Saturday, January 16, 2016

Murli 17 January 2016

17/01/16 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 04/01/80

“Only those who are able to rule the self now can become future world sovereigns”
Do all of you consider yourselves to be double sovereigns - present sovereigns and also future sovereigns? The present reflects the future: in the mirror of your present stage, your future is clearly visible. In order to become a present sovereign and a future sovereign, constantly check yourself to see how much ruling power you have; to what extent do you have all rights over your subtle powers: your mind, intellect and sanskars, which are your main servants. These three special powers constantly co-operate with you sovereigns, that is, they are your main servants who co-operate with you in ruling your kingdom. When these servants follow the signals that you, their master, give them, then that kingdom runs very well. It is similar to the way in which the Father accomplishes His work through the three images and this is why the Trimurti is especially praised and worshipped. Therefore, you say: “Trimurti Shiva”. The one Father has three special servants through whom He accomplishes everything for the world. In the same way, you souls are creators and your three special servants, your trimurti powers, especially serve you. You are the creators who create these three. So, check yourself to see whether your trimurti creation is under your control.

The mind creates; it creates thoughts. The intellect decides; it works in the same way as giving sustenance. Sanskars are for transformation – for the better or for the worse. Just as Brahma is Adi Dev, the first deity, so too, your mind’s thinking is your first power. If your first power is accurate, then your other servants, who accompany it, will also do everything accurately. First of all, check to see that your first servant is a constant companion of you, the soul, the ruler, and is constantly following your instructions. This is because your enemy, Maya, also first attacks your first power and turns it into a traitor in order to rob you of your sovereignty. Therefore, use your first power, your special and co-operative servant, to maintain your power of having all rights. A king would not do physical work himself, but would order everything to be done. The servants in the kingdom, who actually do everything, would be separate. When those serving under the king do not serve him well, that kingdom will shake. In the same way, you souls are karavanhar (those who make others do), and your three special powers are karanhar (those who do). When you have ruling power over these three, then your physical organs will automatically follow the right path. It is these three special powers that control your senses. Now, check yourself to see to what extent you have ruling power.

Just as you are double foreigners, are you also double rulers? Is all the activity in your kingdom, your sovereignty, functioning well? You speak of the golden-aged world as being of one kingdom and one religion. In the same way, in terms of self-sovereignty, there has to be one kingdom, which means that everything has to function according to the instructions from one. One religion (dharma) means that everyone has the same dharna, and that is for your stage to be constantly elevated and ascending. It cannot be called one kingdom and one religion if your mind follows its own dictates, if the decision-making power of your intellect fluctuates or confuses everything, or your sanskars make you dance around. So, what is the state of your kingdom? Are your trimurti powers serving you well? Do your sanskars sometimes make you dance around like a monkey? What do monkeys do? They constantly jump up and down. Similarly, do your sanskars sometimes jump up and make you ascend and sometimes descend, like a dancing monkey. So, your sanskars don’t make you dance around in this way, do they? Is everything under your control? Does your intellect sometimes mix everything up? Nowadays, people mix up everything, and so, here, too, your decision-making power mixes everything up. Is your intellect mixed up about everything in this way? If everything is accurate sometimes but wasteful at other times, then that too is a mixture.

Does Maya come to those who are abroad? Maya should not come to those of you who are abroad. Those who live abroad don’t take time to ascend or descend. You have experienced everything in a short time and have now finished everything. When you eat too much of something, you feel overfull. In the same way, because all of you souls in the foreign lands experience the full force of everything, you have all become tired of everything. When those who are really tired are made comfortable, they become totally unconscious as soon as they lie down; they experience deep sleep. So, Maya has made all of you foreigners very experienced in just a short time. What do you have to do now? You have found the new thing you were seeking, and so why should Maya come to you? She shouldn’t come, so why does she come? (We are old customers of Maya.) When Maya finds very good new customers, she very easily lets go of the old ones.

Maya cannot come to those who have ruling power. When Maya sees that all of your workers are very wise and are all paying full attention, she doesn’t have the courage to go near them. Check to see to what extent you have ruling power or, if you do not have any power, what the reason is for that. Transform reasons into solutions. When your reasons finish, it means Maya has finished. The main form in which Maya comes is that of giving reasons. Finish all your reasons and find a solution and Maya will finish for all time.

Today, Baba has come to meet all of you. You have heard many murlis. Now, become such murlidhars (flute players) that Maya surrenders to your murli. You are such murlidhars, are you not? Or, are you those who simply play a physical flute? You play that flute very well. Now, become a murlidhar of this murli too. This is the murli that makes Maya surrender. You can play this music too, can you not? The majority of you love playing music. Whenever you play music, just think that you also know how to play the music of defeating Maya. When you constantly play this secret music, Maya will give in to you for all time. Do you know how to play this music? You foreigners are multimillion-times fortunate. You come from far away, but you are also given multimillion chances. You foreigners are given more in a short time than those in Bharat are given in a whole year. You are being given special sustenance.

Everyone’s vision is especially on you foreigners. Therefore, you have to reveal the One from whom you receive this by becoming the practical form. Just as there was special sustenance at the start of the creation of the yagya, so too, you are also now being given special sustenance. Those who received sustenance at the beginning have given the return of that sustenance in starting service. What will all of you now do? You will complete this service and glorify Baba’s name by becoming complete and perfect. You foreigners now have to fix a date for the final date. Everyone is now waiting for you. When someone asks BapDada when destruction will take place, He replies: “Ask the foreigners!” The people of Bharat were given the responsibility of creation. Now, you foreigners have to take some responsibility, do you not? In fact, just as the foreign lands are perishable and Bharat is imperishable, so too the people of Bharat carried out the task of creation, and now you foreigners will become the special instruments for the task of destruction. Children from Bharat carried out creation by sacrificing themselves in creating the yagya. They started the yagya with their sacrifice and you now have to make the final sacrifice and finish the yagya. There will then be victory. Now, make the final sacrifice very quickly. When all of you come together with one thought and make the final sacrifice, completion will take place. When will you reveal the date for this? Will you do this in 80 or 81? When will you do this? Tell Baba this date! (We would like to come to Madhuban at least once more.) When destruction starts, you can come here for good. This is why the big hall is being built here. Simply make sure that your wireless set is working well. The wireless you need here is that of being viceless. You will hear the sound calling you here on your wireless. If you don’t have your wireless switched, the sound will not reach you. You will not be able to receive directions. You will not hear the sound through physical facilities. Only a viceless intellect will be able to catch this final direction. Therefore, if you do everything quickly, the end will come very quickly. First of all, you have to create a powerful mike through whom the sound will reach Bharat. All the means for advertisements are shut down the day before an election. Then, the voting takes place. So, first of all, spread the sound through the mike. Then there will be silence and the result will be announced. As yet, you haven’t prepared your mikes who can advertise for you. First, the sound has to be heard everywhere, and then that part of advertising the news will end and there will be such dead silence that transformation will take place. At the moment, just the first stage is being enacted. The first stage will take time, but the second will take no time at all.

BapDada meeting the Australian Group:

What is the greatest speciality of all the children of Australia? Do you know what it is? The time that was fixed for those from Australia to play their parts in another religion has now finished and, therefore, by receiving the recognition of your own religion, you have come here easily and quickly and you also have a lot of enthusiasm to find others. This proves that the temporary time for which you went into another religion has finished. Therefore, to feel as though they belong here is also a speciality which the majority who come here feel. They do not feel as though they are from another religion. While being from Australia or from abroad, they feel like chatrak birds, and so the thirst of these souls indicates that they are from your religion. All of you also feel that you went onto another branch by mistake. This is a part that you have received for service for a short time. How else would those abroad be served? Those from abroad have been made instruments to serve the lands abroad. It is remembered in the memorial of the previous cycle that the Pandavas went everywhere to serve in their incognito forms. So, all of you of the Pandava Army have also changed your forms and religions and gone for service. However, you are the Pandava Army. Your religions, land, virtues and task have all now changed, have they not? While living there, instead of considering yourselves to be residents of Australia, you consider yourselves to be residents of Madhuban. The place of your birth is Madhuban. The corporeal home is Madhuban and the incorporeal home is the supreme abode. Australia is your service place. Just as you go to office for work, similarly, you are going for service. When you go to work, you do not forget your home, do you? So, if someone were to ask for your home address, what address would you give? (Pandava Bhawan). By having this awareness, you will be in a stage of constantly being beyond. You cannot have attachment to anything at work because you understand that everything there is for service, that it is not yours. So, do you remain beyond with this awareness? No matter how lovely or attractive service companions may be, it is a discipline for those at work that they are only work companions and they then remain detached. If they develop love for someone at work, it is not considered a good thing. There is love for those at home. For those at work, you simply have to work along with them and so continue in that way.

Those from Australia have increased service. How many places are there now? (Five). Each one definitely has to prepare his or her own subjects in order to rule. (What will happen to all of us at the time of destruction?) At the time of the destruction, Australia will become an island. Some of it will go under water and some of it will remain above water. You will all remain safe. The sound will reach all of you just before destruction. When all of you have reached a safe place, destruction will begin. There is the memorial of the kittens who remained safe in the furnace. Children who stay in remembrance of the Father will not be destroyed in destruction but will leave their bodies according to their own wish, not in the circumstances of destruction. For this, firstly, the line of the intellect has to be clear and, secondly, there has to be a lot of practice of the bodiless stage. When anything comes up, become bodiless. When you have the thought of leaving your body, as soon as you have that thought, you will then leave. For this, you need to practise this over a long period of time. Those who have been loving and co-operative over a long period of time will definitely receive help at the end. You will feel as though you are taking off your physical dress; you will leave your body in that way. Throughout the whole day, while walking and moving along, definitely practise becoming bodiless. Just as when a traffic control record is played, similarly, when carrying out your tasks, make a programme for yourself and the link will stay connected. You will develop the practice in this way.

All of you also have the speciality that you can leave your job when you want and get a job when you want; you are free from bondage. Simply, do not allow there to be any bondage of your mind or sanskars. In terms of your body and religion of the body, you are free. You are already free from half of the bondages and the remaining bondages you can finish with remembrance and service. All of you are those who take a high jump.
May you be an embodiment of solutions who has the awareness of being an instrument, and therefore pay attention to your every thought.  
Everyone’s vision is on those who are instruments, and those who become instruments therefore have to pay attention to their every thought. If the children who have become instruments make excuses, then those who follow them will also make many excuses. If the instruments have any weaknesses, these cannot be hidden. Therefore, pay special attention to your thoughts, words and deeds and become an embodiment of solutions.
An enlightened soul is one who does not have any ego about his virtues and specialities.