Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Murli 25 May 2016

25/05/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, ask yourself: Have I become a conqueror of my physical senses? Are any of my physical senses deceiving me?  
What should each one of you children promise yourself in order to become karmateet?
Promise yourself that none of your physical senses will ever cause mischief. I have to control my physical senses. I definitely have to put into practice all the directions Baba has given. Baba says: Sweet children, if you want to become karmateet, don’t perform sinful actions through any of your physical senses. Maya is very powerful. The eyes are very deceitful and this is why you must take care of yourself.
Om Shanti
Children, are you sitting here in soul consciousness? Ask yourself this. Each of you has to ask yourself everything. The Father shows you the way: Ask yourself: Are you sitting here in soul consciousness? Am I remembering the Father? This is your spiritual army. In other armies it is only young ones who enrol. In this army, there are young ones who are only 14 or 15 years old and even old ones who are 90 years old, as well as infants. This is the army to conquer Maya. Each of you has to conquer Maya and claim your unlimited inheritance from the Father because Maya is very powerful. You children can understand for yourselves that Maya is very powerful. Each of the physical senses causes a lot of deception. Which physical sense deceives you the most? It is the eyes that deceive you the most. Even though someone may have his own wife, when he sees another beautiful woman, he is very quickly attracted to her. The eyes deceive him such a great deal that the heart desires to touch her. It has been explained to you children that your intellects must always understand that you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are brothers and sisters. Maya deceives you a great deal in a very incognito way. This is why you should also write in your chart which of the physical senses deceived you throughout the day. The worst enemy are the eyes. Therefore, you should write that when you saw so-and-so your eyes were pulled. There is the example of Surdas (someone who blinded himself because his eyes deceived him). He blinded himself. When you check yourself, you will find that your eyes deceive you the most. Sometimes, a man would leave his own wife and becomes besotted with another beautiful woman. His eyes would very quickly cause mischief (be pulled) if someone is a very good singer and has put on beautiful make-up. This is why Baba says: These eyes deceive you a great deal. Although you may be doing service, the eyes deceive you a great deal. You have to be very careful of this enemy. Otherwise, it is understood that you are destroying your own status. Sensible children should note down in their diary: When I saw so-and-so, my vision was drawn to that one. In that case, you should punish yourself! On the path of devotion too, if their intellects wander in other directions while they are praying, they pinch themselves. When such a woman comes in front of you, you should move away. You shouldn’t just stand there watching her. The eyes cause a lot of deception and this is why sannyasis sit with their eyes closed. The men sit at the front and make the women sit at the back. There are some sannyasis who don’t look at women at all. You children have to make a lot of effort. It is not a small thing to claim the fortune of the kingdom of the world! Those people would probably collect 10, 12, 20 thousand, or one or two hundred thousand or a million. However, everything will then be destroyed. You children receive an imperishable inheritance; you attain everything. There is nothing to attain for which you would have to beat your head. There is the difference of day and night between the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. There is nothing here. This is now your most elevated confluence age. You must definitely write the term “most elevated”. It didn’t take God long to change humans into deities. You have now become Brahmins. People are in complete darkness. There are many who won’t be able to see heaven. The Father says: Children, your religion is one that gives a lot of happiness. People don’t understand anything. Even the people of Bharat have forgotten what heaven was. Christians speak of the existence of heaven. Lakshmi and Narayan are called a goddess and god. Therefore, it is definitely only God who would make them that. The Father explains: You have to make a lot of effort. Look at your chart every day. Which physical senses deceived me today? Even the mouth deceives a great deal. In the early days, Baba used to hold a court in which everyone would confess the mistakes they had made. “I secretly took something and ate it.” Even some daughters from very good homes would admit this. Maya attacks you in this way. To eat something secretly is stealing. That, too, from Shiv Baba’s yagya! That is very bad. Someone who steals even a straw is the same as someone who steals one hundred thousand. Maya completely catches hold of you by your nose. This is a very bad habit. What would you become if you have bad habits? It is not a big thing to go to heaven, but there are different levels of status there. There is so much difference between kings and subjects! The physical senses deceive you a great deal. You should be careful of them. If you want to claim a high status, you have to follow the Father’s directions fully. The Father gives directions and Maya comes in between and creates obstacles. The Father says: Don’t forget! Otherwise, there will be great repentance at the end. You will then also have visions of failing. You now say that you will change from an ordinary man into Narayan, but you must check yourself and also write your chart. There are many who hardly understand this or put it into practice. However, Baba says: You will progress a great deal by doing this. You should write your chart for the whole day. One’s eyes deceive one a great deal. When someone sees another, he will think that she is very nice and will then talk to her. Then the heart’s desire would be to give her a gift or to give her tasty things to eat. He would be constantly thinking about her. You children understand that this requires a lot of effort. The physical senses deceive you a great deal because this is the kingdom of Ravan. The Father says: There is nothing to worry about there, because the kingdom of Ravan does not exist there. There is nothing to worry about at all. If there were worries there too, what would then be the difference between heaven and hell? You children are studying with God in order to attain a very high status. The Father explains: Maya makes you defame Me. You defamed Me and I came and uplifted you. Children, if you have impure vision, you will cause yourself a loss. The destination is very high. This is why Baba says: Look at your own chart. Did I perform any sinful action? Did I deceive anyone? You now have to become conquerors of sinful action. No one, apart from you children, knows about the period of the conquerors of sinful action. The Father explains that it is now 5000 years since the period of the conquerors of sinful action. Then, when they perform sinful action, they go onto the path of sin. There are the terms: action, neutral action and sinful action. The actions people perform in the kingdom of Maya are sinful. There are no vices in the golden age; there are no sins accumulated there. Only you understand these things because you receive the third eye of knowledge. You have become the ones with a third eye. It is the Father who makes you trikaldarshi and trinetri. Because you have become theists, you have also become trikaldarshi. You have the secrets of the whole drama in your intellects. There is the incorporeal world, the subtle region, the corporeal world and the cycle of 84 births and how the founders of other religions come. They cannot grant you salvation. They cannot even be called gurus. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation for All. Everyone is now to receive salvation. Those people are founders of religions, not gurus. Founders of religions are instruments to establish a religion; they don’t grant salvation to anyone. Neither can anyone receive salvation by remembering them nor can anyone’s sins be absolved. All of that is devotion. The Father explains: Maya is very powerful. There is a war with her. You are the Shiv Shakti Pandava Army. All of you are Pandavas, guides; you show everyone the path to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You are the guides. You tell everyone to remember the Father so that their sins can be absolved. If someone then performs sinful actions, he also accumulates one hundredfold punishment. As far as possible, don’t perform any sinful actions. The physical senses deceive you a great deal; the Father understands that from each one’s activities. Children have storms of Maya. It is only when there is the awareness of man and woman that there are storms. So, there has to be such control over your eyes. I am Shiv Baba’s child. Some children even promise the Father and have a rakhi tied, but, in spite of that, Maya deceives them a great deal and they can’t free themselves. Only when you control your physical senses can you reach your karmateet stage. It is easy to say that you will become Lakshmi or Narayan, but there also has to be understanding. The Father says: Put the directions into practice. Continue to say, “Baba, Baba!” We will claim our full inheritance from Baba. We will never ever find such a Teacher anywhere else. If even the deities don’t know these things, how could those of other religions who come later know anything? Baba says: Even if this one says something, just consider it to be Shiv Baba who is saying it. Don’t think that it is this Dada who is saying it. This is My chariot. What can he do? I am giving you children the kingdom. This chariot is not doing that. He is a complete beggar. He also claims his inheritance from Baba. Just as you make effort, so this one does the same. He is also leading a student life. I have taken this chariot on loan. He is now impure. You are now studying in order to become worthy-of-worship deities, to become deities from human beings. If it is not in someone’s fortune, he would say that he has doubts about how Shiv Baba comes and teaches, that he doesn’t understand this at all. Your sins cannot be absolved without having remembrance of the Father. There will then have to be full punishment. A kingdom is being established. A king has so many maids! Baba has had a lot of connection with kings. Maids are given as part of the dowry. Since there are so many maids here, just think how many there would be in the golden age! This too is a kingdom that is being established. Baba knows what each one is doing. Baba can tell any of you from your chart what you would become if you were to die now. You will all reach your karmateet stage at the end, numberwise. This is an income. People remain so busy earning an income that they would be on the telephone even during their meals. Such people cannot take knowledge. Only poor and ordinary ones come here. The wealthy say that they don’t have time. Oho! All you have to do is to remember the Father so that your sins are absolved. Baba repeatedly explains to you sweetest children. Give everyone this message so that none can say that they didn’t know that Shiv Baba had come. Throughout the day, just continue to say “Baba, Baba!” Some daughters remember Baba a great deal. Some children have tears of love just mentioning Shiv Baba’s name. They are so eager to come and meet Him. They haven’t even seen Baba and yet they are so desperate to meet Him whereas those who have seen Him don’t believe in Him! They shed tears of love while sitting at a distance. It is a wonder! Many have visions of Brahma. As you progress further, many will have visions. When a person is dying, many others come to him and tell him to remember God. You too should remember Shiv Baba! The Father says: Children, continue to make up time in your efforts. Whenever you have an opportunity, you should make up time. The income is so huge. Some are such that, no matter how much you explain to them, it just doesn’t sit in their intellects. The Father says: Don’t become like that! Bring benefit to yourself. Follow the Father’s shrimat. The Father is making you the most elevated of all human beings. This is your aim and objective. Baba continues to show you so many ways to do service. You have to give everyone the message so that they understand that you are telling them the truth. It is only through this war that there will be peace and happiness in Bharat in particular and the world in general. You have to print such leaflets in all languages. Bharat is so huge! Everyone has to know about it so that no one can say that he wasn’t aware of it. You would say: Oh! But we dropped leaflets from aeroplanes, printed it in the papers and you didn’t wake up! This has also been shown. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Check all the bad habits you have in yourself and make effort to remove them. Keep your chart with honesty. Follow the Father’s directions.
2. Don’t perform any such actions through which you would defame the Father’s name. Be concerned for your own progress. Don’t have the slightest bad visions.
May you be free from waste thoughts and constantly move along according to the discipline and systems of Brahmin life.  
Those who constantly move along according to the disciplines and systems of Brahmin life, while keeping the instructions of shrimat in their awareness and who remain busy in pure activity throughout the day, cannot be attacked by Ravan in the form of waste thoughts. The activity of the intellect is to have pure thoughts, the activity of speech is to relate to others what you have heard from the Father and the activity of deeds is to perform every deed as a karma yogi. Those who remain busy in these activities become free from the activity of waste thoughts.
With your every new thought, give a new glimpse of the new world.