Saturday, September 10, 2016

Murli 11 September 2016

11/09/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 13/11/81

“The power of silence is the basis of the powers to discern and to judge.”
Today, Baba is giving you the experience of nirvana, the stage beyond sound, which means the stage of being an embodiment of silence. The original religion, pure actions, original form and original land of you souls are those of peace. Your special power of the confluence age is the power of silence. All of you confluence-aged souls have the aim of going to the sweet silence home. Your world needs the power of this eternal attribute: of being an embodiment of peace and giving everyone peace. All problems can be solved with this power of silence. Why? When souls, the embodiments of peace, are in silence, they are in solitude and their power is always concentrated; they can then attain two special powers. One is the power to discern and the other is the power to judge. These two special powers easily enable you to resolve all problems in your interactions with others and in doing God’s work. They easily enable you to become a destroyer of obstacles on God’s path.

You have to discern what Maya is and then, after that, judge what to do. Because of Maya’s various forms, you are unable to recognise her from a distance and chase her away. Maya comes in a divine and royal form to the children who are following God’s path. In order to recognise this form of Maya, you need to develop your power of concentration. Only when you develop the power of silence can you attain the power of concentration.

At present, you Brahmin souls are lacking in fast transformation because you consider a rolled gold form (gold plated) of Maya to be real gold. Because of not being able to recognise her, you say: “What I did and said was all right!” “What have I done wrong?” “I have to continue in this way.” Even when you are wrong, you wouldn’t consider yourselves to be wrong. What is the reason for this? You lack the power to discern. You consider a royal form of Maya to be real. Because of not having the power to discern, you are unable to make an accurate judgment. You are unable to judge whether you yourself have to change or whether the other person has to change. This is why the speed of transformation has to be fast. Time is now moving on very fast. However, there is the difference of day and night between the attainment you experience by transforming yourself according to the time and transforming yourself through your elevated thoughts. It is the same with the cars that people drive. One car has a self-starter and the other needs a push to start it. So, there is a difference between the two. Therefore, to transform yourself by being pushed by time means that your car of effort can only move forward with a push. It means that you are not driving, but that you are being driven. To transform yourself on the basis of time means to attain only a small share of benefit. One is the owner and the other is a shareholder. The owner has all rights and the other just receives a drop. What is the reason for that? There is no experience of the power of silence. When you have the power of silence, you can develop the power to discern and the power to judge these powers will bring fast transformation. Do you understand how great the power of silence is? The power of silence cools down the fire of anger. The power of silence can finish all upheaval of waste thoughts. No matter what your old sanskars are like, the power of silence can finish them all. The power of silence can easily finish any sickness in the mind. The power of silence can enable many souls to experience a meeting with the Father, the Ocean of Peace. The power of silence can enable the souls who have been wandering around for many births to experience the destination. It makes you into a great soul (mahatma), a righteous soul (dharamatma). The power of silence enables you to tour all three worlds in a second. Do you understand how great this power is? The power of silence enables you to labour less and achieve greater glory with less expenditure. The power of silence enables you to be economical with the treasures of your thoughts. This means that you can attain greater success in less time. The power of silence changes cries of distress into cries of victory. The power of silence enables you to be constantly garlanded with the garland of success. There have been the cries of victory and you are garlanded! So, what else remains? Everything has been accomplished! So, did you hear how great you are? You don’t use this great power enough.

You know how to shoot an arrow with words. Now, shoot arrows of silence through which you can make greenery appear even in the desert. No matter how hard mountain rocks may be, water can be made to emerge from them. Now, use the power of silence in a practical way. Why does this land of Madhuban attract you all? Because you experience silence here, do you not? Therefore, make all your service centres and all the homes and families everywhere into the same Shanti kund (a place with a peaceful atmosphere).

Then the rays of peace will attract all souls around the world to the experience of peace. That peace becomes like a magnet. The time will come when all your centres become peace magnets. You will not have to go anywhere, but people will come to you. However, this will only happen when you all have the great power of silence. Only when you have this power in your thoughts, words and deeds constantly can you become a master bestower of peace. So, now, do you understand what you now have to do? Achcha.

(This morning, a brother from the Karnataka zone suddenly left his body due to heart-failure in Madhuban and the cremation ceremony was held in Abu.) What lesson did you learn today? What lesson was made firm for everyone by the group from Karnataka? Was the lesson of always being ever-ready made firm for you? Let everyone’s bag and baggage of the body, bodily relations, physical possessions and sanskars always be packed. How do you demonstrate the power to pack up in the posters? You show a packed bag and baggage. This is what you show, is it not? Let there be no thought about doing this, or becoming this, or that something still remains to be done. Be ready in a second! Be ever-ready for whenever the call of time comes. So, did you make this lesson firm? The line of fortune of that soul too was drawn. Generally, a brahmin priest or pundit is invited to the final ceremony of a soul. However, they are only that in name, whereas here, so many Brahmins gave a hand. This happened in the greatest pilgrimage place where there are the most elevated Brahmins of all. Everyone co-operated as embodiments of remembrance. Therefore, that soul has such elevated fortune! Did all of you learn the special lesson of being constantly ever ready? (Baba asked his widow) What lesson did you learn? You showed your form of success. You are courageous. You showed your practical form of an embodiment of power. Achcha.

To those who are constant embodiments of the awareness of their own form, their original religion, their elevated deeds, and their original land, to those who with their power of silence are constant embodiments of peace and make others into embodiments of peace, to those who constantly move along in the waves of peace of the Ocean of Peace and who become great and righteous souls for others, to those who are to become pure charitable souls and embodiments of peace, to such souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Meeting the groups:

1) The vehicle of mahavir children is their elevated stage and their ornaments are all the powers. Do all of you consider yourselves to be mahavirs? A mahavir is one who always has his weapons with him. Shaktis and Pandavas are always shown in their vehicles and holding their weapons. Weapons are the ornaments. So, they are shown seated in their vehicles, holding their weapons. The vehicle symbolizes their elevated stage and their ornaments symbolize all their powers. Only those who are always seated in their vehicles, holding their ornaments, can become images that grant visions. Therefore, the duty of you mahavir children is to become practical images and grant visions of the Father. Mahavirs are constantly flying. Therefore, all of you are those who fly, that is, you are all in the flying stage, are you not? The ascending stage has now come to an end. The time for taking a jump has also come to an end. You now have to fly. As soon as you start to fly, you arrive. When you are in the flying stage, everything remains below you. You don’t have to deal with any situations or person’s down below but you simply continue to fly, and you cross all ponds, lakes, trees and mountains. Even a huge mountain will seem like a ball. Situations appear to be like toys to those in the flying stage. When you go up high, what do all the huge countries look like? They all look like toys and models. So, here, too, for those who are in the flying stage, any situation or obstacle appears to be like a game, a toy, or an ant - and the ant is dead; it is not even alive! A live ant can sometimes even bring down a mahavir! However, this ant is a dead ant! The mountains too are not like mustard seeds (rai - hard), but like cotton wool (ruee - soft). Therefore, you are such mahavirs, are you not?

2) As well as becoming conquerors of Maya, also become conquerors of nature. Are you constantly conquerors of Maya and nature? You are becoming conquerors of Maya, but you also have to become conquerors of nature, because there is now going to be a lot of upheaval of nature. Have you become unshakeable to such an extent that you can remain unshakeable even in the middle of an upheaval? Sometimes, the water of the oceans will show its power and sometimes the earth will show its power. If you are conquerors of nature, then none of her upheaval can shake you. As a detached observer, you will always see everything as a game. Just as angels are always shown flying above high mountains, so you angels always have an elevated stage; that is, you are those who stay high above the mountains. Do you always have such a high stage? The higher your stage, the more you will automatically be able to remain above all upheaval. Look, now, all of you have come up the mountain and left all the upheaval down below, have you not? There is so much upheaval in the towns whereas there is so much peace here! Since there is such a difference even in physical places, just consider what a difference of day and night there is between an ordinary stage and an elevated stage.

Question: By having the clear recognition of what in your intellect will you become a powerful soul?

Answer: If you have the clear recognition of time (samay) and the self (swayam) in your intellect, you will become a powerful soul, because this time of the confluence is for creating the most elevated fortune. It is only now that the most elevated fortune of all can be created for the whole cycle. It is only at the confluence age that all rights can be received from the Father. So, you are the souls who have all rights, you are elevated souls, you are those who receive an elevated reward. Constantly keep this in your awareness and you will become powerful. By becoming powerful you will become conquerors of Maya. A powerful soul is a destroyer of obstacles. No obstacles can come, even in your thoughts. Master almighty authorities are constant destroyers of obstacles. Achcha.
May you be a knowledge-full soul who listens to the deep aspects of knowledge and puts them into practice.  
Knowledge-full souls experience being embodiments of all forms. Just as you enjoy listening to something and also find it deep, as well as listening to it, you also have to merge it in yourself, that is, you have to become an embodiment of it. You have to practise this too. “I am an incorporeal soul”. You hear this again and again but you have to listen to it while experiencing the incorporeal stage. As is the point, so let there be that experience too. By doing this, you will continue to accumulate the treasure of pure thoughts and, when your intellect is busy in this, you will easily step away from waste thoughts.
Those who have the double authority of knowledge and experience are intoxicated and entertaining yogis.