Saturday, May 21, 2016

Murli 22 May 2016

22/05/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 02/10/81

“The basis of constantly swinging in the swings of a meeting.”
Today, BapDada has come to give each of you children everywhere the multimillion-fold response of remembrance, seeing all of you personally in front of Him in the physical or subtle form. Whether you are here with your body or with your mind, you are stable in the thought of having a meeting and being in the remembrance of One. BapDada has already given you all treasures. BapDada has already made each of you a master of all treasures either through the physical form or through the angelic, subtle form. Therefore, since you have all become masters of all treasures, what remains to be done? Does anything still remain to be done? BapDada has simply come to salute you masters. You look as though you have already become masters. So, what else remains to be done?

Calculate how much you have heard and how much the One who is speaking has spoken. You have heard a great deal and you have been told a great deal. Whilst listening to all of these things, each of you has also become one who relates them to others. So, what do those who relate this knowledge to others want to hear? You sing the song of your own experience, “I have attained whatever I wanted. Therefore, what else remains to be done?” Whose song is this? Is this the song of just Father Brahma or is it also the song of you Brahmins? This is your song too, is it not? Therefore, the Father asks you: What else remains to be done? You are merged in the Father and the Father is merged in you. Since we have merged, what else remains to be done? Have you merged or are you still merging? What would you say? Have you merged or are you still merging? The meeting between you rivers and the Ocean has already taken place. To merge means to have a meeting. So you have celebrated a meeting, have you not? The Ocean is not separate from the Ganges (rivers) and the Ganges are not separate from the Ocean. The meeting of the Ocean and the Ganges is eternal. To merge means to become equal. BapDada gives loving congratulations to all of you who have become equal.

This time, BapDada has simply come to see all of you. BapDada has obeyed the instructions of you masters and has come to meet you. He cannot say “No” to all you masters. Therefore, because Baba has made the lesson of “Yes, My Lord”, very firm, Baba has come. You have to do the same. From the beginning, BapDada blessed you with “Tat-twam” (the same applies to you). You have been blessed with “Tat-twam”, in your mind and in your form. You have been blessed with “Tat-twam” in your dharma (religion) and your karma (action, behaviour). Those who have received these blessings experience themselves to be constantly close and equal to Baba. BapDada is pleased to see His children who are close and equal to Him. By simply using one expression in your dharma and karma, from amrit vela to the end of the day, you will constantly swing in the swing of a meeting in which matter and Maya both become your servants to swing you. All treasures will become the decoration of this elevated swing. You will not have to labour to imbibe virtues and powers, but they will automatically decorate your swing of this meeting in which you and the Father become equal and merge. The basis of constantly swinging in such a swing is the one expression “Bap-saman” (equal to the Father).

If you are not equal, you cannot merge. If you do not know how to merge, it means you have been wasting the confluence age. The confluence age is the time when you rivers meet the Ocean and merge into Him. The mela (meeting) means the merging; it means to have a meeting. So, do you know how to merge? What is it that you are doing if you are not celebrating a meeting? You are in a jamela (a fair where there is no order). There is either a jamela or a mela. Some of you children say that you are lonely, but the Father says that you must never become lonely. It is when you are alone that you have His company. The confluence age is the time to remain combined. You cannot separate yourself from the Father, can you? You are His constant companions. However, some small children get stuck in the jamela. There are many jamelas, not just one. There is one mela, but many jamelas. Therefore, remain in this mela (meeting the Father) and all of those jamelas will finish. Now, become those who experience the reward of becoming complete by putting a stop to all of those temporary rewards, and thereby experience the reward of total perfection. Achcha.

To the children who are equal to the Father and who constantly swing in the swing of a meeting with the Father, to those who are embodiments of all attainments and constantly sing the song of, “I have attained whatever I wanted”, to those who constantly say, “Yes my Lord” and are ever present in their every thought, word and deed, to such elevated souls, to all the children from this land and abroad who celebrate a meeting either through the form of their physical or subtle body, to all such children who are masters, the Master salutes you and gives love and remembrances, to all you elevated souls BapDada says namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Karnataka Zone: Do all of you do everything whilst stable in the stage of a detached observer? Those who constantly do everything whilst remaining detached observers constantly experience the Father’s companionship. When you are not a detached observer, the Father cannot be your Companion. Therefore, remain constantly stable in the stage of a detached observer. Remain a detached observer even of your own body. When you are detached from your body and bodily relations you automatically become detached from this old world. Then, whilst seeing everyone and in your relations with everyone, remain constantly detached and loving. This stage enables you to experience being an easy yogi. By constantly remaining a detached observer, you will remain immune to any effect even of being together. Souls are not immune to the effect of action, but the stage of soul consciousness makes you immune, that is, it keeps you beyond any effect or attraction of Maya. To remain detached means to be immune. Therefore, do you remain constantly stable in such a stage? Do not allow yourself to be attacked by any type of Maya. Those who have surrendered themselves to the Father will remain constantly safe from any of Maya’s attacks. Those who are surrendered cannot be attacked by Maya. So, are you like this? Just as you have been given the first chance, in the same way, also remain first in surrendering yourself and in remaining free from any of Maya’s attacks. “First” means to go fast. By having this stage, you will constantly remain first. Stay constantly happy and always experience the fortune of happiness. Achcha.

2. Just as you sing praise of the Father’s virtues, do you also experience all of those virtues in yourself? Just as the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Happiness, do you also experience yourself to be an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of happiness? Do not just speak of every virtue but also experience it. When you souls become constant embodiments of happiness, then, because you will be master suns of knowledge, you will constantly spread rays of happiness throughout the whole world. Just as the rays of the sun spread over the whole world, in the same way, all the souls of the world will experience rays of knowledge, happiness and bliss coming from you children of the Sun of Knowledge. The higher your place and stage, the further and wider your rays will automatically spread. So, are you such embodiments of this experience? You have heard a great deal and you have been told a great deal too. Now, increase your experience. To speak means to make others into embodiments of what you say and to listen means to make yourself an embodiment of what you hear.

3. You are those who constantly play with the treasures of happiness, are you not? Happiness is a treasure with which you can make many souls prosperous. Nowadays, especially, there is a need for this treasure. People have everything but happiness, whereas all of you have received mines of happiness. You have received this limitless treasure. There are varieties of the treasure of happiness. Sometimes, you experience happiness in one thing and, at other times, happiness in something else. Sometimes, you experience the happiness of being a child and sometimes the happiness of being a master. You have received so many varieties of this treasure of happiness. By telling others about all of these varieties of happiness, you can make them prosperous. Constantly remain a master of these treasures and keep them with you.

Constantly continue to use all the powers you have received from the Father. The Father has given you all powers. Now simply use them! Don’t just be happy knowing that you have received them, but use whatever you have received for yourself and for others and you will thereby experience yourself to be constantly prosperous.

4. You are constantly blessed souls, are you not? Who is especially remembered in Bharat at the present time? The souls who have been blessed. To be a devi (deity) means to be blessed. Deities are specially remembered as souls who have received all blessings. So, do you feel that your people are remembering you? Do you experience this? Can you actually hear your devotees invoking you or do you simply know about this on the basis of this knowledge? It is one thing to know about it and another to experience it. Therefore, are you able to experience this? What speciality do you need in order to be a blessed soul? All of you are blessed, so what is the speciality of you souls who are blessed? Such souls would be constantly equal and close to the Father. If you are only equal to the Father sometimes but not at other times, because you are sometimes an effort-maker, then, because the Father does not have to make effort, but is always the embodiment of perfection, you cannot be a soul who is blessed. If you have to make a lot of effort, then you are just a little child and not equal to the Father. To be equal means to be complete. Those who are equal will be constantly blessed.

Questions and Answers selected from Avyakt murlis:

Question: What burden do those who have finished the burden of their past karmic accounts bring upon themselves at the present time?

Answer: If, after being called a Brahma Kumar or Kumari or a world server, you have any sinful thoughts or do anything sinful, you accumulate one hundred-fold burden. Some bring a burden upon themselves under the influence of their sanskars, their nature, the ego of having a knowledge-full intellect, their selfishness for the sake of their name and honour, to attain salvation for the self and out of carelessness and laziness. If, after being called serviceable, you perform any wrong action that creates an atmosphere of disservice and is instrumental in spreading those vibrations, then that disservice cancels what service you have done ten-fold. In that case, you might think that you have done a lot of service, but your account is empty.

Question: What are the signs of those whose accounts are empty?

Answer: Such souls would not experience any power or attainment from their remembrance. They would not have inner contentment. At every moment, one adverse situation, person, element of matter or material comfort or other would become instrumental in creating a stage of upheaval and finishing their happiness and power. Externally, they might consider themselves to be happy and effort-makers, but, internally, they would be in total confusion.

Question: If the account of name and honour is full but the account of treasures and experiences is empty, what are the signs of that?

Answer: 1) Because of being influenced by obstacles, such souls become obstacles in service. 2) Because of their increasing weight (burden), many types of wasteful thinking go on in their minds and many types of illnesses of mental peacelessness develop. 3) The speed of their efforts cannot be fast. They make plans to do this or that but they are not successful. 4) Souls who carry such a weight, who become obstacles or who are instrumental for disservice waste their bodies and minds, which are surrendered to the Father, and waste the wealth they have received for Godly service because of their obstacles; that is, they are not successful. Their burden of creating waste increases. Therefore, understand the deep philosophy of sin very well and do not create waste but lose your weight. Before going to the land of Dharamraj, become your own Dharamraj. Achcha. Om shanti.
May you be an embodiment of power who transforms reasons (excuses) into solutions and constantly moves forward.  
On the path of knowledge, to the extent that you move forward, Maya will accordingly come to test you in various forms, because tests are a means of moving forward and are not to make you fall. However, when instead of thinking of solutions, you think about the reasons, your time and energy are wasted. Think about solutions instead of reasons and remain engrossed in remembrance of the one Father and you will become an embodiment of power and free from obstacles.
A great donor is one who gives the experience of peace with the power of his vision, attitude and awareness.