Saturday, May 7, 2016

Murli 8 May 2016

08/05/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 11/04/81

“World transformation through the power of truth.”
Which gathering is this today? This is a gathering of spiritual lawmakers and bestowers of success. Does each of you consider yourself to be a spiritual lawmaker and a bestower of success? Do you know the specialities of this gathering? What special power do spiritual lawmakers have with which they can make everyone become an embodiment of success in a second? Do you know which power that is? It is truth, that is, reality. Truth is greatness. Importance is given to the truth. Do you understand that truth, that greatness, very clearly? The special method is based on truth. The first foundation is to check the truth as regards the knowledge of the self - the form of the self. What is your true form and what did you believe it to be previously? Therefore, the first truth is the form of the soul. Was there any greatness in you until you knew this truth? Were you those great souls or were you the worshippers of those great souls? Now that you know yourselves, what have you become? You have become great souls. With the authority of truth, you tell others, “I am a soul.” In the same way, by having received the true introduction of the true Father, you tell others with authority that God is your Father. With your power of having a right to your inheritance, you say that the Father belongs to you and that you belong to the Father. Because of this, you give the true introduction of the creation and the world cycle with this authority. You tell others that this world cycle is going to end and that it will then repeat once again. You say that it is now the confluence age, not the iron age. Even if all the scholars and pundits of the world believe, as it says in the scriptures, that it is now the iron age, you five Pandavas, that is, you handful of souls out of multimillions, challenge them and tell them that it is not the iron age, but the confluence age. With which authority do you say this? You are able to say this because of the greatness of truth. You give the message to the world, telling them to come here and understand this knowledge. You awaken the sleeping Kumbhakarnas and tell them that it is now time. You can do this with the power of truth that you have been given by the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru. You experience this to be the truth.

There are two meanings to the word “truth”. One truth is the truth and the other truth means that which is imperishable. Therefore, the Father is the Truth and He is also the Immortal One. This is why the introduction you have been given by the Father is that He is the Truth, that is, He is the true Immortal One. Devotees sing praise of God as being “The Truth, the Benefactor and the Beautiful One”. They believe Him to be the Truth and the Immortal One. People also believe that God is Truth. So you have been given the authority of truth by the Father. You have also been given this inheritance. You have heard the praise of those who have the authority of truth. What is it that indicates who they are? There is a saying in Sindhi, “When there is truth, the soul dances.” There is also another saying, “The boat of truth may rock, but it cannot sink.” Many people also try to shake you. They say that this is just your imagination and that it is false. However, you know that when there is truth, the soul dances in happiness. You constantly swing in the swing of happiness with the intoxication of the greatness of truth. You constantly dance in happiness. The more they try to shake you, what happens? In fact, when they try to shake your swing, you swing even more. They don’t shake you, but just make you swing more. In fact, thank them even more because you are swinging with the Father and they are making you swing. That is not shaking you, but swinging you. Do you experience it to be like this? You are not shaking, but swinging. The power of truth makes the whole of nature satopradhan. It changes this age into the age of truth (satyug). It makes all souls attain the fortune of their salvation. With your power of truth, all souls will incarnate into their own religions, at their own time, according to their own capacities, from liberation into salvation. Even those who come at the end of the confluence age are definitely going to receive the message about how to remember the Father from you lawmakers. Some will receive this message from your words, some from your pictures, some from news, some from the powerful vibrations of all of you, some from the final chaotic scenes of destruction and some from the atmosphere of the attitude of disinterest. All of the facilities of science will help you in the task of giving this message.

At the confluence age, nature will begin her part of being co-operative with you. People everywhere will welcome you prakrutipati (lords of nature) and master prakrutipati. The whole of nature will offer you thanks and offer itself. What will you do then? On the path of devotion, each element of matter is praised as a deity. A deity means a bestower. So, at the end, all of these elements of nature will become bestowers who co-operate with all of you. Even the ocean will help you. They will co-operate by gathering everything together from everywhere and bringing it all to the land of Bharat. This is why it is said that the ocean brought forth platefuls of jewels. In the same way, the earth’s upheaval will help by gathering all the valuable things together for you elevated souls in one place, Bharat. The deity Indra is called the God of Rain. Therefore, even the rain will be present to clear everything away for you. You will not have to clear up all the rubbish. You will receive all this help from the elements. Some will be blown away by the wind and some will be cleared away by the rain. You know about fire anyway. So, at the end, all of these elements will become the deities who co-operate with you elevated souls, and all other souls will experience this. Then, on the path of devotion, because of (the elements) giving co-operation now, they will become deities because of their task of giving co-operation. However, by forgetting about that task, people gave human forms to the elements. The sun is an element, but it is shown in a human form. Therefore, having become spiritual lawmakers, do you now understand what task you have to do?

There are courts of law and this is the gathering of you spiritual lawmakers. In those courts, there are members of the court, whereas here, you are the great souls who have all rights. Therefore, do you understand the greatness of the power of truth? Truth is like an alchemist’s stone. Just as an alchemist’s stone could turn iron into gold, in the same way, your power of truth makes everything - souls, nature, time, all physical things, all relationships, all sanskars, all your food and drink and your interactions with everyone - satopradhan. It completely destroys all name and trace of everything tamoguni. The power of truth makes your name and form truthful, that is, it makes them imperishable. For half the cycle, you are in living forms and for the other half, you are in the forms of your images. For half the cycle, your people will sing your praise and for the other half, your devotees will sing your praise. Your words are praised as versions of truth. Even today, people experience greatness when they are given even half a version of yours. With your power of truth, even your country becomes imperishable. Your dress also becomes imperishable. For half the cycle, you will be living in the deity costume and for the half the cycle, there will be the memorial of the deity costume. Even now, till the end, devotees decorate the idols of you with beautiful dresses. Your task and your activity have become true. They have created a memorial, the Bhagawad, of your activities. Many stories have been written about your activities. All of those have become the truth (imperishable). Due to what? Due to the power of truth. Even your daily timetable has become imperishable. To eat your food and to drink your nectar has become truthful. People take your images, place them in a prominent place, go around them, offer bhog to them, place nectar in front of them and then drink it. Each of those tasks and actions has become a memorial. Do you realise that you have this much power? Do you challenge others and serve them with this much authority? New ones have come, have you not? You do not think that there are only a few of you, do you? Remember that the Almighty Authority is your Companion. You have the power of truth. It isn’t that there are just five of you, but the Creator of the world is your Companion. Speak with the intoxication of this! You don’t wonder as to whether they will accept you or not, or whether you should tell them something or not, do you? Where there is the truth and when you have the true Father with you, there is constant victory. Speak as an embodiment of this experience on the basis of your faith, and success will be constantly with you.

Just as all of you have come here, so BapDada has also come here. You had to come and BapDada also had to come. The Father has to sit in someone else’s body. You have to sit in a train and the Father has to sit in someone’s body. Do you experience any difficulty? Even your children and grandchildren are yet to come! Even the devotees are going to come, so what will you do then? The devotees won’t allow you to sit down. At the moment, you are at least sitting comfortably, but at that time you will have to offer comfort to others. You have at least received three square feet of land. Devotees do tapasya whilst standing. The devotees queue up to see your idols. So, you, too, should experience this. You have come here to eat the fruit of the season. BapDada is giving special love to all the new children because He knows that all of you who have come last will go fast. Because of your constant and deep love, you will become destroyers of obstacles and thereby become victorious jewels. Physically, younger ones are better at running than older ones. Therefore, all of you race ahead and claim the first place! BapDada is constantly co-operative with all those children who have such zeal and enthusiasm. It is your yoga and the Father’s sahyoga (co-operation). You can make as much progress as you want with these two things. You now have this chance. Later, this time too will finish.

To those who constantly maintain their greatness of truth, to the spiritual lawmakers for all souls and to the bestowers of salvation for all souls, to those who make the world satopradhan with the power of truth that you have in yourselves, to such constantly loving and co-operative children of BapDada, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1) Do you constantly experience yourselves to be powerful souls? Every thought of powerful souls would be powerful. Let service be merged in every thought you have. Let remembrance of the Father be merged in every thought you have. Let a character similar to the Father’s be merged in every deed you perform. So, do you experience yourselves to be such powerful souls? When you have the Father’s name on your lips, the Father in your awareness and His behaviour in your deeds, you can then be said to be as powerful as the Father. Are you like this? There is only the one word “Baba” but this one word is a magic word. Just as you change the form of something when you perform magic, so, the one word “Baba” also changes your form and makes it powerful. Your virtues change, your actions change and your words change. This one word is a magic word. So, all of you have become magicians, have you not? You know how to perform magic, do you not? As soon as you say, “Baba”, you make someone belong to Baba! This is magic!

2) Have you created your fortune of receiving blessings from the Bestower of Blessings whilst you have been staying in the land of blessings? The praise of being allowed by the Bestower of Fortune to draw the line of your fortune to whatever extent you want is a blessing of this time. So, have you used this time and place of blessings in a worthwhile way? What blessing have you claimed? Just as the Father is full, similarly, have you had the determined thought to become as full as He is? It is said of children, “A child is equal to a master”. So a child would be the Father’s master. In order to maintain the intoxication of being a master, you have to become full in terms of being equal to the Father. The Father’s speciality is being full of all powers, the Almighty Authority, that is, He has the speciality of having all powers. You children who are masters would also have all powers; you wouldn’t lack a single power. If you lack even one power, you would be called one with (some) powers, not one with all powers. So, who are you? To be someone with all powers means to be able to control all your physical senses and do whatever you want. Because you are masters, as soon as you have a thought that something needs to be done, it happens. So, all of you are self- sovereigns, are you not? You first have sovereignty over yourself and you then have sovereignty over the world.

All of you who live in Delhi are masters of the kingdom of the self, are you not? You need to have this sanskar for a long period of time. If you just become this at the end, when would you receive the kingdom of the world? If you wish to claim the kingdom of the world from the beginning, you also need to have these sanskars from the beginning. To have a kingdom for a long period of time, you have to have these sanskars for a long period of time. Nothing is a big deal for a master almighty authority. What are you residents of Delhi now thinking? Are you thinking that it’s enough that you built the great sacrificial fire? That your stage is now ascending? You now have to go further than you have been so far. As you make further progress, your kingdom will come. At the moment, you have to carry out your work in someone else’s kingdom, but it will be your kingdom at that time. Then, even nature will offer you everything. What will souls do when even nature offers itself to you? Souls will bow their heads in front of you. So, what should you do now? Whatever you have accomplished so far according to drama, you have done very successfully with courage and enthusiasm. BapDada is pleased with the courage you have shown in this. The efforts you have made are already accumulated in your account. You have created something for the present and also for your future.

Because seeds of service are imperishable, some sound has already emerged and other sounds will continue to emerge. You have sown seeds, and many souls have received the message in an incognito way. All your tiredness has now been removed, has it not? Nevertheless, by constantly receiving BapDada’s love and co- operation, you will continue to make progress. Delhi has also received this blessing, of being an instrument to perform elevated actions, because after all, it is the birthplace of service. At least its name is mentioned in the history of service. Many of you have received facilities for service. Those who live in the land of service have already been blessed. You have worked very hard. Achcha.
May you be a most elevated being, who follows the highest code of conduct and who stays within the line of the code of conduct by having the awareness of your divine and alokik birth.   
Just as every clan has a line of the code of conduct, similarly, there is a line of the code of conduct for the Brahmin clan. Brahmins are those who are divine and have an alokik birth; they are elevated beings who follow the highest code of conduct. They cannot cross any line of the code of conduct due to any attraction, even in their thoughts. Those who cross the line of the code of conduct even in their thoughts cannot experience the Father’s support. Instead of being children, they become devotees who beg. “Brahmins” means to be those who have stopped calling out and begging. They do not depend on matter or Maya. They are always the crown on the Father’s head.
Become a messenger of peace and with your tapasya spread rays of peace into the world.