Saturday, June 11, 2016

Murli 12 June 2016

12/06/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 08/10/81

“A pure desire of Father Brahma.”
Today, BapDada is seeing His victorious jewels. Today, the devotees are celebrating Vijya Dashmi (Dashera – the burning of Ravan on the 10th night after the festival of invoking the goddesses). Whilst the devotees are burning that (the effigy of Ravan), you children are celebrating a meeting. It is after you have burnt everything that you celebrate this meeting. What meeting do they celebrate on the path of devotion, after burning Ravan and gaining victory? You know the things of the path of devotion very well. What is the stage after the killing of Ravan? What is the indication of that? The meeting with Bharat (the brother of Rama who was to receive the kingdom). This is the stage of brotherhood. Service and love indicate your vision of brotherhood. Deepmala is the indication of love. The vision of brotherhood is the basis of success in service. You cannot celebrate Deepmala without this. You cannot attain the tilak of sovereignty without the vision of brotherhood, Deepmala. So, did you celebrate Vijaya Dashmi, the memorial of today? The basis of this celebration is the celebration of the eighth night. There cannot be victory without the celebration of Ashthmi (the eighth night). So, how far have you got? Have you celebrated the eighth night? Have all of you become “Nav Durga” (nine goddesses)? This means the eight powers and the ninth One is the Almighty. Are you an embodiment of all eight powers and do you have the company of the Almighty Authority Father as your ninth power? Have you become that “Nav Durga”? It is only when you become Durga, that is, only when you destroy all your defects and become full of all virtues that you are able to celebrate Dashera. So, BapDada has come to see whether you children have celebrated Dashera. Each of you knows yourself very well as to whether you have celebrated Dashera or if you have celebrated Ashthmi? Did you ignite the imperishable matchstick or did you only ignite that temporary matchstick? Did you only burn Ravan or did you also burn all his offspring? Did you only kill Ravan or did you completely destroy Ravan’s whole kingdom?

Today, Father Brahma and Shiv Baba had a conversation in the subtle region. At what time? (At the time of class.) BapDada also listens to you children’s heart-to-heart conversations. When you children were asked whether you have celebrated Dashera or not, the majority of you neither raised your hands to say “Yes” nor raised your hands to say “No”. Even when you write to Baba, you are very clever at giving a reply. You don’t tell a lie, but the reply you give isn’t clear. All of you know the standard three or four replies. The reply you gave Baba was one of those. So, Father Brahma and Baba had a heart-to-heart conversation. Father Brahma is invoking you children in order to open the gates to our home. Even though the replies all you children gave to today’s questions were not on paper, they were clearly revealed to Baba in your minds. Today, during class, this child (Dadiji) asked everyone this question and BapDada observed everyone’s reply. Baba has already told you the essence of the replies you gave. There is no need to tell you that once more because you know it better yourselves. What did Brahma Baba do, as soon as he saw your reply? What he did was very good. You know Brahma Baba’s special sanskar. He always played his part with this special sanskar. What did he do? This speciality started at the time when Shiv Baba entered him. When he saw your reply, he went into deep thought for a second and then said: Today, You have to fulfil a desire that I have. What is that? Father Brahma said: “Give me the key today.” Which key? The key to transform everyone’s intellect and make them complete. In the beginning, he had the intoxication of having found the key to all treasures and that it was simply a matter of using the key to open that treasure- store. In this way, Father Brahma asked Shiv Baba today for the key to make everyone complete. Those who experienced seeing Brahma Baba in the physical form can imagine the scene when this conversation took place. Can Shiv Baba give the key to Brahma? Can the Father say “no” to Brahma? You children are still not saying “Yes” or “No”.

However, it is certain that Father Brahma definitely has a very deep desire to see all of you children complete; not that you become that in the future, but that you become complete now. Whenever the two speak about you children, Brahma Baba’s face becomes like a Deepmala (a rosary of lights). There are such great waves of enthusiasm in the master ocean to make you all complete and ignite the Deepmala. You would have experienced how, from the beginning of his sakar life, Father Brahma didn’t like to hear certain words. Which words were they? He didn’t like to use those words about his work, nor hear them about the work of the children. Baba didn’t like the words “I will do it sometime.” (kab) In every situation, he would do everything now (ab) and inspire everyone to do the same. Look, in plans for service and in one’s own transformation, he always said “Go right now! Do it right now! Even if there is only a short time left for you to catch the train, you must still go, because the train will leave late from here. So, what were Baba’s sanskars? “Right now!” Not sometime, but “now”! You heard the special language of “right now!”. Similarly, they used the same language in the subtle region today. They said that the children must become this right now! Baba will tell you another very amusing thing. What would that be? Because Father Brahma himself is complete and perfect, he can’t bear to see you children say: We will become this sometime (kab, kab). He is absolutely amazed and so keeps asking the Father why the children are not able to transform - why do they behave like that, why do they still say “sometimes?” The question of the drama is a different matter, but this is something entertaining and amusing. It isn’t that he is not aware of the drama, but it is because of his love for you that he jokes with the Father while watching the drama. He is allowed to joke with the Father, is he not? Shiv Baba also smiled. So, you know what Father Brahma now wants. You must now free yourselves and become the Father’s companions in order to open the gates to the land of liberation. This is Brahma Baba’s pure desire for his children. Now celebrate Diwali by first igniting the lamp of the Father’s pure desire for you. From this one lamp, the whole Deepmala (rosary of lamps) will be ignited. Do you understand? Achcha, Baba will tell you the meaning of “the meeting with Bharat” at some other time. Achcha.

To those who put BapDada’s elevated thoughts into practice, to those who ignite the lamp with the imperishable matchstick of determination and become victorious for all time, to those who use the language of “now” in their actions like sakar Baba did, to those who stop thinking about doing it “sometime” but reveal sakar Baba’s image in their faces, to such victorious jewels, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Meeting the kumaris:

Kumaris are flying birds, because to be a kumari means to be someone who is always light. To be a kumari means to have no burden at all. Anything that is light floats upwards. To be constantly high above means to have a constantly elevated stage. Are you like this? Where have you reached? Those who constantly stay within the line drawn by Baba’s shrimat remain constantly flying up above. So, who are those who stay within the line that has been drawn for them? They are true Sitas. Are all of you true Sitas? Are you sure? When you step outside that line, Ravan will come. Ravan is always waiting for any of you to step outside that line so that he can immediately take you away. Therefore, a kumari means someone who is a true Sita. Do not change as soon as you leave here. Whilst you are in Madhuban you are influenced by the blessing of the atmosphere of Madhuban. Whilst you are here, you receive an extra lift, whereas outside, you have to make effort to make progress. BapDada is a thousand-fold more pleased to see the kumaris. Because you have been saved from slaughter, He would feel happy, would He not? Achcha, now make a firm promise before you leave here.

Speaking to the Pandavas:

Are all of you Pandavas embodiments of shakti? Are the Shaktis and Pandavas combined? When you come in front of the Almighty Authority, you are the Shaktis and when you are playing your parts, you are Pandavas. If, whilst in remembrance of the Almighty Authority, you don’t remember that you yourself are a Shakti, you won’t enjoy it. Each soul is Sita and the Supreme Soul is Rama. So, have a great pleasure playing this part. The most wonderful part of the confluence age is when Pandavas become Shaktis and Shaktis become brothers. When you do this, it proves that you have forgotten all consciousness of the body. There are sanskars of both male and female in each soul. You have sometimes played a male part and at other times a female part. At the confluence age, you are given the pleasure of being a lover who remembers your Beloved. You remember the Almighty Authority whilst considering yourself to be a Shakti. Become Sita and remember Rama.

Speaking to the mothers:

Do you Shaktis of the Shakti Army always keep your weapons with you? The ornaments shown with the Shaktis are their weapons. Those who always keep their weapons with them are great donors and bestowers of blessings. Do you always keep all your weapons with you? Not just sometimes, but always? It was the tapasya of the Shaktis that brought the Almighty Authority here. You Shaktis now have to reveal the Almighty Authority. Continue to give blessings at every step. You have to bless everyone with your good wishes.

You children of the Ocean of Happiness are constant embodiments of happiness, are you not? You constantly swing in the happiness of celebrating this meeting, do you not? Whilst eating, drinking, walking and moving around, you remain completely free from sorrow, do you not? You don’t have any waves of sorrow even in your thoughts. Each of you is a constant embodiment of happiness. Because you have been in the world of sorrow for half a cycle and it is now the time to experience happiness, you have divorced yourself from sorrow. Since you have found the Ocean of Happiness, why should you have any sorrow? You have received from the Father the blessing of remaining constantly happy for all time. Achcha.

Questions and answers from avyakt murlis:

Question: When all the physical facilities are finished, what do you need to pay attention to now in order to do service at that time?

Answer: You need to pay attention to make your thoughts powerful so that you can make an impact on those who are far away. Let there be so much power in your thoughts that you create a thought here and the fruit of it is experienced there. Just as the Father gives the fruit of devotion, similarly, you elevated souls have to give the family the fruit of co-operation and have different experiences of that fruit. Now, begin this service.

Question: What imperishable treasures have you received from BapDada? What are the attainments you have received from those treasures?

Answer: 1) The first, biggest treasure is the wealth of knowledge, with which you become free from the old body and world, attain the stage of liberation in life and go to the land of liberation. 2) With the treasure of yoga, you receive all powers. 3) With the treasure of dharna you receive all virtues. 4) With the treasure of service you receive the treasures of blessings and happiness. 5) The time of the confluence age is the greatest, invaluable treasure when you accumulate all treasures.

Question: Why is the time of the confluence age invaluable?

Answer: It is only at the confluence age that the sweet meeting of God, the Father, and the Godly children takes place: this meeting does not take place in any other age. 2) It is only at the confluence age that you receive all treasures from BapDada. In no other age do you accumulate any treasures nor do you have a bank to save in. 3) At the confluence age you can accumulate treasures for many births in just the one birth.

Question: It is only the One who is giving the treasures. He gives everyone the same treasures at the same time, but the treasures are imbibed numberwise. Why?

Answer: Because each one’s individual effort is required to imbibe them. Firstly, you create your reward through your own efforts. Secondly, you have to remain constantly content and make everyone else content. With the speciality of contentment you can accumulate the treasures. Thirdly, by doing service you can attain the treasure of happiness.

Question: What do you need to pay attention to, while coming into connection and relationship with others, so that you can very easily accumulate in your accounts of charity and blessings in service?

Answer: Let there always be the consciousness of being an instrument. Have humility and be altruistic. Always have good wishes and pure feelings for every soul. Then, while coming into connection and relationship with others in service, you can very easily accumulate the treasures of charity and blessings.
May you be one who has unlimited disinterest and who experiences the whole world in the one Father.  
Only those who consider the Father to be their world can have unlimited disinterest. Those who have the Father as their world will only stay in their own world and not go into the world of others, and so they automatically step away from everything else. All people and material comforts are included in the world. The Father’s wealth is your wealth; by maintaining this awareness, you will become one who has unlimited disinterest. While looking at others, you will not see them - they will not even be visible.
In order to experience a powerful stage, keep a balance of solitude and being entertaining.