरसाइज और व्यर्थ संकल्प रूपी भोजन की परहेज से स्वयं को तन्दरूस्त बनाओ। ओम् शांति ।;

Friday, March 27, 2015

Murli 28 March 2015

Essence: Sweet children, you have to die a living death from this old world and your old body and return home. Therefore, renounce body consciousness and become soul conscious. Question: What are the signs of the children who are very good effort-makers? Answer: Those who are good effort-makers wake up early in the morning and practise being soul conscious. They make effort to remember the one Father. Their aim is not to remember bodily beings but constantly to remember the Father and the cycle of 84 births. This is such wonderful fortune! Essence for Dharna: 1. Instead of asking the Father for blessings, settle all your karmic accounts through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Make effort to become pure. Understand this drama accurately. 2. While seeing this old world, do not remember anything. Become a karma yogi. Practise remaining constantly cheerful. Never cry. Blessing: May you be a constant yogi who has an attitude of being beyond (par vriti) while living in your household (pravruti). The easy way to be a constant yogi is to have an attitude of being beyond while living in your household. “An attitude beyond” means the soul-conscious form. Those who remain stable in the soul-conscious form are always detached and loving to the Father. While doing anything, they feel that they haven’t done anything, but are just playing a game. By having the soul¬conscious form while living in a household, they experience everything to be as easy as a game. It would not feel like a bondage. Together with love and co-operation, simply add the addition of power and you will take a high jump. Slogan: Subtlety of the intellect and lightness of the soul are the personality of Brahmin life. Om Shanti

मुरली 28 मार्च 2015

“मीठे बच्चे - तुम्हें इस पुरानी दुनिया, पुराने शरीर से जीते जी मरकर घर जाना है, इसलिए देह-अभिमान छोड़ देही-अभिमानी बनो” प्रश्न:- अच्छे-अच्छे पुरुषार्थी बच्चों की निशानी क्या होगी? उत्तर:- जो अच्छे पुरुषार्थी हैं वह सवेरे-सवेरे उठकर देही-अभिमानी रहने की प्रैक्टिस करेंगे। वह एक बाप को याद करने का पुरूषार्थ करेंगे। उन्हें लक्ष्य रहता कि और कोई देहधारी याद न आये, निरन्तर बाप और 84 के चक्र की याद रहे। यह भी अहो सौभाग्य कहेंगे। धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार :- 1) बाप से आशीर्वाद मांगने के बजाए याद की यात्रा से अपना सब हिसाब चुक्तू करना है। पावन बनने का पुरूषार्थ करना है। इस ड्रामा को यथार्थ रीति समझना है। 2) इस पुरानी दुनिया को देखते हुए भी याद नहीं करना है। कर्मयोगी बनना है। सदा हार्षित रहने का अभ्यास करना है। कभी भी रोना नहीं है। वरदान:- प्रवृत्ति में रहते पर-वृत्ति में रहने वाले निरन्तर योगी भव! निरन्तर योगी बनने का सहज साधन है-प्रवृत्ति में रहते पर-वृत्ति में रहना। पर-वृत्ति अर्थात् आत्मिक रूप। जो आत्मिक रूप में स्थित रहता है वह सदा न्यारा और बाप का प्यारा बन जाता है। कुछ भी करेगा लेकिन यह महसूस होगा जैसे काम नहीं किया है लेकिन खेल किया है। तो प्रवृत्ति में रहते आत्मिक रूप में रहने से सब खेल की तरह सहज अनुभव होगा। बंधन नहीं लगेगा। सिर्फ स्नेह और सहयोग के साथ शक्ति की एडीशन करो तो हाईजम्प लगा लेंगे। स्लोगन:- बुद्धि की महीनता अथवा आत्मा का हल्कापन ही ब्राह्मण जीवन की पर्सनैलिटी है। ओम् शांति ।

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Murli 27 March 2015

Essence: Sweet children, at this present time, this life of yours is extremely valuable because you have come out of the limited and gone into the unlimited. You know that you are the ones who benefit this world. Question: By making which effort do you claim a right to the Father's inheritance? Answer: Only by constantly maintaining the vision of brotherhood and removing all consciousness of man and woman can you claim a full right to the Father's inheritance. However, it is very difficult to remove the consciousness and vision of man and woman. For this you need to practise remaining soul conscious. When you become a child of the Father you receive the inheritance. Only those who become satopradhan by having remembrance of the one Father can claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life. Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come. Essence for Dharna: 1. In order to become pure, make your vision firm that all of you souls are brothers. Then, as children of Father Brahma, you are all brothers and sisters. Both the souls and the bodies have to be purified and made satopradhan. Renounce body consciousness. 2. Become master knowledge-full and give everyone the knowledge of the Creator and creation and thereby remove them from extreme darkness. Do spiritual service of the people who are residents of hell and make them into residents of heaven. Blessing: May you be yogyukt and free from bondage with the awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other. It is now time to go home, therefore, be free from bondage and yogyukt. To be free from bondage means to have a loose dress, not a tight one. As soon as you receive an order, you go in a second. In order to receive a blessing for such a stage that is free from bondage and yogyukt, let there always be this promise in your awareness that you belong to the one Father and none other. This is because, in order to go home and to the golden-aged kingdom, you have to renounce your old body. So, check: Have I become ever-ready to this extent or are some strings still tied? This old dress is not tight, is it? Slogan: Do not eat extra food of waste thoughts and you will be protected from the illness of putting on weight. Om Shanti