Saturday, March 5, 2016

Murli 06 March 2016

06/03/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 13/02/99

“The incarnation of Shiva and the incarnations of being economical.”
Today, Trimurti Father Shiva has come to meet His extremely loving and sweetest saligram children. Today is the special day of Shiva and the saligrams. The Father is happy because He has come to meet His children and to celebrate their birthday, and you children say that you have come to celebrate the birthday of your Father. The Father is happy and the children are also happy. Why? Because this birthday is the most unique and the loveliest in the whole cycle. Throughout the whole cycle, no one else celebrates such a birthday. At no other time and for no one else can it be the birthday of the child and the father at the same time. So, first of all, BapDada gives all the children multi, multi, multimillion times greetings. Greetings with a lot of love from the hearts of all the children have been reaching BapDada from amrit vela onwards. Seeing so many saligram children, BapDada sings from His heart the song: “Wah long-lost and now-found children! Wah, wah beloved children! Wah! Wah children who are celebrating your alokik birthday!” BapDada sings the song of “Wah, wah!” to each of you children, because it is only you few children out of all the souls in the whole world who have become multimillion times fortunate and who will also remain fortunate in the future. You will remain fortunate in an immortal way for half a cycle. This blessing is not for just one birth. You have been given this immortal blessing for many births. To what extent are you children aware of your self-respect? As soon as you children take birth in this alokik life, the Father gives you your unlimited inheritance for your alokik birthday. The moment you children took birth, the Father gave each of you your elevated tilak of awareness. You are still wearing the tilak, are you not? Since this is your Brahmin life, that tilak is imperishable. The tilaks on the foreheads of you Brahmins are the sign of your elevated fortune.

All of you children here, as well as all the children sitting far away, are celebrating this lovely and unique birthday with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. You are celebrating it, are you not? You are all happy that the Father is celebrating your birthday and the Father is happy that you are celebrating His birthday. You are all so happy! Can you measure your happiness? Is it measurable? No meter has yet been invented in this world to measure your alokik happiness. If someone were to ask you if your happiness is as vast as the ocean, what would you say? That the ocean is nothing compared to your happiness. Achcha, is your happiness as high as the sky? Your home and your subtle region are far beyond the sky. Therefore, there is no instrument that can measure your happiness nor will there ever be one that can measure it. You have so much happiness! Therefore, clap with one hand! (Everyone clapped). You all raised your hands saying that you have this happiness. So, congratulations! Now for the second question! (Everyone understood and so were smiling.) BapDada wants to see every child as a spiritual rose in full bloom, not in half bloom. It must be constant and in full bloom. A flower in full bloom is so lovely; you enjoy just looking at it. However, if it is even slightly wilted, what would you do? You would put it aside. BapDada does not put you aside, but you put yourself on one side.

Today is a day for a celebration, is it not? You always listen to the murli anyway. Today, you can dance and sing in your mind with a lot of happiness. Dance in your mind, not with your feet! If you start dancing physically, there will be a lot of chaos. BapDada can see when you children are dancing and also singing lots of songs in praise of the sweetest Father and your own alokik praise. The sound of your minds is reaching Baba. The sound is coming from all countries. You are hearing the Father’s sound and the Father is hearing your sound. The Father also says: Hey, loveliest children of the world, sing and dance as much as you want! What else do you have to do? What do Brahmins have to do? What is having yoga all about? Is it hard work? To have yoga means for a soul to have a meeting with the Supreme Soul, God. What happens when this meeting takes place? You dance in happiness. Your heart automatically starts to sing sweet songs in praise of the Father. This is the work that you Brahmins do; you just continue to sing and dance. Is this difficult? Is it difficult to sing and dance? It isn’t, is it? Those who find it difficult, raise your hands! It is now the season for singing and dancing, and so what do you have to do? Sing and dance! This is easy, is it not? If it is easy, at least nod in agreement. It isn’t difficult, is it? Why do you purposely move away from something easy or change it and make it difficult? It is not difficult, it is very easy. The Father knows that for half a cycle your lives were very difficult. Therefore this one now is very easy! Does anyone here find this difficult? Do you sometimes find it difficult? When people lose their way and end up on the wrong path, they find it difficult. This path of knowledge is not difficult. Brahmin life is not difficult. When you become warriors instead of Brahmins, then the work of warriors is to quarrel and fight… and that would be difficult, would it not? It is difficult to battle and easy to celebrate in pleasure.

Double foreigners are those who celebrate in pleasure. Clap with one hand! Are you enjoying yourselves? You won’t become confused when you return home, will you? Look, Shiva Jayanti today symbolises two important things. Firstly, people hold a fast on this day. Double foreigners did not have to celebrate it in this way. It is the people of Bharat who celebrate in this way and so, because of the importance of this day, they hold a fast and, secondly, they stay awake all night. All of you are observing your fast, are you not? Has the vow you made become firm? Or, is it sometimes firm and sometimes weak? Do you like anything that is unripe? You only like things that are ripe, do you not? So, what vow have you made? What first vow did BapDada have you make? What was the first vow you made when you had the tilak of awareness applied on you? Do you remember it? May you be completely pure! As soon as the Father said it, you children adopted it. The vow of purity is not just a vow of celibacy (brahmchari), but it is to have purity in your every thought, word and deed, the same as Brahma. This is known as being brahmchari (celibate) and a Brahmachari (one who follows Brahma). Let the vibrations of purity be merged in your every word. Let your every thought be filled with the importance of purity. In every deed, let there be karma and yoga, that is, let there be the experience of a karma yogi. This is what is meant as being a Brahmachari. You saw how every word Father Brahma spoke was an elevated version; he never spoke ordinary words. Your birth is not ordinary either; it is alokik (spiritual). To be alokik means to have purity. Therefore, become your own teacher and check yourself every night and give yourself your percentage of marks. You have to become 100%. Look at yourself every day; don’t look at others! BapDada has seen that, instead of looking at yourselves, you start to look at others. That is easy to do! So, examine yourself and see what percentage of purity you have in your thoughts, words and deeds.

What message did you give everyone this year? At all your functions, you spoke about transformation. Wherever you gave a lecture, you gave very good lectures on the topic of transformation. In the field of service this year, you gave others the aim of transformation, did you not? You gave this message to everyone with a lot of splendour. BapDada is pleased. Therefore, check yourself every day and see to what percentage transformation is taking place within you. Let your transformation be that of the ascending stage, not the descending stage. BapDada looks at the chart of every child. Perhaps you are wondering whether Baba looks at everyone’s chart or only at the charts of a few special children. BapDada sometimes looks at the charts of all the children. He doesn’t look at them every day. However, He looks at them sometimes, whether it is that of a child who comes last or a child going fast. You are laughing and so should BapDada tell you what your charts are like? Today is a day for celebration and so Baba will not tell you. However, Baba is signalling you that you must remember in future how important this day and time is. It is the day and time of maintaining your fast, that is, of having this determination. True devotees never break their vow. BapDada is once again giving you children a signal that, even now, your first foundation of the power of thought is sometimes being wasted too much. There are slightly fewer negative thoughts than waste thoughts. Increase your power of thoughts for yourself and for the world as much as you want, because your thoughts are the basis of your words and deeds. So, transform the power of your thoughts. Whatever was wasted or negative, transform that and use it for world benefit. BapDada considers the treasure of thoughts to be the most elevated treasure. Therefore, become incarnations of economy with your treasure of thoughts. Today is known as ‘The Day of the Incarnation’. So, BapDada’s pure desire for all the children is that, as well as today being the day of the Incarnation of Shiva, it also becomes the day when all of you become incarnations of economy. Being economical in your thoughts is saving them from being wasted; then you will automatically make a saving of all your other treasures. What will happen in 1999? 1999 has already begun! Previously, you were wondering what would happen in 1999. Did anything happen? It is now already February. Even if something does happen, what does that matter to you? Would there be any loss for you? Are you afraid? Are you afraid because of not knowing what is going to happen? Everything for you will be good. No matter what happens in the world, you simply have to remain fearless and cheerful and watch the drama. In a drama, as well as love, they also show blood. They show fighting as well as good things. So, do you become afraid about what will happen or what has happened in that drama? Do you wonder what will happen? You just simply continue to sit and enjoy watching the drama. This too is an unlimited play. If you have the slightest fear about what was shown happening or you think that it should not have happened like that, if you have such a stage, you would become affected by it. When something good is shown taking place, you would have a good stage, and when something is shown going wrong in the play, you would become affected by that too and experience turmoil inside yourself. Therefore, what does it matter to you whether it is 1999 or 2000? Let the games continue, simply watch and enjoy them. Don’t be afraid! Don’t get upset by wondering why something happened. Don’t have the slightest thought about it. Everyone is asking what is going to happen in 1999 or whether anything is going to happen or not. BapDada says: All of you have given the elements of nature the service of cleaning up everything. You have given nature long brooms so that they can clean up everything. So, why are you afraid? Nature will cleanse everything according to your orders, and so why are you fluctuating? You are the ones who have issued this order. So, become unshakeable and immovable and make your mind and intellect completely powerful. Stabilise yourself in an unshakeable and immovable stage. Continue to watch the games of nature. Don’t be afraid! You are alokik, not ordinary. It is ordinary people who fluctuate and become afraid. You unique, master almighty authority souls just watch the drama and keep busy in your task of world benefit. If you keep your mind and intellect free, you will then be afraid. If you make your mind and intellect a lighthouse and keep busy in the task of spreading that light, you busy souls would then never be afraid, you would be detached observers. If there is any upheaval, let your intellect always be clear. Don’t keep your intellect busy and full of such questions as “What?” or “Why?” Keep it empty! Simply: “One Baba and I”. Then, according to the time, even if the letters, telephones, TV or any other means of communication do not work, you will be able to catch BapDada’s directions clearly. Never make instruments of science your support. Use those instruments, but don’t allow your life to depend on them. Sometimes, even though you have various facilities of science, you are unable to use them. This is why the facilities of silence will work very clearly and very quickly wherever you are, no matter how difficult the situation you are in may be. However, you must keep the line of your intellect clear. Do you understand? You are invoking the golden age to come soon, are you not? There has to be this cleanliness in the golden age. So nature will cleanse everything very well for you.

Today is the day to have a determined thought; not just a thought, but to have determination in your thought. What determination did you have today? That you have to become an incarnation of economy. To be economical in your thoughts, words and ordinary deeds. Secondly, always keep your intellect clear. This is what BapDada refers to when He says: The Lord is pleased with an honest heart! An honest and a clean heart! At the present time, there is a great need for honesty and cleanliness. Honesty in your heart; honesty with the family and honesty with the Father. Do you understand? Baba didn’t want to say anything today, but He said it anyway! BapDada has great love for you, and so He cannot bear to see even a little weakness in you. BapDada constantly wants to see every child as perfect as Himself.

There is upheaval everywhere. All the elements of nature are creating a great deal of upheaval everywhere. Not a single place is free from upheaval. People are in upheaval and nature is also in upheaval. When there is upheaval everywhere in this world, what will you do? What will your means of safety be at such a time? When you make yourself videhi (bodiless), ashariri (bodiless) and soul conscious in a second, you will be able to remain unshakeable amidst the upheaval. This won’t take you some time, will it? What will happen? Try this now! Are you able to stabilise your mind and intellect when and where you want in a second? (Baba conducted drill.) This is known as spiritual endeavour. Achcha.

To all the children in this land and abroad who are merged in the Father’s love, to all the loving and co- operative children who stabilise themselves in the stage of a Brahmachari, to the courageous children who constantly belong to One and who remain economical in every task they do, to the fearless souls who remain unshakeable during any upheaval, to those who constantly celebrate in pleasure, to the children who stay close to the Father, love, remembrance and namaste.
May you cross out the subtle and strong bondages and become free from bondage with your yogyukt stage.  
The sign of being yogyukt is being free from bondage. The biggest final bondage in your becoming yogyukt is thinking of yourself as sensible and considering the wonder of your own intellect to be shrimat, that is, to mix your own intellect with shrimat. This is called arrogance of the intellect. Secondly, whenever someone gives a signal about your weakness, that is, when someone says something negative about you, if you have the slightest waste thought, that too is a bondage. When you cross out these bondages and make your stage that of equanimity in victory and defeat, praise and defamation, you will then be said to be one is who is completely free from bondage.
To think first and then do is the virtue of a knowledgeable soul.