Thursday, June 30, 2016

Murli 30 June 2016

30/06/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, in order to claim a sun-dynasty royal status, surrender everything you have to the Father. A sun-dynasty royal status means an air-conditioned ticket.   
Why is no one in the world more fortunate than you children?
The unlimited Father is personally in front of you children. You are to receive an unlimited inheritance from Him. At this time, you belong to the unlimited Father, Teacher and Satguru and you receive unlimited attainment from Him. People of the world don’t even know Him; so how could they be as fortunate as you?
The one You are close to is very fortunate.
Om Shanti
You children, who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, know that you now belong to the Brahmin community and that you will become part of the deity community. The Father sits here and explains to you children. Since the unlimited Father is in front of you and you are receiving an unlimited inheritance from Him, what more do you want? No one knows when the path of devotion began. Devotees of the path of devotion remember God, that is, the brides remember the Bridegroom, but the wonder is that they don’t know Him! Have you ever seen a bride who doesn’t know her bridegroom? How can she remember him if she doesn’t know him? God is the Father of all. Children remember the Father, but it is a waste of time to remember Him without that recognition. This is why they receive no benefit by remembering Him. Even though they remember Him, none of them attains their aim or objective. They don’t know anything about who God is or what they receive from Him. Christ, Buddha and other founders of religions are preceptors of all the many religions and their followers remember them. However, those followers don’t know what they would receive by remembering them. A physical study would be better than that. At least their aim and objectives are in their intellects. What do you receive from the Father? What do you receive from the Teacher? What do you receive from the Guru? No one else can understand this. Here, you first belong to the Father, then the Teacher and then the Satguru. The Guru is higher than the Father and Teacher. You children now have the faith that you belong to the Father. Baba has come exactly as He did 5000 years ago and is making us into the masters of the world, that is, He is making us into the masters of the land of peace. The Father says: Beloved children, you will claim your inheritance from Me, will you not? Everyone says: Yes, Baba! Why would we not claim it? Achcha, are you happy to claim a moon-dynasty royal status like Rama? What do you want? The Father has brought a gift with Him. Will you marry sun-dynasty Lakshmi or moon-dynasty Sita? At least look at your face! Are you worthy of marrying Shri Narayan or Shri Lakshmi? How can you marry them without becoming worthy? The Father now sits here and explains exactly as He did in the previous cycle. He is once again explaining to us. You have come once again to claim your inheritance. Your aim and objective is to claim an unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. That is the sun-dynasty royal status. The moon dynasty is the second grade. There are different classes: air-conditioned, first-class and second-class. Therefore, consider the whole kingdom of the golden age to be air-conditioned. There is no class higher than air-conditioned. Then, there is first-class. The Father says: Now, will you claim a sun-dynasty air-conditioned kingdom or a first-class moon dynasty? Lower than that is to become numberwise heirs in the second-class. You would then come and rule a kingdom at a later stage. Otherwise, there are also tickets reserved for subjects in the third-class. There are different classes, numberwise: first-class reserve, second-class reserve. There is happiness there anyway. There are different compartments. A wealthy person would buy an air- conditioned ticket. Who among you becomes wealthy? Those who give everything to the Father. “Baba, all of this is Yours.” Only in Bharat is the praise “The Businessman, the Jewel Merchant, the Magician” sung. All of this is the praise of the Father, not Krishna. Krishna claimed his inheritance and received his reward in the golden age. He too belonged to the Father. He would have received that reward from somewhere. Lakshmi and Narayan experience their reward in the golden age. You children now understand very clearly that they must definitely have created their reward in the past. The reward of Nehru was so good! He must definitely have performed good actions. He was the emperor of Bharat, even without a crown. There is a lot of praise of Bharat. There can be no other land as elevated as Bharat was. Bharat is the birthplace of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This secret doesn’t sit in anyone’s intellect. Only the Supreme Soul gives everyone peace and happiness for half the cycle. Bharat is the number-one pilgrimage place. However, according to the drama, look what the condition of the world has become because of the one Father being forgotten! This is why Shiv Baba has come once again. Someone has to become the instrument for this. The Father says: Now become bodiless! Have the faith that you are souls. None of them knows whose children, they, the souls, are. It is a wonder! They say: O God, the Father, have mercy! People celebrate the birthday of Shiva, but they don’t know when He came. This is a matter of 5000 years. Only the Father comes and establishes the new world of the golden age. The duration of the golden age is not hundreds of thousands of years. There is extreme darkness. So many go to listen to the message of the Gita, but neither do those who teach it understand anything nor do those who study it understand anything. The Father explains everything so easily! Simply remember the Father! While living at home, stay as pure as a lotus. All the ornaments have been given to Vishnu. He has been given the conch shell and also the flower. In fact, they cannot be given to deities. These are such profound and serious matters! They are the ornaments of Brahmins, but how could they be given to Brahmins? Today, they are Brahmins and tomorrow they become shudras. A Brahma Kumar becomes a shudra kumar! Maya doesn’t take long. If you make a mistake and do not follow the Father’s shrimat, if your intellect becomes spoilt, Maya will then slap you very hard and turn your face away. People say in anger: I will slap you so hard that your face turns around! Maya is also like that. When you forget the Father, Maya slaps you in a second and turns your face away. You receive liberation-in-life in a second. Maya finishes that liberation-in-life in a second. Maya catches hold of so many good children! When she sees that someone is making a mistake, she instantly slaps him. The Father comes and turns your face away from the old world. When a poor father who has been living in an old hut is building a new house, it remains in the intellects of his children that the new house will soon be ready and that they will go and live there, that they will demolish that old home. The Father has now brought Vaikunth, Paradise, on the palm of His hand for you children. He says: Beloved children! He speaks to souls. He sees you children through these eyes. The Father explains: I too am bound by the drama. It isn’t that I can do anything without the drama; no. It isn’t that when a child falls ill, I can cure him or free him from having an operation. No, everyone has to face the consequences of his karma. You have a great burden on you because you are the oldest. From being satopradhan you have become completely tamopradhan. You children have now found the Father and so you have to claim your inheritance from Him. You know that, according to the drama, you claim your inheritance from the Father every cycle. Those who belong to the sun and moon dynasties will definitely come. Those who were deities became shudras and they will become Brahmins and then become part of the deity community. No one except the Father can explain these things. The Father finds you children so sweet! He says: You are My same children of the previous cycle. I come and teach you every cycle. These are such wonderful matters! Incorporeal God speaks. He would speak through a body, would He not? When a soul becomes separated from his body, he cannot speak; the soul becomes detached. The Father now says: May you become bodiless! It isn’t that you have to hold your breath etc. No; you have to understand yourself to be an imperishable soul. The part of 84 births is recorded in myself, the soul. The Father Himself says: Every act that I, the soul perform is recorded in Me. My part continues there, on the path of devotion. Then, on the path of knowledge, I come here and give you knowledge. Those on the path of devotion don’t have any knowledge at all! How can someone who has never drunk alcohol know its taste? Only when they take knowledge can they know it. There is salvation through knowledge. Therefore, it must definitely be the Ocean of Knowledge who gives salvation. The Father says: I am the Bestower of Salvation for All. There is also the Sarvodaya Leader (one who has mercy for all). There are so many types. In fact, only the one Father can have mercy for all. They say to the Father: O God, have mercy! So He is the One who has mercy for all. Everyone else can only have limited mercy. The Father makes the whole world satopradhan. Even the elements become satopradhan. This is the task of the Supreme Soul. The meaning of “Sarvodaya” is so vast. He has complete mercy for everyone. No one is unhappy in the establishment of heaven. There, there is number one furniture and physical possessions etc. There are no animals or insects that would cause sorrow there. There, in the homes of eminent people, there is so much cleanliness. You would never see a fly anywhere. No mosquitoes could come there. None of them have the strength to come to heaven. There is nothing there that causes dirt. There is natural fragrance of flowers etc. Baba gives you juice (subiras) to drink in the subtle region. However, there is nothing in the subtle region. All of those are just visions. There are very good flowers and gardens in Paradise. There isn’t a garden in the subtle region. All of those things are just visions. You have visions while sitting here. The song is very first-class. You know that you have found the Father, so what more do you want? You claim an unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. Therefore, you should remember the Father. The directions of the Father are very well known. We will become the most elevated by following shrimat. All the rest are everyone’s devilish dictates. This is why they don’t know that there was constant happiness in the golden age. There used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. They are Radhe and Krishna in their childhood. People don’t portray any of their divine activities. In heaven, all the children are first-class; there is no question of mischief etc. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Since you have turned your face away from this old world, you mustn’t make any mistake that would allow Maya to turn your face towards her. Don’t disobey shrimat! Claim your full inheritance from the Father.
2. Surrender everything you have to the Father. Become a real heir and claim a golden-aged air- conditioned ticket. Make effort while keeping your aim and objective in your intellect.
May you remain beyond the influence of devilish company on the basis of following elevated directions and become an embodiment of power.   
Some children have a complaint that their relatives do not listen to them, that they do not have good company and that they are not able to become powerful because of this. However, on the basis of following elevated directions, you can be blessed as an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of power and make your stage unshakeable. See each one’s part as a detached observer and remain stable in your satoguni part. When you constantly stay in the Father’s company, you will not be affected by the colour of the company of tamoguni souls.
A karma yogi is one who sits on a branch of the kalpa tree of karma and remains beyond while performing actions.