Saturday, June 18, 2016

Murli 19 June 2016

19/06/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 09/10/81

“Introverted souls are able to remain constantly yogyukt and free from bondage.”
Today, at amrit vela, BapDada was especially looking at His special children, those who are constantly co- operative, constant embodiments of power and constantly liberated and yogyukt. BapDada saw two specialities in each of you children. Firstly, Baba looked at you to see how free you have become. Secondly, Baba looked to see to what extent you have become liberated-in-life. To be liberated-in-life means to be yogyukt. Each line of thought in the minds of you children is very clearly visible to BapDada at every second. On seeing these lines, BapDada smiled and saw a special image of you children in which two types of qualification were visible.

One was “constant introversion” through which you are able to remain constantly merged in the Ocean of Happiness and are also constantly able to make others experience happiness with your thoughts and vibrations of happiness and with your attitude, words, relationships and connections.

Second was "extroversion". When you are extroverted, you constantly lead others into wastefulness with your gross feelings, the feelings and motives of others as well as with your vibrations, thoughts, words and connections. It means you constantly eat sweets that only bring you temporary things and you feed others the same things. Such children are always caught up in thoughts of one type or another. Real inner peace, happiness and power are constantly out of reach for you. Only sometimes do you experience a glimpse of that. Baba saw such extroverted children.

Deepawali is coming soon. Businessmen check their account books at this time; they examine their old accounts and their new accounts. What does the Father examine? The Father examines your accounts to see to what extent you have finished your old accounts and how much you have accumulated in your new account. Today, therefore, Baba was looking at these two different aspects. This is because only yesterday you were told what Father Brahma is waiting for. (For the inauguration.) What preparations are you making for the inauguration? What do you do when you invite someone to inaugurate something for you? What things do you use for that? Whether you have tied a ribbon or a garland of flowers, you cut it with a pair of scissors to inaugurate it. Where do you keep the scissors? You place the scissors on a plate full of flowers. What does this prove? In order to become free from bondage, you have to fill yourself with the flowers of divine virtues. You then automatically become free from bondage. Therefore, what does the preparation for the inauguration entail? On the one hand, you have to make yourself complete, but before you can become complete, you have to make yourself free from all bonds of extroversion. Have you prepared yourself to this extent? The sweetness external extroversion attracts you a great deal and this is why you have to use scissors. This sweetness becomes a subtle bondage that keeps you away from your destination of success. There may be praise, but there cannot be revelation or success. This is why you must now make preparations for the inauguration. Those who are preparing for the inauguration would be constantly busy in BapDada’s garden, smelling the fragrance of the flowers and the fragrance of the specialities of the flowers. The plate of their lives would hold nothing but flowers. Are you ready to this extent? Who will claim the first number in this? Will it be those from Madhuban or those from Delhi? You will receive a great status. What greater fortune could there be than to be inaugurating something with BapDada? Only souls who are equal to the Father will be able to carry out this inauguration with the Father. You don’t think that to inaugurate something means to be a resident of the soul world or the subtle region for all time, do you? Will everyone reside in the incorporeal world with Father Brahma or only a few? What do you think? Will all of you leave your service places and go back with Baba? Will you go with Baba or will you stay behind? (We will go with Baba.) Achcha, Father Brahma has gone to the subtle region, so why are you still sitting here? So, what will you now do? (Speaking to Dadi) (We will go with him.) Achcha, will Dadi and Didi both go together? What will happen? This is a unique secret. So, the main thing is: Are you ready for the inauguration? Are those from Delhi ready? What do the instrument servers think? You don’t still have some desires, do you? (We are enjoying the confluence age.) Will you still continue to stay here after BapDada has gone? How much longer do you want to stay here? Those who go with Baba will say “Ta ta” (bye-bye) to Dharamraj; they will go nowhere near Dharamraj. Achcha. The Father wants to see that your account books are clear. No account of extroversion, not even the tiniest of old accounts, should remain in the form of thoughts or sanskars. Remain constantly yogyukt and free from all bondages. Baba is giving you a special signal this year to make you finish this atmosphere of extroversion. Do service, plenty of service, but do it by being introverted instead of extroverted. That will happen when you are introverted. While doing service, you become extroverted a great deal. So, you become known for doing good service and a lot of service. However, Baba sees very little success in terms of revelation, with everyone saying, “Their Father is very good. He is the Highest on High”. You were told the result of your being extroverted. They may praise you, but they won’t be fully satisfied. To belong to the Father means to become fully satisfied.

To those who are constantly introverted and constantly fully satisfied and who make other souls fully satisfied at all times, to those who are constantly full of all virtues and equal to the Father, to those who are constantly merged in the Ocean of Happiness, to those who remain constantly absorbed in the love of belonging to the one Father and none other, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Meeting those from Delhi Zone:

BapDada loves all the children very much because, according to the drama, BapDada has especially selected all of you on the basis of your specialities and put you into the bouquet of this Brahmin family. You are a bouquet of living flowers. Each flower has its own speciality, form and colour. Some flowers will have more fragrance than others. The beauty and colour of some flowers will make the bouquet more beautiful. Both of these are necessary. If you were to make two bouquets - one of just roses and the other of roses with a variety of other flowers - which one would be more beautiful? You also need variety. However, the roses would be placed in the centre and the various other flowers would be used as a decoration around the roses. So, ask yourself who you are. Each one of you knows yourself. You know your position in BapDada’s unlimited bouquet, because you are all part of the bouquet. This is certain. This is why you have come here to Madhuban.

What are the Pandavas of Pandav Bhavan in Delhi doing? This question is asked in reference to the memorial of the Pandavas. What are the Pandavas doing? Pandav Bhavan is next to Madhuban. So, what service plans are the residents of Pandav Bhavan making? Do such service that everyone’s vision is drawn to Pandav Bhavan. This is something new. Have you made such plans? Out of all the places in the whole world, Pandav Bhavan is a special Bhavan. You have a special VIP place and, because you have a VIP place, you also have to do VIP service. Delhi is the place of VIPs. It is a VIP place and so all of you who are doing service there are very good mahavirs and VIPs. So, what will you do now? Set your daily timetable. Look at Madhuban! They have a lot of work to do and they have all round success in everything because they set this daily timetable. The work is increasing but everything is achieved successfully because the timetable is set. They just pay attention to this. Therefore, from morning till night, fix your daily programme in your diary, because you are responsible souls, not ordinary souls. You are world- benefactor souls. The more important someone is, the more his daily activities would be set beforehand. Accuracy is a sign of someone important. The way to become accurate is to set your daily timetable. One person can then do the work of ten. When you have set everything, you save time and energy. Because of this, instead of only doing one task, you are able to accomplish ten. Achcha, you are constantly contented souls, are you not? To be constantly with the Father means to be constantly content. You and the Father are constantly combined, and so this combined power is so great. Instead of only being able to do one thing, you can do a thousand things, because the Father with a thousand arms is with you.

2. All of you are easy yogis, are you not? To belong to the Father means to become an easy yogi, because to be a child means to be fortunate. Who else does the Father have except you children? Even when you have a mother, the father is the basis for your attainment. In terms of love, you remember your mother, but in terms of attainment you remember your father. Let it not be that you have to make effort to have yoga or that you see anyone but the one Father, even against your conscious wish. Therefore, to belong to this Father means to become an easy yogi. Achcha. Om shanti.

3. The main signs of children who are easy effort-makers and easy yogis.

1) To be an easy effort-maker means to be able to overcome problems as big as the Himalayas in a second with your flying stage and easily attain all attainments.

2) Those who are experienced in attaining a reward of the present time and in the future will see their reward in front of them as clearly as if they are seeing something physical with their physical eyes.

3) Easy effort-makers will experience earning an income of even more than multimillions at every step. They will never lack any power, any treasures of virtues, points of knowledge, happiness or intoxication.

4) An easy effort-maker will never fall while moving along the path, that is, he will never consider the path to be crooked and uneven and allow himself to sprain his ankle. He will become a guide and easily cross the path and enable others to do the same.

5) Such souls will not just stay in love but will remain absorbed in love. To be absorbed means to be merged in love. To merge means to become equal. Such souls will easily remain distant from the vibrations and atmosphere all around.

6) Easy effort-makers can never be careless. At every moment, they will experience the Father’s company. Only such effort-makers can experience an easy yogi life. Easy effort means no carelessness.

Question: What contract have you souls, who are incarnations of power, entered into?

Answer: To straighten a crooked path means to change the iron age into the golden age. This is your contract. You cannot say: What can I do if the path is crooked? To fall down or sprain your ankle while walking along the path indicates a lack of attention.

Question: Which words cannot be part of the Brahmin language?

Answer: “This is happening against my conscious wish”. These are not the words of souls who are master almighty authorities. If you desire one thing and your actions are something else, you cannot be called a Shiv shakti. A Shiv shakti means one who has a right, not one who is dependent. Words of dependency are not words of Brahmins.

Question: How does deep love for remembering the Father work like a fire?

Answer: When you put something into a fire, its name, form and quality all change. In the same way, when you put yourself into the fire of deep remembrance of love for the Father, you too become transformed. You change from humans into Brahmins and then from Brahmins into angels, and then deities. So, how were you transformed? With the fire of love. You no longer have anything that belongs to you. You human beings are no longer human beings but you become angels. It is the same as when you put clay into a brick mould and then bake it in a furnace to make it into a brick. This is the way you are transformed too. This is why this loving remembrance is said to be volcanic. A volcano is very well known. Therefore, you deities who are volcanic are also very well known. Achcha.
May you be soul conscious and experience the stage of being viceless, that is, the angelic form.  
Children who become soul conscious easily become viceless. With the stage of soul consciousness, you experience the stage of being viceless even in your mind. Those who are viceless in this way, who are not attracted by any type of impurity or attractions of the five elements, are said to be angels. For this, while being in the physical form, remain stable in the incorporeal, soul-conscious stage.
In order to experience supersensuous joy in life, have love for solitude especially at amrit vela.