Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Murli 24 June 2015

Do not have any desires in this world of sorrow and, in order to go to the world of happiness, make your sanskars like those of the deities.


May you be an all-round server who receives the prasad (holy offering made to God) of all attainments by doing service of the yagya.  

To receive a chance to do all-round service at the confluence age is a lift within the drama. Those who serve the yagya by doing all-round service of the yagya automatically receive the prasad of all attainments; they remain free from obstacles. You do service once and receive the fruit of that service one thousand-fold. Let the subtle and physical ‘langar’ (provision of food 24 hours continuously in a Sikh temple) constantly continue. To make anyone content is very great service. To offer hospitality is very great fortune.


When you remain stable in your self-respect all types of ego automatically finish.  

 Om shanti