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20/12/14    Morning Murli Om Shanti   BapDada   Madhuban     Essence:    Sweet children, there is an unlimited income to be earned by studying the study that the Father teaches you. Therefore, continue to study well and never allow the link of your study to break.     Question:    Which of your aspects is laughed at by those who have non-loving intellects at the time of destruction ? Answer:      When you tell them that the time of destruction is very close, they laugh at you. You know that the Father will not continue to just sit here. It is the Father's duty to make you pure. When you have become pure, this old world will be destroyed and the new one will come. The war ahead is for destruction. When you are deities, you cannot enter the dirty iron-aged world. Om Shanti  The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children. You children understand that you became totally senseless and that Maya, Ravan, made you senseless. You children also understand that, because the new world has to be established, the Father definitely has to come here. There is the picture of the Trimurti (the three deities) on which it is written, “Creation through Brahma, sustenance through Vishnu and destruction through Shankar”, because the Father is Karankaravanhar. He is the only One who acts and also inspires others to act. Therefore, whose name should be put first? The name of the One who acts should come before the name of the one through whom He acts. This is why He is called Karankaravanhar. He establishes the new world through Brahma. You children also know that our new world, the world that is now being established, is called the deity world. Only in the golden age are there deities. No other beings can be called deities. Ordinary human beings do not exist there. Only the deity religion, no other religion, exists there. It is now in your consciousness that you really were deities. There are also signs of that. Those ofIslam as well as the Buddhists and the Christians all have their own signs. At the time we ruled our kingdom, there were no other religions, whereas, at present, there are all the other religions but our deity religion doesn’t exist. There are many good words in the Gita, but people do not understand the real meaning of them. The Father says: At the time of destruction, there are those whose intellects have no love and those who have loving intellects. Destruction has to take place at this time. The Father comes at the confluence age when change takes place. He gives you children everything new in return. He is the Goldsmith, the Laundryman and also the Businessman. Very few children do this business with the Father. There is a lot of profit to be made in this business. There is also a lot of profit in studying. There is a saying: "Knowledge is the source of income". This is an income that lasts for birth after birth. Therefore, you should study this knowledge very well. The knowledge I teach you is very easy. You simply have to understand it for seven days and you may then go wherever you like. This study will continue to be sent to you; you will continue to receive the murli so that your link of studying is never broken. This link is of souls with the Supreme Soul. There is the saying in the Gita, “Those who have no love in their intellects at the time of destruction are destroyed whereas those who do have love in their intellects are victorious.” You know that all human beings continue to bite and hurt one another at the present time. No one has as much vice or anger as they have now. It has been remembered that Draupadi called out to God. The Father has explained that all of you are Draupadi. These are the versions of God. The Father says: Children, do not now indulge in vice. I am taking you to heaven. You simply have to remember Me, your Father. It is now the time of destruction. Therefore, no one listens to anyone but everyone continues to fight with one another. No matter how much you tell them to remain peaceful, they won’t. They leave their children behind and go to war. So many continue to die. Human beings have no value. Any value, any praise, belongs to the deities. You are now making effort to become like them. In fact, your praise is even greater than that of the deities. The Father is now teaching you such an elevated study. Those who are studying are at the end of their many births and have become totally tamopradhan. However, I am always satopradhan. The Father says: I have come as the obedient Servant of you children. Just think about this. You have become so dirty and ugly! Only the Father comes and makes you clean and beautiful. God sits here and teaches you human beings and makes you so elevated. The Father Himself says: I come at the end of your many births in order to change you all from tamopradhan to satopradhan. I am now teaching you. The Father says: I made you into residents of heaven. How did you become residents of hell? Who made you into those? There is a saying that anyone with a non-loving intellect is destroyed at the time of destruction and anyone with a loving intellect is victorious at the time of destruction. To the extent that your intellect has love, that is, to the extent that you remain in deep remembrance, so you will benefit. This is that battlefield. No one knows which battle has been mentioned in the Gita and so they speak of a battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. There is the Kaurava community and there is the Pandava community, but there is no battle between them. Pandavas are those who know the Father and whose intellects have love for the Father. Kauravas are those who have no love in their intellects for the Father. These words are very good and worth understanding. It is now the confluence age. You children know that the new world is now being established. You have to use your intellects to understand everything. The world has now grown so much. There will be very few human beings in the golden age. First the tree is small and then that tree grows large. No one understands that this is the inverted tree of the human world. It is also called the kalpa tree. You do need to have the knowledge of this tree. Knowledge of every other tree is very easy to understand and you can quickly speak about it. The knowledge of this tree is also easy. However, this tree is the human tree. Human beings have no knowledge of their own tree. They say that God is the Creator. Therefore, He must definitely be the Living Being. The Father is the Truth, the Living Being and the Ocean of Knowledge. No one understands which knowledge it is that He has. The Father, the Living Being, is the Seed. All of creation is created by Him. The Father sits here and explains that human beings do not know about their own tree, but they know very well about other trees. If the seeds of those trees were living, they would tell you about themselves, but they are non-living trees. You children now know the secrets of the Creator and creation. He is the Truth, the Living Being, the Ocean of Knowledge. Because He is the Living Being, He is able to talk to you. It is said that the human body is so valuable that it’s impossible to put its value into words. The Father sits here and explains these things to you souls. You are rupbasant (an embodiment of yoga who showers jewels of knowledge). The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. You receive these jewels from Him. These jewels are the jewels of knowledge and it is through taking these jewels that you receive plenty of the other jewels. Just look how many jewels Lakshmi and Narayan have! They reside in palaces studded with diamonds and jewels. The very name is heaven andyou become the masters of it. When a poor person suddenly wins a big lottery, he goes crazy. The Father says: You receive the sovereignty of the world, and so Maya causes you so much opposition. As you make progress, you will see how Maya swallows even very good children; she swallows them whole. You must have seen how snakes catch hold of frogs. Just as the alligator completely eats up the elephant, similarly, the snake swallows up the whole frog. Maya is also the same - she catches hold of the children alive and completely finishes them off so that they never even mention the name of the Father again. You have very little power of yoga. Everything depends on the power of yoga. Just as a snake swallows a frog, so you children swallow the whole sovereignty. You can claim sovereignty over the whole world in a second. The Father gives you so many easy ways to follow. You do not have any weapons. The Father adorns you with the weapons of knowledge and yoga, which is why the deities are portrayed with physical weapons. You children now say: Just look what we have become from what we were! Say what you want, we know that that is what we were like. Although you are human beings, you do have some virtues as well as defects. Only the deities have divine virtues. This is why people sing the praise of their idols in front of them: You are full of all virtues and completely viceless etc., whereas we are completely virtueless; we have no virtue at all. At present, the whole world population is without virtue. This means that there is no one with a single divine virtue. They do not know the Father, the One who teaches divine virtues, and so they are called those whose intellects have no love at the time of destruction. Destruction does have to take place at the confluence age when the new world is created and the old world destroyed. This is called the time of destruction. This is the final destruction. There will then be no wars for half a cycle. Those people do not know anything. Since there are those with no love in their intellects at the time of destruction, there definitely will be destruction of the old world. So many calamities are happening in this old world; people just continue to die. The Father tells you of the state of the world at this time. There is a great deal of difference between the state of Bharat today and the state of Bharat tomorrow. Today, you can see what it’s like, but where will you be tomorrow? You children know that the new world is very small at first. The palaces there are studded with many diamonds and jewels. Your temples on the path of devotion are no less. There will not be just the one temple to Somnath. Someone would have built a sample and then, when others saw it, they would have built many more. So much was looted from the Somnath Temple. Then, they sat and created their own memorials. They studded the walls with gems. What value would those gems have had? Even a small diamond now costs so much! When Baba was a jeweller, a diamond of even one rati (11 ratis to one gram) would cost 90 rupees. That would now cost thousands of rupees. It is impossible now even to find one, their value has increased so much! The foreign lands have so much wealth at this time. Compared to the golden age, all the present wealth of the foreign lands is nothing. The Father says: All of them now have non-loving intellects at this time of destruction. When you tell people that the time of destruction is close, they laugh at you. The Father says: For how much longer would I remain sitting here? I have no pleasure in sitting here. I neither experience happiness nor do I experience sorrow. My duty is simply to purify you. That is what you were like; this is what you have now become! You now have to become as elevated as they are. You do know that you are going to become like them. You have now understood that you were members of the deity clan, that you had your kingdom and that you then lost your kingdom and other kingdoms came. The cycle is now coming to an end. You now understand that this cycle isn't a matter of hundreds of thousands of years. This war is to be for destruction. When you are there, you will die in great comfort; there will be no difficulty whatsoever. There will not be any hospitals etc. Who would work there and serve others or even cry? This custom doesn’t exist there. There, death takes place very easily. Here, people experience great sorrow when they die. Because you have seen plenty of happiness, you also have to see plenty of sorrow. It is here that rivers of blood will flow. They think that this war will quieten down, but it is not going to quieten down. There is a saying, “Joy for the hunter and death for the prey.” When you are deities, you cannot enter the dirty, iron- aged world. The Gita says: God speaks: You have to see destruction as well as establishment. Some of you have had a vision of this, have you not? At the end, you will have visions of what so-and-so will become. Then, at that moment, they will cry and repent a great deal and experience a lot of punishment. They will cry about their fortune (repent). What would you be able to do at that time? This is a lottery for 21 births. You do remember all of this, do you not? No one can experience punishment without first having visions of what he did. There will be the Tribunal. Achcha. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. Essence for Dharna: 1. Imbibe the jewels of knowledge and become rup and basant. Use the jewels of knowledge you are given to win the lottery of sovereignty over the world. 2. At this time of destruction, you must have love for the Father and stay in the remembrance of One. You must not act in any way for which you would have to repent at the end and cry about your fortune.   Blessing:  May you have victory guaranteed and, by being constantly loving, receive the blessing of the flying stage and remain carefree.     Loving children receive blessing from BapDada of the flying stage. Reach BapDada in a second with the flying stage, and then, no matter what form Maya appears in, she will not even be able to touch you. Not even a shadow of Maya can come under the canopy of God’s protection. Love transforms effort into entertainment. Love gives the experience of the stage of victory being guaranteed in every action. Loving children remain carefree at every moment. Slogan:   Remain constantly unshakeable by having the awareness of “Nothing new” and you will continue to dance in happiness.         Om Shanti !  


20-12-14   प्रातः मुरली ओम् शान्ति   “बापदादा”   मधुबन   “मीठे बच्चे - यह पढ़ाई जो बाप पढ़ाते हैं, इसमें अथाह कमाई है, इसलिए पढ़ाई अच्छी रीति पढ़ते रहो, लिंक कभी न टूटे”    प्रश्न:-    जो विनाशकाले विपरीत बुद्धि है, उन्हें तुम्हारी किस बात पर हँसी आती है? उत्तर:- तुम जब कहते हो अभी विनाश काल नजदीक है, तो उन्हें हँसी आती हैं । तुम जानते हो बाप यहॉ बैठे तो नहीं रहेंगे, बाप की कटी है पावन बनाना । जब पावन बन जायेंगे तो यह पुरानी दुनिया विनाश होगी, नई आयेगी । यह लड़ाई है ही विनाश के लिए । तुम देवता बनते हो तो इस कलियुगी छी-छी सृष्टि पर आ नहीं सकते ।   ओम् शान्ति | रूहानी बाप बैठ रूहानी बच्चों को समझाते हैं । बच्चे समझते हैं हम बहुत बेसमझ बन गये थे । माया रावण ने बेसमझ बना दिया था । यह भी बच्चे समझते हैं कि बाप को जरूर आना ही है, जबकि नई सृष्टि स्थापन होनी है । तीन चित्र भी हैं - ब्रह्मा द्वारा स्थापना, विष्णु द्वारा पालना, शंकर द्वारा विनाश क्योंकि करनकरावनहार तो बाप है ना । एक ही है जो करता है और कराता है । पहले किसका नाम आयेगा? जो करता है फिर जिस द्वारा कराते हैं । करनकरावनहार कहा जाता है ना । ब्रह्मा द्वारा नई दुनिया की स्थापना कराते हैं । यह भी बच्चे जानते हैं हमारी जो नई दुनिया है, जो हम स्थापन कर रहे हैं, इसका नाम ही है देवी-देवताओं की दुनिया । सतयुग में ही देवी-देवता होते हैं । किसी और को देवी-देवता नहीं कहा जाता । वहाँ मनुष्य होते नहीं । है ही एक देवी-देवता धर्म, दूसरा कोई धर्म ही नहीं । अभी तुम बच्चे स्मृति में आये हो कि बरोबर हम देवी-देवता थे, निशानियाँ भी हैं । इस्लामी, बौद्धी, क्रिस्चियन आदि सबकी अपनी- अपनी निशानी है । हमारा जब राज्य था तो और कोई नहीं था । अभी फिर और सभी धर्म हैं, हमारा देवता धर्म है नहीं । गीता में अक्षर बड़े अच्छे- अच्छे हैं परन्तु कोई समझ नहीं सकते । बाप कहते हैं विनाश काले विप्रीत बुद्धि और विनाश काले प्रीत बुद्धि । विनाश तो इस समय ही होना है । बाप आते भी हैं संगमयुग पर, जबकि चेंज होती है । बाप तुम बच्चों को बदले में सब कुछ नया देते हैं । वह सोनार भी है, धोबी भी है, बड़ा व्यापारी भी है । बिरला ही कोई बाप से व्यापार करे । इस व्यापार में तो अथाह फायदा है । पढ़ाई में फायदा बहुत होता है । महिमा भी की जाती है कि पढ़ाई कमाई है, वह भी जन्म-जन्मान्तर के लिए कमाई है । तो ऐसी पढ़ाई अच्छी रीति पढ़नी चाहिए ना और पढ़ाता भी बहुत सहज हूँ । सिर्फ एक हफ्ता समझकर फिर भल कहाँ भी चले जाओ, तुम्हारे पास पढ़ाई आती रहेगी अर्थात् मुरली मिलती रहेगी तो फिर कभी लिंक नहीं टूटेगी । यह है आत्माओं की परमात्मा के साथ लिंक । गीता में भी यह अक्षर है विनाश काले विप्रीत बुद्धि विनशन्ती, प्रीत बुद्धि विजयन्ती । तुम जानते हो इस समय मनुष्य एक-दो को काटते-मारते रहते हैं । इन जैसा क्रोध वा विकार और कोई में होता नहीं । यह भी गायन है कि द्रोपदी ने पुकारा । बाप ने समझाया है तुम सब द्रोपदियाँ हो । भगवानुवाच, बाप कहते हैं-बच्चे, अब विकार में नहीं जाओ । मैं तुमको स्वर्ग में ले चलता हूँ, तुम सिर्फ मुझ बाप को याद करो । अब विनाशकाल है ना, किसकी भी सुनते नहीं, लड़ते ही रहते हैं । कितना उनको कहते हैं शान्त रहो, परन्तु शान्त रहते नहीं । अपने बच्चों आदि से बिछुड़कर लड़ाई के मैदान में जाते हैं । कितने मनुष्य मरते ही रहते हैं । मनुष्य की कोई वैल्यु नहीं । अगर वैल्यु है, महिमा है तो इन देवी-देवताओं की । अभी तुम यह बनने का पुरूषार्थ कर रहे हो । तुम्हारी महिमा वास्तव में इन देवताओं से भी जास्ती है । तुमको अभी बाप पढ़ा रहे हैं । कितनी ऊँच पढ़ाई है । पढ़ने वाले बहुत जन्मों के अन्त में बिल्कुल ही तमोप्रधान है । मैं तो सदैव सतोप्रधान ही हूँ । बाप कहते हैं मैं तुम बच्चों का ओबीडियंट सर्वेंट बनकर आया हूँ । विचार करो हम कितने छी-छी बन गये हैं । बाप ही हमको वाह-वाह बनाते हैं । भगवान बैठ मनुष्यों को पढ़ाकर कितना ऊंच बनाते हैं । बाप खुद कहते हैं मैं बहुत जन्मों के अन्त में तुम सबको तमोप्रधान से सतोप्रधान बनाने आया हूँ । अभी तुमको पढ़ा रहा हूँ । बाप कहते हैं मैंने तुमको स्वर्गवासी बनाया फिर तुम नर्कवासी कैसे बने, किसने बनाया 7 गायन भी है विनाश काले विप्रीत बुद्धि विनशन्ती । प्रीत बुद्धि विजयन्ती । फिर जितना-जितना प्रीत बुद्धि रहेंगे अर्थात् बहुत याद करेंगे, उतना तुम्हारा ही फायदा हैं । लड़ाई का मैदान है ना । कोई भी यह नहीं जानते हैं कि गीता में कौन-सी युद्ध बताई है । उन्होंने तो फिर कौरवों और पाण्डवों की युद्ध दिखाई है । कौरव सम्प्रदाय, पाण्डव सम्प्रदाय भी है परन्तु युद्ध तो कोई है नहीं । पाण्डव उनको कहा जाता है जो बाप को जानते हैं । बाप से प्रीत बुद्धि है । कौरव उनको कहा जाता जो बाप से विप्रीत बुद्धि हैं । अक्षर तो बहुत अच्छे- अच्छे समझने लायक हैं । अभी हैं संगमयुग । तुम बच्चे जानते हो नई दुनिया की स्थापना हो रही है । बुद्धि से काम लेना है । अभी दुनिया कितनी बड़ी है । सतयुग में कितने थोड़े मनुष्य होंगे । छोटा झाड़ होगा ना । वह झाड़ फिर बड़ा होता है । मनुष्य सृष्टि रूपी यह उल्टा झाड़ कैसे है, यह भी कोई समझते नहीं हैं । इनको कल्प वृक्ष कहा जाता है । वृक्ष का नॉलेज भी चाहिए ना? और वृक्षों का नॉलेज तो बहुत-बहुत इजी है, झट बता देंगे । इस वृक्ष का नॉलेज भी ऐसा इजी है परन्तु यह है ह्युमन वृक्ष । मनुष्यों को अपने वृक्ष का पता ही नहीं पड़ता है । कहते भी हैं गॉड इज क्रियेटर, तो जरूर चैतन्य है ना । बाप सत है, चैतन्य है, ज्ञान का सागर है । उनमें कौन-सा ज्ञान है, यह भी कोई नहीं समझते हैं । बाप ही बीज रूप, चैतन्य है । उनसे ही सारी रचना होती है । तो बाप बैठ समझाते हैं, मनुष्यों को अपने झाड़ का पता नहीं है, और झाड़ों को तो अच्छी रीति जानते हैं । झाड़ का बीज अगर चैतन्य होता तो बतलाता ना परन्तु वह तो है जड़ । तो अब तुम बच्चे ही रचता और रचना के राज़ को जानते हो । यह सत है, चैतन्य है, ज्ञान का सागर है । चैतन्य में तो बातचीत कर सकते हैं ना । मनुष्य का तन सबसे ऊँच अमूल्य गाया गया है । इनका मूल्य कथन नहीं कर सकते । बाप आकर आत्माओं को समझाते हैं । तुम रूप भी हो, बसन्त भी हो । बाप है ज्ञान का सागर । उनसे तुमको रत्न मिलते हैं । यह ज्ञान रत्न हैं, जिन रत्नों से वह रत्न भी तुमको ढेर मिल जाते हैं । लक्ष्मी-नारायण के पास देखो कितने रत्न हैं । हीरे-जवाहरों के महलों में रहते हैं । नाम ही है स्वर्ग, जिसके तुम मालिक बनने वाले हो । कोई गरीब को अचानक बड़ी लॉटरी मिलती है तो पागल हो जाते हैं ना । बाप भी कहते हैं तुमको विश्व की बादशाही मिलती है तो माया कितना आपोजीशन करती है । तुमको आगे चल पता पड़ेगा कि माया कितने अच्छे- अच्छे बच्चों को भी हप कर लेती है । एकदम खा लेती है । तुमने सर्प को देखा है-मेंढक को कैसे पकड़ता है, जैसे गज को ग्राह हप करते हैं । सर्प मेंढक को एकदम सारे का सारा हप कर लेता है । माया भी ऐसी है, बच्चों को जीते जी पकड़कर एकदम खत्म कर देती है जो फिर कभी बाप का नाम भी नहीं लेते हैं । योगबल की ताकत तुम्हारे में बहुत कम है । सारा मदार योगबल पर है । जैसे सर्प मेंढक को हप करता है, तुम बच्चे भी सारी बादशाही को हप करते हो । सारे विश्व की बादशाही तुम सेकण्ड में ले लेंगे । बाप कितना सहज युक्ति बताते हैं । कोई हथियार आदि नहीं । बाप ज्ञान-योग के अस्र-शस्त्र देते हैं । उन्होंने फिर स्थूल हथियार आदि दे दिये हैं । तुम बच्चे इस समय कहते हो-हम क्या से क्या बन गये थे! जो चाहे सो कहो, हम ऐसे थे जरूर । भल थे तो मनुष्य ही परन्तु गुण और अवगुण तो होते हैं ना । देवताओं में दैवीगुण हैं इसलिए उन्हों की महिमा गाते हैं- आप सर्वगुण सम्पन्न..... हम निर्गुण हारे में कोई गुण नाही । इस समय सारी दुनिया ही निर्गुण हैं अर्थात् एक भी देवताई गुण नहीं है । बाप जो गुण सिखलाने वाला है, उनको ही नहीं जानते इसलिए कहा जाता विनाश काले विप्रीत बुद्धि । अब विनाश तो होना ही है संगमयुग पर । जबकि पुरानी दुनिया विनाश होती है और नई दुनिया स्थापन होती है । इनको कहा जाता है विनाश काल । यह है अन्तिम विनाश फिर आधाकल्प कोई लड़ाई आदि होती ही नहीं । मनुष्यों को कुछ भी पता नहीं है । विनाश काले विप्रीत बुद्धि है तो जरूर पुरानी दुनिया का विनाश होगा ना । इस पुरानी दुनिया में कितनी आपदायें हैं । मरते ही रहते हैं । बाप इस समय की हालत बतलाते हैं । फर्क तो बहुत है ना । आज भारत का यह हाल है, कल भारत क्या होगा? आज यह है, कल तुम कहाँ होंगे? तुम जानते हो पहले नई दुनिया कितनी छोटी थी । वहाँ तो महलों में कितने हीरे-जवाहर आदि होते हैं । भक्ति मार्ग में भी तुम्हारा मन्दिर कोई कम थोड़ेही होता है । सिर्फ कोई एक सोमनाथ का मन्दिर थोड़ेही होगा । एक कोई बनायेगा तो उनको देख और भी बनायेंगे । एक सोमनाथ मन्दिर से ही कितना लूटा है । फिर बैठ अपना यादगार बनाया है । तो दीवारों में पत्थर आदि लगाते हैं । इन पत्थरों की क्या वैल्यु होगी? इतने छोटे-से हीरे का भी कितना दाम है । बाबा जौहरी था, एक रत्ती का हीरा होता था, 90 रूपया रत्ती । अभी तो उसकी कीमत हजारों रूपया है । मिलते भी नहीं । बहुत वैल्यु बढ़ गई है । इस समय विलायत आदि तरफ धन बहुत है, परन्तु सतयुग के आगे यह कुछ भी नहीं है । अब बाप कहते हैं विनाश काले विप्रीत बुद्धि है । तुम कहते हो विनाश समीप है तो मनुष्य हँसते हैं । बाप कहते हैं मैं कितना समय बैठा रहूँगा, मुझे कोई यहाँ मजा आता है क्या? मैं तो न सुखी, न दु :खी होता हूँ । मेरे ऊपर ड्यूटी है पावन बनाने की । तुम यह थे, अब यह बन गये हो, फिर तुमको ऐसा ऊँच बनाता हूँ । तुम जानते हो हम फिर वह बनने वाले हैं । अब तुमको यह समझ आई है, हम इस दैवी घराने के भाती थे । राजाई थी । फिर ऐसे अपनी राजाई गँवाई । फिर और- और आने लगे । अब यह चक्र पूरा होता है । अभी तुम समझते हो लाखों वर्ष की तो बात ही नहीं है । यह लड़ाई है ही विनाश की, उस तरफ तो बहुत आराम से मरेंगे । कोई तकलीफ नहीं होगी । हॉस्पिटल्स आदि ही नहीं होंगे । कौन बैठ सेवा करेंगे और रोयेंगे । वहाँ तो यह रस्म ही नहीं । उन्हों की मौत सहज होती है । यहाँ तो दुखी होकर मरते हैं क्योंकि तुमने सुख बहुत उठाया है तो दु :ख भी तुमको देखना है । खून की नदी यहाँ ही बहेंगी । वह समझते हैं यह लड़ाई फिर शान्त हो जायेगी परन्तु शान्त तो होनी नहीं है । मिरूआ मौत मलूका शिकार । तुम देवता बनते हो, फिर कलियुगी छी-छी सृष्टि पर तो तुम आ नहीं सकते । गीता में भी है भगवानुवाच, विनाश भी देखो, स्थापना देखो । साक्षात्कार हुआ ना! यह साक्षात्कार सब अन्त में होंगे - फलाने-फलाने यह बनते हैं फिर उस समय रोयेंगे, बहुत पछतायेंगे, सजा खायेंगे, नसीब कूटेंगे । लेकिन कर क्या सकेंगे? यह तो 21 जन्मों की लॉटरी है । स्मृति तो आती है ना । साक्षात्कार बिगर किसको सजा नहीं मिल सकती है । ट्रिब्युनल बैठती है ना । अच्छा!     मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग । रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते ।   धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 1. स्वयं में ज्ञान रत्न धारण कर रूप-बसन्त बनना है । ज्ञान रत्नों से विश्व के बादशाही की लॉटरी लेनी है ।  2. इस विनाश काल में बाप से प्रीत रख एक की ही याद में रहना है । ऐसा कोई कर्म नहीं करना हैं जो अन्त समय में पछताना पड़े या नसीब कूटना पड़े ।   वरदान:- सदा स्नेही बन उड़ती कला का वरदान प्राप्त करने वाले निश्चित विजयी, निश्चिंत भव !    स्नेही बच्चों को बापदादा द्वारा उड़ती कला का वरदान मिल जाता है । उड़ती कला द्वारा सेकण्ड में बापदादा के पास पहुच जाओ तो कैसे भी स्वरूप में आई हुई माया आपको छू नहीं सकेगी । परमात्म छत्रछाया के अन्दर माया की छाया भी नहीं आ सकती । स्नेह, मेहनत को मनोरंजन में परिवर्तन कर देता है । स्नेह हर कर्म में निश्चित विजयी स्थिति का अनुभव कराता है, स्नेही बच्चे हर समय निश्चिन्त रहते हैं ।   स्लोगन:-  नथिंग न्यू की स्मृति से सदा अचल रहो तो खुशी में नाचते रहेंगे ।      ओम् शान्ति |  

Thursday, December 18, 2014


19/12/14    Morning Murli Om Shanti   BapDada   Madhuban     Essence:    Sweet children, you are now at the most auspicious confluence age. Whilst remaining here you have to remember the new world and make your soul pure.     Question:    What understanding that the Father has given you has opened the locks on your intellects? Answer:      The Father has given you such understanding of this eternal drama that the Godrej locks that had locked your intellects have become unlocked. Your intellects have been changed from stone and made divine. The Father has given you the understanding that each of you actors in this drama has your own eternal part to play. To whatever extent each of you studied in the previous cycle, you will do so now; you will make effort to claim your inheritance. Om Shanti  The spiritual Father sits here and teaches you spiritual children. From the moment He becomes our Father, He also becomes our Teacher and He also gives us teachings in the form of the Satguru. You children know that, since He is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, He wouldn’t be a small child. He is the highest and greatest of all. The Father knows that all of you are His children. According to the drama plan, you called out to Him to come and take you to the pure world, but you did not understand anything. You now understand that the golden age is called the pure world and that the iron age is called the impure world. You also say: Come and liberate us from Ravan’s jail! Liberate us from all our sorrows and take us back to our land of peace and our land of happiness. Both names are very good: liberation and liberation-in- life or the land of peace and the land of happiness! The intellect of no one but you children knows where the land of peace is or where the land of happiness is; they are totally senseless. Your aim and objective is to become sensible. Those who are senseless have the aim and objective of becoming as sensible as they (Lakshmi and Narayan) are. You have to teach everyone what the aim and objective here is. It is to become deities from human beings. This is the world of human beings and that is the world of deities. The golden age is the world of deities, and so the iron age would surely be the world of human beings. Since we now have to become deities from human beings, we must surely be at the most elevated confluence age. Those are deities and these are human beings. Deities are sensible. The Father made them sensible. He is the Master of the world. Even though He never becomes the Master of that world, there is this praise. The unlimited Father is the One who gives unlimited happiness. There is unlimited happiness in the new world and there is unlimited sorrow in the old world. The picture of those deities is in front of you. There is praise of them. Nowadays, even the five elements are worshipped. The Father explains that you are now at the most elevated confluence age. Each of you also understands, numberwise, according to your efforts, that you have one foot in heaven and the other foot in hell. Although you are living here, your intellect is in the new world. Therefore, you have to remember the One who sends you to the new world. Only by having remembrance of the Father will you become pure. Shiva Baba sits here and explains this. They certainly celebrate the birth of Shiva, but they don’t know when He came or what He did when He came. They celebrate the night of Shiva and they also celebrate the birth of Krishna. They don’t use the same words for Shiv Baba as they do for Krishna. Although they say, "Shiv Ratri", they don’t understand the meaning of that. The meaning has been explained to you children. There is unlimited sorrow at the end of the iron age and there is unlimited happiness in the golden age. You children have now received this knowledge and you know the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle. Those who studied this a cycle ago will study now. Whatever effort they made then, they will start to do the same again and claim a status accordingly. The whole cycle is in your intellects. You are the ones who receive the highest status and who then come down accordingly. The Father has explained that the soul of every human being, everyone in the rosary, comes down, numberwise. Each actor receives his own part to play - whatever part each one has to play at each moment. The Father sits here and explains the drama which is eternally created. You now have to explain to your brothers what the Father explains to you. It is in your intellects that the Father comes and explains to us every 5000 years, and that we then have to explain this to our brothers. In terms of souls, you are all brothers. The Father says: You must now consider yourselves to be bodiless souls. Souls have to remember their Father in order to become pure. When souls become pure they receive pure bodies. When a soul is impure his jewellery (body) is also impure. Everyone is numberwise. The features and activity of one cannot be the same as another’s. Each one plays his own numberwise part. There cannot be the slightest change. In a drama, you will see the same scene tomorrow that you saw yesterday; the same things will be repeated. This is the unlimited drama of yesterday and today. It was explained to you yesterday how you claimed a kingdom and how you then lost that kingdom. Today, you now understand this knowledge in order to claim a kingdom. Today, Bharat is the old hell, and tomorrow, it will be the new heaven. Your intellects know that you are now about to go to the new world. You are becoming elevated by following shrimat. Elevated ones would definitely be living in the elevated world. Lakshmi and Narayan were elevated, and so they lived in elevated heaven. Those who are corrupt live in hell. You now understand the significance of this. Only when you understand this unlimited drama very clearly will it then sit in your intellects. They celebrate the night of Shiva, but they know nothing about it. Therefore, you children have to be refreshed and you then have to refresh others. You are now given this knowledge and you then receive salvation. The Father says: I do not enter heaven. My part is to change this world from impure to pure. There, you have limitless treasures whereas here, you are bankrupt. This is why you call out to the Father to come and give you your unlimited inheritance. You receive the unlimited inheritance every cycle and you then also become poverty stricken every cycle. When you use the pictures to explain, they will be able to understand. Lakshmi and Narayan who were the foremost deities became ordinary human beings whilst taking 84 births. You children have now received this knowledge. You know that the original eternal deity religion existed 5000 years ago. That deity world was also called Vaikunth and Paradise. You would not call Bharat by that name now. It is now the devil world. It is now the confluence of the end of the devil world and the beginning of the deity world. You children now understand these things; you cannot hear these things from the mouth of anyone else. The Father comes and uses the mouth of this one. People do not understand whose mouth He uses. Whom would the Father come riding in? You souls ride in your own bodies. Shiv Baba doesn’t have a chariot of His own. He definitely does need a mouth. Otherwise, how could He teach you Raja Yoga? He wouldn’t teach you through inspiration. Therefore, note down all these points in your hearts. All the knowledge that is sitting in God's intellect should also sit in your intellects. Your intellects have to imbibe this knowledge. There is a saying: Your intellect is all right, is it not? The intellect is in the soul. It is the soul that understands with the intellect. Who made your intellect stone? You now understand what Ravan turned your intellect into. Yesterday, you did not know about this drama; there were Godrej locks on your intellects. The word “God” is in that. The intellects that were given to you by the Father change into stone intellects. Then the Father comes again and opens the locks. In the golden age, everyone has a divine intellect. The Father comes and benefits everyone. Everyone’s intellect opens, numberwise. Souls continue to come down here, one after another. No one can remain above. No one impure can be there. The Father purifies you and takes you back to the pure world. All the souls are pure that reside there. That is the incorporeal world. You children now understand everything, and so your home seems to be very close to you. You have a lot of love for your home. No one else has as much love for that home as you do. However, you are also numberwise. Those who love the Father also love the home. There are also the specially loved children. You understand that those who make good effort and become specially loved children will claim a high status. It doesn't depend on whether you have an old body or a young one. Those who are clever in knowledge and yoga are seniors. There are many young children who are clever in knowledge and yoga, and so they teach the older ones. Otherwise, it is normally the rule for older ones to teach younger ones. Nowadays, there are also midgets. In fact, all souls are midgets. A soul is just a dot; how could you weigh it? It is just a star. On hearing the word “star”, people look upwards. When you hear the word “star”, you look at yourself. You are the stars of the earth, and those are the stars of the sky. They are non-living and you are living. Those stars never change, whereas you stars take 84 births. You play such huge parts I Whilst playing your parts, your sparkle becomes dull. Your batteries become discharged. Then, when you souls have become completely dull, the Father comes and explains this knowledge to you in many different ways. The power that you souls had in you has been used up. You now have to fill yourselves with power from the Father. You are now recharging your batteries. Maya creates many obstacles in this. She tries to stop you from recharging your battery. You are living batteries; you know that you will become satopradhan by having yoga with the Father. You have now become tamopradhan. There is such a huge contrast between that limited study and this unlimited study! All souls go up, numberwise. Then they come down at their own time to play their own parts. Each one has received his own imperishable parts to play. How many times would you have played your parts of 84 births? How many times would your batteries have been charged and then become discharged? Since you know that your batteries have become discharged, why do you take so long to recharge them? It is because Maya doesn’t allow you to recharge your battery. Maya makes you forget to recharge your batteries. She discharges your batteries again and again. You try to remember the Father but are unable to do so. Maya will even discharge the batteries of those who have recharged their batteries and have come close to their satopradhan stage; she gets them to make mistakes and quickly discharges their batteries. This will continue to happen until the end. Then, at the end of the war, when everything is finished, each of you will claim a status according to how much your battery has been charged. All souls are children of the Father. The Father comes and inspires all of them to charge their batteries. This play that has been created is so wonderful! Whilst you try to have yoga with the Father, you move away from Him again and again, and so you lose so much. You are inspired to make effort, not to move away. Every cycle, whilst you are making effort, when the drama comes to an end, your parts also come to an end, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The rosary of you souls continues to be made. You children know that there is a rosary of Rudraksh and also a rosary of Vishnu. His rosary would be placed in the first number. The Father creates the divine world. Just as there is a rosary of Rudra (all souls), there is also a rosary of Runda (Vishnu). A rosary of Brahmins cannot be made now because changes continue to take place. It will be finalized when the rosary of Rudra is created. There will be the rosary of Brahmins but that cannot be created yet. In fact, all are the children of Prajapita Brahma. There is a rosary of the children of Shiva Baba and also a rosary of Vishnu. You become Brahmins and so one rosary is needed for Shiva and one for Brahma. All of this knowledge remains in your intellects, numberwise. Everyone listens to this, but it goes out of the ears of some at that very moment; they simply do not hear. Some do not even study. They do not know that God has come to teach them. They do not study at all. You should study this study with so much happiness. Achcha. To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. Essence for Dharna: 1. You have to recharge the battery, that is, the soul, by remaining on the pilgrimage of remembrance until you become satopradhan. You must not make any mistakes through which your battery would discharge. 2. In order to become a specially loved child, you must love the home as well as the Father. You must become intoxicated in knowledge and yoga. You have to explain to your brothers whatever the Father explains to you.   Blessing:  May you be fully knowledgeable and finish the power of Maya with the power of love.     To become merged in love is to have full knowledge. Love is the blessing of the Brahmin birth. At the confluence age, the Ocean of Love is giving you platefuls of diamonds and pearls of love, and so you become full of love. The mountains of adverse situations are transformed and they become as light as water through the power of love. No matter how fearsome or how royal the form of Maya that opposes you is, merge yourself in the Ocean of Love in a second and through that power of love, the power of Maya will finish. Slogan:   Only those who are constantly co-operative in the Father’s task through their bodies, minds and wealth and with their thoughts, words and deeds are yogis.         Om Shanti !  


��⭐⭐❤❤❤❤⭐⭐�� 19-12-14 प्रातः मुरली ओम् शान्ति “बापदादा” मधुबन “मीठे बच्चे - तुम अभी पुरूषोत्तम संगमयुग पर हो, तुम्हें यहाँ रहते नई दुनिया को याद करना है और आत्मा को पावन बनाना है” प्रश्न:- बाप ने तुम्हें ऐसी कौन-सी समझ दी है जिससे बुद्धि का ताला खुल गया? उत्तर:- बाप ने इस बेहद अनादि ड्रामा की ऐसी समझ दी है, जिससे बुद्धि पर जो गॉडरेज का ताला लगा था वह खुल गया । पत्थरबुद्धि से पारसबुद्धि बन गये । बाप ने समझ दी है कि इस ड्रामा में हर एक एक्टर का अपना- अपना अनादि पार्ट है, जिसने कल्प पहले जितना पढ़ा है, वह अभी भी पढ़ेंगे । पुरूषार्थ कर अपना वर्सा लेंगे । ओम् शान्ति | अच्छा! मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग । रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते । धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 1. याद की यात्रा से आत्मा रूपी बैटरी को चार्ज कर सतोप्रधान तक पहुँचना है । ऐसी कोई गफलत नहीं करनी है, जो बैटरी डिस्चार्ज हो जाए । 2. मुरब्बी बच्चा बनने के लिए बाप के साथ-साथ घर से भी लव रखना है । ज्ञान और योग में मस्त बनना है । बाप जो समझाते हैं वह अपने भाइयों को भी समझाना है । वरदान:- स्नेह की शक्ति से माया की शक्ति को समाप्त करने वाले सम्पूर्ण ज्ञानी भव ! स्नेह में समाना ही सम्पूर्ण ज्ञान है । स्नेह ब्राह्मण जन्म का वरदान है । संगमयुग पर स्नेह का सागर स्नेह के हीरे मोतियों की थालियां भरकर दे रहे हैं, तो स्नेह में सम्पन्न बनो । स्नेह की शक्ति से परिस्थिति रूपी पहाड़ परिवर्तन हो पानी समान हल्का बन जायेगा । माया का कैसा भी विकराल रूप वा रॉयल रूप सामना करे तो सेकण्ड में स्नेह के सागर में समा जाओ । तो स्नेह की शक्ति से माया की शक्ति समाप्त हो जायेगी । स्लोगन:- तन-मन- धन, मन-वाणी और कर्म से बाप के कर्तव्य में सदा सहयोगी ही योगी हैं । ओम् शान्ति | ��⭐⭐❤❤❤❤⭐⭐��


18-12-14 प्रातः मुरली ओम् शान्ति “बापदादा” मधुबन “मीठे बच्चे - बाप का मददगार बन इस आइरन एजड पहाड़ को गोल्डन एजड बनाना है, पुरूषार्थ कर नई दुनिया के लिए फर्स्टक्सास सीट रिजर्व करानी है” प्रश्न:-    बाप की फर्ज़- अदाई क्या है? कौन- सा फर्ज़ पूरा करने के लिए संगम पर बाप को आना पड़ता है? उत्तर:- बीमार और दु :खी बच्चों को सुखी बनाना, माया के फंदे से निकाल घनेरे सुख देना-यह बाप की फर्ज़- अदाई है, जो संगम पर ही बाप पूरी करते हैं । बाबा कहते-मैं आया हूँ तुम सबका मर्ज मिटाने, सब पर कृपा करने । अब पुरूषार्थ कर 21 जन्मों के लिए अपनी ऊंची तकदीर बना लो । गीत:- भोलेनाथ से निराला....... ओम् शान्ति | भोलानाथ शिव भगवानुवाच-ब्रह्मा मुख कमल से बाप कहते हैं-यह वैराइटी भिन्न-भिन्न धर्मों का मनुष्य सृष्टि झाड़ है ना । इस कल्प वृक्ष अथवा सृष्टि के आदि-मध्य- अन्त का राज़ बच्चों को समझा रहा हूँ । गीत में भी इनकी महिमा है । शिवबाबा का जन्म यहाँ है, बाप कहते हैं मैं आया हूँ भारत में । मनुष्य यह नहीं जानते कि शिवबाबा कब पधारे थे? क्योंकि गीता में कृष्ण का नाम डाल दिया है । द्वापर की तो बात ही नहीं । बाप समझाते हैं-बच्चे, 5 हज़ार वर्ष पहले भी मैंने आकर के यह ज्ञान दिया था । इस झाड़ से सभी को मालूम पड़ जाता है । झाड़ को अच्छी रीति देखो । सतयुग में बरोबर देवी-देवताओं का राज्य था, त्रेता में राम-सीता का है । बाबा आदि-मध्य- अन्त का राज़ बतलाते हैं । बच्चे पूछते हैं-बाबा, हम माया के फंदे में कब फँसे? बाबा कहते हैं द्वापर से । नम्बरवार फिर दूसरे धर्म आते हैं । तो हिसाब लगाने से समझ सकते हैं कि इस दुनिया में हम फिर से कब आयेंगे? शिवबाबा कहते हैं मैं 5 हज़ार वर्ष बाद आया हूँ, संगम पर अपना फर्ज़ निभाने । सभी जो भी मनुष्य मात्र हैं, सभी दु :खी हैं, उनमें भी खास भारतवासी । ड्रामा अनुसार भारत को ही मैं सुखी बनाता हूँ । बाप का फर्ज़ होता है बच्चे बीमार पड़ें तो उनकी दवा दर्मल करना । यह है बहुत बड़ी बीमारी । सभी बीमारियों का मूल ये 5 विकार हैं । बच्चे पूछते हैं यह कब से शुरू हुए? द्वापर से । रावण की बात समझानी है । रावण को कोई देखा नहीं जाता । बुद्धि से समझा जाता है । बाप को भी बुद्धि से जाना जाता है । आत्मा मन-बुद्धि सहित है । आत्मा जानती है कि हमारा बाप परमात्मा है । दु :ख-सुख, लेप-छेप में आत्मा आती है । जब शरीर है तो आत्मा को दु :ख होता है । ऐसे नहीं कहते कि मुझ परमात्मा को दु :खी मत करो | बाप भी समझाते हैं कि मेरा भी पार्ट है, कल्प-कल्प संगम पर आकर मैं पार्ट बजाता हूँ । जिन बच्चों को मैंने सुख में भेजा था, वह दु :खी बन पड़े हैं इसलिए फिर ड्रामा अनुसार मुझे आना पड़ता है । बाकी कच्छ- मच्छ अवतार यह बातें हैं नहीं । कहते हैं परशुराम ने कुल्हाड़ा ले क्षत्रियों को मारा । यह सब हैं दन्त कथायें । तो अब बाप समझाते हैं मुझे याद करो । यह है जगत अम्बा और जगत पिता । मदर और फादर कन्ट्री कहते हैं ना । भारतवासी याद भी करते हैं-तुम मात- पिता.... तुम्हारी कृपा से सुख घनेरे तो बरोबर मिल रहे हैं । फिर जो जितना पुरूषार्थ करेंगे । जैसे बाइसकोप में जाते है, फर्स्टक्लास का रिजर्वेशन कराते हैं ना | बाप भी कहते हैं चाहे सूर्यवंशी, चाहे चन्द्रवंशी में सीट रिजर्व कराओ, जितना जो पुरूषार्थ करे उतना पद पा सकते हैं । तो सब मर्ज मिटाने बाप आये हैं । रावण ने सबको बहुत दु :ख दिया है । कोई भी मनुष्य, मनुष्य की गति-सद्गति कर न सके । यह है ही कलियुग का अन्त । गुरू लोग शरीर छोड़ते हैं फिर यहाँ ही पुनर्जन्म लेते हैं । तो फिर वह ओरों की क्या सद्गति करेंगे! क्या इतने सभी अनेक गुरू मिलकर पतित सृष्टि को पावन बनायेंगे? गोवर्धन पर्वत कहते हैं ना । यह मातायें इस आइरन एजड पहाड़ को गोल्डन एजड बनाती हैं । गोवर्धन की फिर पूजा भी करते हैं, वह है तत्व पूजा । सन्यासी भी ब्रह्म अथवा तत्व को याद करते हैं । समझते हैं वही परमात्मा है, ब्रह्म भगवान है । बाप कहते हैं यह तो भ्रम है । ब्रह्माण्ड में तो आत्मायें अण्डे मिसल रहती हैं, निराकारी झाड़ भी दिखाया गया है । हर एक का अपना- अपना सेक्सन है । इस झाड़ का फाउन्डेशन है- भारत का सूर्यवंशी-चन्द्रवंशी घराना । फिर वृद्धि होती है । मुख्य है 4 धर्म । तो हिसाब करना चाहिए-कौन-कौन से धर्म कब आते हैं? जैसे गुरूनानक 500 वर्ष पहले आये । ऐसे तो नहीं सिक्ख लोग कोई 84 जन्म का पार्ट बजाते हैं । बाप कहते हैं 84 जन्म सिर्फ तुम आलराउन्डर ब्राह्मणों के हैं । बाबा ने समझाया है कि तुम्हारा ही आलराउन्ड पार्ट है । ब्राह्मण, देवता, क्षत्रिय, वैश्य, शूद्र तुम बनते हो । जो पहले देवी-देवता बनते हैं वही सारा चक्र लगाते हैं । बाप कहते हैं तुमने वेद-शास्त्र तो बहुत सुने । अभी यह सुनो और जज करो कि शास्त्र राइट हैं या गुरू लोग राइट हैं या जो बाप सुनाते हैं वह राइट है? बाप को कहते ही हैं टुथ । मैं सच बतलाता हूँ जिससे सतयुग बन जाता है और द्वापर से लेकर तुम झूठ सुनते आये हो तो उससे नर्क बन पड़ा है । बाप कहते हैं-मैं तुम्हारा गुलाम हूँ, भक्ति मार्ग में तुम गाते आये हो-मैं गुलाम, मैं गुलाम तेरा... अभी मैं तुम बच्चों की सेवा में आया हूँ । बाप को निराकारी, निरहंकारी गाया जाता है । तो बाप कहते हैं मेरा फर्ज़ है तुम बच्चों को सदा सुखी बनाना । गीत में भी है अगम-निगम का भेद खोले.... बाकी डमरू आदि बजाने की कोई बात नहीं है । यह तो आदि- मध्य- अन्त का सारा समाचार सुनाते हैं । बाबा कहते हैं तुम सभी बच्चे एक्टर्स हो, मैं इस समय करनकरावनहार हूँ । मैं इनसे (ब्रह्मा से) स्थापना करवाता हूँ । बाकी गीता में जो कुछ लिखा हुआ है, वह तो है नहीं । अभी तो प्रैक्टिकल बात है ना । बच्चों को यह सहज ज्ञान और सहज योग सिखलाता हूँ, योग लगवाता हूँ । कहा है ना योग लगवाने वाले, झोली भरने वाले, मर्ज मिटाने वाले । गीता का भी पूरा अर्थ समझाते हैं । योग सिखलाता हूँ और सिखलवाता भी हूँ । बच्चे योग सीखकर फिर ओरों को सिखलाते हैं ना । कहते हैं योग से हमारी ज्योत जगाने वाले... ऐसे गीत भी कोई घर में बैठकर सुने तो सारा ही ज्ञान बुद्धि में चक्र लगायेगा । बाप की याद से वर्से का भी नशा चढ़ेगा । सिर्फ परमात्मा वा भगवान कहने से मुख मीठा नहीं होता । बाबा माना ही वर्सा । अब तुम बच्चे बाबा से आदि-मध्य- अन्त का ज्ञान सुनकर फिर ओरों को सुनाते हो, इसे ही शंखध्वनि कहा जाता है । तुमको कोई पुस्तक आदि हाथ में नहीं है । बच्चों को सिर्फ धारणा करनी होती है । तुम हो सच्चे रूहानी ब्राह्मण, रूहानी बाप के बच्चे । सच्ची गीता से भारत स्वर्ग बनता है । वह तो सिर्फ कथायें बैठ बनाई हैं । तुम सब पार्वतियाँ हो, तुमको यह अमरकथा सुना रहा हूँ । तुम सब द्रोपदियाँ हो । वहाँ कोई नंगन होते नहीं । कहते हैं तब बच्चे कैसे पैदा होंगे? अरे, हैं ही निर्विकारी तो विकार की बात कैसे हो सकती । तुम समझ नहीं सकेंगे कि योगबल से बच्चे कैसे पैदा होंगे! तुम आरग्यु करेंगे । परन्तु यह तो शास्त्रों की बातें हैं ना । वह है ही सम्पूर्ण निर्विकारी दुनिया । यह है विकारी दुनिया । मैं जानता हूँ ड्रामा अनुसार माया फिर तुमको दु .खी करेगी । मैं कल्प-कल्प अपना फर्ज़ पालन करने आता हूँ । जानते हैं कल्प पहले वाले सिकीलधे ही आकर अपना वर्सा लेंगे । आसार भी दिखाते हैं । यह वही महाभारत लड़ाई है । तुम्हें फिर से देवी-देवता अथवा स्वर्ग का मालिक बनने का पुरूषार्थ करना है । इसमें स्थूल लडाई की कोई बात नहीं है । न असुरोँ व देवताओं की लड़ाई ही हुई है । वहाँ तो माया ही नहीं जो लड़ाये । आधाकल्प न कोई लड़ाई, न कोई भी बीमारी, न दु :ख- अशान्ति । अरे, वहाँ तो सदैव सुख, बहार ही बहार रहती है । हास्पिटल होती नहीं, बाकी स्कूल में पढ़ना तो होता ही है । अब तुम हर एक यहाँ से वर्सा ले जाते हो । मनुष्य पढ़ाई से अपने पैर पर खड़े हो जाते हैं । इस पर कहानी भी है-कोई ने पूछा तुम किसका खाती हो? तो कहा हम अपनी तकदीर का खाती हैं | वह होती है हद की तकदीर । अभी तुम अपनी बेहद की तकदीर बनाते हो जो 21 जन्म फिर अपना ही राज्य भाग्य भोगते हो । यह है बेहद के सुख का वर्सा, अब तुम बच्चे कन्ट्रास्ट को अच्छी रीति जानते हो, भारत कितना सुखी था । अब क्या हाल है! जिन्होंने कल्प पहले राज्य- भाग्य लिया होगा वही अब लेंगे । ऐसे भी नहीं कि जो ड्रामा में होगा वो मिलेगा, फिर तो भूख मर जायेंगे । यह ड्रामा का राज़ पूरा समझना है । शास्त्रों में कोई ने कितनी आयु, कोई ने कितनी लिख दी है । अनेकानेक मत-मतान्तर हैं । कोई फिर कहते हैं हम तो सदा सुखी हैं ही । अरे, तुम कभी बीमार नहीं होते हो? वह तो कहते हैं रोग आदि तो शरीर को होता है, आत्मा निर्लेप है । अरे, चोट आदि लगती है तो दु :ख आत्मा को होता है ना-यह बड़ी समझने की बातें हैं । यह स्कूल है, एक ही टीचर पढ़ते हैं । नॉलेज एक ही है । एम ऑबजेक्ट एक ही है, नर से नारायण बनने की । जो नापास होंगे वह चन्द्रवंशी में चले जायेंगे । जब देवतायें थे तो क्षत्रिय नहीं, जब क्षत्रिय थे तो वैश्य नहीं, जब वैश्य थे तो शूद्र नहीं । यह सब समझने की बातें हैं । माताओं के लिए भी अति सहज है । एक ही इप्तहान है । ऐसे भी मत समझो कि देरी से आने वाले कैसे पढ़ेंगे । लेकिन अभी तो नये तीखे जा रहे हैं । प्रैक्टिकल में है । बाकी माया रावण का कोई रूप नहीं, कहेंगे इनमें काम का भूत है, बाकी रावण का कोई बुत वा शरीर तो है नहीं । अच्छा, सभी बातों का सैक्रीन है मन्मनाभव । कहते हैं मुझे याद करो तो इस योग अग्नि से विकर्म विनाश होंगे । बाप गाइड बनकर आते हैं । बाबा कहते-बच्चे, मैं तो सन्मुख तुम बच्चों को पढ़ा रहा हूँ । कल्प-कल्प अपनी फर्ज़- अदाई पालन करता हूँ । पारलौकिक बाप कहते हैं मैं अपना फर्ज़ बजाने आया हूँ-तुम बच्चों की मदद से । मदद देंगे तब तो तुम भी पद पायेंगे । मैं कितना बड़ा बाप हूँ । कितना बड़ा यज्ञ रचा है । ब्रह्मा की मुख वंशावली तुम सभी ब्राह्मण-ब्राह्मणियां भाई-बहन हो । जब भाई-बहिन बनें तो स्त्री-पुरूष की दृष्टि बदल जाए । बाप कहते हैं इस ब्राह्मण कुल को कलंकित नहीं करना, पवित्र रहने की युक्तियां हैं । मनुष्य कहते हैं यह कैसे होगा? ऐसे हो नहीं सकता, इकट्ठे रहें और आग न लगे! बाबा कहते हैं बीच में ज्ञान तलवार होने से कभी आग नहीं लग सकती, परन्तु जबकि दोनों मन्मनाभव रहें, शिवबाबा को याद करते रहें, अपने को ब्राह्मण समझें । मनुष्य तो इन बातों को नहीं समझने कारण हंगामा मचाते हैं, यह गालियाँ भी खानी पड़ती हैं । कृष्ण को थोड़ेही कोई गाली दे सकते । कृष्ण ऐसे आ जाए तो विलायत आदि से एकदम एरोप्लेन में भाग आयें, भीड़ मच जाए । भारत में पता नहीं क्या हो जाए । अच्छा, आज भोग है - यह है पियरघर और वह है ससुरघर । संगम पर मुलाकात होती है । कोई-कोई इनको जादू समझते हैं । बाबा ने समझाया है कि यह साक्षात्कार क्या है? भक्ति मार्ग में कैसे साक्षात्कार होते हैं, इनमें संशयबुद्धि नहीं होना है । यह रस्म-रिवाज है । शिवबाबा का भण्डारा है तो उनको याद कर भोग लगाना चाहिए । योग में रहना तो अच्छा ही है । बाबा की याद रहेगी । अच्छा! मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग । रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते । धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:- 1. स्वयं को ब्रह्मा मुख वंशावली समझकर पक्का पवित्र ब्राह्मण बनना है । कभी अपने इस ब्राह्मण कुल को कलंकित नहीं करना है । 2. बाप समान निराकारी, निरहंकारी बन अपनी फर्ज़- अदाई पूरी करनी है । रूहानी सेवा पर तत्पर रहना है । वरदान:- प्रत्यक्षफल द्वारा अतीन्द्रिय सुख की अनुभूति करने वाले निःस्वार्थ सेवाधारी भव ! सतयुग में संगम के कर्म का फल मिलेगा लेकिन यहाँ बाप का बनने से प्रत्यक्ष फल वर्से के रूप में मिलता है । सेवा की और सेवा करने के साथ-साथ खुशी मिली । जो याद में रहकर, निःस्वार्थ भाव से सेवा करते हैं उन्हें सेवा का प्रत्यक्ष फल अवश्य मिलता है । प्रत्यक्षफल ही ताजा फल है जो एवरहेल्दी बना देता है । योगयुक्त, यथार्थ सेवा का फल है खुशी, अतीन्द्रिय सुख और डबल लाइट की अनुभूति । स्लोगन:-  विशेष आत्मा वह है जो अपनी चलन द्वारा रूहानी रायॅल्टी की झलक और फलक का अनुभव कराये । ओम् शान्ति |


18/12/14    Morning Murli Om Shanti   BapDada   Madhuban     Essence:    Sweet children, become the Father's helpers in changing this iron-aged mountain into the golden-aged one. Make effort to reserve a first-class seat in the new world.     Question:    What is the Father's duty? In order to fulfil which duty does the Father have to come at the confluence age? Answer:      The Father's duty is to make sick and unhappy children happy and well again. He has to remove them from the trap of Maya and give them plenty of happiness. The Father fulfils this duty at the confluence age. Baba says: I have come to remove the sickness of all of you. I have come to have mercy on everyone. All of you should now make effort and make your fortune elevated for yourselves for 21 births. Song: No one is as unique as the Innocent Lord....      Om Shanti  The Innocent Lord, God Shiva, speaks through the lotus lips of Brahma. The Father says: This is the human world tree of the various religions. I explain to you children the secrets of this kalpa tree, that is, I tell you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Shiv Baba is the One who is praised in the song. Shiv Baba's birth takes place here. The Father says: I have come in Bharat. Because Krishna’s name was put in the Gita, people don't know when Shiv Baba came. There is no question of His coming in the copper age. The Father explains: Children, I also came here 5000 years ago and gave you this knowledge. Everyone can understand from this picture of the tree. Look at the tree very carefully. There definitely used to be the kingdom of deities in the golden age and then there was the kingdom of Rama and Sita in the silver age. Baba tells you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end. Children ask: Baba, when did we become trapped in Maya’s trap? Baba says: In the copper age. Then the different religions began to come, numberwise. By calculating the time, you can understand when you will come again in this world. Shiv Baba says: I have come after 5000 years. I have to come at the confluence age to fulfill My duty. All the human beings of the world in general and the people of Bharat in particular are very unhappy now. According to the drama, I make Bharat happy. The Father's duty is to provide medicine for His sick children. This is a very severe illness. These five vices are the root cause of all sicknesses. Children ask when they began. They began in the copper age. You have to explain about Ravan. No one is able to see Ravan. He is understood with the intellect. The Father is also understood with the intellect. Souls have their minds and intellects within them. You souls understand that that is our Father, the Supreme Soul. It is souls that experience happiness and sorrow and souls that are influenced by things. Souls experience sorrow when they are in their bodies. They don't say, "Don't make me, the Supreme Soul, unhappy." The Father explains: I too have a part to play, cycle after cycle I play My part at the confluence age. The children whom I sent to the land of happiness are the ones who have become unhappy, and this is why, according to the drama, I have to come. However, I do not incarnate in a fish or a crocodile etc. They say that Parshu-Rama (Rama with an axe) killed warriors with his axe. All of those things are tall stories. The Father now says: Remember Me! These two are Jagadamba and Jagadpita. People speak of the Mother- and Father-country. The people of Bharat remember this, and say: You are the Mother and Father. Through God’s mercy, we definitely receive limitless happiness. However, it then depends on each one's efforts. When people go to watch a movie, they reserve first-class seats. The Father says: It's up to you whether you reserve a sun-dynasty seat or a moon-dynasty seat. Whatever effort you make, you will be able to claim a status accordingly. The Father has come to cure all your sicknesses. Ravan has made everyone very unhappy. No human being can grant liberation or salvation to any human being. This is now the end of the iron age. When gurus die, they have to take rebirth here again. Therefore, how could they grant salvation to anyone? Can all of those countless gurus come together and purify the impure world? They speak about the Govardhan mountain. You mothers are now changing the iron-aged mountain into the golden-aged one. People also worship the Govardhan mountain. That is the worship of elements. Sannyasis remember brahm, that is, they remember the element. They believe that that element is the Supreme Soul. They believe that brahm is God. The Father says: That is their imagination. Souls reside in their oval form in Brahmand, in the brahm element. The incorporeal tree has also been shown. All souls have to reside in their own sections. The foundation of this tree is the sun and moon dynasty clans of Bharat. After that, expansion takes place. There are four main religions and you can calculate exactly when each one came. For example, Guru Nanak came 500 years ago. It isn’t that the Sikhs play a part of 84 births. The Father says: Only you Brahmins, who are all-rounders, take 84 births. Baba has explained that you are the ones who have all-round parts. You become Brahmins, deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. Those who first become deities are the ones who go around the whole cycle. The Father says: You have been listening to many Vedas and scriptures. Now listen to this and then judge whether the scriptures are right, whether the gurus are right or whether what the Father tells you is right. The Father is called the Truth. I tell you the truth through which the age of truth, the golden age, is created. From the copper age onwards, you have been listening to falsehood, and so this world has become hell. The Father says: I am your Servant. You have been singing on the path of devotion: I am a servant, I am Your servant. I have now come to serve you children. The Father is remembered as the incorporeal One and the egoless One. Therefore, the Father says: My duty is to make you children constantly happy. There is a song that says, “God reveals His game of coming and going.” There is no question of beating drums. However, that One does tell you all the news of the beginning, the middle and the end. The Father says: Children, you are all actors. It is at this time that I become Karankaravanhar. I carry out establishment through this one (Brahma). The things that are mentioned in the Gita are not true. All of those things are now taking place in a practical way. I am teaching you children this easy knowledge and easy yoga. I inspire you to have yoga. I have been called the One who inspires yoga, the One who fills your aprons, the One who removes all sickness. Baba also explains the accurate meaning of the Gita. I teach you yoga, but I also teach you how to teach others yoga. You children study yoga and you then also teach yoga to others. They say: You are the One who ignites our lights through yoga. By your listening to such songs at home, all of this knowledge will turn around in your intellect. By having remembrance of the Father, the intoxication of your inheritance will rise. Your mouth is not sweetened simply by saying "Supreme Soul" or "God”. To say "Baba" also implies an inheritance. You children are now listening to the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end and you then relate it to others. This is called blowing the conch shell. You children don't have to hold any books; you simply have to imbibe these things. You are the true spiritual Brahmins, children of the spiritual Father. Bharat is changed into heaven through the true Gita. The scripture writers simply sat and made up stories. All of you are Parvatis. I am relating the story of immortality to you. All of you are Draupadis. No one is stripped there. People ask: In that case, how can children be born there? Tell them: Since they are viceless there, how can there be any question of vice? You won’t be able to understand how children will be born through the power of yoga. You keep arguing! Those things are written in the scriptures. That is the completely viceless world, whereas this is the vicious world. I know that, according to the drama, Maya will make you unhappy again. Cycle after cycle, I come to fulfil My duty. Baba knows that everyone from the previous cycle, those who have been lost for a long time, will return and claim their inheritance again; they show signs of it. This is that same Mahabharat War. You do have to make effort to change into deities, which means the masters of heaven again. There is no question of a physical war in this. There was never any battle between the devils and the deities. There, there is no Maya to make you fight. For half a cycle, no one will fight, nor will there be any sickness, peacelessness or sorrow. There is constant happiness there; it is constantly spring there. There are no hospitals there but there are schools for studying. Each one of you is claiming your inheritance here. When people are given an education, they are able to stand on their own two feet. There is also a story about this. A father asked his daughter whose fortune she was eating from, and she replied that she was eating from her own fortune. However, that was a limited fortune, whereas you are now making your fortune unlimited. You are now making such a fortune for yourselves that you experience your fortune of the kingdom for 21 births. That is your inheritance of unlimited happiness. You children now understand the contrast very clearly. Bharat used to be so happy! What has Bharat become like now? Those who experienced their fortune of the kingdom in the previous cycle will be the ones who claim it again. However, you shouldn’t say that whatever is in the drama is what you will receive again. Otherwise, you would die of hunger! You have to understand the secrets of the drama accurately. Some scriptures say that the duration of the cycle is one thing, and others say something else. There are so many different ideas. Some people say that they are constantly happy anyway. When they are asked whether they ever fall sick, they reply that it is the body that experiences sickness, that the soul is immune to any effect. However, when you are hurt, it is the soul that experiences pain. These things have to be understood very clearly. This is a school in which there is only the one Teacher who teaches you. The knowledge is the same for all of you and you also have the same aim and objective, which is that of changing from a human being into Narayan. Those who fail will become part of the moon dynasty. When the deities existed, the warriors didn't exist; when the warriors existed, the merchants didn't exist and the shudras didn't exist at the same time as the merchants. These are things that have to be understood. It is very easy for you mothers. There is only one examination. Don't think: How can those who come late study? New ones are very quickly going ahead. This is happening in a practical way. Maya, Ravan, has no form. You can say that someone has the evil spirit of lust, but Ravan doesn’t have a body or a form. Achcha, the saccharine (sweet essence) of everything is “Manmanabhav!” Baba says: Remember Me! Then through this fire of yoga, your sins will be absolved. The Father comes as your Guide. Baba says: Children, I come in person to teach you. Cycle after cycle I come to fulfil My duty. The parlokik Father says: I have come to fulfil My duty with the help of you children. You will receive a status only when you give your help. I am such a great Father! I create such a huge sacrificial fire! All of you Brahmins, you mouth-born children of Brahma, are brothers and sisters. When you remain in the consciousness of being brother and sister, you can transform your vision of husband and wife. The Father says: Don't defame the name of this Brahmin clan. There are ways that you can remain pure. People say that it is impossible to live together and not ignite the fire. Baba says: For as long as you keep the sword of knowledge between you, that fire will not ignite. However, only when both of you remain manmanabhav, only when both of you keep remembering Shiv Baba and only when you consider yourselves to be Brahmins can that happen. It is because people don't understand these things that they create an upheaval. You then have to endure defamation. No one would defame Krishna. If Krishna were to come now, people from abroad would come rushing here in aeroplanes. There would be a huge crowd. Who knows what would happen in Bharat! Achcha, today is the day of offering bhog. This home is your Father's home, that home is your in-law’s home and the meeting takes place at the confluence age. Some people think this is magic. Baba has explained what visions are and how people receive visions on the path of devotion. You must not allow your intellect to develop any doubt about this. This is your custom and system. This is Shiv Baba's treasure-store, and so you should offer bhog to Him in remembrance of Him. It is good to stay in yoga; your will have remembrance of Baba. Achcha. To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. Essence for Dharna: 1. Consider yourselves to be the mouth-born children of Brahma and become true, pure Brahmins. Never defame the name of this Brahmin clan. 2. Be as incorporeal and egoless as the Father and fulfil your duty. Remain engaged in spiritual service.   Blessing:  May you be an altruistic server who experiences supersensuous joy through instant, visible fruit.     In the golden age you will receive the fruits of the actions you performed at the confluence age, but you receive instant fruit as an inheritance from the Father here by belonging to Him. As soon as you do service, together with the fruit of that service, you also receive instant happiness. Those who stay in remembrance and do service altruistically definitely receive instant, visible fruit. This instant fruit is fresh fruit that makes you ever healthy. The fruit of accurate and yogyukt service is happiness, supersensuous joy and the experience of being double light. Slogan:   Special souls are those who give the experience and a glimpse of the splendour of spiritual royalty through their behaviour.         Om Shanti !  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Essence of Murli (H&E): December 17, 2014: Essence: Sweet children, this most auspicious confluence age is the age to transfer yourselves. You now have to change from the most degraded humans into the most elevated humans (kanisht to uttam). Question: Which children are praised with the Father? Answer: The praise of those who become teachers and instruments (nimitt) to benefit many is sung with the Father’s praise. Baba, Karankaravanhar, benefits many through you children. This is why you children are also praised with the Father. People say: Baba, so-and-so had mercy on Me and look what I have now become from what I was! Without becoming a teacher you cannot receive blessings (aashirvaad) Essence for Dharna: 1. Always remain aware that all of you souls are male and that you have to claim your full inheritance from the Father. Study and teach others this study (padhaai padhna aur padhaana) of becoming deities from ordinary human beings. 2. Whatever act is being played out in the whole world, it is predestined (bana banaaya) in the drama. Both the effort and the reward (purushaarth and praalabdh) are fixed within it. You must understand very clearly that if no effort is made, there can be no reward. Blessing: May you be an easy yogi (sahaj yogi) who claims the three certificates of contentment (santushta) and, from your yogi life, makes an impact (prabhaav) on others. Slogan: Those who have the tilak of self-sovereignty (sw rajya ka tilak), the crown of world benefit (vishv kalyaan ka taaj) and are seated (viraajmaan) on the throne of their stage (sthiti ka takht) are Raj Yogis. ������������������ Synopsis Sakar Murli December 17, 2014 1. The Father says: I have come to give you My introduction through this chariot. I too am an actor. To say that He is beyond name and form is ignorance. Knowing the Father means to have knowledge. Those who claim a scholarship are said to be knowledge-full. The Father is not a resident of heaven, but He makes you children that. He Himself only comes in hell. 2. The Father says: all of you souls are males. You are My spiritual children. Both males and females are needed for you to play your roles, for only then can the human world population grow. Although people say that they are brothers, they do not understand how. 3. The Father says: Your place of residence is the supreme region, the land beyond sound (nirvana), which is also called the incorporeal world. There, there is natural silence. It is as though souls are non-living; they do not perform any roles there. Souls are living, but when they are not playing parts, they are non-living. Souls there are beyond experiencing happiness or sorrow. Only when souls are playing parts are they said to be living. When a soul has no role to play, he is said to be non-living. The principal parts are played by the hero and heroine. You souls remain the same, whereas you keep taking different bodies with which you play your parts. This is a new aspect. 4. The Father now says: There should be no one who doesn’t receive this message. Everyone has a right to hear this message and everyone will also claim an inheritance from the Father You must become teachers and explain these things to others. If you give others wealth, they would become happy. It has to happen through someone. The Father is the One who inspires others to act (Karankaravanhar), and who has everything accomplished through others (karanhaar). You plant this sapling and benefit others. 5. You ask: Which is greater: the effort or the reward? Without making effort, there can be no reward. According to the drama, you receive your reward by making effort. Whatever is enacted in the world drama is predestined. At the end, you will definitely have vision ��������������������