Sunday, September 4, 2016

Murli 4 September 2016

04/09/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 11/11/81

"The The greatness of the bindu (dot)."
Today, the Father, the Ocean of Love, has come to meet His loving souls. All of you have come running to this meeting place out of love for the Father. BapDada always gives such loving souls as you the return of your love in the form of love and co-operation. He is giving that now and will continue to give it.

Even the loving souls everywhere else are now present in this gathering and meeting Baba in their subtle angelic forms. BapDada is seeing a double gathering. One is of you physical corporeal beings who are sitting here in this land, and the other is of those who have come in their subtle forms and do not need a place in this land. They are in their forms of light and seated on seats of light. So many of such souls are visible in such a small place. Therefore, BapDada is pleased to see both gatherings.

BapDada is seeing the power of the love of you children. It is this power of love that enables you to come very close from so far away in just a second. The greater your power of love is, the greater is your power to come personally in front of Baba. So many invaluable jewels have come in front of Baba. The praise of each jewel is so great! Which maharathis should be praised? The moths are coming to the Flame. BapDada is blessing all you children with the blessing: May you be an easy yogi! Simply remember the one Bindu (Dot). The easiest punctuation mark is a bindu (full stop). Therefore, BapDada is giving you the account of just the bindu. Become a bindu yourself, remember the Bindu and, by knowing every scene of the drama, put a bindu, a full stop. The punctuation mark of just a dot includes oneself, the Father and creation. So, what do you have to know? Just a bindu. What do you have to do? Remember the Dot. By knowing the importance of the bindu, you are always able to be an easy yogi. No matter how large something grows, everything is merged in the bindu. The Seed is the Bindu, and the whole tree is merged in that. You souls are bindus and you have the sanskars of 84 births merged within you. You are now at the confluence age and bringing the drama of 5000 years to an end. The cycle of the drama is now coming to an end, that is, whatever has passed, put a bindu, a full-stop, to that. You have to become a bindu and return home. You have to become a bindu and return home with the Bindu. His home is also the home of all bindus. There, all thoughts, actions and sanskars are merged, that is, they have a bindu applied to them. The punctuation mark placed at the completion of something is just the bindu. He has all the virtues, He is the Ocean of the treasures of knowledge… However, this Ocean (Sindhu) is also a bindu. When you come into connection or relationship with others, what sparkles on everyone’s forehead? A bindu. Who does all the work? It is a bindu, is it not? Even if you leave the earth and go to the moon, it is the dot that goes there. If you go and tour the three worlds with the power of silence, who is it that goes there? A bindu. Whether it is the power of science or the power of silence, it is a bindu that has the power to create and the power to go to nirvana. A whole tree emerges from the seed, but after it has grown, what does it merge into? The seed, that is, a bindu. So, originally and eternally, it is just a bindu. You receive the knowledge of the three aspects of time and the three worlds, but who is it that receives it? It is a bindu. You have played various parts from the beginning to the end, but who is the actor? Who played the part? You, the bindu. Therefore, all greatness lies in the bindu. When you understand the bindu, you understand everything. You attain everything. When you stabilise in the form of a bindu, then, whatever thoughts you create and feelings you have, whatever words you speak and actions you perform, they all become as great as the bindu, that is, they all automatically become elevated.

The energy of a soul (atma) is a bindu, which is the energy for creation, and the bindu is also the atomic energy used for destruction. So, destruction takes place through a bindu and creation also takes place through a bindu. At the beginning of the cycle, you come down as a bindu and, at the end too, you go back up as a bindu. So, the form of the beginning and the end, is just a bindu. So, is this easy to remember? Is it difficult just to remember a bindu? Small children at school are able to put a full stop very easily. Whatever you put a pencil on, it makes a bindu. So, are you not able to remember such an easy punctuation mark? What do you think could be easier than this? Is there anything easier than this? Those on the path of devotion remember a huge form. They prove their devotion by creating an image in their intellects on the basis of their feelings. Here, through knowledge, what do you keep in front of you? The bindu! With the awareness of being a bindu, you become an embodiment of success. So, which is easier? To keep a bindu in your intellect or to emerge someone’s form? So, become an easy yogi! Understand the bindu and everything will always be easy. Therefore, may you be an easy yogi with an easy way of giving the return of love. Have all of you become easy yogis? When you start to expand on anything, you end up in difficulty, because, when you expand on a subject, there are many question marks. Therefore, just as a question mark is crooked, so too, you end up on the wrong path by asking the questions “Why?” and “What?” When you go into expansion with the awareness of a bindu, you will find the essence. When you forget the bindu and start to expand, you end up in a jungle, where there is no essence. When you stabilise in the form of a bindu, you will experience yourself to be an embodiment of the essence, you will be yogyukt and yukti-yukt. Your awareness, words and deeds will always be powerful. When you go into the expansion without first becoming stable in the form of a bindu, you constantly waste your time and powers in the wasteful words and actions of “Why?” and “What?”, because you then have to try and find your way out of the jungle. Therefore, what will you constantly remember? Just the one thing – a dot. Is this easy? Whether you understand the language or not, a bindu is used in all languages. Even if you know nothing else, you can at least learn the word, “bindu”.

Do you understand what you have to do? The word “bindu” is a word of great wonders. It is a magical word. Become a bindu and issue an order and everything will be ready. Clap in your mind and everything will be ready. A clap of a bindu will also be heard by the elements, by all your physical senses and by your companions. Do you know how to clap as a bindu? Achcha.

To those who are constantly stable in their original and eternal form, to those who understand the greatness of a bindu and thereby remain constantly great, to those who are stable in the form of a bindu and thus attain the essence of all treasures, to the souls who are filled with essence, who are yogyukt, and jeevanmukt, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

All of you are spiritual servers. To be a spiritual server means to be full of spiritual treasures. Only then can you be a spiritual server. To be a server means to be one who gives; one who gives happiness to others by serving them is a server. Therefore, those who give must definitely be full. This is why they are able to give to others. So, to be a server means to be a master bestower of happiness, a master bestower of peace, and a master bestower of knowledge. A bestower is always someone who is full and complete. He will make others become like himself. If you lack a particular power yourself, you are not able to fill others with all powers. To be a spiritual server means to be an almighty authority, one with all powers. To be a spiritual server means to be ever ready and an all-rounder. An all-round server is a true server. So, do you experience yourself to have all the qualifications of a true server? Someone who is full is always content and will make others content. Any lack of attainment would create discontentment. When you have all attainments, you remain content. The way to remain content and make others content is to remain a bestower who is always full. You need to have both of these qualifications. If you are full but not a bestower, you are unable to make others content. Therefore, be a bestower and also remain full.

Do all of you have the happiness of being special souls? Out of the souls of the whole world, only very few souls are instruments engaged in the Father's service. Therefore, it is a matter of great happiness that you have this part to play. Your name is amongst those souls who are a selected few out of multimillions. Out of those selected ones, you are the handful who have become instruments. Do you have the spiritual intoxication that the praise of being a handful out of multimillions is your praise? The greater your spiritual intoxication, the greater your humility will be. Intoxication based on body consciousness is very small, but, because of their pride and arrogance, they consider themselves to be very great. Those who have true intoxication would always be very humble and, because of their humility, everyone would bow down to them. A bestower of happiness would be a very humble soul. Arrogance does not allow you to become humble. When there is no humility, service cannot take place. So, the speciality of you servers is that, when you yourselves are humble and bow down, others will then bow down to you. Therefore, become a spiritual server. Always remember the word, "spiritual". Whilst you are walking, moving around and speaking, let your spirituality be visible in everything you do. Let nothing be ordinary, let it be spiritual.

Only a contented soul can receive the title of a server. When you are not content, you are taking service. So, are you those who take service or those who do service? Spiritual servers are not those who take. They don’t waste their time saying, "Today, this happened! Yesterday, that happened!" You don’t take service by wasting your time over such matters, do you? All of those things are childish matters. Your childhood is now over. You now have to give the return of what you have received. Let there no longer be any court. Do not take up extra time of the seniors. All the stories and situations have now ended. If you are still taking service, then stop doing that today! Put a full stop! The past is the past! So, put a full stop. Before you leave here, finish it and put a full stop. Put a full stop and remain constantly content and make everyone else content. Always remember this lesson. Achcha.

BapDada speaking to Dadi Nirmal Shanta:

To be a great soul means to be an embodiment of success. So, you are constantly an embodiment of success, are you not? The lighter you remain, the more easily and naturally you accomplish every task. When you carry a heavy burden, then, because of that burden, your power to make decisions doesn't work. Therefore, there is a difference in the success you achieve. Before you begin any task, become double light. Let the atmosphere be light. You have to be light and all your companions have to be light; the work of you lighthouses will then be accomplished.

When you begin a task, you have the correct aim, but later, that aim disappears. The beginning is very powerful, but your percentage reduces a little as you go on. In the beginning, you used to pay a lot of attention to plans. In the same way, pay just as much attention when you become busy in your practical work. When the beginning, middle and end are equal, there will easily be success. Achcha.

This time, make a shanti-kund (an atmosphere of peace) in the fair, through which everyone will feel that in spite of all that noise, they experience peace there. Let their attitude and experience be totally transformed. (BapDada should come to Calcutta.) Definitely! That time will also come. How could it be possible that the Father wouldn’t come when His children call Him? However, just see how He is to come. There has to be something new. Achcha. Whatever you create, you will be successful because the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. This mela is also a place where a vision of the Father is given. His devotees will have a vision (darshan) and His children will celebrate a meeting. It is good. This is also a method of serving yourself as well as serving all other souls. When Brahmins become very enthusiastic, all others are served. Therefore, it is service of oneself and service of others. Achcha.

The confluence age is the time to create an elevated fortune. It is only now that you can create an elevated fortune for the whole cycle. Only at the confluence age do you receive all rights from the Father. Therefore, you are a soul who has all rights, you are an elevated soul, you are one who receives an elevated reward. Constantly be aware of this and you will become powerful. By becoming powerful, you will become a conqueror of Maya. A powerful soul is a destroyer of obstacles. There wouldn’t be any obstacles even in your thoughts. A master almighty authority would always be a destroyer of obstacles. Achcha.

At the time of taking leave:

All of you have heard a great deal. Is there anything left for you to hear? Just one thing remains. What is that? You have attained whatever you wanted, so what else could there be? Everything is finished, so what else is there? Now, BapDada just wants to see one thing. All of you have to become the brides who are fully adorned with all the 16 ornaments. This means all of you have to become 16 celestial degrees complete. Your 16 ornaments are your 16 degrees. Therefore, all of you have to become 16 celestial degrees complete; that is, fully decorated with the 16 ornaments. As yet, some only have eight degrees, some have 10 degrees and some 11 degrees. However, all of you have to become 16 celestial degrees complete. Each one of you will be 16 celestial degrees complete according to your own number, will you not? Just as souls of all other religions have their own golden-aged stage, so here, too, all of you have to have your 16 degrees according to your own capacity, do you not? When your speaking, doing and thinking are all equal, you will be complete. BapDada now wants to see everyone in this form. When will this happen? Everyone is making preparations for this. You all think about becoming this. You all have this same desire. So what else remains? When you sit on the stage, what do you say? That all you have to do now is to become complete. Therefore, you all have the same desire. So, what else remains? When you become ignorant of all other desires, this desire of yours will be fulfilled. All your other little desires do not allow this one desire to be fulfilled. Achcha.
May you become a most elevated effort-maker whose thinking, speaking and doing are all equal.  
The essence of all the teachings is: let the angelic stage be visible through all your actions – the way you see, get up, sit and move around, let there be spirituality in every action. Let there not be anything worldly in any of your actions or sanskars. Let your thinking, speaking and doing be equal. Let it not be that you think: I will not do this, and yet you still do it. When all three are equal and equal to those of the Father, you would then be said to be an elevated effort- maker.
To take on a responsibility means to claim a right to extra blessings.