Monday, January 18, 2016

Murli 18 January 2016

18/01/16 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

"These sweet and invaluable, elevated versions are to be read in the morning class on the Day of Remembrance of our Beloved Pita Shriji Prajapita Brahma."
Sweet children, this human body is very, very valuable. Since you have become the Father’s children, you must not waste a single breath of yours at this time. 
Om shanti.
First of all, the spiritual Father is giving love and remembrances to the children. “Good morning” is said first thing in the morning. Who says, “Good morning” to you children in the morning? The unlimited Father. So, you children should respond with a lot of enthusiasm and splendour, “Baba, good morning”. Wah Baba, wah! At last that day has come when the One for whom the world has been searching has come personally in front of us and to whom we say, “Good morning”. Wake up early in the morning and first of all say “Good morning” to Shiv Baba and there will be great happiness. The morning time is very good and this is why you may go to sleep early at night and then wake up early in the morning and talk to yourself. As soon as you wake up, say, “Shiv Baba, good morning”. Let your intellect not be drawn anywhere else. Baba knows all the children. You are earning a great income for the future and these earnings will be very useful for cycle after cycle.
The Father explains that this final birth of yours is very valuable. It is so invaluable that no one can place a value on it. Just as you cannot place a value on the imperishable jewels of knowledge – they are very valuable – similarly, this time is also very valuable. You children know that you are now changing from shells into diamonds, from beggars into princes. Since you have become the Father’s children those human bodies are very valuable. You children must now not waste a single breath of yours. The Father explains to you how to use them in a worthwhile way: remember the Father in every breath. Our original religion is to remain beyond sound. We are playing our parts through those bodies. Originally, souls are residents of the land of peace. The Father is relating such sweet things. Sweet, beloved children, remember Me, the most beloved Father, and the land of happiness.
You know that that Father has now come and is teaching us the study for us to go to the land of happiness. Each of you has your aim and objective in your intellect. The manners of purity have to be imbibed here. You children know that the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge; He has so much fragrance. All the flowers that are very good definitely have a lovely fragrance. They remain constantly happy and make others into flowers, like themselves. Those who change many thorns into flowers are truly fragrant flowers. Just as a gardener puts flower plants in different pots, similarly, you flowers have been placed in the confluence-aged pot separately and you flowers will then go to the golden age. The iron-aged thorns will be burnt.
You children understand that no one in the world is as fortunate as you. We now directly belong to the Father. We receive the inheritance of salvation from Him. Poor children quickly recongise the Father and surrender themselves to Him. Baba is the Lord of the Poor. The poor ones here will become wealthy there. You children must never have the thought that you are uneducated. Here, you simply have to remember the Father. Let it remain in your intellects that all of this is to turn into a graveyard. The business etc. that we are doing is only for a short period. The pilgrim rest homes (dharamshalas) which wealthy people build are not for business; they build rest homes where there are pilgrimage places. Your centres are very large pilgrimage places. It is there that people receive happiness and peace. This study is a source of income and you earn a lot of income through it. For you children, thisMadhuban is the biggest pilgrimage place of all. There is no other pilgrimage place as big as this. Nothing can be received by going to those pilgrimage places. Here, you claim the treasure of the imperishable jewels of knowledge from the Father.
You are true spiritual social workers. You have to do spiritual service while being very humble. In order to claim your inheritance from the Father, you have to serve with your thoughts, words and deeds. Make this final birth of yours worthwhile in this spiritual service. If you get involved in other worldly matters, when would you then do this service? While saying, “Tomorrow, tomorrow”, the body will be shed. If you don’t do Baba’s service, how would you receive an inheritance? You children have to do very important service. Your mission will also go abroad. You have to benefit the whole world. This Brahmin tree of yours will grow slowly. Many exhibitions will continue to take place here and there.  Just as temples and religious places continue to emerge, similarly, there will be your exhibitions in all the villages. The Father’s message definitely has to go to everyone. The Father is the Benefactor for all.
The Father has so much love for you children and is pleased to see you children. So, you children should also remain just as happy. Remember the Father and bubble up with happiness inside. Promise yourself that you will never perform any sinful actions that would make your conscience bite. As much as possible, continue to reform yourself. If there is any defect inside, then tell the Father with an honest heart. The Father is the imperishable Surgeon. By telling Him about it, that illness will be removed. Only when you tell the Father about your weaknesses will the Father advise you. Many have defects; some have anger, some have greed or they have unnecessary thoughts and so they are unable to imbibe knowledge. Anger causes a lot of damage. An angry person burns himself and others too, and the evil spirit of attachment totally destroys all truth within. You forget to remember Shiv Baba and this is why Baba says: Sweet children, remove the evil spirits. Let only pure words emerge through your lips, not bitter words, not even jokingly. Never say that you were just joking. Let there not be any type of joking in which there is the odour of the vices; none at all. Be very cautious. This illness of the evil spirits is such that it throws you out of both worlds.
Sweet children, this is your Godly student life. You have to study this study while living at home. Many children take a double course and they receive a lift. Your course is to live at home and study this. Kumaris can go very far in this. Let the kumaris get involved in this service.
You children also have to have courage in order to become conquerors of attachment; you have to become conquerors of attachment very quickly. You have found the unlimited Father and so you have to claim the full inheritance from Him. Baba has explained to you children: Keep your chart. While remembering Baba, what did you talk to Baba about? How much did you praise Baba? For how long did you remember Baba during your meals? It is most essential to make your stage elevated. You definitely have to become a conqueror of attachment. Since you belong to the Father, become engaged in His service. Check yourself: Is my nature divine? People are harassed a lot by their natures. Each one of you has received your third eye of knowledge and so with that, check: Does my remembrance reach Baba? Remove whatever defects you have and become a pure diamond. If there is the slightest defect, your value will be reduced and you therefore have to make effort to make yourself into a valuable diamond. Nevertheless, the Father tells you children: Constantly remember Me alone. Let your hearts overflow with remembrance so that it’s actually visible through the eyes. Remembrance of the Father should harass you. Baba, Baba, see what you are making me from what I was! No one else knows what you are becoming. So, you have to remember such a Father with a lot of love. Everything is merged in remembrance.
Baba is also teaching you sweetest children spiritual drill. The Father’s orders are: Consider yourself to be a soul and see one another as brothers. Forget this body. By seeing one another as brothers, there will be no mischief of the physical organs. In order to claim your fortune of the kingdom and become a master of the world, you have to make this effort. Give knowledge while considering the other one to be your brother and this habit will become firm.  Achcha.
To the sweetest, long-lost and now-found serviceable, obedient and worthy children, love remembrance and good morning from BapDada.  The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Elevated Avyakt versions of BapDada (Revised)
Just as a switch is put on and off in a second, similarly, can you take support of the body in a second and go beyond the body and become bodiless in the next second? One moment come into the body and the next moment, become bodiless. Practisethis. This is called the karmateet stage. It will be experienced as though it is in your own hands to wear or not to wear whatever costume you want. Have this experience wearing the costume of that body. While performing actions, experience yourself to be carrying out that act while simply wearing your costume.   As soon as you finish your task, you become detached from that costume. Experience the detachment of the soul from the body as you walk and move along, as though it is a practice you have developed. However, who is able to practisethis? Only those who are completely detached from their bodies, bodily relatives, the physical world, relationships and all the many things connected with them and who have no attachment to them can become detached. If there is no lightness, even in your subtle thoughts, if you are unable to become detached, you will not be able to experience detachment. Now, each of you has to practise this: Experience complete detachment. When you stay in this stage, many others will also be able to experience detachment from you souls and they will feel this. When sitting in yoga, many souls experience those who are conducting drill for them to be in a completely detached stage. There will be visions of the angelic stage while walking and moving around. While sitting here, all the many souls who are going to come close in your golden-aged family will have visions of both your angelic form and your future royal status simultaneously. In the beginning, they used to have visions of both the perfect form of Brahma and Shri Krishna at the same time. Similarly, they will now have visions of your double form. As you continue to come closer to your stage of detachment, numberwise, others will have visions of your double form. When you develop this practice fully, news of this will begin to come from various places. Just as in the beginning, while sitting at home, many souls who were close to you had visions, they will also have visions now. While sitting here, the subtle forms of all of you will serve in an unlimited way. Just this service now remains.  You saw all the examples in the corporeal form.  Everything is to happen, numberwise, according to the drama. To the extent that you remain in your subtle angelic form, your angelic form will serve to that extent. How long does it take for a soul to tour around the whole world? Now, your subtle forms will also serve. However, this only applies to those who remain in this stage of detachment. They themselves will be stable in their angelic forms. All the visions were had in the beginning. There were visions in the angelic form of both the complete and perfect stage and also the effort- making stage. They used to have separate visions of the corporeal Brahma and the perfect Brahma. Similarly, there will be visions of many of you children. When the upheaval takes place, you will not be able to do anything with your physical bodies, so the impact will be created through this service. In the beginning, too, an impact was created through visions. The experience of the vision and the feeling even without a vision created an impact. Similarly, the same service will take place at the end. Do you have a vision of your own complete and perfect form? They have now started to call out to the Shaktis; they do not call out to God so much now. The invoking of the Shaktis has begun at a fast speed. So, you have to practise this every now and again. By developing this habit, you will feel a lot of bliss. You will develop the practice of the soul becoming detached from the body in a second. You now have to make this effort. Achcha.
May you have faith in the intellect and with feelings of benevolence transform thesanskars of every soul. 
Just as you have one hundred percent faith in the Father, so that no matter how much someone tries to shake you, you cannot be shaken, similarly, no matter what type of paper those from the divine family or worldly souls give you - even if they become angry and oppose or insult you - you cannot be shaken by any of that. For this, let there simply be benevolent feelings for every soul. These feelings will transform their sanskars. You simply have to make sure that you are not impatient about this. It will definitely bear fruit according to the time. This is fixed in the drama.
Make your thoughts clean with the power of purity and fill them with knowledge and finish your weaknesses. 

Experience the perfect stage, the same as Father Brahma.
18) Just as the difference between Adi Dev Brahma and the first soul, Shri Krishna, is shown and yet they are shown together, similarly, while keeping both your Brahmin and your deity forms in front of you, see what elevated souls you are from the beginning to the end. Stay in this intoxication and happiness and experience the perfect stage.