Sunday, January 10, 2016

Murli 10 January 2016

10/01/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 15/12/79

"Avyakt BapDada meeting double foreigners."
Today, BapDada is pleased to see all of you multimillion-times fortunate children. Each one of you is an invaluable jewel in the showcase of the world. Each of you knows your own value according to your own capacity. However, BapDada constantly sees the perfect stage of each of you. He knows the value of each jewel, whilst seeing all three stages of each one: the beginning, the middle and the end – the present angelic form, the future deity form, and the worthy of worship form of the middle period. Each jewel is one of the handful out of multimillions and a few out of that handful. Do you consider yourself to be this? Put the countless souls of the world on one side and put yourself on the other side and see how elevated the present and the future forms of each of you are! Do you constantly have this much intoxication? Even today, devotees are still worshipping your worthy of worship deity forms. They are invoking you living deities into their non-living idols. They are calling out: Come and liberate us from peacelessness! Can you hear your devotees and your future subjects calling you?

Seeing the upheaval of governments of today, everyone is remembering the world emperors and empresses and the kingdom of Rama (God) of Paradise; they all want that kingdom back. Together with the father, all of you also have the right to that golden-aged kingdom of Rama (God). Your subjects are invoking all of you who have a right to the kingdom and are begging you to bring that kingdom back to them. Does this sound of theirs not reach all of you elevated souls? Everyone is crying out; some are crying out with their mouths and others because of the peacelessness in their minds. Some are crying out because of tax, some because of their family problems and some because of insecurity in their positions. All the great ones who have a right to the kingdom are crying out because they fear one another. Children are crying because they are burdened by their studies. Young and old, all are crying out. Is the sound of everyone’s crying reaching your ears? At such a time, all of you are towers of peace together with the Father. Everyone’s vision is drawn to the tower of peace. Everyone is watching and waiting to see when the sound of victory will be heard after the cries of distress. So, all you towers of peace, speak! When will you let the sound of the joy of victory be heard? BapDada has placed all of you children in the corporeal world to become instruments. So, corporeal angels: when will you remove the sorrow of the world through your angelic forms and create the land of happiness? Are you ready to do this?

Foreigners have come last and are going fast. When will you grant salvation to everyone at a fast speed? Are you ever ready? BapDada points everyone towards you children. The Shaktis are worshipped a lot more. There are two queues. One is the line of the Pandavas queuing in front of Hanuman, and the other is the line of Shaktis queuing in front of the goddess Vaishnav. There are long queues in front of both. Day by day, the queues are getting longer. So, you are going to give the devotees the fruit of their devotion by granting them liberation and salvation, are you not? Constantly consider yourself to be a master bestower of liberation and salvation and distribute the prasad (holy food offering) of liberation and salvation to all the devotees. Do you know how to distribute this prasad? You are now well practised in distributing toli; therefore, now distribute this prasad.

Today, Baba has come especially to meet the foreigners. Today, Baba will tell you what scene He saw in the world at amrit vela. One was of those crying out (chillana) and the other was of those who just make do with everything (challana). One group was crying out and the other group was making do by making everything happen with a push. In any situation, they think that they have to do it in that way. When someone is stuck and unable to move, he is given a push. When something won’t move, artificial wheels are put under it to make it move. In today’s language, unless a task is given the wheels of one or another facility, that task will not be accomplished. It is now the season and fashion for giving wheels. This proves that they aren’t able to accomplish anything normally; in everything they are making do by pushing themselves along or by being given wheels. So, today’s news was that everyone in the world is either crying out or simply making do with everything at their work and in their lives. This is why even the Government today is just called that in name. Crying out in distress and making do with everything is the condition of people in today’s world. Some are crying out in distress and others are having to make do with everything. So, did you hear the news of the world?

The foreigners also have a speciality and this is why BapDada has found His children and brought them here from far, far away. Did you ever even dream that you would become the long-lost and now-found children of such a Father? The Father has selected all of you children from every corner of the world and made you into a bouquet of the family. So, all of you who have come from different places are the various flowers in the bouquet of the Brahmin family.

The speciality of foreigners:

According to the drama, double foreigners have received a special lift. On the basis of this lift, all of you who have come last are going very fast. What is the gift of that lift? You foreigners have this speciality, that is, you have received the special lift, because you have become tired from experiencing all the facilities of comfort, whereas the people of Bharat are just beginning to experience all of those things. When someone feels satisfied, no matter what physical comforts or things are placed in front of him, he won’t be attracted to any of them. Having experienced all the things of temporary happiness, he has become full. So, it is as though the stomachs of the foreigners have become full of things that only give temporary happiness. This is why they are able to step away from everything very easily. They have also found the support that they needed and are therefore easily able to experience belonging to the one Father and none other. You have definitely renounced everything, but you renounced it all only after having experienced everything and become full. The foreigners have such a lift that, as soon as they come here, their intellects are able to step away from all of those things. The atmosphere of Bharat has become one of searching for some support, and this is why it hurts the heart of the people of Bharat to renounce something. You foreigners are able to let go of everything at once with enthusiasm. As soon as you let go, you become free. Secondly, you foreigners have the sanskars of doing whatever you think. You have a “don’t care” attitude; you definitely do what you think. You don’t worry about what this one will say or what that one will say. You have already gone beyond public opinion and what society thinks. This is why you are able to go faster than the people of Bharat in your efforts. The people of Bharat have more concern than you about what people and society would say. The double foreigners are already free from this. Half of all their relationships are already broken and this is why they are able to go fast, even though they have come last. Do you understand? According to the drama, this is the speciality of you foreigners. These things belong to the path of ignorance; nevertheless, those sanskars have become an easy way in the drama to bring about transformation within yourselves. This is how it has been made easy for you foreigners. You foreigners are clever at making yourselves free from attachment. Indians living abroad are also caught up in that atmosphere, whereas you foreigners have become clever at taking a jump. Do you foreigners understand your speciality?

BapDada meeting a group from Australia:

Those from Australia have progressed very well in service. You are the spiritual servers who bring to the Father souls who were previously separated from Him. Each of you jewels comes close to the Father and also brings others close to Him. BapDada is pleased to see such spiritual servers. You new ones also seem old, because you have been claiming your rights for cycle after cycle. The speciality of those from Australia is that you are able to carry out service and progress without any special co-operation, but just on the basis of your relationship and connection with the Father. So, do you constantly experience yourself to be a soul close to the Father? (To the Shaktis) The flag of the Shaktis is flying very high. The Pandavas make the effort and the flag is given to the Shaktis. This is good because Shaktis are the guides and Pandavas are the guards. Guards stay at the back and keep their guides ahead of them. So, are you Shaktis the guides who show the path to everyone? Are you Shaktis or kumaris? You Shaktis have the speciality of being constant conquerors of Maya. You are those who ride on Maya, the one who attacks you. You are like this, are you not?

BapDada first invoked the foreigners ten to twelve years ago. You are such sweet souls. Do all of you constantly swing in the swings of peace, happiness and bliss that you have attained from the Father? Those who constantly swing in those swings now will also swing in their future corporeal forms with the father in his different future forms. So, all of you will swing with Shri Krishna, will you not? Only when you have become equal to the father will you be able to swing with him. Otherwise, you will become those who watch from a distance. Those who constantly keep his company now will also swing with the father there. Has each of you booked your ticket to heaven? Which class ticket have you booked? Who are able to get air-conditioned tickets? Those who remain safe here in all conditions. No matter what situations come or what problems arise, you are able to overcome them all in a second. In order to book your air-conditioned ticket, you must first receive the certificate. Just as you have to pay for that ticket, so here, too, you need the money of being constantly victorious to obtain this ticket. You have made a lot of effort to save money in order to come here. However, accumulating money for this ticket is much easier than that. Those who stay constantly in the Father’s company are able to accumulate a great income at every second. So, how much income have you accumulated in this short time? Achcha, what new plans have you made? The gatherings of the Shaktis and Pandavas is good. Are you all free from obstacles amongst yourselves? Are you loving and co-operative with one another? There are no conflicts amongst you, are there? Now, create even more centres that are free from obstacles and you will then receive a prize. Let there be more centres and let them also be free from obstacles. (Will BapDada come to us in Australia?) BapDada tours there every day. When you children remember Baba, do you think that Baba would not give something in return for that? Every morning at amrit vela, BapDada goes on a world tour in order to look after every child. Do you not have a spiritual heart-to-heart conversation with Baba? It is only because Baba goes there that you have a conversation with Him. Do you speak to Baba every day or only on some days? It is one thing just to sit and another to celebrate a meeting. So, although you do sit, you must now sit in a powerful stage and you will then constantly experience yourself to be close.

Now, whilst you are here, we will continue to meet. As soon as you say “Baba”, you experience His company. When any situation arises, simply say “Baba”, and you will experience His company within a second. This word “Baba” is a magical word. Just as people keep a magical mascot with themselves, keep this magical word “Baba” with you at all times. Then you will not experience any difficulty in any task at any time. If some obstacle does come, then simply remember “Baba”, and you will become free from it. Constantly keep the great mantra of “Baba” in your awareness and you will constantly experience yourself to be protected under His canopy.


Do you constantly play with the treasures you have received from the Father? You long-lost and now- found, beloved children constantly play with jewels of knowledge. All of you have received countless jewels of knowledge from the Father. Do you constantly play with these limitless treasures? Do you remain constantly busy playing with these jewels and also filling others with all of these treasures? This is your duty, is it not? You run your household just in name. Your duty in Brahmin life is to listen to and relate this knowledge. This is your original duty. (We are in bondage.) Those of you who live at home in a life of bondage need to keep your minds free. At every moment your deep concern is: when you can become free from obstacles and meet the Father. Your body may be there but your mind is with the Father. You are dependent due to your body, but not in your mind. No matter how many locks they use to lock up your body, they are not able to lock up your mind. When you are a conqueror of Maya, your mind becomes free. Those who are in bondage can use their attitude and pure thoughts to change the atmosphere of the whole world. Those who are in bondage have a great opportunity to do this type of service. Nowadays, people want their minds to be served because everyone wants peace of mind. So, use your mind to spread the vibrations of peace. Stabilise yourself in the remembrance of the Father, the Ocean of Peace. Serve through your mind in this way and the rays of peace will automatically spread everywhere. So, you are the great donors who donate peace, are you not?

When you have the Father’s company, no one can do anything to you. Even though some may be making a noise (upheaval), they will soon quieten down, just like the mosquitoes that emerge during Deepawali (the festival of lights) and then disappear. You children of the Ocean are also oceans. You are the ones who can make the whole world into ‘Aryans’ (reformed human beings). In that case, what can anyone do to you? Those streams would merge into the ocean and disappear. However much you remember the Father, He remembers you multimillion times more. This is why Baba goes on a tour every day in order to give the return of your remembrance. Even though some children may be sleeping, the Father constantly carries out His duty of going around and looking after all of His children. Some are able to catch this whilst others are not. It all depends on the efforts you children make. By being able to catch this at that time, you become able to experience a great deal. You would receive nourishment for the whole day.

When a test paper comes, it comes to make you experienced. It means that you can then claim the degree of being one who is a conqueror of all obstacles. This is why, when you have a test paper, you should remember that it has come to make you move forward in your class. BapDada constantly protects His children. Therefore, remain constantly under that canopy of protection.
May you become an equal companion who finishes the authority of the consciousness of “I” by completely surrendering yourself.  
You have promised, “I will stay with you, I will return with you and then rule in the kingdom with you”. This promise can only be fulfilled when you are equal to your companion. There will be equality when you surrender. When you have surrendered yourself, the authority of the self and others finishes. While you still have that authority, it means that you still haven’t surrendered totally and this is why you are not able to become equal. So, in order to stay together and to fly together, become equal quickly.
To use your time, breath and thoughts in a worthwhile way is the basis of success.