Thursday, March 3, 2016

Murli 03 March 2016

03/03/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you have to become as pure as a lotus flower while living at home with your family. Follow the directions of the one Father. Don’t do any disservice.   
Which children does Maya punch very hard? What is the highest destination?
Maya gives very hard punches to the children who stay in body consciousness; they become trapped in name and form. As soon as body consciousness comes, they are slapped. The status is destroyed through this. It is a very high destination to break body consciousness. Baba says: children, become soul conscious! Just as the Father is your obedient Servant and therefore egoless, so you have to become just as egoless. There shouldn’t be the slightest ego.
Neither will He be separated from us nor will there be sorrow in our hearts.   
Om Shanti
You children heard the song. Children say: When we were in the incorporeal world we belonged to Baba and Baba belonged to us. You children have received very clear knowledge. You know that you have been around the cycle. We now belong to Him once again. He has come to teach us Raja Yoga and to make us into the masters of heaven. He has come once again exactly as He did in the previous cycle. The Father says: Oh children! So, don’t just become His children and sit here in Madhuban. Whilst living at home with your families, remain as pure as a lotus. A lotus flower stays in water and yet remains above the water; it is not touched by the water. The Father says: You have to live at home, but just remain pure. This is the last of your many births. I have come to purify all human beings. The Purifier and the Bestower of Salvation for All is only One. No one, apart from Him, can purify everyone. You know that you have been coming down the ladder for half the cycle. You definitely have to complete your 84 births. It is when you have completed the cycle of 84 births and have reached the state of total decay that I then have to come. No one else can make you pure from impure before then. No one knows the Father or His creation. According to the drama, everyone has to become impure and tamopradhan in the iron age. The Father comes and purifies everyone and takes them to the land of peace. You then claim your inheritance of the land of happiness from the Father. There is no sorrow in the golden age. Having died alive, you now belong to the Father. The Father says: You have to live at home with your families. Baba never tells any of you to leave your home and family. No; while living at home with your family, you simply have to become pure in this last birth. Did Baba ever say that you had to leave your home and family? No; you left your homes by yourselves for the sake of doing God’s service. Some children are doing God’s service while living at home. They have not been made to leave their homes. Baba doesn’t tell any of you to leave your home. You have come here by yourselves for service. Baba has not made any of you leave your home. Your physical father tells you to get married. Because you know that it is now the end of the land of death you don’t do that. To get married means to ruin yourself, and so how would you be able to become pure? Instead, why should you not engage yourself in making Bharat into heaven? Children want the kingdom of Rama. They call out: O Purifier, Rama of Sita, Rama, come and make Bharat into heaven! They say this but they don’t understand anything. Sannyasis say that the happiness of this time is like the droppings of a crow. It really is like that; there is no happiness here. They say this, but it doesn’t enter their intellects that the Father would not create a world to make them unhappy. The Father says: Have you forgotten that there is no name or trace of sorrow in the golden age? Where would Kans etc. come from? You now have to follow the directions that the unlimited Father gives you. By following your own directions, you ruin yourself. Some are amazed when they hear this knowledge. They relate it, and then run away and become traitors: they go and do so much disservice! What would become of them? Instead of making their lives as valuable as a diamond, they become like a shell. At the end you will have visions of everything you did. Because of such behaviour you will claim such-and-such a status! You mustn’t commit any sin here because you are becoming pure and charitable souls. There would be one hundredfold punishment for any sin you commit. Although you might go to heaven, you would receive a very low status. You come here to study Raja Yoga and you then become subjects! There is a lot of difference in the status you attain. It is explained that anyone who gives something to the yagya and then takes it back will take birth as a cremator. The behaviour of some children is such that their status is reduced. Baba explains: Don’t perform such actions that they would make you claim a low status among the subjects instead of that of a king or queen. What would someone who surrenders to the yagya and then runs away become? The Father has also explained: Children, don’t perform any sinful action! Otherwise, one hundredfold punishment will be received. So, why should you cause yourself a loss? Those who live at home and do a lot of service claim a much higher status than those who live here. There are many poor children who send eight annas or a rupee. The poor claim a higher status than those who give thousands here; the poor ones claim a higher status because they don’t perform sinful actions. When a sin is committed, one hundredfold punishment is accumulated. You have to become a pure charitable soul and give everyone happiness. If you cause sorrow, there is then the Tribunal. Visions are given of what you did and what the punishment for that will be; even the status is destroyed. Some children listen to this and yet they continue to behave wrongly. The Father says: Always live like milk and sugar. If you live like salt water, you cause a lot of disservice. If you become trapped in anyone’s name or form, that too is a big sin. Maya is like a mouse. She blows and then bites you in such a way that, even when it bleeds, you don’t realise it. Maya also makes you bleed. She makes you perform such actions that you don’t even realise what you are doing. The five vices completely scalp you! Baba has to caution you of course, so that you don’t say in front of the Tribunal that you weren’t warned. You know that God is teaching you. He, Himself, is so egoless! He says: I am your obedient Servant. Some children have so much arrogance! After belonging to Baba, they perform such actions, don’t even ask! Compared to them, those who live outside, at home with their families are very far ahead of them. As soon as you become body conscious, Maya punches you hard. To break body consciousness is a high destination. As soon as body consciousness comes, you are slapped. So, why do you become so body conscious that your status is destroyed? It shouldn’t be that you have to sweep the floors when you go there. If any of you were to ask Baba, Baba could tell you. Each one of you can understand for yourself how much service you do and how many you have given happiness to. Mama and Baba give everyone happiness. They become so happy! Baba used to perform the dance of knowledge so much in Bombay. There were many who were like chatrak birds (mythical birds that drank nectar). Baba says: I perform the dance of knowledge in front of those who are very eager to hear it, and so many good points emerge. The chatrak birds pull this to themselves. You too have to become like them, for only then will you be able to follow. You have to follow shrimat. If you follow your own directions and defame the Father, you cause a lot of damage. The Father is now making you sensible. Bharat used to be heaven. No one considers it to be that now. No other land is as pure as Bharat was. They say this but they don’t understand that they, the people of Bharat, were the residents of heaven. There used to be limitless happiness there. Guru Nanak sang the praise of God and how He comes and washes the dirty, impure clothes. His praise is that He is the incorporeal One. Instead of “Shivalingam” they have used the name "The Immortal Throne". The Father is now explaining the secrets of the whole world to you. Children, don’t commit even one sin! Otherwise, one hundredfold punishment will be accumulated. If you have defamed Me, your status will be destroyed. You have to be very cautious. Make your life as valuable as a diamond. Otherwise, there will be great repentance. Whatever wrong you have done, that will continue to bite you inside: Will I do the same thing every cycle so that my status becomes as low? The Father says: If you wish to follow the mother and father, then do service with honesty. Maya will push her way in and enter you in one way or another. The heads of the centres have to become completely egoless. Look how egoless the Father is! Some children accept personal service from others. The Father is so egoless! He never becomes angry with anyone. If children are disobedient, the Father can explain to them: What are you doing? Only the unlimited Father knows everything. Not all the children are worthy to the same extent; there are still some who are unworthy. Baba continues to explain to you. There are many children. The number of them will increase and there will be hundreds of thousands of them. The Father continues to caution you: Children, don’t make mistakes! You have come here to become pure from impure. Therefore, don’t perform impure actions! Don’t become trapped in anyone’s name or form! Don’t become body conscious! Be soul conscious and continue to remember the Father! Continue to follow shrimat! Maya is very powerful. Baba can explain everything. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Become as egoless as the Father. Don’t accept personal service from anyone! Don’t cause anyone sorrow! Don’t perform any sinful action due to which punishment would be experienced. Live together like milk and sugar.
2. Follow the shrimat of the one Father and not the dictates of your own mind.
May you be filled with all treasures and a true server and serve through your face.   
Those children who remain constantly full and overflowing with all treasures have Godly intoxication visible in their eyes and on their foreheads; their faces do service. Whether someone has accumulated more or less is visible on his or her face. When people belong to an elevated clan, it is visible in their faces and in the sparkle of their intoxication. Similarly, let your face and your thoughts make every thought and every deed clear and you would then be called a true server.
Save your treasures of time and thoughts and thereby increase your account of accumulation.