Saturday, May 28, 2016

Murli 29 May 2016

29/05/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 04/10/81

"The importance of the power of thought."
BapDada gives each of you children the experience of your final stage, that is, the complete and perfect stage, the powerful stage. In this stage, you constantly experience: being a master almighty authority, a master sun of knowledge and complete with all virtues, being a detached observer in every thought, every breath and at every second, being a constant companion of the Father, and receiving the companionship of the love and co-operation of all the elevated souls of the Brahmin family. This experience is similar to when you use scientific instruments to enable you to experience things that are a long way away to be very close. In the same way, through divine vision, you can experience souls who are far away to be very close. Just as you see, you speak to and co-operate with souls who live with you, in the same way, even if souls are living in America, with divine vision - not the divine vision of trance - but the divine vision of spirituality, you are able to see souls and the Father of souls in their natural form. You would not need to work hard or make effort to see a soul, but you would naturally understand yourself to be a soul and see others as souls. The consciousness of the body would be just as deeply forgotten as the consciousness of the soul is forgotten from the copper age onwards. You would not be able to see anything apart from souls - souls walking and souls doing everything. Your physical eyes and the eye of your mind would always go to the jewel on the forehead. You would naturally and constantly have the awareness of the Father and all souls. What would the language be at that time? It would be the language of elevated thoughts. You would not be those who lecture, but those who attract spiritually. Not through your words, but through your stage and the mirror of your elevated life, you would easily give the experience of the form. Instead of words, your eyes would be the means to give this experience. The language of the eyes would be the language of thoughts. The power of your thoughts works much faster than the sound of your words. This is why you must make the power of your elevated thoughts so clean that there isn’t the slightest uncleanliness of any waste in them. This is known as having a clear line.

You will experience the success of many tasks being accomplished successfully with this power of thought. The complete success that you are not experiencing, as you truth through words or other means to bring about transformation in souls, physical tasks, and the sanskars of souls who come into relationship and connection with you - with the power of thought, all those hopes will be fulfilled as though these have already been accomplished. Just as you can see the different stars everywhere in the physical sky, similarly, you will see the stars of success sparkling everywhere in the sky of the atmosphere of the world. At present, you are able to see both the stars of hope and the stars of success. However, in the final moments, in the final stage, there will only be you stars of success in your elevated stage of being absorbed in love for the Father. Your spiritual eyes and spiritual image will become such a divine mirror that all souls will be able to see the reflection of their form of the soul without having to make any effort. Because of experiencing the form of the soul through this mirror within a second, they will be attracted to the Father and sing songs of praise of God and will easily surrender their body consciousness. “Oho! Your fortune! Oho! My fortune!” (How wonderful is our fortune!) Because you experience this fortune, you will renounce the awareness of your body and bodily relations, for it is very easy to renounce something when you compare it to the fortune you receive in exchange.

Do all of you want to claim this easy renunciation and fortune? Or, do you want to become those who give? You don’t think that, instead of making effort for so many years, you want to become those who easily experience renunciation and fortune in the final moments, do you? What do you prefer? You will surely experience this easily at the end, but for how long will that experience last? The shorter the time you have this recognition, the shorter the time you will accordingly have that attainment. All of you are companions for a long period of time and you claim the kingdom for a long period of time. Become a great donor and a bestower of blessings and donate your experience in charity to the weak souls who come at the end. This charity that you perform in a second through your powerful stage will make you worthy of being worshipped and remembered for half a cycle. This is because, at the end, in the final moments, all souls will take with them the sanskars of the final experience of attainment and the revelation of your perfect form from you perfect souls and will rest at home for half a cycle. Some will become subjects, some will become devotees. This is why, at the final moment, their final destination will be of becoming a devotee in the copper age. They will become the most elevated jewels of all souls in the rosary of devotees. Some will see you as souls who have a right to the kingdom of the world. Because they have the sanskars of subjects, they will become subjects in your kingdom. Those who see you as souls who are extremely worthy of worship will become your devotees. Are you experiencing this elevated stage through which you will be able to attain such elevated success? Whilst knowing the importance of the treasure of thoughts, do you accumulate the power of such elevated thoughts? Do you understand what your final stage is? Will BapDada also go beyond sound or will He come into sound? Practise coming into sound very little, and the stage of being beyond sound will then automatically attract you. The first gate that is opened is that of going beyond sound. So, when will you have the inauguration ceremony of opening the gate? You have many inauguration ceremonies in Madhuban! So is BapDada going to inaugurate this on His own or will you do it with Him? So, are you ready? Achcha, Baba will take an account of this next time. Baba has to take an account of everything, does He not? Achcha.

To the souls who are embodiments of total success, to those who fulfil the elevated desires of all with the power of thoughts, to those who show all souls their original form through the perfect mirror of the self, to the charitable souls who reveal the Father and become images that grant blessings of all powers, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

You are a group of sevadharis; not teachers, but servers. The Father also first comes here as the Server. The greatest title that the Father gives Himself is the World Servant. As is the Father’s title, the title of you children is the same. When you consider yourself to be a server, you automatically become free from obstacles, because a server means a renunciate and a tapaswi soul. Where you have renunciation and tapasya, fortune comes to you as your servant. So, all of you are sevadharis, are you not? Don’t consider yourself to be a teacher; consider yourself to be a server. Otherwise, if you consider yourself to be a teacher, then, when new souls who come make even a little progress, they too would then begin to think of themselves as teachers. When you consider yourself to be a teacher, you have a subtle desire of being given the gaddi or a position. This too is one of Maya's big obstacles. When you are a teacher, you want a seat; you want respect and honour. Servers are those who give, not those who take. When you instrument souls consider yourselves to be servers, others, too, will also remain constant servers when they see you. Then, there will be the atmosphere of renunciation and tapasya everywhere. Where there is the atmosphere of renunciation and tapasya, you constantly have the stage of being free from obstacles. So, all of you are servers, are you not? When you consider yourselves to be teachers, your students will say that they are no less. When you consider yourselves to be servers, all of you become number one and equal to one another. Therefore, consider your name to be "a server", and continue to make progress. The root of all obstacles is considering yourself to be a teacher and taking the stage, in which case, you are following the teacher and not following the Father.

You are progressing, but you must now continue to progress using the right method. When you don't always use the right method, there are greater problems in progressing. Therefore, become those who bring about expansion by using the right method. The efforts you are making are very good.

Meeting a group:

1) Do all of you constantly experience being the form of an embodiment of happiness whilst staying in the awareness of Baba, the Ocean of Happiness? All of you are the children of the Ocean of Happiness. Just as the Father is the Ocean of Happiness, you children are embodiments of happiness; you are masters. Although you constantly live in the world of sorrow, you are embodiments of happiness; you are masters. You don’t experience any waves of sorrow, do you? No matter how much influence there is of peacelessness and sorrow in the world, you remain loving and detached, because you are with the Ocean of Happiness. Do you experience yourselves to be happy and constantly swinging in the swing of happiness? Let there not be any sorrow even in your thoughts. You masters, who are the children of the Ocean of Happiness, do not have any thoughts of sorrow. You souls have left the world of sorrow and have reached the confluence age. You have left the shores of the old world, have you not? Have you left them or are you still in the world of sorrow? You don't have any strings that are still tied, do you? Have all your strings been cut? Since all your strings have been cut, continue to move along in the waves of the Ocean of Happiness.

2) Signs of a number one fortunate soul.

• A number one fortunate soul would be an embodiment of all attainment.

• Such souls would constantly swing in the swing of all attainments of all virtues, all treasures and all powers.

• From now on, such a soul would not lack anything in his life. Such a soul would attain infinite treasures at every second, with every breath and thought.

• Such souls would experience the ascending stage at every step of his life.

• Such souls would only see many types of treasures everywhere.

• Such souls would be deeply loving with every soul and would belong to him in an eternal relationship (of brotherhood).

• He would have good wishes and pure feelings emerged in him for every soul: let all these souls be constantly happy and peaceful.

• Such souls would stay in the unlimited: relationship with the unlimited, unlimited knowledge, unlimited attitude and, because of having unlimited spiritual love, they would be embodiments of happiness.

• Because of having spiritual knowledge, because of having light and might, they know every soul’s sanskars from their part in the story of their karma. Whatever they see and hear, they will be very detached and loving in every action with whoever they come into connection and relationship with.

• Because of having a spiritual relationship with everyone, they will have concentration of the intellect. Because of this concentration, they will have the power to decide, the power to accommodate and the power to face. Therefore, they will know the parts of souls and their own part very well and then act their parts. Their stage will be unshakeable and they will be detached observers.

• Such fortunate souls will see every thought, action and situation while stable in the trikaldarshi stage. Therefore, there will not be any question marks, but constantly a full stop.

• Such souls will not be surprised about anything: What happened? Why did it happen? No; always “Nothing new!”

These are the signs of number one fortunate souls.

3) The form of the elevated service of mahavirs and their special service.

The special service of mahavirs is service with the power of thought. Earlier, people would send messages by pidgeon. Similarly, you can serve any soul with the power of thought. As soon as you press the button of thought, the message arrives. Just as you can give co-operation through the vehicle of the inner body, similarly, with the power of thought you can solve the problems of many souls. On the basis of your elevated thoughts, you can transform their wasteful and weak thoughts. This special service will continue to increase according to the time. Achcha.
May you be a victorious conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world with the awareness of being a master almighty authority.  
When Maya sees the children who think a lot about why Maya has come and who are afraid, she attacks them even more. Therefore, instead of thinking too much, constantly maintain the awareness of being a master almighty authority and you will become victorious. Those small forms of Maya are instrumental in making you into victorious jewels. Therefore, consider yourself to be a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world and gain victory over Maya. Do not be weak. Become one who issues a challenge.
In order to receive pure blessings from every soul, remain stable in the stage of having unlimited good wishes and pure feelings.