Saturday, September 24, 2016

Murli 25 September 2016

25/09/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 18/11/81

“The sign of closeness to perfection.”
Today, Dilaram Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, has come to talk about the things of the heart to His children who are seated on the heart-throne. All the children know the one thing that remains in the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, constantly has the loving children who give comfort to others merged in His heart. In the Father’s heart, there is always the one thing: how each one of the children can become a special soul, a master of the world, how each one can claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the world. Let each child become more elevated than the next, fully decorated and full of all virtues and filled with power. Let each one become number one. Let the speciality of each one be more attractive than the next, so that all the whole world is able to see this and sing their praise. Let each one appear to be a lighthouse, a might-house and a sparkling star of the earth for every soul in the world. Let the specialities and the treasures accumulated by every elevated thought and elevated action of every special star be so unlimited that the special world of every star is visible. When everyone sees this they will forget their sorrow, experience happiness and become cheerful. When they see each one's alokik world filled with all attainments, they will sing songs of each one's wonder. (Wah! Wah!) This is what is in the heart of BapDada, the Comforter of Hearts. Now, each of you children knows very well what is in your hearts. Do you also know what is in the hearts of others? Or, do you only know what is in your own heart? When you have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone, you also share with one another the zeal and enthusiasm you have in your heart, do you not? What do you mainly speak about in that respect? All of you have the special thought of definitely putting into practice what the Father tells you to do and of definitely becoming equal to the Father. Therefore, the one thing in the Father’s heart is the same thing that is in the children’s hearts. So, why are the effortmakers still numberwise? Why isn’t everyone number one? Can everyone become number one? Can

everyone become a world ruler or is that not possible? Will only one person become the ruler of the world, or will others also become world rulers at their own time? So, why do you all then say that you are claiming the kingdom of the world or that you are claiming a right to the sovereignty of the world? Will you come into the kingdom or will you rule the kingdom? Some will become rulers and some will become part of the kingdom. Or, will everyone become a ruler? What will happen? You will find many more subjects! Don’t worry about them! Are you making all of this effort just to come into the kingdom? Are you not doing everything to attain your kingdom and not just to come into the kingdom? So, all of you will rule, will you not? Each of you feels that you will come into the kingdom and that whether others come or not is up to them. You are studying Raja Yoga, are you not? Are you studying yoga to become kings or to come into the kingdom? You are Raja Yogis, are you not? You are not yogis who just come into the kingdom, are you? Will all of you become number one like this or will you remain numberwise until the end? You were also told earlier that each of you will become number one according to your own stage. That will be the number one golden stage for you. According to this account, each of you will claim your number one most elevated stage by the end. Each one of you will become perfect and complete according to your own capacity. In the whole cycle, that will be the number one elevated stage of each of you souls. In that case, whilst still being numberwise, each one will become number one. Each of you souls has your own stage of perfection. You saw both the effort-making stage and the stage of perfection of Brahma Baba. Having reached his stage of perfection, the specialities he uses for his part through his avyakt form are also

experienced by you. Just as you experienced the difference in Father Brahma's perfect stage and his stage of making effort, so there is also the stage of perfection and the form of perfection of every Brahmin soul. BapDada emerges and continues to observe it in the subtle region and can also show it to you. When BapDada looks at your stage of perfection, He notices how much spiritual intoxication and sparkle there isin each one's form of perfection. You are now attaining perfection and you definitely do have to attain it. However, some children's stage of perfection is close. You also saw the sign of this in Father Brahma. He constantly had in his awareness his stage of perfection and his future reward. His angelic form and his deity form were both constantly clear in his awareness so that any effort-maker who looked at him only saw and spoke of his angelic form and the future form of Shri Krishna. So, too, the sign of you children coming close to the stage of perfection is that you will experience that closeness and others will experience it too. Whilst in your corporeal form, you will experience the avyakt form through which souls who come in front of you will forget their corporeal consciousness and experience the avyakt stage. This is the sign of that closeness. However, some children at present neither experience perfection to be clear nor close to them. What is the sign of that experience? It is easy to experience anything that is clear and close to you, but, to experience something that is far away from you, you especially have to use your intellect. Similarly, on the basis of knowledge such souls are able to draw with their intellect’s yoga their stage of perfection to themselves and to stabilise in that stage with effort. Secondly, because their stage is not clear or close, such souls sometimes have the thought: "I should become this, but will I be able to?" There would be some slight doubt in the form of waste thoughts about the self. This is known as a royal form of doubt. If there is even the slightest wave of doubt, you lose everything, whereas those who have faithful intellects become victorious. Even the slightest thought of doubt in your dreams or even a wave of such thoughts will put you far back in the final numbers. The particular sanskar or nature of such souls is that one minute they will have a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and fly, and the next minute they will be disheartened with themselves. They will continually go up and down this ladder in their lives - the ladder of being very happy-hearted and of being disheartened. What is the reason for this? Their perfect stage is not clear or close. So, what do you have to do now? Now bring your stage of perfection close. How will you do this? You even know the way to do this. What do you know? It is something amusing. What does BapDada notice? What do some of you children, not all of you but the majority of you, do? Because of being the beloved children of the highest-on-high Father, you become a lot more especially beloved! However, because of being especially beloved, you become very sensitive. Those who are sensitive will only show their playful games. What games do you play? You tell the Father the things He has told you. You become sensitive and tell the Father that He should do something on your behalf. You lack the strength of the power of tolerance. The power of tolerance is the armour with which to protect yourself from all obstacles. It is because you do not put on this armour that you become sensitive. You have not made the lesson of having to do something for yourself firm; it is very weak. The belief that others should do it for you or that the Father should do it for you makes you sensitive. Because of this, the curtain of carelessness comes in front of you so that your stage of perfection doesn’t appear clear or close. Then, instead of touring the three worlds, you constantly go up and down the ladder of having a happy heart being disheartened in this world. So, what do you need to do? Be beloved ones, not beloved ones of carelessness. What will happen then? You will easily reach your stage of perfection. First of all, you have to marry your stage of perfection. This means that you constantly have to wear the wedding garland of constant zeal and enthusiasm. Only then will you be able to marry Lakshmi or Narayan. Do you understand what you have to do? The perfect stage of all of you effort-makers is invoking all of you. Only when all of you reach your stage of perfection will the perfect Brahma and the Brahmins return home together to the home of the element of brahm and claim a right to the kingdom. Achcha.

To the souls who are close to their stage of perfection, to those who are to marry their perfect stage together with Father Brahma, to those who inspire others to become perfect by giving them the experience of their own stage of perfection, to those who, through their own clarity, become a mirror for others and grant visions of their stage of perfection, to those who constantly have happiness in their hearts, to such children who have the fortune of happiness, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the teachers:

Spiritual servers are equal to the Father. So, what gift do you servers want? When you meet your equals, you give one another a gift. Therefore, servers are equal to the Father. So, what gift would the Father give you? Or, will you give it? You have listened to a lot of knowledge. You also listened to the murli. What else now remains? Servers are souls who are very close to BapDada. What gift would BapDada give to you close souls? Today, BapDada is giving all of you servers a special gift of golden versions. What is that? Have a celebration every day to make yourself enthusiastic and to give enthusiasm to others. This is a gift of love for you servers. Baba will clarify the meaning of this later on in a murli, but a small gift is still very good. So, today, Baba will not speak that murli, but will tell you in essence how to celebrate each day as a festival of remaining enthusiastic and giving enthusiasm to others. What will happen by doing this? All the hard work that you do will then end. You will become free from the labour of harmonising sanskars and finishing sanskars. When you are celebrating a special festival, you completely forget about physical illness, any lack of wealth or conflict of relationships. In the same way, by constantly celebrating this festival, all your problems will end. You will then not have to give any time or use any energy. You will all constantly experience yourselves to be moving along as though you are angels. There is a saying that angels don’t set foot on the ground. You say of those who dance in happiness that they are constantly flying, that their feet are not on the ground. So, all of you will become flying angels. Therefore, spiritual servers, now do this service! You have been putting a lot of effort into giving or organising courses and holding exhibitions and fairs or organising them. Now, this is the way to make all of that effort easy. (What Baba explained earlier.) When you do this, you will experience it to be as though you are sitting at home and the moths come flying to the Flame. For how much longer will you continue to labour in the other way? That method should change, should it not? Therefore, this method is your gift for glorification through less expenditure, for greater success through less effort. You will then not have to organise fairs, but many others will become instruments to organise and hold fairs; they will invite you there. Even now, you are invited to speak on a platform (stage) that is already prepared. Later, you will not even have to make effort for fairs etc. At present, you invite the Didis and Dadis for your inaugurations, but all of you will become Didis and Dadis at that time. You will become the images that grant visions and carry out the inauguration ceremonies. So, this is good, is it not? Are you still going to labour at putting up tents, inviting guides and all the helpers etc?

Achcha. Have you all now received a gift? What gift will you give now? Simply have the thought: I will neither allow my own enthusiasm to lessen nor allow the enthusiasm of others to lessen. This is the gift you have to give. When people hold a fast, even though they get hungry and thirsty, they don’t break their fast. No matter what happened, even if they were to become unconscious, they wouldn’t break it. So, you too need to hold this fast: no matter what problems arise, even if someone comes to stop your enthusiasm, neither let go of your own enthusiasm nor allow it to lessen in others. You will become more enthusiastic and make others more enthusiastic. There will then constantly be festivals. There will constantly be fairs and seminars and international conferences. Achcha. You received a gift and you accepted it. So, what more do you want?
May you be a conqueror of obstacles who overcomes obstacles by imbibing power along with happiness.
The children who know how to accumulate become powerful. If you earn something and instantly distribute it and do not keep any yourself, you will not have any power but simply have the happiness of sharing or donating. When you have power as well as happiness you can then easily overcome obstacles and become a conqueror of obstacles; no obstacle can then disturb your deep love. Therefore, just as the sparkle of happiness is visible on your face, similar , let the sparkle of power also be visible.
Instead of being afraid of adverse situations, consider them to be your teacher and learn a lesson from them.