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Murli 25 October 2015

25/10/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 06/02/80

"The easy way to become bodiless"
Today, Baba has come to meet the long lost and now found children of the previous cycle, who are dearly loved, loving, co-operative embodiments of power. BapDada always stays with His co-operative children. The unbreakable thread of love and co-operation is always imperishable. Today, in the subtle region, BapDada was creating a rosary of love of the extremely loving children. All of you are loving, but you would still be said to be numberwise. Today, Baba was creating a number for each of the children, according to their specialities. Baba saw so many specialities in some children that they appeared to be equal to the Father and very close jewels. Baba also saw some children who were having to labour to imbibe some specialities. Seeing them labouring, Baba felt mercy for them. “They are My children and yet they have to labour!” Baba saw that the children’s greatest effort was in trying to become bodiless. Bap and Dada discussed this between themselves: Why is it an effort for bodiless souls to become bodiless? Father Brahma said: Because the children have been putting on costumes and playing their different parts for 84 births, they have become bodily beings. Father Shiva said: Yes they have been playing their parts, but what is the time now? You automatically perform actions according to your awareness of the time. You have this practice, do you not? The Father said: You now have to complete your parts and return home. You will have to leave behind the costumes of the parts you have been playing. In order to return home, you will have to renounce your old bodies. In order to go to your kingdom of heaven, you will have to renounce your old costumes. Since you now have to go somewhere else, why is it difficult to forget your old bodies? Is it because you forget that you now have to return home? All of you are ever ready to return home, are you not? Or, are there still some cords holding you down? Are you ever ready?

BapDada has given you time to do service. You are playing the parts of servers. Therefore, check that you are not bound by bodies; check also that your old costumes are not too tight for you. You don’t like tight dresses, do you? If your dress is too tight, you cannot be ever-ready. To be free from bondage means to have a loose dress, not a tight one. Have you become free from bondage and yogyukt (full of yoga) to such an extent that you will be able to return home as soon as you receive that order? Since you have promised that you will belong to the one Father and none other, have you not then become free from all bondages? In order to become bodiless, pay attention to four things in particular.

1) Even in the world outside, when people want to forget themselves, they become lost in true love (preet) for one. So, true love is the easy way to forget yourself. Love is the way to forget the world and your body.

2) A true friend (meet) enables you to forget everything. When two friends meet, they lose all awareness of themselves and the time.

3) Songs (geet) of the heart: For as long as someone is singing songs from his heart, he forgets himself and the time.

4) The right way (reet). When you know the right way, it is very easy to become bodiless. You only find it difficult when you don’t know the method. First is love (preet). Second is friend (meet). Third is song (geet). Fourth is the way (reet).

All of you have experienced these four things, have you not? You have experienced love. There is only you and the Father and no third one in between. To have found the Father is to have found everything. What else remains for you to do? Even today, devotees sing devotional songs of love for God. They lose themselves totally in just singing songs of love. So, just think how lost in love those who have fulfilled the responsibility of love would be. You have experienced this love, have you not? You have changed from being those with a divorced intellects into those whose intellects have love, have you not? So, where there is love for God, how long would it take to become bodiless? To become bodiless out of love is like a game of a second. As soon as you say, "Baba!" you forget your body. The word “Baba” is the bomb of soul consciousness that makes you forget the old world. (The lights went out.) You can now see how the lights play the game of switching off. In the same way, your switch is the switch of awareness. As soon as you put on the switch of the Father, you turn off the switch of awareness of your body and the bodily world. This is a game of just a second. Even to say the word “Baba” with your lips takes time, but how long does it take to bring Him into your awareness? To remain in love means to become bodiless easily.

In the same way, your truest Friend would even go with you beyond the graveyard. Bodily friends would only go with you as far as the graveyard. Therefore, they cannot become removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness. At a time of sorrow, they can be a little helpful; they can help you a little, but they can't remove your sorrow. So, you have found your true Friend, have you not? Constantly remain in love with this imperishable Friend and, all your labouring will end out of love. Since you know how to love, why do you still labour? BapDada is sometimes a little amused. When someone has the practice of carrying a burden and you invite him to put it down and sit comfortably, he is not able to do so. He would constantly run to his burden again and again. He would then become breathless and cry out to be freed. Therefore, constantly remain in love with your true Friend and all your labouring will end. Do not step away from your Friend, but continue to move forward as a constant companion.

In the same way, constantly continue to sing songs of the virtues you have attained from BapDada. There are so many songs of praise of you and the Father and the melodies of these songs play automatically. The more songs of praise of virtues you sing, the more the melodies of happiness will automatically play. These singers have come here. (Bharat Vyas and company were visiting Madhuban). Your music is a little different. This is the music of happiness. This would never get damaged that you would have to repair it. So, constantly continue to sing such songs. All of you know how to sing these songs, do you not? Constantly continue to sing these songs and you will easily become bodiless. There just remains the method. The right method is a matter of a second. "I am a bodiless soul" is the easiest method of all to use in order to become bodiless. It is easy, is it not? The praise of the Father is that He makes anything difficult easy. In the same way, you children should also make anything difficult easy. You are those who make the difficulties of the world easy, and so how can it be possible for you to experience anything to be difficult yourselves? Therefore, may all of you always be easy yogis.

As confluence-aged Brahmins do not say or even think such words as “labour” or “difficult”. Never let these words be on your lips or in your thoughts. So the special attention you have to pay this year is to be “Always be an easy yogi”. Just as the Father has mercy for you children, so, have mercy for yourselves and also be merciful towards everyone else. The title ‘merciful’ applies to all of you too, does it not? Do you remember your title? However, sometimes, instead of being merciful, you make a small mistake. Instead of having feelings of mercy, you have feelings of self-importance. You then forget to have mercy. Some of you have self-importance and others have self-doubt. You think, “I don’t know whether I will be able to reach that stage or not. Is this the right path or not?” In this way, you have many types of self-doubt and you sometimes also doubt this knowledge. This is why your feelings of mercy change. Do you understand? Do not become disheartened, but remain constantly seated on Baba’s heart-throne. So, do you understand what you have to do this year? This is the homework Baba is giving you for this year: Become easy yogis. Be merciful and remain seated on the heart-throne. Every day at amrit vela, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, will put tilaks of success on the foreheads of such obedient children. There is praise of the tilak because God Himself came and put tilaks on the foreheads of the devotees. So, this year, the Father Himself will go to the service places, the pilgrimage places, of His obedient children to put the tilaks of success on them. The Father goes on a tour of these places every day anyway. If you children are still sleeping at that time, that's your mistake!

At the time of Diwali, devotees put ignited lamps everywhere. They also clean everything and invoke Lakshmi. They have cleanliness, light and that invocation. Those people invoke Lakshmi, whereas this is the invocation of the Creator of Lakshmi. Only when you keep your light ignited will the Father come. Many wake up, but they then go back to sleep again. Although they hear the sound, they then go back to sleep in the sleep of carelessness. In the golden age, there is nothing but gold. There is double “sona” (sleep and gold). Therefore, become an ignited light now. You do not think that with the sanskar of sleeping now you will receive gold there, do you? It is those who stay awake now who will receive gold there. It is because you forget that this is the time of destruction that you fall asleep in the sleep of carelessness. Listen to the call of your devotees. Listen to the cries of distress of those experiencing sorrow. Listen to the prayers of those thirsty souls and you will never fall asleep! Therefore, this year, get rid of any habit of careless sleep. Only then will your devotees have a clear vision of you idols in your living forms. So, this year, grant visions of your practical images to your devotees. This is the way to become rulers of the globe.

To those who constantly fulfil the responsibility of love, to those who constantly stay with the true Friend, to those who constantly sing songs of praise of the attainments and virtues, to those who become easy yogis by knowing the right method of just a second, to those who are constantly merciful, to those who make difficult things easy, to the children who conquer sleep and become rulers of the world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the residents of Madhuban on the 9/2/80

Today, Baba has especially come to meet you fortunate souls who reside in Madhuban. Even today, devotees as well as Brahmins sing songs of praise of the Madhuban residents, because the great praise of the land of Madhuban is automatically also the great praise of the people who live on this land. According to the drama, you residents of Madhuban receive a special chance to do everything. Madhuban is the land of the divine activities of BapDada; it is the land on which He performed actions. Just as a place can affect someone’s stage, in the same way, Madhuban is the place that puts greatness into your stage and makes you into an intense effort-maker. Therefore, those from Madhuban have been given a special chance. Madhuban is the main centre, where you can make your mind powerful and develop the attitude of a world benefactor and serve the whole world. As well as serving the guests with your thoughts, words and deeds, you residents of Madhuban also have a special chance to make the atmosphere spiritual and angelic. When other souls see you residents of Madhuban, they all easily learn to follow you. Just as Madhuban is unlimited, so you residents of Madhuban also have a chance to do unlimited service. According to the laws of karma, all souls definitely receive the fruit of whatever acts they do. However, however many souls come to Madhuban and are served and then leave very happy and content, the residents of Madhuban, those who look after the guests, receive a share of that contentment of all those souls. When you can accumulate a share of doing service whilst sitting at home, then you have a speciality. The residents of Madhuban have the speciality of receiving instant fruit. You are, of course, creating your own future reward. You residents of Madhuban have another special lift. You receive sustenance from BapDada, but you also receive sustenance from the elevated souls who are corporeal instruments. You are given a lift of double sustenance. You are all given everything readymade. Do you greatly fortunate ones realise your elevated fortunate and serve as instruments? All of you have made good effort. BapDada is congratulating all you children who have used your bodies, minds and the treasures of your powers day and night. Those who renounce something receive fortune automatically in the form of happiness and the experience of lightness at that very moment. Based on this result, each of you can check yourself to see how much renunciation you have and how altruistic your motives are - whether you have the feeling of being an instrument or have other motives mixed with that? To check and change yourself is the special effort you need to make in order to make your stage ascend.

Secondly, each of you must especially imbibe one special virtue for all time so that it becomes your original virtue. When this virtue becomes your natural virtue, you won’t need to make any effort; it will become part of your natural life. This special virtue is not to imbibe or speak of the weaknesses of anyone else. Speaking about it creates an atmosphere. Even if someone comes to you to speak of another person’s weakness, have good wishes and just step away. Don’t say afterwards, “I didn’t ask that person to tell me anything, but I just listened to what I was told.” So, at least you listened to that person! Those who speak of another person create an account. Similarly, if you listen to those who speak of that other person, then, you too create an account: the percentage is different, but an account is created. Neither have any wasteful thoughts nor speak of any weaknesses. Accommodate the things of the past with your merciful heart. With your good wishes, accommodate everything and continue to serve that soul with your mind. You have good wishes for even the five elements. Therefore, here, it is just a question of co-operating with Brahmin souls. Even if, due to his or her sanskars, someone says, does or listens to something wrong, you can transform that soul. Make sure that you do not create a garland of anything wasteful by spreading it from one to two, and then from two to three. Imbibe this virtue. Do not speak of such things to anyone, or listen to anyone speaking such things, but just accommodate everything. Just co-operate and enable others to progress by serving them with your thoughts and words. What tends to happen is that someone has a friend, and that friend has another friend, then this second friend has a third one… In this way, the garland of wasteful matters gets bigger – and spreads in all four directions. Therefore, pay attention not to do these things. Achcha.

The unity of the Pandavas of Madhuban is very special. The whole season passed without any obstacles, and so you have received the blessing of being free from obstacles. All of you have passed in the subject of successful service. You are not doing service, but eating the fruit. Is claiming a right to blessings from the whole Brahmin family doing service or eating the fruit? Achcha.
May you make your foundation strong with your stage of being free from obstacles and pass with honours.  
Because the foundation of the children who experience being free from obstacles over a long period of time is strong, they remain powerful themselves and also make others powerful. A soul who is powerful and free from obstacles over a long period of time will be free from obstacles at the end too, and pass with honours and come in the first division. So, always have this aim: I definitely have to experience the stage of being free from obstacles over a long period of time.
Constantly uplift all souls, that is, have good wishes for them, and you will automatically receive blessings.