Saturday, March 12, 2016

Murli 13 March 2016

13/03/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 23/03/81

“The easy way to get into the air-conditioned class and the first class”
Today, BapDada is especially seeing one thing on the faces of all you children. What is that? Baba is seeing to what extent the beauty of purity is visible on the faces of each of you, that is, to what extent the sparkle of the greatness of purity is visible on your face. Just as you consider the beauty of the forehead, eyes, mouth and everything else in terms of physical beauty, so, in terms of the beauty of purity, BapDada is also seeing the lines of thoughts on your forehead, that is, He is seeing the power of your awareness, your soul-conscious vision and attitude that is visible in your eyes, the smile of the happiness of becoming a great soul on your lips, the words of being constantly great and making others great constantly on your lips and the halo of light, which is the symbol of purity, around your head. BapDada is seeing the sparkling face of each of you. Today, there was a purity competition in the subtle region. Does each one of you know what number you would have received? There are always first, second and third prizes. Which prize did each of you receive?

The children who claim a right to the first prize are those who are full in all five aspects. The first is the halo of light, which would be a halo of a full circle. Just as the moon is sometimes a full circle and sometimes only half a circle, so too, the halo of some of you is only half a halo. Some have a full halo, whereas that of others is just like a line, which would be said to be just in name. Therefore, the first number, the first prize, is for those who have the full halo of light.

The second aspect is a tilak sparkling on the forehead. The symbol of the soul-conscious awareness, the awareness of brotherhood, is a dot (tilak) sparkling in the centre of the forehead. The third aspect is the sparkle of spirituality in your eyes, which means to have spiritual vision. It is the sparkle of the practice of not seeing the body whilst looking at it, but only seeing the spirit. It is the sparkle of spiritual love. The lips have the smile of having attained God, of the soul having met the Supreme Soul and also of having attained everything. On the face was the red colour (lali) of the happiness of meeting the Mother, the Father and the elevated family after a cycle of being separated from them. The Father is red (lal), souls are red, the home is red and, now that you belong to the Father, you have become especially beloved ones (laal). So, this is the colour of so many different things! Those who are full of all of these five lines of fortune are those who claim the first prize. Now, on that basis, those who claim the first prize are considered to be the ones who score 100% in all five aspects. Those who claim the second prize score up to 70% and the third prize is for those who score 30%. Now, which of those are you? The majority is of those who claim the second prize and they, too, the majority are numberwise. Very few are in the first or third class. For the majority of you the percentage is between 30 and 50. They would also be classified in the second prize group, but they would still be counted amongst the last ones. Even in the first class, there are two types. One type is of those who have attained the symbols of all five types of beauty of purity as their birthright from the moment they took birth. They did not have to make effort to attain them, but attained them immediately at birth. They have no lines of the knowledge of impurity on their faces. Their original sanskars are their natural lives. They do not have to make any effort to transform their sanskars. Even in their dreams and thoughts, they are not even slightly attacked by impurity, that is, there isn’t even a subtle stain on the beauty of their purity. The second type are those who have the beauty of purity with them from when they took birth on the basis of the light and might of knowledge. The difference between them is that the first type didn’t have any stains of even the final sanskars of their previous birth. This is why they do not have any lines of having to make effort to erase the sanskars of their previous birth. Those souls have the knowledge that they are carrying a burden from their previous birth, but, according to the drama, they do not experience any impure thoughts in their last, 84th birth. This is why they have received the gift of a lift. Because of having their original sanskars, they easily become great souls. Just as they easily become yogis, so, they also easily remain pure souls. “Be holy” does not apply to them; they already are holy! The slogan “Be holy” is not for them; they are already that. They are number one in the group of those who claim the first prize. This group can be called the air-conditioned group. After them, there is the first-class group; there is just a slight difference. They don’t have the original sanskars when they take birth, but have to create those sanskars. That is, from the start of this birth in which they die alive, they had to pay attention just for the sake of it, on the basis of knowledge. Slight lines of effort were visible at the start of this birth, but not now. Baba is talking about the time when they first came. The air-conditioned group is of those who were ready-made, whereas the first-class group is of those who made themselves like that at the beginning. The efforts they have made have been easy. Their intense efforts and their powerful efforts have been easy, but there are the lines of the efforts they have made. We are talking about the subject of purity. In the subject of purity, the former group is ready-made and the latter is of those who have lines of effort. The question of all the subjects taken together is a different matter. This is just a question of one subject. The former is the rosary of eight and the others are numbered first out of 100. Even the Indian Government is now cancelling third class. The prominent, well known subjects of the golden age are those in the third class. They are the souls who will be in constant relationship with the royal family. They will be the subjects who are closely connected with the royal family - not those who are distant subjects (like outsiders). The close ones will have a very close relationship, but their status will be lower. You must have the aim of becoming part of the air-conditioned group. Having seen the difference between the first-class types, you must now understand about the second class. The way to go from the second class to the first class or the air-conditioned class is very easy. It is a method of just a second. It is to have the one thought: “I am originally a pure soul.” Your original form was not that of impurity. Both your eternal and your original forms are pure. Impurity is artificial; it is not real. It is a gift from shudras. How can Brahmins use the things that belong to shudras? Simply have this one thought: Originally and eternally, my real form is of a pure soul. Whenever you see others, look at their original and eternal real forms. Look at these forms of yourself and of others and realise the real form! Put on your red spectacles, your spectacles of awareness, not physical spectacles, and think “I am red, that soul is red and the Father too is red”. So, these are red spectacles, are they not? Then, we will hoist the flag over the Red Fort (Lal Kila in Delhi). At the moment, you have only taken steps to reach that field. You have come into the vision of the Government. Then, having been seen by them, you will be seated in their hearts. The sound that will emerge from everyone’s heart is: If there is anyone, it is you (Brahma Kumaris). The sound that has spread now is that you are a big organisation that is carrying out a big task. This is not an ordinary organisation. Your name is in the list of those who are well known. At the moment, they are just praising the efforts you make. Later, they will praise the love you have for God. What you have done so far has been good. BapDada is pleased. You have appeared in front of the world as a wonderful example of a totally united gathering. You have hoisted this flag. People used to think that this Brahma Kumaris organisation was soon going to cease to exist and were wondering how much longer it could last. However, with the picture of the gathering that appeared in the various forms of media such as Radio, TV and newspapers, and also the various leaders in connection with you, the sound that has spread is that the Brahma Kumaris are eternally on the rise; that they are not going anywhere on their own, but they will take everyone with them. By all of you Brahmins in all corners of the world using your bodies, minds and wealth, you conducted the ceremony of sprinkling the soil of your feelings and strengthened the foundation of your kingdom. This is why some fruit has already emerged and some is yet to emerge; not all fruits ripen at the same time. You have been saved from complaints. No one can now complain that you don’t go and speak on anyone else’s stage. Now that you have reached the Red Fort, all of those complaints have ended. Your own weaknesses still remain, but those complaints about you have ended. This is why you are embodiments of success and will always remain so. You now have to make new plans for the future. Do not be concerned about the expense. What did you spend? All of you all only gave 10 paisas (tenth of a rupee) each. People save so much money to spend on things of entertainment. You were able to accomplish so much by giving just 10 paisas or 10 rupees. You saw and met everyone in your huge family. You saw the proof of love. You spread your fragrance of unity, zeal and enthusiasm and new inventions everywhere very well. That fragrance reached BapDada in the subtle region. Just one fragrance now remains to be spread. What fragrance is that? The fragrance of your being children of God is still to be spread. You have reached the stage where people realise that you are great souls. You have dropped the “atma bomb” on them, but not the “Paramatma bomb”. You now have to the hoist the last flag to announce that the Father has come and that you are His children and His companions. You gave the message to their ears in your lectures and also by using the mikes on the floats. However, this message now has to reach everyone’s heart. Do you understand what you now have to do? This day too will soon come. You have been told that when you bring a special personality from abroad here, there will be this upheaval and you will all have the beauty of purity of the first class. The second class will end and that day too is not far off. At present, in order for those in the second class to appear beautiful, they have to put on the make-up of making effort. You now have to put that aside too and enter the stage of having natural beauty. Just as the sanskars of the deities are totally lacking any trace of impurity, so you too must create those original sanskars, so that the beauty of purity will appear in your form as spiritual attraction in front of the world. Do you understand what competition took place today?

Many in the foreign group are going to return. Each of you has to return in order to bring back many others with you. Each of you stars has to create your own world. This is the world of you living stars and, as a memorial of you stars, scientists are searching for a living world in the stars above. Now, bring them into your world and spare them that work. Give them an experience of what the world of stars it is. Today, Baba is holding a special picnic of knowledge with you children from Bharat as well as those of you from abroad. Those who are to return are given a picnic party. So, BapDada is also holding a party. This is a party of knowledge.

To those who are number one in the beauty of purity, to those who constantly overcome any impurity, to those who have made purity their original sanskar, to those who experience the happiness of all relationships with the one Father, to those who see the whole world in just the One, to such lovers, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada, the great Beloved.

All of you have worked very hard for that great sacrificial fire (mahayagya). You definitely do receive the fruit of your efforts. Of course you have to spend some money to spread the sound. Some expenditure has to be incurred in order to create a new invention. However, the success of that continues to give fruit afterwards too. Sometimes, your name is glorified, sometimes your sound spreads and sometimes the Brahmin family grows. The co-operation that you received from the Government for the mahayagya is now recorded in their records for all time, just as the railway concession is also recorded for all time. There are many tasks that take place like this in an incognito way. At least the sound did reach the President and thereby made many come from so many centres with so much love. That too is instant fruit. Whatever service each of you did, BapDada is pleased with the result. Therefore, congratulations for your efforts!

BapDada meeting sevadhari brothers and sisters:

Does each of you consider yourself to be an elevated soul who is one of the few out of the handful of multimillion souls? To win the lottery of doing service is also a line of fortune. This service is not service, but to receive instant, nourishing fruit. One type of fruit is fresh and the other type is dried fruit. Which fruit is this? This is the fruit of instant fortune. When you do something now, you instantly eat the fruit of it. Of course you do also accumulate some for the future, but, even before the future, you also receive instant fruit. The canopy of co-operation in the atmosphere easily makes you become an elevated soul. Together with this, you also become distant from the sounds and sights of the old world. Instead of going to work, this service of the yagya becomes service you can do at home. You are also able to put down the basket of the responsibility of a job and become able to adopt the crown of service. You are carrying the basket of the responsibility of a job out of necessity, not with your heart, and this is only because you have been directed to do this. Therefore, you receive so many benefits by doing this service. You receive such elevated company. You are always on the shores of the Ocean and always speaking and discussing knowledge. There is nothing but the Father and service for you. You receive this help, do you not? So you have such great fortune! What do you mothers think? You are given your ready-made fortune on the palm of your hands. Just as the picture of Krishna shows him holding heaven on the palm of his hand, so, at the confluence age, you too are given the globe of fortune in your hands. You are so fortunate! At present, you think that service is something ordinary. However, it is not ordinary; it is your wonderful line of fortune. For as long as you have this lottery, you can make it an imperishable lottery. Practise this to such an extent that, wherever you live, you are able to create the stage that you have whilst you are here. Here, you experience yourself to be an easy yogi, do you not? Effort is over. Therefore, make this experience you have started continue for time immemorial. The confluence age is the time to start everything which then continues for time immemorial. Do not leave this experience behind in Madhuban, but take it back with you. Many say that, as soon as they come down from Madhuban, their meter also comes down. Do not do this! Take benefit of this practice. Whilst serving, pay attention to the stage of being an easy yogi. Do not simply get busy doing physical service. Together with doing physical service, let your state of mind remain constantly elevated. Only then will you experience the benefit of service. You Shaktis are very loving and tireless. Your arms do not hurt, do they? BapDada is massaging your arms and feet with love. In fact, that massaging of the feet is a symbol of love. Achcha. You sowed the seed of service in Madhuban, which means you have sowed the fruit of your elevated karma for all time.
May you be an easy and constant yogi who remains seated on the lotus seat while performing every action.   
In order to be constantly yogyukt, remain constantly seated on the lotus seat. However, only those who are light are able to be seated on the lotus seat: Let there not be any type of burden, that is, any type of bondage. When all the different types of burdens finish - the burden of the thoughts in your mind, the burden of sanskars, the burden of attraction to perishable things of the world and the burden of attachment to lokik relatives - you will then be able to be a constant yogi seated on the lotus seat.
Imbibe the virtue of tolerance and you will not have to take the support of falsehood.