Saturday, February 20, 2016

Murli 21st February 2016

21/02/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 19/03/81

“How to become a sovereign who has a right to the kingdom of the world.”
Today, BapDada is seeing His right hands. So many of the Father's arms are tirelessly engaged in service. Each of you arms has your own speciality. A right hand means one whose every thought and every step is constantly aligned with BapDada's directions. You have become the Father's arms and this is why BapDada is pleased to see His arms. What does each one of you right hands have on the palm of your hand? You have the globe of the kingdom of the world on the palm of your hand. You have seen the picture of Krishna in which he too is holding the globe in his hands. Krishna will not rule the kingdom on his own; all of you will be with him. Therefore, that picture also includes all of you, because you too now claim this right. The sanskars you have now of claiming a right will continue for 21 births. You are to become kings now and also in the future. Those who have a right to a kingdom at this time will also claim a right to the kingdom of the world. So, are you rulers at the present time? Is the business of the kingdom of all of you running well? What is the state of the kingdom of each one of you? Are all the servants in your kingdom working according to law and order? If, at this time, you are only sometimes rulers, what would you do when you are there? You would only become kings for one or two births there too. If you want to become kings for 21 births, then, whilst you are here, why are you only sometimes rulers? Your sanskars of the present time will continue to be your sanskars there. Therefore, you have to become rulers all the time. You residents of Australia are racing with everyone, are you not? What number have you reached? (We have reached the stage of being seated on the heart-throne.) Yes, but what number in that have you reached? Nevertheless, you are good effort-makers. Your aim of filling yourselves with the sanskars of following the highest code of conduct is good. You are also very courageous in keeping your aim of becoming true Sitas who stay within the line of the code of conduct. You are not tempted by any of Ravan's attractions, are you? Are you now very aware of the many different forms of Ravan? Have you become knowledge-full about Ravan? It is only when you lack knowledge that Ravan makes you belong to him. No matter whether Ravan adopts the form of gold or diamonds, he cannot even come close to anyone who is knowledge-full. Does Ravan come to Australia? He doesn't come to attack you, but he comes to teach you, does he not? Ravan loves you because you have been his friends for half a cycle and this is why he doesn’t want to let go of you. So, what are you going to do? Will you not fulfil your relationship of being his friend? (No.) Ravan will now serve you in ten ways with his ten arms. You will use this many arms for service, will you not? With the strength of ten arms, Ravan will very quickly prepare the most beautiful kingdom for you. Ravan now understands that he will no longer be able to rule you, but that he has to prepare a kingdom and give it to you. When a task has to be accomplished, it is said: ‘You have to complete this task with the force of your ten fingernails.’ So, the five elements of nature and the five vices will be converted into the form of five special divine virtues and they will all come to serve you. You will then thank Ravan, will you not? Ravan's army is making a lot of effort over you. They are all so busy! Can you see them? Abroad, the scientists are making so many preparations. For whom is all of that being done? You should say that it is for you!

Those from Australia have demonstrated the virtue of patience very well. This is why BapDada will have a special picnic with those from Australia. Each place has its own speciality. BapDada is giving a special gift to all of you chancellors who have given a chance to others. What is that? BapDada is giving you a special adornment. That is the chindi of constantly having pure and positive thoughts. (A chindi is a tilak that hangs on the end of a chain and is worn on the forehead). Together with a crown, there is always a chindi. Just as you souls are sparkling points, in the same way, the jewel of this chindi is also sparkling in the centre of your foreheads. This whole group is of those who constantly have pure and positive thoughts and who have stopped having waste thoughts about others. Whenever any awkward situation arises, remember the gift you have been given of the jewel of constantly having pure and positive thoughts. Then powerful vibrations, powerful service and a gathering of angels will constantly be seen in Australia. This gathering of the Shaktis and Pandavas is very good. You also have very great enthusiasm for service. Everyone does service, but service becomes successful when that service is in a form that has no obstacles of any sanskars or thoughts. It is these things that make service take a long time to grow. Therefore, become a server who is constantly free from obstacles. How many centres have you residents of Australia opened? When you are very enthusiastic to do service you can go anywhere. Do everything whilst considering it to be your service. Do not think that this is the service of Germany or that this is the service of Australia. No; Baba's service or world service is your service. This is called having an unlimited attitude. You do have an unlimited attitude, do you not? Wherever you go, everything belongs to you. You are world benefactors, not just benefactors of Australia or places close to Australia. The disciplines have only been created for the expansion of service. You have been made instruments so that you are able to look after service very well. What do you have to do in the future? You have opened centres and gita pathshalas. So, what more are you going to do? (Subtle service). Together with subtle service, there is also something else you have to do. You haven't yet brought any VIPs here from Australia. Bring such a VIP from Australia that the Indian Government has to give him a state welcome. When the sound reaches the Government, it means the sound has spread everywhere loudly. Any place abroad can now do this type of service to make this sound reach the ears of the people of Bharat even against their conscious wish. Just as that picture shows nectar being poured into the ear of Kumbhakarna, so too, when you do this service, it can then be said that this sound has reached Bharat from abroad. At the moment, you have just reached the stage of small whistles, but then bugles will have to be blown. When such a sound is heard, when the victorious sound of bugles is heard, BapDada will give all of you a very good gift. Otherwise, the Kumbhakarnas of Bharat are not going to wake up that easily. At the moment they just say "What?" and then carry on snoring. Do you now understand what you have to do? There are such courageous souls in all the places abroad. Those from Nairobi have been trying very hard. You have been working very hard, but it will only be when you have an official programme that the sound will be heard. The sound cannot be heard clearly when you create a personal programme. This great sacrificial fire will be completed when you do this type of service. You have only just started.

The Shakti Army looks as if you are already Shaktis. Both your faces and your characters are like those of a Shakti. Each of you has a very good uniform and everyone’s badge is sparkling. You have worked very well. To the extent that those from Australia have been living with sanskars of freedom, you are now moving along very well within the line of the codes of conduct. You have now become bound by a sweet bond to Baba. You are all very good. Just as jewels are set and made into very good jewellery, so, you very good jewels have also become set and are now ready; you have been polished. You Pandavas are also very good and serviceable. Service easily continues to grow with the mantra, “Give regard and receive regard.” You have now learnt how to give regard and also how to receive regard. Always remember that to give regard is to receive regard. You will not receive regard by just taking regard, but by first giving it. This is why the love and unity amongst you is very good. You do remember this mantra very firmly, do you not?

BapDada meeting Didi and Dadi: You have your wireless set, do you not? Whenever you want to get a task done somewhere, you are able to give a direction in a second with your wireless set. When service increases, how much will you be able to do through letters, telegrams or telephones etc.? Today, all of these things work very well; tomorrow, they may not! How will you then all be able to handle all this service? You also have to find a way to do that. You will build a hall. You have already built a kitchen. All of that is good for all of those who come here now, but how are you going to handle all the growth of all the service centres everywhere? Will you invite everyone here? The queue will be of subjects; heirs will not stand in a queue. This is why, on the basis of your karmateet stage, the moment you think about something, it should arrive within a second. It will be as though you said something and they heard it personally at the same time. You will have many experiences of this and there will also be news of others having such experiences. There will be visions and whatever you think will happen practically. This speciality will continue to develop. The efforts of you maharathis now lie especially in practising this now. One moment you are karma yogis and the next moment you are in your karmateet stage. Whilst being in one place, you can co- operate in service everywhere with the success of your thoughts.

You have to give a lot of your time. The more time you give, the fuller everyone’s mine of happiness will continue to become. Giving your time means you are filling their mine of happiness. When you see the happiness of others, you think of giving them even more zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone is having very good experiences. You definitely have to give your time, but the reward of using your time successfully is a thousand-fold greater. This is why the attraction of Madhuban is increasing day by day. This is the fruit of the service of you instrument souls.

BapDada meeting brothers and sisters from different Australian centres:

1. Are you accumulating an income of multimillions at every step? Do you experience yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate? How many multimillions do you accumulate throughout the day? Are you

able to calculate this? You Pandavas are working together to bring about a lot of expansion in service. That is very good. Are you always content with one another? You also set a very good example in that all of you always remain united and stable. True love is indicated when someone says something and the other one responds and accepts it. When others see such examples, they too have the courage to forge a connection with you. Your gathering then becomes a way to serve them. The sanskars of belonging to the one Father and following one direction will establish the one kingdom of the golden age. You are carrying out service whilst staying free from obstacles, are you not? There aren’t any complications, are there? When Maya sees that your unity is very good and that you are all very well protected, she doesn’t have the courage to come close to you. All of you are moving along whilst considering yourselves to be instruments for service. It isn’t just one; all of you are instruments. When you remain aware that the Father has made you His instruments, you will continue to have success. Your stage will become powerful with your churning power.

2. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be souls free from bondage? You do not experience any type of bondage, do you? Are you not able to finish your bondages with the power of being knowledge-full? There is both light and might in knowledge. How can someone who is knowledge-full be in bondage? Just as day and night cannot exist at the same time so, too, how can someone who is master knowledge-full experience bondage? To be knowledge-full means to be free from bondage. The past is the past! Since you have now taken a new birth, why do you still allow your sanskars of the past to emerge? How can there be any bondage when you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris? Brahma Baba himself is free from bondage, so how can his children be in bondage? Therefore, always remain aware that you are master knowledge-full. As is the Father, so are His children.

3. Do you constantly have the intoxication that success is your birthright? There is no question as to whether you will be successful or not. Do you have the intoxication of being embodiments of success? You are master teachers. Just as the Father has the qualification of being the Teacher so, you master teachers also need to have it. Have you become equal to the Father? (Ha ji.) You sing the song of “Yes, yes”, very well. This proves that you are able to relate the Father’s virtues to everyone, to dance yourselves and also make others dance. BapDada is very pleased to see you kumaris, because you kumars and kumaris have renounced everything and have come here and become tapaswis. BapDada is very pleased when He sees the courage you children have to renounce everything and your enthusiasm for tapasya. Devotees sing praise of the Father, but the Father Himself sings praise of you children. For how many births have you been turning the beads of rosaries? Now, in return, the Father is turning the beads of the rosary of you children. Do you all see at what time the Father turns the beads of your rosary? (At amrit vela.) You don’t fall asleep when the Father is turning the beads of your rosary, do you? Shaktis are ones who wake up those who are sleeping. So, how can you, yourselves, sleep at that time? Your result is very good. It is your luck to receive this certificate. Those from Australia are being given a very good certificate. Continue to water your flower garden with the water of faith and courage and you will continue to see growth. Expansion will continue to take place.

Meeting Dr. Nirmala: No matter how much BapDada praises you, that praise is still insufficient, because you are a jewel who is worthy of praise. You have become victorious by having the virtue of humility, according to your name. You have made all the places free from obstacles with the support of the power to tolerate and the power to face. So, BapDada is very pleased to see the practical fruit of that. This is why you are constantly in the list of special souls. You constantly receive the Father’s help and will constantly continue to receive it. The Father’s hand is constantly on the forehead of this special daughter. Constantly keep this picture with you. You also have the love and certificate of the divine family.
May you be one who follows the Father’s orders and constantly wear the tilak of obedience and claim first prize.   
The children who have the tilak of being those who follow the Father’s orders applied on their foreheads and who cannot have even one thought without receiving an order for it claim first prize. Just as Sita was ordered to stay within the line drawn for her, so, too, with every step and every thought, stay within the line drawn by the Father’s orders in this way and you will remain constantly safe. No type of sanskar of Ravan will then attack you, and your time will not be wasted.
When you have any type of attachment, it definitely makes you lazy in your efforts.