Sunday, May 1, 2016

Murli 1 May 2016

01/05/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 07/04/81

“The experience of becoming an embodiment of all powers by using your churning power.”
Today, BapDada is very pleased to see all His long-lost and now-found children from the previous cycle. Just as the Father remembers deep love all of you children with deep love, in the same way, all of you children are also engaged day and night in constantly remembering the Father and in following His elevated directions. Having seen the love of all you children and how all of you are busy doing service with so much love in your hearts, BapDada is giving special thanks to you all. Seeing the renunciation behind the fortune of you children, BapDada constantly congratulates you for your renunciation. BapDada is also pleased to see how all of you children are united in the one thought of revealing the Father and making yourselves complete. By constantly keeping in your awareness the difference between what you were and what you have become, all of you constantly have this Godly intoxication. When BapDada sees this, He also says with great spiritual intoxication: “Wah, confluence-aged children, wah! How wonderful you are! You are all so fortunate that, even today in your last birth, people paint portraits of your fortune - with the tilak of praise on their foreheads, through songs on their lips, with pictures they have drawn with their hands and with love in their eyes. Even now, they are waiting for the auspicious moment when you elevated souls will come back to them again. They are desperately invoking you. Similarly, you souls are so fortunate that the Father Himself sings praise of your fortune. The last devotees even worship your feet. They simply ask you to give them refuge! You are such great souls. This is why BapDada is very pleased to see you. Therefore, remain constantly aware of the portrait of your elevated form and your elevated fortune. What will happen by doing this? With your powerful awareness and your portrait of perfection, your character will also remain constantly very elevated. It is said: As is your portrait (your face), so is your character. As is your awareness, so is your stage. When you constantly maintain a powerful awareness, your stage automatically remains constantly powerful.

Constantly keep your portrait of perfection in which all your virtues and all your powers are merged, in front of you. By keeping such a portrait in front of you, your character will automatically become elevated. You will not need to labour. You have to labour when you lack churning power. Throughout the day, keep churning this. Constantly keep your elevated portrait in front of you and with churning power your labouring will end. You have heard plenty of knowledge, you speak a lot too. So, why do you experience yourselves to be weak as you move along? Why do you experience everything to be hard work? Why do you think that something is difficult? It’s because you don’t churn it after hearing it. Just as it is essential for your body to have the power to digest after eating, the power to churn is just as essential to make you souls powerful. By using your churning power churning, the knowledge that you receive from the Father becomes your own experience. With the power to digest, food in the form of blood becomes strength in the form for the body; the energy of the food becomes strength for the body; the food doesn’t remain separate from the body. In the same way, when you churn every point of knowledge, that knowledge becomes your own strength. For instance, the first point of the soul is, “I, this soul, am the master”. After hearing this and churning it, you become an embodiment of it. That awareness makes you powerful. “I am a master.” This experience makes you powerful. So, how did you then become that? On the basis of your churning power. So, the first point of knowledge of the soul is being an embodiment of experience.

Similarly, take the point of the knowledge of the drama. You don’t just speak about or hear the point that whatever happens is the drama, but, while you move along, you experience yourself to be a hero actor. Then, by using your churning power, you become an embodiment of that experience. This is the special power of the soul. The greatest power is to be an embodiment of experience.

Those who are experienced constantly move along with the authority of their experience. Experienced people can never be deceived. Experienced people would not allow themselves to be disturbed by anyone or to get upset by hearsay. One word of an experienced person is far more valuable than a thousand words of someone else. Experienced souls remain constantly full of the treasure of their experiences. Those who experience every point of knowledge with churning power are constantly powerful, “Maya-proof” and “obstacle-proof”. They become like Angad – they can shake others, but cannot be shaken themselves. So, do you now understand what you have to do?

A physical illness comes when you lack one vitamin or other. Similarly, weakness in souls is due to a lack of vitamins of the experience of churning every point of knowledge. There are various vitamins A, B, C, etc. Similarly, you souls should realize when you lack the vitamin of one or other experience. A is the vitamin of atma (soul). B is the vitamin of Bap (the Father). C is the vitamin of the drama, the creation or the circle. You can represent all the vitamins in this way because you are all clever at this. Therefore, check yourself to see which vitamin you lack. Check whether you lack experiencing yourself to be a soul, whether you lack having a relationship with the Father or whether you lack experiencing the depths of the knowledge of the drama. Or, whether you lack experiencing specialities when forming relationships with others. Or, whether you lack experiencing your form of all powers. Fill that gap by using your churning power. Souls cannot become powerful by just remaining part of the audience or even by simply giving lectures. To become an embodiment of knowledge means to be an embodiment of experiencing that knowledge. You have to increase your experience and the basis of that is churning power. Those who churn automatically remain absorbed in their churning. When you have the stage of remaining absorbed in your churning, you don’t have to work hard to have yoga, but you will experience yourself to be constantly connected in yoga. You won’t have to make any effort. To be absorbed in this stage means to remain merged in the Ocean of Love. Remain merged in the Ocean in such a way that you cannot be separated. Therefore, you must now free yourself from labouring. When you stop being extroverted, you can become free from labouring and remain constantly merged in your introverted form of experience. There is an ocean of experiences; there aren’t just one or two experiences, but countless experiences. Don’t just bathe in a small pond of experiences by having one or two experiences. You are the children of the Ocean and so become merged in an ocean of experiences. You are not the children of a pond. Souls who are called founders of religions for great souls are ponds. You have removed yourselves from those ponds. You have already drunk enough water from those many ponds. You have now become merged in the one Ocean.

To such constantly powerful souls, to the souls who are constantly merged in an ocean of experiences, to the souls who constantly keep their portraits of perfection in front of them and thereby become souls with elevated characters, to the constantly elevated, fortunate souls, to those who are constantly introverted and who make others happy, to such double hero souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you constantly consider yourself to be a jewel who is close to the Father? What would indicate a close jewel? Close means equal. To be close to someone means to stay in the company of that one. What happens when you stay in someone’s company? You become coloured by that company. Those who remain constantly close to the Father, that is, those who stay in the Father’s company, will be coloured by Him and will therefore become equal to Him. Do you experience yourself to be that close, that is, equal? Whilst keeping every virtue in front of you, check which of your virtues are equal to those of the Father. Whilst keeping every power in front of you, check in which powers you have become equal to the Father. Your title is a master who is full of all virtues: a master almighty authority. Do you constantly remember this title of yours? When you have all powers, that is, when you are victorious, you can then never be defeated. Those who become part of the garland around the Father’s neck can never be defeated. Therefore, always remain aware that you are part of the garland around the Father’s neck. When you do this, being defeated by Maya will finish. You will defeat others, but you yourself will not be defeated. Do you have such intoxication? Hanuman is also called Mahavir (brave warrior). What did Mahavir do? He burnt Lanka. He didn’t get burnt himself, but he burnt the whole of Lanka with his tail. So, you are the Mahavirs who are going to burn Lanka, are you not? Maya may come to you with a right, but you have to abolish her rights and make her subservient. Hanuman is portrayed with the speciality of being constantly ready to serve (kneeling by Rama). He always considered himself to be a server. Only those who are constant servers can abolish all of Maya’s rights. Those who are not servers cannot burn Maya’s kingdom. Hanuman constantly had Rama residing in his heart. Hanuman constantly belonged to one Rama and no one else. So, for you too, let there not be anyone but the Father in your heart. Let your heart not even have the awareness of your body. You have been told that even your body does not belong to you. Since even your body is not yours, how can anyone else enter your heart?

Whilst living at home with your family, consider yourself to be a trustee, not a householder. When you consider yourself to be a householder, all your past and future burdens are on your head. To be a trustee means to be double light. When you are soul conscious, you are a trustee, whereas when you are body conscious, you become a householder. To become a householder means to become trapped in the trap of attachment to Maya. To be a trustee means to be constantly light and to fly in happiness. To be a trustee means that Maya’s web finishes.

Elevated versions selected from avyakt murlis (Question and answer)

Question: According to the increasing influence of the closeness of time and revelation, what will be the form of service?

Answer: Nowadays, through science, everything is being measured in terms of quality rather than quantity, expansion is being brought to its essence. In the same way, the Pandava Army, that is, the elevated souls who have the power of silence, will instead of giving an hour’s lecture, do the service of reminding souls of themselves and giving them visions of the invisible in a second - with their powerful drishti, powerful stage, feelings of benevolence and their soul consciousness.

Question: To what two things do you need to pay attention in order to do such service?

Answer: Pay attention to two things: 1) Do not waste anything. 2) Lose weight, that is, reduce the weight of the burden that is on you the soul, due to which you are not able to experience an elevated stage.

Question: What is the task of you elevated souls and what is your duty according to that task?

Answer: It is the task of you elevated souls to benefit the whole world, because all the souls of the world are the family of you elevated souls and, the bigger the family, the more attention you need to pay to being economical. Therefore, create a savings scheme. Only use whatever time and powers are necessary for yourself by having the aim of economising and of saving. Let there be an accumulated stock with which to serve all souls. Let it not be that you earn just for yourself, eat and then waste the rest. Do not be that careless.

Question: What experience will those who do not pass with honours in every subject have to pass


Answer: If you are lacking in even one subject, you cannot pass with honours and, if you do not pass with honours, you will have to pass through the experience of punishment from Dharamraj. Therefore, you have to pass fully in every subject. So, save every treasure, make a budget, that is, do not waste anything. Achcha.
May you be an easy yogi who hands over the burden of all your weaknesses to the Father and thereby makes progress.   
The children who have the thought of fulfilling the responsibility of completing the Father’s task receive co-operation from the Father accordingly. Simply leave the burden of all waste to the Father. By belonging to the Father and leaving the burden of responsibility to Him, you will have greater success and there will easily be progress. Remain free from the questions of “Why?” and “What?” and let their especially be the stage of the “full stop”, and you will be an easy yogi and continue to experience supersensuous joy.
When you have honesty in your heart and head, you will become worthy of the trust of the Father and the family.