Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Murli 26 January 2016

26/01/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, continue to follow the Father’s elevated directions at every step. Listen to only the one Father and you will not be attacked by Maya.  
What is the basis of claiming an elevated status?
In order to claim an elevated status, continue to follow every one of the Father’s directions. As soon as you children receive a direction from the Father, accept it without further any thoughts. 2. Engage yourself in this spiritual study. You mustn’t remember anyone else. When you die, the world is dead for you; only then can you receive a high status.
Having found You, we have found the whole world.  
Om Shanti
You sweetest, spiritual children heard the song which is sung on the path of devotion. The Father explains its meaning to you children. You children also understand that you are now claiming your unlimited inheritance from the Father. No one can take that kingdom away from us. Many have taken the kingdom of Bharat. The Muslims took it; the British took it. In fact, it was Ravan who first took it because they followed devilish dictates. The image of monkeys in the form of “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” must have some significance. The Father explains: On one side, there is the devilish community of Ravan who do not know the Father. On the other side, there are you children. Previously, you didn’t understand this either. The Father also speaks of this one, because he too has performed a lot of devotion. This is the last of his many births. This one was at first pure and has now become impure. I know him. You must now no longer listen to anyone else. The Father says: I am speaking to you children. Yes, when you bring your friends and relatives, I do talk to them a little. The first thing is to become pure, for only then will your intellects be able to imbibe anything. The rules here are very strict. Previously, you were told that you had to stay in a bhatthi for seven days and not remember anyone else at all. You couldn’t write a letter to anyone either. No matter where you lived, you had to stay in a bhatthi all day long. Now you study in the bhatthi and then go outside. Some are amazed by this knowledge; they listen to this knowledge and relate it to others and then Maya comes and they run away. This destination is very high. They don’t listen to the Father. He says: You are in the stage of retirement. Why do you become trapped in others for nothing? Engage yourself in this spiritual study. You should not remember anyone else at all. When you die, the world is dead for you. Only then can you claim a high status. Your effort is to change from an ordinary human into Narayan. You have to follow the Father’s directions at every step, but this too requires courage. It isn’t just a matter of speaking about it. The strings of attachment are no less. You have to destroy all attachment. “Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other! I have taken refuge with Baba. I will never give poison.” When you come to God, Maya does not leave you alone. She will try a great deal to make you fall down. Herbalists say that when you take a particular medicine, all of that illness will emerge at first. You mustn’t be afraid of that. It is like that here too. Maya will harass you a great deal and will bring thoughts of vice even in your stage of retirement and attachment will then develop. Baba tells you in advance that all of this will happen. The boxing of Maya will continue for as long as you live. Maya also becomes very strong and will not leave you alone. This too is fixed in the drama. I will not tell Maya not to bring you vicious thoughts. Many write: Baba, have mercy! I do not have mercy for anyone in that way. Here, you have to follow shrimat. If I were to have mercy, everyone would become emperors. This is not in the drama. Those of all religions come. Those who have been transferred to other religions will all emerge. The sapling is being planted. This takes great effort. When new ones come, simply tell them to remember the Father. God Shiva speaks. Krishna is not God. He goes around the cycle of 84 births. There are innumerable opinions and stories. You have to instil this in your intellects very well. You were impure. The Father now tells you how you can become pure. A cycle ago too He told you: Constantly remember Me alone! Consider yourself to be a soul, renounce all the religions of the body and die alive! Only remember Me, the one Father! I have come to grant salvation to everyone. It is only the people of Bharat who become elevated. Then, they take 84 births and come down. Tell them: You people of Bharat worship these deities. Who were they? They were the masters of heaven, were they not? Where are they now? Who takes 84 births? In the golden age, there were just these deities. Everyone is now to be destroyed in this great Mahabharat War. Everyone is now impure and tamopradhan. I come and enter this one at the end of his many births. He was a complete devotee; he used to worship Narayan. I enter him and make him into Narayan. Now, you too have to make effort. This deity kingdom is being established. A rosary is being created. At the top is the incorporeal Flower, then there is the dual-bead. They are standing directly below Shiv Baba: the World Father Brahma and the World Mother Saraswati. You are now becoming the masters of the land of Vishnu by making this effort. The people of Bharat say: Bharat belongs to us! You also understand that you are becoming the masters of the world. When we rule the kingdom, there won’t be any other religions. You wouldn’t say: “This is my kingdom.” There is no other kingdom there. Here, there are many. They say “mine” and “yours”. These things don’t exist there. Therefore, the Father says: Children, renounce everything else and constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. It isn’t that someone should especially sit in front of you to conduct meditation and give you drishti. The Father says: Remember the Father while walking and moving around. Keep your chart. How long did I stay in remembrance throughout the whole day? For how long did I talk to the Father after waking up in the morning? Did I sit in remembrance of Baba today? Make effort on yourself in this way. You have the knowledge in your intellects. In that case, explain it to others too! It doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect that lust is the greatest enemy. They stay here for two to four years, and then, when they are slapped by Maya with great force, they fall. Then they write: Baba, I have dirtied my face! Baba responds: Those who dirty their faces mustn’t come here for 12 months. You make a promise to the Father and yet you then fell into vice. Don’t come to Me! The destination is very high. The Father has come to purify the impure. Many children marry and remain pure. Yes, if a girl is being beaten, a pure marriage is arranged for her in order for her to be saved. In this, too, Maya catches hold of some by their nose and they become defeated. Women too are defeated a great deal! The Father says: You are Supnakha (female devil). All of those names refer to this time. Baba does not allow vicious people to sit here. You have to take advice from the Father at every step. When you surrender yourself, the Father says: Now become a trustee and continue to follow Baba’s advice. Only when you show your chart to Baba can He advise you. These things have to be understood a great deal. You may offer bhog, but I don’t eat it. I am the Donor. Achcha.

Night Class: 15/06/68

When those who have weak hearts revise the past, the weakness of their hearts is also revised and this is why you children are made to remain firm on the rails of the drama. Only by having remembrance is there maximum benefit. It is only by having remembrance that your lifespan will increase. If children understand the drama, they wouldn’t have any other thoughts. At this time in the drama, you are studying and teaching knowledge. This part will then end. Neither the Father’s part nor our parts will remain. There will neither be the part of His giving nor the parts of us receiving. So, both will become one. Our parts will then be in the new world and Baba’s part will be in the land of silence. The reel of our parts is recorded. Our parts are of our reward and Baba’s part is of the land of silence. The parts of giving and receiving are recorded; the drama is now being completed. Then we will go and rule in our kingdom. That part will then change. Knowledge will stop and we will become those. When the part is completed, no difference will remain. There will not be the parts of the Father and the children. This one also takes complete knowledge. Nothing remains with that One either. There is nothing remaining with the One who gives and there is nothing lacking in those who receive, and so both become equal. For this, you need an intellect that will churn the ocean of knowledge. The special effort is for the pilgrimage of remembrance. The Father sits here and explains. In relating it, it becomes a big thing, but it is very subtle when in the intellect. Internally, you know what Shiv Baba’s form is. In explaining it, it becomes a big form. On the path of devotion, they create huge lingams. A soul itself is tiny. This is a wonder! When would you reach the end? Ultimately, they just say, “unending”. Baba has explained that a whole part is recorded in a soul. This is a wonder. You cannot reach the end. You can reach the end of the world cycle. Only you know the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation. Baba is knowledge-full. Then, when we also become full, there will be nothing more to attain. The Father enters this one and teaches us. He is just a point. By having a vision of a soul or God, there isn’t that happiness. You have to make effort to remember the Father because only then will your sins be absolved. The Father says: The knowledge in Me will end and it will also end in you. You take knowledge and become elevated. You take everything; nevertheless, the Father is the Father. You souls will remain souls; you will not become the Father. This is knowledge. The Father is the Father and the children are the children. It is a question of churning the ocean of knowledge and going deep within. You also know that everyone has to return home. Everyone is going to return. Only souls will remain. The whole world is to finish. You have to remain fearless in this. You have to make effort to remain fearless. There should be no consciousness of the body. You have to reach that stage. The Father makes you similar to Himself. You children also continue to make others similar to yourselves. You have to make such effort that you have remembrance of only the one Father. You still have time. You have to rehearse this very strongly. If you don’t practise this, you will come to a standstill. Your legs will begin to shake and there will be sudden heart failure. It doesn’t take long for a tamopradhan body to have heart failure. The more you continue to become bodiless and stay in remembrance of the Father, the closer you will continue to come. Only those who have yoga are able to remain fearless. You receive power through yoga and wealth through knowledge. You children need power, and so, in order to receive power, continue to remember the Father. Baba is the eternal Surgeon. He can never become a patient. The Father says: You now have to continue to take the imperishable medicine for yourself. I give such a life-giving herb that no one ever falls ill. Simply continue to remember the Purifier Father and you will become pure. Deities are always free from disease and pure. You children now have the faith that you claim your inheritance every cycle. The Father has come inumerable times just as He has come now. Whatever Baba teaches and explains is Raja Yoga. The Gita etc. belong to the path of devotion. The Father now shows you this path of knowledge. The Father uplifts you by picking you up from the bottom. Those who have firm faith in their intellects become beads of the rosary. You children understand that you have come down by performing devotion. The Father has now come and is inspiring you to earn a true income. A worldly father does not enable you to earn such an income like the parlokik Father does. Achcha. Good night and namaste to the children.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Maya will become very strong and come in front of you. Don’t be afraid of her. Become a conqueror of Maya. Follow shrimat at every step and have mercy for yourself.
2. Show your true chart to the Father. Live as a trustee. Practise staying in remembrance while walking and moving around.
May you be master knowledge-full and powerful and keep the eye of your intellect clear and careful.  
Just as an astrologer knows in advance about the calamities that are to come with the knowledge of astrology and the omens, similarly, you can discern in advance the papers to come from Maya. So, in order to pass with honours, keep the eye of your intellect clear and careful. Day by day, increase the power of remembrance and the power of silence and you will know in advance when something is to happen. Become master knowledge-full and powerful and you will never be defeated.
Purity is newness and this is the foundation of knowledge.