Saturday, March 26, 2016

Murli 27 March 2016

27/03/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 23/10/99

“The Call of Time is: Be a Bestower.”
Today, the most elevated Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of all Powers, BapDada, is pleased to see all His children everywhere. Whether you are personally sitting in Madhuban, whether you are in this land or abroad, listening and seeing in remembrance, wherever all of you are sitting, in your hearts you are personally in front of Baba. So, BapDada is happy to see all of you children everywhere. All of you are also happy, are you not? You children are happy and BapDada too is happy. This constant and true happiness of the heart will remove all the sorrow of the whole world. This happiness in your hearts will make souls experience the Father, because the Father is the constant Server of all souls and all of you children are with the Father as His service companions. All of you are companions, are you not? You are the Father’s companions and you transform the sorrow of the world and are constantly engaged in the service of giving constant happiness. You are constant servers. You are not those who do service for just four or six hours. You are God’s companions who play your parts on the stage of service at every second. Just as remembrance is constant, in the same way, your service is also constant. Do you experience yourselves to be constant servers? Or, are you servers who serve for only eight or ten hours? This Brahmin birth is for remembrance and service. Do you have anything else to do? This is all you have to do! In every breath and at every second, is remembrance and service simultaneous? Or, is it that the time for service is separate from the time for remembrance? It is not, is it? Achcha. Do you have a balance? If you are doing 100% service, do you also have 100% remembrance? Is there a balance between the two? There is a difference, is there not? A karma yogi means to be one who performs actions whilst staying in remembrance. Let there be service and remembrance; let there be an equal balance of the two. It should not be that there is more remembrance than service, or that there is more service than remembrance. Whilst the soul and the body are on the stage, they are both together. Can they be separated? In the same way, let remembrance and service be combined. Remembrance means to be equal to the Father; let there also be remembrance of your self-respect. When you remember the Father, you automatically also remember your self-respect. If you don’t have self-respect, you cannot have powerful remembrance. Self-respect means to be equal to the Father. Complete self-respect means to be equal to the Father. The children who have such remembrance would be constant bestowers. They would not be takers, they would be devtas (deities), those who give. Today, BapDada was checking the stage of bestowing of all the children to see to what extent you children of the Bestower have become bestowers. The Father can never have any thought of taking anything. He constantly thinks of giving. Even when He asks you to give everything old you have, He gives you everything new in return. To receive means to give what you have received from the Father. So, at present, BapDada liked one of the children’s topic very much. What topic was that? The topic from abroad. Which topic? (Call of Time).

BapDada was seeing what the call of time is for the children. You can see that BapDada is the Service Companion of you children and the world. However, BapDada was seeing what the call of time was for you children at this time. You can also understand what the call of time would be at present. Think about yourself. You have given lectures for service and you still do that, do you not? However, that is for yourself. Ask yourself: What the call of time is for you yourself? What is the present call of time? BapDada was seeing, that according to the present time, all of you children have to increase the awareness of being a bestower. Have the feelings of being a bestower in terms of self-progress and love for everyone visibly emerged? “No matter what people are like or who they are, I have to bestow”. A bestower would constantly have an unlimited attitude, not a limited one. A bestower would be constantly full and overflowing. A bestower would constantly be a master ocean of forgiveness. Because of this, your limited sanskars and the sanksars of others would not have emerged, but would be merged. I have to bestow. Whether others give or not, I have to be a bestower. I have to help a soul who may be under the influence of a sanskar. Then, anyone’s limited sanskars will not influence you. Whether someone gives you regard or not, even if they do not, you have to give regard. You now have to have emerged feelings of being a bestower like this. It should not be that you have this feeling in your mind, but…. Let there be no ‘buts’. “I have to do this”. If someone’s activity or words are not useful to you and you don’t like them, then don’t accept them. Would you take anything bad? For your mind to imbibe that means to take it. Let it not even touch your head. Let it not even enter your head. Since that is something bad, since it is not good, do not accept it with your head or in your heart, that is, do not imbibe it. Instead, be a bestower and have good wishes and pure feelings. Don’t take anything. If, according to the current time, your head and heart are not empty, you will not be able to be a constant server. When your head and heart have become busy in something, what service would you do? It would then be the same here as in the world outside, when you work for eight hours or ten hours. You would then become a server who serves for eight or six hours. You would not be able to be a constant server. You can serve through your thoughts, words or deeds, that is, through your contacts and relations. Be a bestower, a server, at every second. By keeping your head empty you will be able to become the Father’s companion in service. By keeping your heart constantly clean, you can be a constant companion of the Father in service. What promise did all of you have make? That you will stay with the Father and return with Him. This is your promise, is it not? It isn’t that Baba will go ahead and you will follow. It is not like this, is it? You have make a promise to remain together, did you not? So, does the Father stay without doing service? He does not even stay without remembrance. You stay in remembrance, with effort, as much as the Father stays in remembrance. You also have that remembrance, but with effort and attention. What else exists for the Father? For the Supreme Soul, there are just you souls. Of course all souls are numberwise. The Father cannot stay without remembering you children. Can the Father stay without remembering you children? Can you stay without remembering? Sometimes you become mischievous.

So, what did you hear? The Call of Time is: Be a Bestower. There is a great need for this. The call of all the souls of the world is: Hey, our special, beloved deities. You are the specially loved deities, are you not? In one form or another, you are the special deities for all souls. So, now the call of all souls is: “Hey, special deities, gods and goddesses, bring about transformation! Can you hear this call? Can the Pandavas hear this call? What are you doing, having heard this call? Since you are able to hear it, are you giving some salvation, or are you still thinking that you will do it? Can you hear the call? You tell people of the Call of Time and you just listen to the call of all souls. So, special deities, now let your bestower form emerge. You now have to bestow. Let no soul remain deprived. Otherwise, you will be garlanded with garlands of complaints. They will of course complain, will they not? So, are you the special deities who will wear garlands of complaints or the deities who will wear garlands of flowers? Which special deities are you? You are worthy of worship, are you not? Do not think that you are going to come last, and that only all the seniors will be the bestowers and that it is not possible for you to become that; no! Everyone has to become a bestower.

Those who have come to Madhuban for the first time, raise your hands! Achcha. Those who have come here for the first time, can you become bestowers or will you become bestowers in the second or third year? Can those who have been following knowledge for one year become bestowers? (Ha ji.) You are very clever. BapDada is always happy to see your courage. Whether you are one year old or even just six months old - BapDada knows whether you are one year old or six months old - you still call yourself a Brahma Kumar or Kumari in just one month. So, to be a Brahma Kumar or Kumari means you have claimed a right to the inheritance from Father Brahma. It was when you accepted Brahma as your father that you became a kumar or kumari. So you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris have claimed a right to the inheritance of Father Shiva and Father Brahma. Or, is it that those who are only one month old will not receive their inheritance? Do those who are one month old receive an inheritance? Since you have received your inheritance, you will be bestowers to give that to others, will you not? Whatever you have received, you should start to give that to others, should you not?

If you have forged a connection with the father by considering him to be your father, you can then claim your inheritance in even one day. Let it not be: “Yes, this is good, there is some power here; at least we can understand”. Let it not be like that. It is children who have a right to the inheritance - those who understand, not those who are just observing. If you accept Baba as your Father from your heart in just one day, you can claim a right to your inheritance. All of you have a right, do you not? All of you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, are you not? Or, are you still becoming that? Have you become that or have you come here to become that? No one can change you, can they? Is it possible that, instead of becoming Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, you become just kumars and kumaris? There are so many benefits in becoming Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. There isn’t benefit for just one birth, but for many births. You make effort for half a birth or a quarter of your birth and the reward you receive is for many births. For you there is nothing but benefit.

According to the time, at the present moment, BapDada is especially drawing your attention to one thing, because He constantly sees the results of you children. Baba saw in your results that you have very good courage. You also have a very good aim. However, considering that aim, there is even now a difference between your aim and its qualifications. The aim of all of you is to become number one. If BapDada were to ask any of you if your aim is to claim the fortune of the kingdom for 21 births, to become part of the sun dynasty or to become part of the moon dynasty, what would all of you raise your hands for? That you would become part of the sun dynasty. Is there anyone who would want to become part of the moon dynasty? Is anyone going to become Rama? No one! One of you should become that. Someone is going to become Rama. (One person raised his hand.) It is good, otherwise, Rama’s seat would remain empty. So, all of you have a very good aim. It is necessary to pay attention, so that your qualifications are according to your aim. What is the reason for this? You were told this today, and that is: You sometimes become those who take. “This should happen, this one should do this, this one should help, I will change if the other one changes. I would be OK if this situation were OK”. This means to be one who takes. This is not being a bestower. Whether someone gives you something or not, the Father has given you everything. Has the Father given more to some and less to others? There is just the one course. Whether you are 60 years old in knowledge or just one month, you all have the same course. Or, is the course for those who are 60 years in knowledge different from that for those who are one month in knowledge? They did the same course as you do today. The knowledge is the same and the love and all the powers that you receive are the same; everything is the same. It isn’t that Baba has given 16 powers to one and eight powers to another. All of you have received the same inheritance. Since the Father has made all of you full and overflowing, such souls would be bestowers, not those who would still be taking. “I have to give. Whether someone gives or not, I have to have the desire to give and not to take.” The more you give as a bestower, the more your treasures will increase. For instance, when you give respect to someone, to give to others means to increase your own respect. It is not to give, for to give means to receive. Don’t take, but give instead and this will be the same as receiving. So, do you understand what the call of time is? What is it? Simply remember the one word, “Bestower”. No matter what happens, simply remember the one word, “Bestower” and be ignorant of all knowledge of desires. Let there be no desire to receive anything, either subtly or physically. A bestower means to be one who is totally ignorant of all knowledge of desires, one who is full. You would not experience yourself to be lacking anything that you would want to receive. You would be full of all attainments. So, what is your aim? It is to become complete, is it not? Or, are you happy with whatever you receive? To become complete is to become perfect.

Today, those from abroad have been given a special chance. It is good. Those from abroad have taken the first chance, and so you are specially loved ones. Everyone else has been told not to come, whereas all those from abroad have been invited. BapDada remembers all the children, but, He is still happy to see the double foreigners and their courage. At present, you do not have so much upheaval. There is now a difference. In the beginning, you used to question the Indian culture and the foreign culture. You have now understood it. You now belong to the Brahmin culture. It is neither Indian culture nor foreign culture; it is now Brahmin culture! Indian culture can create a few complications, but Brahmin culture is easy. Brahmin culture is to maintain your self-respect and to claim a right self-sovereignty. This is Brahmin culture. You like this, do you not? You don’t question any more how you should adopt Indian culture, do you? Or, that it is difficult? It has become easy, has it not? Be careful that, when you return home, you don’t say that it is a little difficult. Don’t write this when you return home. Don’t write that you said it was easy, but it is in fact a little difficult. Is it easy? Or, is it a little difficult? It is not difficult at all! It is very easy. All the games have now finished and this is why you are amused. You have now become very strong. All the childhood games have finished. You have now all become experienced. BapDada sees that the stronger the older ones become, the stronger the new ones also become. Achcha. It is good that you make each one move forward. You make very good effort. You don’t take situations to the Dadis any more, do you? Do you take stories and situations to the Dadis now? They have reduced! There is a difference, is there not? (To Dadi Janki) So you shouldn’t now become ill! You become ill because of all the stories and situations, and they have now all finished. You are good. All of you have the best, special virtues; the cleanliness of our heart is very good. You don’t keep anything inside; you remove it all. Whatever the situation is, you speak about it honestly: “It isn’t like this, it is like this”. You don’t beat about the bush, but you tell something as it is. This speciality is good. This is why the Father says: The Father is pleased with a true and clean heart. ‘Yes’ means yes and ‘no’ means no! You would not consider anything else. You don’t move along under compulsion. If you follow the path, you follow it completely, if not, then not at all. Achcha.

Are you able to fly in a second? Your wings are powerful, are they not? As soon as you say, “Baba”, you fly. (Baba conducted a drill.)

To all the children everywhere who have the elevated feelings of a bestower, like the Father, to all the elevated souls who remain constantly engaged in remembrance and service, to all of God’s service companions, to those who make their aim and qualifications equal, to those who are constantly loving, equal and close to the Father and who are the stars of BapDada’s eyes, to the merciful souls who constantly have benevolent feelings for the world, to the merciful master oceans of forgiveness who are sitting near or down below in Madhuban and to all the children sitting in front of BapDada, love, remembrance and namaste.
May you be multimillion times fortunate and constantly maintain the intoxication and happiness of your elevated fortune.   
None of those in the world who are called founders of religions or world gurus receive an alokik birth or sustenance from God as the Mother and Father. They cannot experience the alokik Mother and Father even in their dreams, whereas you elevated multimillionaire souls are worthy of receiving love and remembrance every day from the Mother and Father and in all relationships. The Almighty Authority Father Himself becomes the Servant of you children and fulfils His companionship at every step. Maintain the intoxication and happiness of this elevated fortune.
In order to keep your body and mind constantly happy, have powerful thoughts of happiness.