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सार:- “मीठे बच्चे - बाप आया है तुम बच्चों को भक्ति तू आत्मा से ज्ञानी तू आत्मा बनाने, पतित से पावन बनाने 
प्रश्न:-    ज्ञानवान बच्चे किस चिन्तन में सदा रहते हैं?
उत्तर:- मैं अविनाशी आत्मा हूँ, यह शरीर विनाशी है । मैंने 84 शरीर धारण किये हैं । अब यह अन्तिम जन्म है । आत्मा कभी छोटी-बड़ी नहीं होती है । शरीर ही छोटा बड़ा होता है । यह आँखें शरीर में हैं लेकिन इनसे देखने वाली मैं आत्मा हूँ । बाबा आत्माओं को ही ज्ञान का तीसरा नेत्र देते हैं । वह भी जब तक शरीर का आधार न लें तब तक पढ़ा नहीं सकते । ऐसा चिन्तन ज्ञानवान बच्चे सदा करते हैं ।
धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-
1. पुजारी से पूज्य बनने के लिए सम्पूर्ण निर्विकारी बनना है । ज्ञानवान बन स्वयं को स्वयं ही चेंज करना है । अल्पकाल सुख के पीछे नहीं जाना है ।

2. बाप और दादा दोनों को ही याद करना है । ब्रह्मा बिगर शिवबाबा याद आ नहीं सकता । भक्ति में ऊपर याद किया, अभी ब्रह्मा तन में आया है तो दोनों ही याद आने चाहिए ।

वरदान:- निमित्त कोई भी सेवा करते बेहद की वृत्ति द्वारा वायब्रेशन फैलाने वाले बेहद सेवाधारी भव !
अब बेहद परिवर्तन की सेवा में तीव्र गति लाओ । ऐसे नहीं कर तो रहे हैं, इतना बिजी रहते हैं जो टाइम ही नहीं मिलता । लेकिन निमित्त कोई भी सेवा करते बेहद के सहयोगी बन सकते हो, सिर्फ वृत्ति बेहद में हो तो वायब्रेशन फैलते रहेंगे । जितना बेहद में बिजी रहेंगे तो जो डयुटी है वह और ही सहज हो जायेगी । हर संकल्प, हर सेकण्ड श्रेष्ठ वायब्रेशन फैलाने की सेवा करना ही बेहद सेवाधारी बनना है ।
स्लोगन:-  शिव बाप के साथ कम्बाइन्ड रहने वाली शिवशक्तियों का श्रंगार है ज्ञान के अस्त्र-शस्त्र ।


Synopsis: Sakar Murli November 28, 2014
1.   The Father explains: I am the Master, I am the Sentient Being, the Seed, the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father explains the secrets of Himself, and also the whole significance of Brahmand and the beginning, middle and end of the world. No one else knows about Brahmand, the brahm element, the land of peace, the place in which you and I reside. That is called the land of nirvana, the land beyond sound. The Father explains this knowledge to you and through that, you become deities.
2.   The Father now gives you the eye of knowledge. When there isn’t any knowledge in the soul, there is the eye of ignorance. Without being made pure by God, you cannot go to the pure world. That doesn’t mean that you cannot meet God unless you have become pure. People ask God to come and purify them. It is impure ones who meet God in order to be purified. God does not meet pure ones. Only those who are ignorant receive knowledge.
3.   Knowledge is the path to salvation. Only the one Satguru takes everyone beyond. Shiv Baba is the One who changes you from worshippers into those who are worthy of worship. Ravan changes you from being worthy of worship into worshippers.
4.   The Father, the Supreme Soul, has explained to you: I am imperishable whereas this body is perishable. There is a vast difference between the soul and the body. The body is a large puppet made of the five elements. Even if a body is small, it is still much larger than a soul. A soul is a living being. The puppet is of no use until a soul enters it. It is the soul that speaks and moves. It is a very tiny point. It never becomes smaller or larger. It is never destroyed.
5.   The Father says: I have come here to make you so very elevated. You have to remember Him in the body of Brahma. You remember Me in this one, and this is why you remember both Bap and Dada. Some senseless people don’t accept Brahma. Baba doesn’t tell you not to remember Brahma. How can Shiv Baba be remembered without remembering Brahma?
Blessing: May you be an unlimited server who spreads vibrations through your unlimited attitude (behad ki vitti)  while doing any type of service.

Now, bring about an intense speed in the unlimited service of transformation. Do not think, “Well, I am doing whatever I can and I am so busy that I don’t have any time. However, while doing whatever type of service, you can be co-operative in an unlimited way. Simply let your attitude be unlimited and the vibrations will continue to spread. To the extent that you remain busy in the unlimited, the more easily you will be able to fulfil your duty. To spread elevated vibrations through your every thought at every second is to be an unlimited server.

Points to churn from the blessing:

We, the souls, are the unlimited great master bestowers full of all attainments, who, by saying “Yes, indeed, my Lord,” make the Lord present, and by constantly saying “Yes, indeed” for service, give the real proof of love...whatever power souls need, we use our mind, that is our pure attitude and vibrations to donate power to them, that is, to co-operate with them...

We  give the experience of the powers of peace, love, happiness and bliss through our drishti as a great donor and an image that grants blessings... through our face we give vibrations and the experience of divinity though our eyes...we are the great donors and the images that grant blessings who give power and receive power though drishti...

Like the Father, we are Bestowers...through the vibration of our every thought, through the spiritual glance of one second, through one second’s connection and through one word, we make any unhappy soul experiencing sorrow happy and joyful and swing with happiness...our duty is to give happiness and to receive happiness... as well as being those who receive, we are also bestowers at every  second...we are world benefactors who become world emperors distributing the treasures for world benefit...
Essence of Murli (H&E): November 28, 2014:
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to change you from devotee souls (bhakti tu atma)  to knowledgeable souls (gyaani tu atma), to change you from impure to pure.(patit se paavan)
Question: What thoughts  (chintan) do knowledgeable (gyaanvaan) children constantly have? 
Answer: I am an imperishable (avinaashi) soul; this body is perishable (vinaashi); I have taken 84 bodies. This is the last birth. Souls never become smaller or larger, it is the bodies that become large from small. It is the body that has eyes, but it is I, the soul, that sees through them. Baba gives the third eye of knowledge to souls. He cannot teach unless He takes the support of a body. These are the thoughts that knowledgeable children constantly have.
Essence for Dharna:
1. In order to change from a worshipper into one who is worthy of worship, become completely viceless (sampoorn nirvikaari) . Become knowledge-full and change yourself. You must not chase after temporary happiness. 
2. You must remember both Bap and Dada. You cannot remember Shiv Baba without remembering Brahma. On the path of devotion, you remembered Him up above. Now that He has entered the body of Brahma, you have to remember both of them.  
Blessing: May you be an unlimited server who spreads vibrations through your unlimited attitude (behad ki vitti)  while doing any type of service.

Slogan: The decoration (shringaar) of the Shiv-Shaktis who remain combined with Father Shiva are the weapons of knowledge (gyan ke astr-shastr).

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  प्रातः मुरली         ओम् शान्ति        “बापदादा”          मधुबन

“मीठे बच्चे - तुम यह राजयोग की पढ़ाई पढ़ते हो राजाई के लिए, यह हैं तुम्हारी नई पढ़ाई”  
इस पढ़ाई में कई बच्चे चलते-चलते फेल क्यों हो जाते हैं?
क्योंकि इस पढ़ाई में माया के साथ बॉक्सिंग है । माया की बॉक्सिंग में बुद्धि को बहुत कड़ी चोट लग जाती है । चोट लगने का कारण बाप से सच्चे नहीं है । सच्चे बच्चे सदा सेफ रहते हैं ।

ओम् शान्ति |
मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग । रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते ।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-
1. बहुत-बहुत आज्ञाकारी, मीठा होकर चलना है । देह- अहंकार में नहीं आना है । बाप का बच्चा बनकर फिर कोई भी भूल नहीं करनी है । माया की बॉक्सिंग में बहुत-बहुत खबरदार रहना है ।
2. अपने वचनों (वाक्यों) में ताकत भरने के लिए आत्म- अभिमानी रहने का अभ्यास करना है । स्मृति रहे-बाप का सिखलाया हुआ हम सुना रहे हैं तो उसमें जौहर भरेगा ।

सदा अलर्ट रह सर्व की आशाओं को पूर्ण करने वाले मास्टर मुक्ति-जीवनमुक्ति दाता भव !  
अब सभी बच्चों में यह शुभ संकल्प इमर्ज होना चाहिए कि सर्व की आशाओं को पूर्ण करें । सबकी इच्छा है कि जन्म-मरण से मुक्त हो जायें, तो उसका अनुभव कराओ । इसके लिए अपने शक्तिशाली सतोप्रधान वायब्रेशन से प्रकृति और मनुष्यात्माओं की वृत्तियों को चेंज करो । मास्टर दाता बन हर आत्मा की आशाओं को पूर्ण करो । मुक्ति, जीवनमुक्ति का दान दो । यह जिम्मेवारी की स्मृति आपको सदा अलर्ट बना देगी ।

मुरलीधर की मुरली पर देह की भी सुध-बुध भूलने वाले ही सच्चे गोप गोपियां हैं ।  


Synopsis:  Sakar Murli November 27, 2014
1.   The Father says: I come into a foreign land and enter a foreign body. I enter the one who has taken the full 84 births at the end of his many births. He is now making effort to become pure once again.
2.   Although He resides in the land of peace, Baba is called knowledge-full. The Father gives you the eye of knowledge. It is Brahmins who receive the discus of self- realization. There is no one who teaches the deities; they don’t need any teachings. You, who are to become deities, have to study.
3.   Your kingdom is eternal. it is just that its name changes because it became impure from pure. Instead of being called deities, you are called Hindus, but you still belong to the original eternal deity religion. When you become rajo, because of impurity, instead of being called deities, you are called Hindus but, in fact, the name “Hindu” belongs to the land of Hindustan. Ask them: When was the Hindu religion created and who created it? They will not be able to give you an answer.
4.   Your battle with Maya begins when you belong to the Father. Maya also becomes powerful and fights the powerful ones. All have been sinners for birth after birth. If you speak about the sins of this birth, you become light. Some don’t tell the truth, and so Maya punches them very hard. Your boxing match is very hard. You have to remain very cautious.
5.   You belonged to Ravan and you then belonged to Rama. Then Ravan defeats the children of Rama (God) and pulls them to himself. Some of you become ill, and then, neither do you belong there nor do you remain here. Neither do you have enjoyment nor do you experience sorrow; you remain in between. They do not belong to the Father completely nor do they belong to Ravan completely.
6.   The Father now says: Renounce all the religions of the body and consider yourself to be a soul. You are Raja Yogis. There is only this one study here and it is called the study to become a king of kings. This is Raja Yoga. You have yoga with the Father in order to claim the kingdom.

 Essence: Sweet children, you are studying this Raja Yoga in order to claim a kingdom. This is your new study.
Question: Why do some children fail whilst they are studying?
Answer: A boxing match takes place with Maya whilst they are studying. The intellect is hurt very severely boxing Maya. Therefore, because of being hurt, the soul doesn’t remain true to the Father. The children who are true (sachche bachche) always remain safe.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Be very very obedient and move along with sweetness. Don’t allow there to be any arrogance of the body. After becoming a child of the Father, do not make any mistakes. You have to be very careful when boxing Maya.
2. In order to fill your words with power, let there be the practice of being soul conscious. Let it remain in your consciousness that you are relating that which the Father has taught you. Then there will be power in your words.
Blessing: May you be a master bestower of liberation and liberation-in-life (mukti-jewanmukti daata) and, by remaining constantly alert, fulfil everyone’s desires (aasha).
Now, let the pure thought emerge in all the children that they have to fulfil everyone’s desires. Everyone’s desire is to become free from birth and death (janm-maran), and so, give them that experience. For this, transform the elements of nature and the attitudes of human beings with your powerful and satopradhan vibrations. Be a master bestower and fulfil the desires of every soul. Give the donation of liberation and liberation-in-life. The awareness of this responsibility will keep you constantly alert.
Slogan: You are the true gopes and gopis who forget all consciousness (sudh-budh) of the body with the murli of Murlidhar.


मीठे बच्चे - शिवबाबा आया है तुम्हारे सब भण्डारे भरपूर करने, कहा भी जाता 
है भण्डारा भरपूर काल कंटक दूर'' 

प्रश्न:- ज्ञानवान बच्चों की बुद्धि में किस एक बात का निश्चय पक्का होगा? 
उत्तर:- उन्हें दृढ़ निश्चय होगा कि हमारा जो पार्ट है वह कभी घिसता-मिटता नहीं। 
मुझ आत्मा में 84 जन्मों का अविनाशी पार्ट नूँधा हुआ है, यही बुद्धि में ज्ञान है 
तो ज्ञानवान है। नहीं तो सारा ज्ञान बुद्धि से उड़ जाता है। 

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 

1) बाप से जो अविनाशी ज्ञान रत्नों का अखुट खजाना मिल रहा है-उसे स्मृति में रख 
बुद्धि को बेहद में ले जाना है। इस बेहद नाटक में कैसे आत्मायें अपने-अपने तख्त 
पर विराजमान हैं-इस कुदरत को साक्षी हो देखना है। 

2) सदा बुद्धि में याद रहे कि हम संगमयुगी ब्राह्मण हैं, हमें बाप की श्रेष्ठ गोद मिली है। 
हम रावण की गोद में जा नहीं सकते। हमारा कर्तव्य है-डूबने वालों को भी बचाना। 

वरदान:- अपने टाइटल की स्मृति के साथ समर्थ स्थिति बनाने वाले स्वमानधारी भव 

संगमयुग पर स्वयं बाप अपने बच्चों को श्रेष्ठ टाइटल देते हैं, तो उसी रूहानी नशे में रहो। 
जैसा टाइटल याद आये वैसी समर्थ स्थिति बनती जाये। जैसे आपका टाइटल है स्वदर्शन 
चक्रधारी तो यह स्मृति आते ही परदर्शन समाप्त हो जाए, स्वदर्शन के आगे माया का गला 
कट जाए। महावीर हूँ, यह टाइटल याद आये तो स्थिति अचल-अडोल बन जाए। तो टाइटल 
की स्मृति के साथ समर्थ स्थिति बनाओ तब कहेंगे श्रेष्ठ स्वमानधारी। 

स्लोगन:- भटकती हुई आत्माओं की चाहना पूर्ण करने के लिए परखने की शक्ति को बढ़ाओ।


Essence: Sweet children, Shiv Baba has come to make all your treasure-stores completely full. It is said: When your treasure-stores are full, all sorrow is removed. (bhandaara bharpur kaal kantak door) Question: What one faith is very firm in the intellects of knowledgeable (gyaanvaan) children? Answer: They have the firm faith that their part will never be erased or wiped out.(ghista-mit ta) I, the soul, have an imperishable part of 84 births fixed in me. If you have this knowledge in your intellect, you are knowledgeable. Otherwise, all the knowledge disappears from your intellect. Essence for Dharna: 1. Keep in your awareness the infinite treasures of the imperishable jewels of knowledge that you receive from the Father and take your intellect into the unlimited. See as a detached observer the wonder of nature and how souls are seated on their own thrones in this unlimited play. 2. Your intellect should always remember that we are confluence-aged Brahmins. We have received the elevated lap of the Father. We cannot go into Ravan’s lap. Our duty is to save those who are drowning. Blessing: May you have self-respect and make your stage powerful with the awareness of your title.

 Synopsis: Sakar Murli November 26, 2014 1. The Father is the Seed. He has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the tree. Shiv Baba, the Ocean, is giving you the jewels of knowledge. His treasure store is completely full of the imperishable jewels of knowledge, and all sorrow is removed. He makes you very light so that you can consider yourselves to be points and quickly run home. Only you Brahmins have the knowledge of this cycle etc. Shudras do not have it. Even deities do not have this knowledge. 2. One is human dictates and next is God’s directions and third is the directions from the deities. Who gave directions to the deities? The Father. It is the Father’s shrimat that makes you elevated. Only the Father, and not human beings, is called Shri Shri. Shri Shri comes and makes you shri (elevated). You should have a lot of happiness inside you. You should also perform divine actions. 3. We are no longer shudras and have not yet become complete Brahmins either. If we were firm Brahmins, we wouldn’t perform any shudra acts. Even Brahmins have some shudra traces. The Father comes and changes us from shudras to Brahmins and then we change from Brahmins to deities. We become Brahmins, attain our karmateet stage and then return home. 4. You are now Brahmins and will then become deities. The main one is Brahma. Brahma exists in the night and Vishnu exists in the day. That same one goes from the night into the day. 5. Your intellects should go into the unlimited. All of those billions of souls are seated on the thrones of their bodies. This is an unlimited play. Souls are seated on those thrones. No two thrones are the same; each one’s features are different. This is called the wonder of nature. Each one has an imperishable part. 6. All of you are mahavirs. Your memorial is in the Dilwala Temple. Down below, you are sitting in tapasya or yoga and, up on the ceiling, there are the pictures of the kingdom. That is an accurate temple of Raja Yoga. ��������������������

Monday, November 24, 2014


25-11-14 प्रातः मुरली ओम् शान्ति “बापदादा” मधुबन “मीठे बच्चे - बाबा की दृष्टि हद और बेहद से भी पार जाती है, तुम्हें भी हद (सतयुग), बेहद (कलियुग) से पार जाना है” प्रश्न:- ऊंच ते ऊंच ज्ञान रत्नों की धारणा किन बच्चों को अच्छी होती है? उत्तर:- जिनका बुद्धियोग एक बाप के साथ है, पवित्र बने हैं, उन्हें इन रत्नों की धारणा अच्छी होगी । इस ज्ञान के लिए शुद्ध बर्तन चाहिए । उल्टे-सुल्टे संकल्प भी बन्द हो जाने चाहिए । बाप के साथ योग लगाते- लगाते बर्तन सोना बने तब रत्न ठहर सकें । ओम् शान्ति | अच्छा! मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग । रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते । धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 1. बुद्धि में ज्ञान रत्नों को धारण कर दान करना है । हद बेहद से पार ऐसी स्थिति में रहना है जो कभी भी उल्टा-सुल्टा संकल्प वा विकल्प न आये । हम आत्मा भाई- भाई हैं, यही स्मृति रहे । 2. माया के तूफानों से बचने के लिए मुख में बाप की याद का मुहलत डाल लेना है । सब कुछ सहन करना है । छुईमुई नहीं बनना है । माया से हार नहीं खानी है । वरदान:- लौकिक अलौकिक जीवन में सदा न्यारे बन परमात्म साथ के अनुभब द्वारा नष्टोमोहा भव ! सदा न्यारे रहने की निशानी है प्रभू प्यार की अनुभूति और जितना प्यार होता है उतना साथ रहेंगे,अलग नहीं होंगे । प्यार उसको ही कहा जाता है जो साथ रहे । जब बाप साथ है तो सर्व बोझ बाप को देकर खुद हल्के हो जाओ, यही विधि है नष्टामोहा बनने की । लेकिन पुरुषार्थ की सबजेक्ट में सदा शब्द को अन्डरलाइन करो । लौकिक और अलौकिक जीवन में सदा न्यारे रहो तब सदा साथ का अनुभव होगा । स्लोगन:- विकारों रूपी सांपों को अपनी शैया बना दो तो सहजयोगी बन जायेंगे । ओम् शान्ति | 